Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 83

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 83

Chapter 83: The trial and going to the hospital together “Tell me! When did the both of you come together!” Dai An was really strict.

How could you say ‘come together’ this sort of tasteless phrase! Su Nuo protested with his eyes, and honestly replied, “it had been very long.

” “Very long?!” After hearing this, Dai An almost wanted to vomit blood, “so you had been dating with OuYang Long after the shooting for Duan Rui?!” Yes! Su Nuo nodded his head with honesty, “we fell in love on first sight!” Even though it was a bit exaggerated, but beautiful love should be like this! “Such an important thing, why didn’t you tell me earlier!” Dai An roared.

“You didn’t ask earlier.

” Su Nuo murmured.

“Who knew about this?” Dai An was very nagging.

“Just my family members.

” Su Nuo automatically neglected ZhongLi FengBai, since he was not important anyway! “That’s good.

” Dai An let out a breathe of relieve.

“Dear love, you will not be angry, right?” Su Nuo eyes filled with sincerity.




“I will!!!!!!” Dai An roared until it echo the mountains and river.

Being in a relationship was already bad, and it was actually being in a relationship with a man! This sort of things saying it out loud will scared people to death! Su Nuo bitterly said, “my queen, can you not keep on shouting here and there, this will show that you are very vulgar!” If not, you will not be able to be married away and I still need to take care of you! Eat so much and being very picky, such a big baggage was really tiring.

“Had you both been on bed?” Dai An is very direct.

Su Nuo immediately become embarrassed, that of course been on bed ah, and been on bed for a lot of times.

My man is really aggressive, and I am also feeling very good.

But this sort of things I can’t anyhow show off and even if I said, as a virgin you might not understand, this is really desperate, “we didn’t even been on bed!” hypocritical on its peak! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “How many times have you both been on bed?” The face is already flush red and had not been on bed! Dai An roaring continued, since the soundproof ability of the office was very good.

“About ten plus time… ah peh peh, actually we had not been on bed!” Su Nuo face was very serious.

How could I accidentally say it out, this is really idiotic! “Had you both taken photo?” Dai An continued to burn.

Su Nuo thought for a while then shook his head, “we didn’t” This one really did not happen! “Is there a possibility of breaking up?” Dai An face was filled with the holy light of advising of breaking up.

That of course don’t have! Su Nuo filled with rage, “how could you be so bad!” Actually wanting to split up a loving couple, this sort of lunatic action a normal person could not even do it! This is really evil and vicious, “my queen, you disappoint me too much.

” “You then disappoint me!” Dai An used the sofa cushion and hold on his face, he could already predicted the wave that shook the sky and earth after Su Nuo revelation.

Just thinking of it, his head is going to explode, explode, explode, explode! “Actually, this is not much of a big deal.

” Su Nuo sat next to him, “being in a relationship is really normal and I really like him.

” “Being in a relationship is indeed normal, but just looked at the person you are in a relationship with!” Dai An was still very torn apart, why did he fell with a… man! “This sort of thing cannot be controlled.

” Su XiaoNuo was also very innocent, not to mention Mr.

Director was so handsome, this sort of thing was unable to hold! “Couldn’t the both of you break up?” Dai An was still indignant.

Su Nuo said with determination, “if you don’t allow us to be together, then I could only become a monk in the Wu Tai mountain.

” Love was stronger than gold was really touching! Dai An’s thought was destroyed as he fell onto the sofa, what sort of sin did I do… “My queen.

” Su Nuo lie on Dai An’s back like a koala, “You must give me your blessing!” Dai An moan weakly, this sort of unbelievable development he must used a whole week to digest and he might not even digest successfully! If I know about this, I will not even help him snatch the Ren Duan advertisement even if my life is on the stake! What does it mean one step wrong and everything is wrong! What does it mean by if I knew this is coming, why did I do that in the first place! It mean this sort of situation! “You will also have a good marriage in the future!” Su XiaoNuo felt that he could not only care about his own happiness, he must spread his love, hence he pulled his queen hand with deep feelings, “You must believe there is true love everywhere in the world.

“You just let me calm down for a while.

” Dai An pulled over the jacket and covered his face with it.

I did not want any good marriage to the slightest bit! And in the hospital, ZhongLi FengBai is feeding Mu Qiu his additional meal in the afternoon.

This was really virtuous! “What is this thing?” Mu Qiu continued to chew, he found that the taste is rather unfamiliar.

“Black fish green bean soup.

” ZhongLi FengBai helped him wiped his mouth, “Eat more and it will be good for your eyes.

” “You brew it?” Mu Qiu asked.

Of course I brew it, this sort of recipe even the food store did not sell! Director Zhong became tsundere, “I just bought it from the hospital canteen, a big bowl for five dollars and comes with three bowls of rice.

” “Liar.

” Mu Qiu said, “This is not the spoon from hospital, you specifically brew it for me?” … “You think too much, I just returned home to take a spoon only!” ZhongLi FengBai was very calm.

Mu Qiu smiled at him; it is so gentle! “Don’t show such an emotion!” ZhongLi FengBai flustered, this sort of feelings is so sick! “It is very nice to drink.

” Mu Qiu pulled his hand over, “Thank you.

