Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 92

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 92

Chapter 92: I want to go and Simulation gambling siteTranslated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations Editor: Rattie Han Wei hung up the phone and returned to the room; OuYang Long opened the door and asked, “Was that Nuo Nuo?” “He just called me about some matters at home.

” Han Wei sat opposite of him.

“Why did you come looking for me today?” “I want to accompany him to the gambling a few days later,” OuYang Long was very blunt.

“He told you about it?” Han Wei furrowed his brows.

Having a brother who sided with outsiders, he really didn’t know how to describe his feelings! OuYang Long agreed wordlessly.

“What could you do when you go there?” Han Wei took out a cigar.

“You can’t gamble nor can you fight, and if there does happen to be a fight, I’ll have to send people to protect you as well.

Not to mention, if you stand at his side, Nuo Nuo will definitely be distracted.

” “I don’t have to enter the gambling site, but you need to tell me the address.

I will be at a hidden place and wait until it will have ended,” OuYang Long said.

“As for Nuo Nuo, as long as you don’t tell him, he has no way of knowing.

” “Is there any meaning to this?” Han Wei looked at him.

“Probably not.

” OuYang Long was laughing at himself slightly, “I just want to get a peace of mind.

” .



“What if I don’t agree to it?” Han Wei’s tone intensified, laced with a hint of provocation.

“Then I won’t allow Nuo Nuo to go,” OuYng Long looked him in the eye.

“If you could bear to see him having to choose between us, to see him to be sad, then you could try.

” “Bastard!” Han Wei grabbed him under the collar, the threat in his eyes now clearly showing, “I did not give you my brother for you to be like this to him!” “I do wish to care for him, and if need be, I would give my life not to have him sit at the gambling table,” OuYang Long stared at him, saying one word and phrase at a time.

“Still, I could not interfere with his family and background; you are more important than anything in his heart, and since you told him to go and gamble, no matter how opposed I am to it, it probably won’t do anything.

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COM “You certainly understand things clearly.

” Han Wei laughed coldly.

“I agreed to SN’s request because I don’t want him to be in a difficult situation.

” OuYang Long looked at him in his eyes, “if you care about him as well, then agree to my request.

” “If it were not for Nuo Nuo, I would have already butchered you ten times.

” Han Wei sat back on the sofa.

“I won’t let people notice my trail,” OuYang Long said.

“After I’ll have confirmed everything has been settled, I will leave immediately.

” “What will you do if chaos ensues?” Han Wei said coldly.

“Call the police?” “Only if his safety is threatened; otherwise, I won’t do anything that Nuo Nuo would dislike.

” OuYang Long did not reply to him directly, but he did not deny it.

Han Wei swirled the wine in his glass, but he did not continue to speak.

OuYang Long did not urged him, he just waited patiently.

“When the time comes, someone contacts you about it,” after a few minutes, Han Wei stood up and turned to leave.

“As for Nuo Nuo safety, you don’t need to worry about it.

” OuYang Long stood behind him and asked, “Are you certain you will be able to ensure his safety?” “Since I let him go and gamble, of course I have full confidence regarding his safety.

” Han Wei stopped in his stride, “You are not the only one who cares for him.

” After hearing this, OuYang Long was a little relieved; he wanted to continue to talk, but Han Wei had already left the room.

At the villa, Su XiaoNuo was still seriously looking into the gossip, he seems to have a talent as a paparazzi! Today was Mu Qiu’s date of discharge,and all the media followed the wind and came in prepared with spears and cannons at the hospital come early morning.

They hoped to take a few photos of ‘Director Zhong carries his lover as he advanced slowly with his face filled heartache and happiness’ – what an impactful scene! Even the title of the news had already been thought about, <> This is really touching! But unfortunately, things did not go the way people wished; after waiting at the hospital entrance for the whole morning and not having seen the cuddling main characters, the journalists were met with terrible news—director Zhong and his executive boyfriend had been discharged from the hospital and returned home overnight! The paparazzi immediately felt disappointed, how could he do this, not at all cooperative towards the entertainment industry! However, the issue had already been settled, and so everyone could only change the original content to <> Luckily, it was still very touching! “Are you tired?” In the bright bedroom, Mu Qiu asked ZhongLi FengBai.

“I’m not.

