Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 91

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Rolling Thunder and Protect MeTranslated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels TranslationsEditor: Rattie The only thing that the Gossip Forum didn’t lack was the ludicrous amount of fujoshis and fudanshis.

1 This book of love and entanglement really fills our appetite ah! Of course, especially with all the beep — scenes.

These really makes one feel really satisfied ah! Although the author’s recent updates were coming in very slowly, but it didn’t really affect the hot conversations in the comment section.

Su Nuo Nuo’s pictures came one after the other.

Those pictures could potentially blind someone as each picture got more R-rated.

And of course, all the pictures were Su Nuo’s face.

This was all because of Su Nuo’s breathtaking beauty, his slim pale body, his slender and long legs, his exquisite and unique features, were all the perfect embodiment of the author’s description of the main character.

Even the name was similar, so the readers all pieced it together.

Su Nuo nibbled on some ribs while also feeling very conflicted as his face continued to appear on different uke’s body.

He even had to endure some comments that went along the lines of ‘His butt looks so pink! I just want to touch it!’, ‘Come on guys, I need an uncensored picture! I want to see his petite peepee!’ What’s wrong with you people! How can you use someone’s face at will?! And my little Nuo is not petite at all! When he stands up, he looks pretty intimidating! Su Nuo was very angry, and so he closed the laptop? Of course not.

In fact, he opened a photoshop program and searched for big chested women.

Using an extremely poor technique, he photoshopped Qiu Ziyan’s face unto the women.

This is what you call no effort… Su Nuo choose to ignore the obvious switch of color between the head and neck, and gave himself a like.

He then send the picture to the gossip forum, trying to attract everyone’s attention.

He wanted the topic to change to ‘Qiu Ziayan is a femboy.

’ sort of stuff.

I’m so clever, Su Nuo thought to himself, I’m not innocent at all! “Bark! Bark!” The Samoyed ran over to Su Nuo, and pulled at his leg.




“Be good, I’ll go play with you later.

” Su Nuo ruffled the dog’s head and said seriously, “I’m busy right now.

” “Bark! Bark! Bark!” The Samoyed’s eyes looked very anxious.

“Cao Cao bullied you again?” Su Nuo stood up.

Since Mr.

Rabbit did not respond to his old ‘RiceBall’ name, Ouyang Long had to give him a different but manly name.

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COM In the pet room, Cao Cao lay on top of CottonCandy’s bowl, shielding the dog’s food with its black beady eyes filled with a king’s aggressiveness.

“How could you not let him eat?” Su Nuo picked the rabbit up by its ears and locked him inside the fluffy rabbit cage.

The Samoyed wagged his tail while he happily ate his dog food.

“Don’t bully him all the time.

You have to learn to be nice to him.

” Su Nuo patiently told Mr.

Rabbit, “And he can even swallow you in one bite!” That sounded very scary.

Cao Cao scrunched up his nose and turned away, and he faced his butt towards Su Nuo.

Su Nuo was obviously disliked and ignored.


Su Nuo made a fist, but he reminded himself to calm down.

Although his name is Cao Cao, he’s still a rabbit.

Even Voldemort can’t alter his nature! Why should I quarrel with a rabbit, I’m a manly man.

And the most important thing right now are the comments.

The girl version of Qiu Ziyan will be all over the web and will surely be the hot topic this week! With this beautiful little hope in his heart, Su Nuo went back to the study and refreshed the page.

But to his surprise, the picture disappeared for no reason! This is not scientific! Su Nuo rubbed his eyes, trying to see if his eyes were the problem.

The small icon in the upper right corner of the screen flashed, and Su Nuo clicked on it.

The message showed: Because your post has been reported more than thirty times by users, according to the rules, your post/comment will be deleted.

Please understand and pay attention to your posting next time.


O What the hell! Who would do this kind of thing to me! Su Nuo was suddenly a bit annoyed.

What do you mean pay attention to what I post, my post is clearly not wrong! Su Nuo was very angry.

You guys post those evil pictures, you don’t report those, but report my picture?! That’s so stupid! The comments under his post were still popping up one by one.

Everyone were all saying how much of a pervert this ‘Wearing a flower crown feels cool’ user is, can’t believe this person would post something that horrible! We need to see the beautiful Su Nuo Nuo to bleach our eyes of that horrible picture.



Horrible?! Su Nuo opened the photoshop program and thought he did a pretty good job on it.

How can they say it’s horrible! >: That’s so not true, you can’t say that!! I’m not happy! :p Su Nuo Nuo wasn’t happy either.

Even his heart was about to break.

The perverted one-eyed man actually made Ouyang JinLong keel! What an insult! That definitely shouldn’t have been done! “Hurry up!” The evil villain was still cackling while his dirty fingers choked Su Nuo Nuo’s pale and slender neck.

“Don’t touch him!” Ouyang JinLong roared.

“Just go! Leave me here!” Su Nuo Nuo screamed with all his might as his tears flowed down like droplets of crystals.

“No! Nuo! I can’t bear to leave you!” Ouyang JinLong roared with blood-shot eyes, “At all cost, I will rescue you!” “JinLong…” Su Nuo Nuo sobbed and couldn’t even mutter a single word out.

He only stared at his lover with teary eyes.