” Even though he still want to roar in his heart but seeing that even holding his hand he needed to take quite a while to look for it, the tsundere Director Zhong was struck again! Hence, he touched Mu Qiu face with another of his hand, “if the wound still painful?” “It is already alright.

” Mu Qiu said, “My recovery ability is very good, so don’t worry.

” I! Am! Not worried! About you! Director Zhong was coldly reading poem in his heart while he touched the stiches that were separated by a bandages.

His heart is going to! Shatter! Those evildoer! Definitely need to face! The law! Punishment! “Just go and rest at the bed next to mine.

” Mu Qiu felt heart pain for him, “you did not sleep well recently.

” ZhongLi FengBai slept very shallow, to add on, Mu Qiu had been injured which made his nerve more sensitive! Basically, every little action Mu Qiu made, he will be awaked, even taking a cup of water is no exception.

To add on, the nurse was checking rooms, hence every night, he will be awake three to four times, therefore he could not sleep well.

“I’m fine.

” ZhongLi FengBai had some light black eyes.

If this was during normal times, he would frantically use all sorts of powders to cover it and would definitely not show other people such a languish and idiotic face! But this is a special period, so he was too lazy to care.

“Even if you don’t care for yourself, I feel heartache for my wife.

” Mu Qiu said a very romantic line.

Even if it is like this, Director Zhong face felt hot.

This sort! Of feelings! Is really! So bad! “Why don’t you just sleep next to me.

” Mu Qiu shift a bit to give out a piece of space, “I will accompany you, and this period no one will interrupt you.

” ZhongLi FengBai hesitate for a while and cooperatively… went up to the bed! This was because he was really tired! “Just sleep.

” Mu Qiu scratch his nose with his index finger.

“Call me up if something happened.

” ZhongLi FengBai said.


” Mu Qiu held his hand, “Just rest well.

” The sunlight after the afternoon may be dazzling, but covered up by the thick curtains, it was weakened tremendously.

The dark lighting was really suitable for afternoon nap.

After three minutes, ZhongLi FengBai’s breathing became longer, the hand that held onto Mu Qiu’s hand gradually loosen.

He was really tired… Mu Qiu’s heart felt pain as his hand grip tightened.

Everyday he need to be busy for my stuff, cooking meal, helping me washing my body and clothes, so busy that he was running in circles.

If it was not for the injury this time, Mu Qiu may need a long time before realising every morning, ZhongLi FengBai would lightly kiss his face then roared with tsundere, “quickly wake up, or else I will divorce you’ this sort of sentences! Even though his vision was still blurry, but his heart was gradually not fretful.

The current days were actually not bad.

Neither does he need to worry about the company nor running around to meet with client.

He could ate plain yet delicious food and occasionally being permitted by doctor to go out for a walk and feeling the sunshine.

Most importantly, he was always beside me.

It was way leisure than holiday.

When ZhongLi FengBai woke up from his afternoon nap, the sun already set completely, only the little lamp from the bedside emitted warm light.

“Why is it so late.

” ZhongLi FengBai sat up.

“It’s not so late, just 7 pm plus.

” Mu Qiu said, “It is quite rare you slept so nice.

” Hence, he was unwilling to wake him up.

“Shit, I still have an appointment with someone.

” ZhongLi FengBai frantically looked for his phon everywhere.

“I know, they are Qiu ZiYan and Su Nuo.

” Mu Qiu said, “I had already texted OuYang Long to help you cancel it.

” “You? Texted someone?” After hearing this, ZhongLi FengBai was shocked, and shake his hand in front of him, “you are able to see?” Mu Qiu replied honestly, “it is a bit strenuous to see, but putting the phone right in front of the eyes I am still able to text someone.

” After hearing this, Director Zhong angrily said, “who told you to waste your eyes like this! Don’t you know the phone have radiation!” This is! Really unable! To treat him! Gently! Can’t help but want to! Roared at him! At the same time the other person who wanted to roar together and was currently very anxious Su XiaoNuo! He originally wanted to visit the hospital to see Mu Qiu and at the same time gossip with ZhongLi FengBai about the pervert developer knife scar Luo Li, but he did not expect that he had not walked out of the office, he received Mr.

Director call.

One was to inform him that ZhongLi FengBai is too tired, so he will be resting in the afternoon, hence the appointment will be cancelled; two was to send the message to Qiu ZiYan that the appointment was cancelled.

When heard separately, this two things was nothing wrong, but combining it together, this will definitely be scary! This means that he will be going to the hospital together with Qiu ZiYan! How could the handsome Mr.

Director be not jealous! He could become kimchi already! “I really did not agree with Qiu ZiYan to go together!” Su Nuo felt very sad and angry! How could Qiu ZiYan be so evil! Not only did he do fake muscle, he also destroy the relationship of a couple! Cotton candy was lying in a corner while its tail was vertical to see the commotion.

“Even if you had it is fine.

” OuYang Long touched his head, “I do not mind.

” Even if you don’t mind is a good thing but there is really no such thing! Su Nuo felt so wronged! After the two broke up a few months ago due to Qiu ZiYan, this name became the devil of the two, even mentioning it was not allowed! Just when it is good and suddenly you were tagged with ‘going to the hospital with muscle man’ this label, it felt really really wronged.