” ZhongLi FengBai lay down a pillow for him, “Do you want to sleep for a while?” Mu Qiu leaned onto the bed and shook his head; he raised his hand to signal to ZhongLi FengBai to come nearer.

“What do you want to do?” ZhongLi FengBai was immediately alert, does he want to molest him again?! “Nothing.

” Mu Qiu was very stubborn, “I just want to hug you.

” ZhongLi FengBai threw a pillow at him; he was very, very duplicitous.

Artistic young man or whatever.

Seeing that he would not move, Mu Qiu wanted to sit up, and he got up on his elbows.

ZhongLi FengBai immediately pressed him down, “Be careful, it might hurt.

” Your injuries have not yet fully recovered! Why do you still! Want! To move around recklessly! Mu Qiu used this chance to pull him into an embrace.

ZhongLi FengBai acted tsundere and huffed for a while, and then he… violently beat chairman Mu up? Of course not! Actually, he just took off his slippers, then peacefully stayed in Mu Qiu’s hug.

This scenario was really romantic.

Mu Qiu lightly patted his back.

“Do your injuries still hurt?” ZhongLi FengBai reached out and touched the stitches that had not yet recovered.

“Nope, not anymore.

” Mu Qiu cradled his nape, “It is going to heal soon.

” “Then, are your eyes better?” ZhongLi FengBai asked.

“…” Mu Qiu did not reply.

“Don’t worry,” ZhongLi FengBai hugged him tightly.

“The doctor also said that the recovery time is not fixed, it may be long or short, we just have to wait patiently for a while.

” “What if it stays like this forever?” Mu Qiu asked with uncertainty.

“Then I’ll help you apply for a disability ID card, and touring the park will also be free.

” ZhongLi FengBai pinched his nose.

Mu Qiu: … “Don’t think about weird stuff anymore.

” ZhongLi FengBai patted his cheek.

Mu Qiu sighed internally.

“So what if your eyes never recover?” ZhongLi FengBai hugged him, “You’re not fussy, so you should not be difficult to take care of.

” Mu Qiu fell into a daze for a while, but his face grew hotter.

“I’ll sleep for a while,” ZhongLi FengBai closed his eyes as he lazily yawned.

“Call me if there is anything.

” “En.

” Mu Qiu nodded his head, he touch around for a while to cover him with the blanket.

The atmosphere was quiet, and Mu Qiu felt sleepy as well.

This sort of scenario was so beautiful that even a needle could not bear to drop, as it would be afraid to disturb the couple! But there was someone who could not read the atmosphere—the phone at the side of the bed began to ring wildly, and the ringing sound scared the hell out of them both! ZhongLi FengBai was so startled that he sat up straight while his heart’s beat wildly.

What! Kind of! Freaking! Situation! “It’s alright, it’s alright.

” Mu Qiu immediately comforted him, he took the phone and answered it, “Who’s this?” As his mood was not very good, his voice was very cold.

“It’s me, it’s me!” Su XiaoNuo was very active and lively, “You got discharged from the hospital? Congratulations.

” … “En.

” As the other party was his good friend’s wife and his wife’s good friend, the situation was complicated and he could not agitate, so Mu Qiu could only suppress his roar.

“Who?” ZhongLi FengBai finally recovered.

“It’s NuoNuo,” Mu Qiu covered the receiver.

“I do not want to talk to him,” ZhongLi FengBai lay back down on the bed as he went back to sleep while hugging Mu Qiu’s waist.

“How have you recovered?” Su Nuo continued to care enthusiastically.

“Rather well, thanks.

” Mu Qiu voice was really soft, “He is asleep, so he can’t answer your phone call now.

” “It’s alright, I just wanted to check on you,” Su Nuo was very complacent.

“Then rest well the both of you, bye.

” I am really very nice! Definitely must praise myself for it! After hanging up the phone, Su Nuo opened the fridge to have some yogurt and called Tang XiaoYu to ask him when he would be free.

“Practicing?” After thinking for a while, Tang XiaoYu replied, “There should be no problems.

Recently, brother ZiYan was really busy, and during his work, I’m free.

” “You don’t need to go for French classes?” Su Nuo asked.

“I could change my class.

Even if I couldn’t change, it should not be a problem if I skip one or two lessons,” Tang XiaoYu said.

“You can set the time.