”Nuo…” Ouyang JinLong’s eyes were also full of emotions, like an endless open sea, all warm and soft.

Beautiful petals dropped from the sky, the sound of fish singing in the water, the whole world went quiet in that moment.


Doesn’t this story seem kind of… dramatic?… Su Nuo raised the sides of his lips.

Them acting like this infront of the one-eyed man, he’ll definitely start raging and even maybe kill Su Nuo Nuo.

And then maybe the author will continue the story with ‘back from the dead’? But it turns out that the author was still very reasonable, because in the next chapter, the one-eyed man released Su Nuo Nuo! Released!!! How can he release Su Nuo Nuo! That’s not scientific at all! Why is the author like this ah!!!! HOW CAN SHE BE SO BOLD!!! “Why?….

Did you let me go?” When Su Nuo Nuo was released, he didn’t immediately run over to his lover, but instead tilted his head with a finger on his lips, his beautiful eyes full of confusion.

The readers madly commented under this section, saying stuff like ‘Ahhhhhh! Su Nuo Nuo is so cute! So graphic! My heart is about to burst! The author is the best!!!’.

Graphic?! Su Nuo tried to imagine it, but wasn’t very successful.

But he still was very curious, so he stood in front of the mirror, and tilted his head while posing his finger like Su Nuo Nuo.

HAHAHAHAH! Su Nuo didn’t even finish the ‘beautiful eyes full of confusion’ expression, and started laughing uncontrollably like a maniac.

He even thought about the comment ‘Su Nuo Nuo not wearing clothes is a blessing!’ and laughed even more crazily.

Can’t believe they’re saying this action is cute… Su Nuo didn’t get the readers at all, and concluded that the readers have problems in their heads.

The person who’s also weird in their head is the one-eyed man.

Because he was also struck by Su Nuo Nuo’s pure and innocent look directed at him.

He even spurted blood, “Leave!” “AH!” Su Nuo Nuo was shocked, “Are you hurt?” And then the one-eyed man said a classic line from almost every drama out there in the world, “Your beauty is like a sword that pierced deeply into my heart!” “Cough! Cough!” Su Nuo was surprised as heck and sprayed his keyboard with honey tea.

“Why are you torturing yourself so much?” Su Nuo Nuo’s eyes were tearful and regretful.

“A lot of people love me, each and everyone of them wants to sacrifice themselves for me.

But the only one I love is Ouyang JinLong.

” ‘A lot of people love me.

’ Doesn’t that sound too narcissistic? Su Nuo muttered while wiping his keyboard.

He’s a lot worse than I am, not manly at all.

His phone buzzed, displaying an unknown number.

Su Nuo threw away the towel and picked up the phone.

Because this phone number was very private, not many would know who it is.


” A very vile and shameless disgusting voice traveled into Su Nuo’s ears.

“What do you want!” Su Nuo was very fierce, I must not be soft against the pervert who is secretly in love with me.

After touching my butt, you’re still calling me?! DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH??!!! “I found some high-level people here, want to come and practice?” Luo Li didn’t really care about Su Nuo’s bad attitude.

He actually just wanted to poke fun at Su Nuo because Su Nuo was kind of like a wild kitty.


It’s fine.

” Su Nuo refused him seriously.

“Wei told me to find some for you.

You sure you don’t want to come?” Luo Li was amused.

“Is it really my brother?” Su Nuo was suspicious, “Wait for a minute, let me ask my brother.

” I must not believe this pervert that easily! “Okay.

” Luo Li agreed.

Him saying okay this fast was kind of weird.

Maybe what he said was true.

Why would be brother do this kind of thing if he knows how much I hate this perverted man?! That’s too much! Su Nuo muttered angrily while calling his brother.


” Han Wei picked up the phone rather quickly.

Sitting on the other side of Han Wei, Ouyang Long’e eyes darkened.

“Did you let Luo Li find those people for me to practice with?” Su Nuo went straight to the point.


If you have time, go play it.

” Han Wei said, “Next week, he’ll also arrange another session with Tang XiaoYu and the other one to practice.

” “Why did you let him do it?” Su Nuo couldn’t help but sigh, “You clearly know that he’s secretly in love with me!” Han Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and walked out to the cafe’s balcony.

“How many times do I need to tell you, he’s just playing with you.

Don’t worry about this matter, focus on the main issue.

” Of course I’ll focus on the main issue but there are just some matters that you can’t ignore! I need to make things clear with my brother! “He really does secretly love me!” Su Nuo said seriously.

“Why would he be secretly in love with you?” Han Wei was amused.

Su Nuo answered the question without a moment’s hesitation, “Of course he would be, because I’m too handsome for this world!” I’m hot, I know how to cook, and I’m super smart.

Of course he would be in love with me! Han Wei rubbed his chin with a stressed expression on his face.

Isn’t his brother a little bit too narcissistic? “I can go to the practice, but you have to arrange two bodygards for me!” He sounded like a girl, but Su Nuo had to protect his little hole! Because only my handsome man can enter there! “Okay okay.

I’ll listen to your request,” Han Wei agreed.

“If I have time, I’ll take you there myself.

” Having a really dumb little brother… really makes life full of misunderstandings and hardships ah…