Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 82

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Helping Brother and Who’s the Lover?Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations “Just Blackjack?” Su Nuo asked.

“More than that.

” Han Wei shook his head.

“But I only know Blackjack.

” Su Nuo felt a little bit like 囧.

I could never brush up on my gambling skills.

“I know.

” Han Wei unscrewed a bottle of juice and handed it to Su Nuo, “I will look for someone else to play the rest of the games.

” “So you’ve already found the person?” Su Nuo was very concerned.

“There is someone but none of them are as truthful as you.

” Han Wei said, “But there’s no other way around this, we can only take one step at a time.

” Su Nuo nodded, and felt a bit guilty that he couldn’t help out his brother more.

“Don’t think about it too much.

” Han Wei patted him on the shoulder, “I said it’s fine if we lose, go cook.

” Han Wei wasn’t wrong, but this situation still made me worried.

Su Nuo stood in the kitchen, cutting the vegetables with a zoned out expression.

Not only did he wash the rice five times, he almost cut off his finger! He even lost his cooking skills, and added spoonfuls of salt after salt.

Han Wei couldn’t even eat the food.

“You did this on purpose, right?” Han Wei didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as he drank water.




Of course not! I was obviously worried about your situation, so that’s why the food turned out like this.

Su Nuo sighed silently.

Brother doesn’t really understand my kindness at all ah! After eating, Su Nuo forced Han Wei to go to bed.

Until he saw that Han Wei was asleep, Su Nuo silently left and went to the company.

I’m such a busy man! Su Nuo drove while thinking.

Not only did he need to take care of his handsome director, his considerate but also strict brother, the income to support his family, he also had to go back to the company to comfort his princess! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM It was so inspiring to be able to do many things in the world for the sake of life!I really need to give myself a pat on the back! “It’s time for music and today we are going to listen to Qiu ZiyYan’s song teaser, called—” Before the radio broadcaster could finish, Su Nuo viciously changed the channel.

Ugh, so annoying! I’d rather listen to some other shitty advertisements! Why would someone so annoying exist in the world! Not only does he have those fake silicone abs, he just had to have the face to sing a song as well! Su Nuo clenched the steering wheel.

It’s just so infuriating! In the entertainment company, Dai An sat in the office listening to music, and eating cream chocolate popcorn.

Since he stayed with Su Nuo the food lover for a long time, some habits will definitely be passed to Dai An.

“Princess!” Su Nuo opened the door aggressively.

“What happened?” Dai An was startled, “Someone robbed you?” “Do you really think that I don’t have to get involved in the music industry?” Su Nuo held Dai An’s hands with a sincere expression, his eyes full of eagerness.

“You… Why are you thinking about this?” Dai An swallowed his snacks with difficulty.

Because that evil abs man released a new single, but I have nothing! It feels really unpleasant to be beaten by him, and I want to sing too! Su Nuo roared in his head, and then continued to direct a sad and hopeful look to Dai An.

Dai An’s heart was literally going to melt.

This kind of expression was really hard to stand ah! “I really can’t sing?” Su Nuo grabbed his hand.

He really shouldn’t sing.

Dai An shook his head firmly while shedding tears.

Su Nuo’s face immediately showed ‘I’m not happy’, ‘I’m disappointed’, ‘How can you do this to me’ kind of feelings.

“We’re already perfect, so why do we need to sing?” Dai An passed the boba to Su Nuo, “Only Qiu Ziyan will go do this kind of thing, because he’s not popular.

” Dai An really had no limits… “……” Dai An was right, but Su Nuo still wants to try singing.

It sounds super fierce and cool to be able to stand on a stage with a microphone! “When you try to sing the high notes, all the vines on your neck will probably show.

That’s nothing to look forward to.

” Dai An tried really hard to persuade him, “Qiu Ziyan’s not really popular, so it’s understandable why he is doing this.

But why would you do it too? We cannot do self-deprecating things, because we are higher than him!” Hm….


This reasoning works too.

Su Nuo was silent.

“Okay, let’s stop thinking about singing.

Let’s talk about your work!” Dai An successfully changed the topic, “You and Qiu Ziyan are doing the next show together.

After that, there’s also a small parade.

There’s probably going to be a lot of reporters and media to interview you about Director Zhong, so remember to not reveal anything in front of them.

” “Okay.

” Su Nuo nodded his head, “Is there anything else I need to know?” “Not for the moment.

But let’s keep talking about your love life.

” Dai An looked very serious.

Su Nuo spewed a mouthful of boba.

Why are all the topics so broad?! This kind of transition between topics is really getting on my nerves! “Spill.

” Dai An was very persistent about this business to the point that it was scary.

Su Nuo sighed, “If we were in ancient times, you’d be sent to get beheaded.

” Can’t believe he has the guts to yell at me, the emperor! Does he not want to live?! “Even if you skin or boil me, I’ll still get it out of you!” Dai An roared! Su Nuo was frightened, “Princess, you’re so petite…” “I’m going to die because of you!” Dai An was furious, and held Su Nuo’s face with both of his hands, “Just tell me who it is! It’s not like I’m stopping you to have a relationship!” “Then you must stay calm when you hear the news.

” Su Nuo’s face was deformed because of Dai An’s hands.

“I knew it!” Dai An grieved, “You actually are in a relationship!” “I’m not a grass or a tree, I have feelings too!” Su Nuo was serious.

Dai An covered his chest with his hands, “I’m ready, say it.