” “What about tomorrow morning?” Su Nuo asked, “I’ll send you an address, and you could wait for me there to pick you up.

” “Sure,” Tang XiaoYu agreed to it immediately.

Actually, he really wished the bet would come quickly; that way, he could quickly settle what he owed Han Wei, and his heart could feel a bit lighter.

As he had a lot to mull over, time flew by quickly.

The next morning, Su Xiao and Tang XiaoYu opened their eyes at the same time.

Their hearts were really connected! “Why are you up so early?” Qiu ZiYan hugged him to his bare chest, “Be good, dear, and just sleep for a little more.

” “If you don’t wake up now, you’ll be late.

” Tang XiaoYu pinched his nose, “Mai Ke said he would be waiting for you at the office at 8 o’clock.

” “Then let him wait.

” Qiu ZiYan did not even open his eyes.

“This isn’t good.

” Tang XiaoYu sat up and shook him, “Quickly wake up!” “Why are you being so much fiercer these days?” Qiu ZiYan opened his eyes in dissatisfaction.

Tang XiaoYu mustered up all his strength to pull the other up; he had made an appointment with Su Nuo at 8.


Before that, he needed to send Qiu ZiYan to office, because if they did not leave now, he would be late! “What did Mai Ke promise you?” Qiu ZiYan pressed the other back onto the bed and lowered his head to kiss Tang XiaoYu’s cheek, “I’ll double Mai Ke’s offer, just sleep for another half an hour, ok?” “Not ok!” Tang XiaoYu kicked him, “Quickly wake up.

” “Then I won’t wake up,” Qiu ZiYan closed his eyes and acted shamelessly, “Unless the little princess is willing to kiss the prince.

” “…” Just how old are you!? “Then let the prince kiss you, that is also fine.

” Qiu ZiYan took off Tang XiaoYu’s pyjama button and shamelessly hugged him while groping around for a while.

The scenario was very harmonious.

About ten minutes passed.

“You are really hopeless!” Tang XiaoYu shoved him away; he rolled towards the side of the bed to pick up his underwear in order to wear it, while his face was blooming red.

“After you’ve felt good, you don’t care about me, dear?” Qiu ZiYan hugged the other’s naked form tightly, “Do you abandon me after starting it?” … “Let me wear my clothes first!” Tang XiaoYu struggled.

“It looks good if you don’t.

” Qiu ZiYan’s hand became dishonest, “Be good, let me kiss you.

” “No!” “Just for a while.

” “Just no!” “Then you kiss me.

” “Dream on!” “…” “Ah!” “Call me your husband.

” “Go away!” … As such, waking up at seven o’clock was really a foolish wish.

And currently, Su XiaoNuo obviously must have… not gotten up.

This was completely Mr.

Director’s fault! After waking up at 7am, Su XiaoNuo originally wanted to sneakily wash up, but he turned around and saw Mr.

Director’s handsome face! It was really handsome! His handsome five facial features and healthy body are all very awesome! This is my man! As he continued to think about it, Su Nuo became very proud, and he could not bear it and gave the other a French kiss! “Playing again,” OuYang Long stretched lazily and pulled the other into a hug.

“You just sleep for a while longer, today I need to wake up early.

” Su Nuo kissed his chin, “My brother had found someone to practice with me.

” “This early?” OuYang Long looked at the time.

“En, the company has scheduled me for something in the afternoon, therefore I only have time in the morning.

” Family and career not interfering with each other, this is really manly! “Why are you busier than I am?” OuYang Long rubbed his butt.

Su XiaoNuo immediately felt comfortable, because he was a sensitive man! OuYang Long found his expression funny.

He turned around and gently laid him flat on the bed.

Wait a minute, this sort of setting seems wrong? Su Nuo said with determination, “I need to get out of the bed now!” OuYang Long pressed his body down and took off his very cute little underwear.

“En…” How could you casually kiss Xiao XiaoNuo? “Do you still want to get out of bed immediately?” Halfway through, OuYang Long laughed by his ear.

Su Nuo buried his head in the other’s nape, it was really hot! “Could you move by yourself?” OuYang Long touched his slim back.

The cowboy position is too bold! Su XiaoNuo really want to scream! Mr.

Director right hand kept agitating Xiao XiaoNuo, seemingly comforting it, but it was in fact torturing it, not wanting to let him feel comfortable.