” “You don’t have a history of heart attack outbreaks?” Su Nuo was very concerned.

“No,” Dai An said weakly.

“What about high blood pressure? It’s even better if you don’t have asthma or panic attacks, otherwise if these things happen, that would be very scary.

” Su Nuo was still nagging Dai An.

“Just say it!” Dai An pinched Su Nuo’s face really hard.

“Well, you’re the one that wanted to know.

” Su Nuo cleared his throat, and quickly said, “Su Mimi.

” “Who? ! ! ! !” Dai An exploded.

Ex! Plo! De! Anyone else is fine, so why did he find a PORN ACTRESS!? Recalling the actress’s tumultuous performance in “A Thousand Waves” and the F-CUP bust, Dai An’s lips were paralyzed while his eyes rolled backwards and collapsed.

The situation was so tragic that it was hard to look at! “Princess!” Su Nuo hugged him, “You youyouyou don’t scare me! Wake up!” Please don’t faint, that would be too scary for me! “YOU….






” Mr.

Manager stuttered, just like those protagonists that were about to die in a martial arts movie.

“I’m actually not with her.

” Su Nuo said seriously.

What the? The chord inside Dai An’s head snapped, what does he mean he’s not with her? “I just accidentally thought of her new movie, so I just said her name without thinking.

” Su Nuo’s expression looked very innocent, “Why did you faint, be a little more mature ah! Learn how to calm down ah.

” “I would like to calm down, but I can’t stand your name dropping bombs!” Dai An sat straight in Su Nuo’s arms, a little sweaty, “It’s really not her?” “Of course not!” Su Nuo waved, “Her breasts are so big, if she flips over in the middle of the night, she might crush me! And I will suffocate!” “If it’s not her, then it’s good.

” Dai An took out tissues to wipe his sweat away, “Stop bringing up other people, let’s just talk about your girlfriend.

” “I think it’s better if we change the topic.

” Su Nuo suggested.

“Keep dreaming!” Dai An got angry, “Hurry up and say it!” “The emperor really spoiled you, huh?” Su Nuo sighed and said, “Qiu Ziyan.

” “It’s going fine right now, why are you bringing him up… AH!!!” A list of possibilities flashed through Dai An’s head, and his eyes rounded.

“YOU… YOUYOU…” Even his hands were shaking! “What about me?” Su Nuo acted innocent and stared at Dai An.

“YOU SAID QIU ZIYAN?!” Dai An once again exploded on the spot, those internet rumors were true?! The Masculine man and the Demonic Beauty (Qiu ziyan and Su Nuo) kind of rumors?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Dai An screamed for five minutes in total.

“Do you want to faint again?” Su Nuo opened and offered his arms to poor Dai An.

Dai An fell into his arms and said, “Let me calm down first.

” Princess looked so pitiful.

Su Nuo patted his head, “Ok ok.

I won’t tease you anymore.

I’m not with Qiu Ziyan.

” Nani? Dai An looked up dazed.

“Lied to you.

” Su Nuo affectionately looked at the other, and if he added something like, ‘you foxy little charmer, scared easily huh’ that would sound just like those classic scenes from the dramas! “Su Nuo!” Dai An roared in grief and forced Su Nuo over to the couch and sat on him! Su Nuo was almost spitting blood being pressed by him, “Princess, calm down.

” “Sooner or later I’m going to die because of you!” Dai An grabbed Su Nuo’s collar and shook it as hard as he could.

“I’m going to vomit.

” Su Nuo was trying really hard to keep it in.

Dai An left him alone and sat down on a chair to fume by himself.

This was a real struggle.

“Are you really angry?” Su Nuo dragged a chair over to sit by him.


” Dai An said weakly.


I was wrong to do that.

” Su Nuo admitted that what he did was wrong, “I’ll buy you Iron Man’s newest helmet, or even Green Lanter’s shirt for you! I can even buy you the lantern itself if you want!” Dai An still had a grim expression.

“Princess!” Su Nuo hugged him tightly with a cheeky expression, “You’re so handsome! Look at you! So don’t be angry.

” “Okay okay.

I’m going back to work.

” Dai An turned away from him, and bent over to open his laptop.

“Then I’ll be honest with you this time, okay?” Su Nuo was very sincere.

Dai An ignored him but his ears perked up a little.

“Ouyang Long.

” Su Nuo was very honest this time.

“You’re still lying!!” Dai An roared in anger, slapped the table hard, and then stood up.

What do you mean I’m still lying! I’m not lying! He’s actually my man! My man is Ouyang Long! Su Nuo tried to stop Dai An from leaving with his two hands, “I didn’t lie to you!” “Can’t believe you actually remember that name!” Dai An was still fuming.

“It’s true!” Su Nuo raised his right hand, “I swear in the name of food, plus roast duck and meat stew!” …….

A bomb exploded in Dai An’s head.

If a food lover is willing to swear on the amount of food… So that means… Shit!… It was true!! The World! Turned! Silent! Ten minutes later.

“Would you like a glass of water?” Su Nuo handed him a cup of chrysanthemum tea, because the chrysanthemum tea could calm Dai An down! Princess needed to calm down! “Put the cup back!” Dai An put on the strong face of a manager, “And then sit next to me! Then, answer my questions honestly!” Was this the start of the trial conference? Su Nuo sighed in his head.

It’s not cute at all when Princess is serious.

He probably can never marry in the future.