My man really has a bad taste! Su Nuo felt really grievance as he clumsily sat on top of his body.

“How nice.

” OuYang Long held his chin.

That is of course! I am so lenient to you! Su XiaoNuo felt like he was really noble.

After that, it must be intense, pa pa pa pa pa pa! Therefore, when Tang XiaoYu was finally free from Qiu ZiYan and locked himself in the bathroom to brush his teeth, worried that he would be late, Su Nuo was actually still comfortably moaning, twisting his waist in ecstasy.

This was the so-called ‘higher peak after the first mountain’.


15 pm.

Su Nuo legs were very weak, and so he was carried into the bathroom for washing by OuYang Long.

After throwing Qiu ZiYan into the office, Tang XiaoYu drove his car while calling, “Nuo Nuo.

” “En.

” Su Nuo voice was very hoarse.

“There was a traffic jam; I might be about five minutes late.

” Tang XiaoYu asked, “Are you there yet?” Definitely not! Su Nuo bit his toothbrush in sadness, “The road here was… blocked off, I might end up being half an hour late, so you just eat some breakfast first, I’m really sorry.

” “It’s alright,” Tang XiaoYu let out a breath of relief.

“Then, I’ll first go to a breakfast store; don’t rush, you just slowly drive.

” “Thank you,” Su Nuo hung up his phone, and he angrily hit his man.

“How about I drive you?” OuYang Long hugged him from behind.

The definitely won’t happen! This morning, you’ve already been too much! I need to be less lenient! Su XiaoNuo really had some principle! Even though this morning was filled with obstacles, the two finally and successfully met at the location, though it was really not easy.

Su XiaoNuo kept on believing that he was so handsome that Luo Li would definitely take advantage of him, and so for his peace of mind, Han Wei just chose a gambling den near his house.

“This is for you,” Before entering the location, Su Nuo handed Tang XiaoYu a detailed mask.

This was his own territory, but since there would still be an outsider, there was a need to hide a bit.

“Nuo Nuo,” Luo Li knocked on the break room’s door, “You can go down now.

” “Let’s go.

” Su Nuo pulled Tang XiaoYu up.

“The mask is really beautiful,” Luo Li followed him down.

“Bought from Italy?” Su XiaoNuo’s attitude did not bother him.

“You are much more suitable for a little duckling.

” Luo Li was really good at agitating him.

“…” Duckling your head! Su Nuo angrily kicked him! Crazy person! The place was really empty, there were only a few men sitting on the sofa, drinking tea.

“Don’t looked at them not being outstanding in appearance, they are all professionals,” Luo Li temporarily kept his laughter in and whispered into the two people’s ears.

After seeing them walking in, the few men stood them and stood at the side of the table.

“Just try it a bit.

” Luo Li signalled towards Tang XiaoYu.

“What are we gambling for?” Tang XiaoYu stood at the side of the table and asked.

“You choose.

” The one who opened his mouth was a bald man; even though Tang XiaoYu and Su Nuo wore masks, they could see that their age was not high.

Therefore, the opponent was a bit arrogant.

Su Nuo huffed, this sort of tone was really detestable! Luo Li stood at his side; his lip curled, but he did not say anything.

Since this was only a practice, there was not much pressure.

The poker cards and other equipment were provided by Han Wei, the dealer was also someone trustworthy, and this also ensured the fairness definitely had no issue.

But despite this, Tang XiaoYu still lost three times.

“What happened?” Su Nuo furrowed his eyebrows and asked softly.

Luo Li laughed and signalled him to continue looking.

At the fourth set, Tang XiaoYu pressed his own three cards with his right hand and pushed to the side of the table as though he was going to open it, but his eyes quickly glanced at the opponent.

“Did you see the problem?” Luo Li asked Su Nuo softly.

“… You saw through it?” Su Nuo asked, as though Luo Li was really smart?! “It’s not important if I saw through it, but he probably saw through it already.

” Luo Li looked at the table with interest.

Of course, Tang XiaoYu threw away the poker cards in his hand and grabbed his opponent’s arm.

“What are you doing?” The people from the other side surrounded him, even though this bet had nothing to do with money, but they had been in the underworld for long, and this provocation triggered their instincts.

Tang XiaoYu eyes were really cold and his hand tightened, “You cheated.