Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 80

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Very Blissful and Midnight SquareTranslated by even more ded Shiya of Exiled Rebels Translations If it was someone else, Su Nuo would roar and scold! But the caller ID was his brother, so Su Nuo had to answer the phone in fear, “brother.

” “What are you doing?” Han Wei asked.

“In the bath, ready to go to bed,” Su Nuo answered honestly.

“Do you have any time tomorrow morning?” Han Wei said, “come home, I have something to discuss with you.

” “Ok,” Su Nuo promised, “I’ll come back around 11 o’clock and cook for you.

” “Is he by your side?” Han Wei suddenly spoke in a deeper voice.

Uh! Su Xiao Nuo was surprised.

How could his brother know! Had he mastered the high-end skill of tracking from a thousand miles way? What a shock! “You…How, how do you know?” Su Nuo was scared! “Normally, you would ask me what for,” Han Wei’s words were straight to the point, Su Nuo’s curiosity was always extremely strong ever since he was young.

How could he not ask for the reason this time! “Hmm,” Su Nuo was in a complicated mood.




How could his brother be so cunning! He was like an old fox! “Why would he stand by you when you bathe!” Brother was very unhappy! Because we are lovers in love, it’s normal to take baths together! Su Nuo growled in his heart, and then he said cleverly, “Brother, you should go to bed early.

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COM Han Wei was stuck in his chest at one breath.

How could he have a brother who was so eager to throw his big brother out! “Good night, brother,” Su Xiao Nuo’s tone was very soft, and Mr.

Director’s eggs were jealous.

“… Good night,” Han Wei’s headache was here again, and he deeply reflected on whether he hadn’t educated him well enough when he was a child or something.

After Su Nuo hung up, Ouyang Long asked, “Your brother?” “Um,” Su Nuo hugged his handsome man.

“He told me to go home tomorrow morning.

” “Oh, is there a problem?” Ouyang Long rubbed his head.

“There probably is, but he hasn’t told me what on the phone yet,” Su Nuo answered.

“You and your brother have a good relationship,” Ouyang Long wipe off the foam on his nose.

“We grew up together, depended on each other.

” The atmosphere seems good, so why not tell him about his family background? Although Su Nuo really wanted to avoid it in his heart, it was not right.

Sooner or later, he had to tell him the truth! It’s better to take advantage of the honeymoon period to say in advance.

Even if he got angry, Su Nuo could always wrap around him naked shamelessly to seduce him! Then fundamentally solve the problem! Time, place and people were all harmonious.

We must not waste it! Su Nuo summoned his courage, “Ehh, I have something to tell you.

” It was very nerve wracking! “What is it?” Ouyang Long had a guess, but he didn’t say it aloud.

“My brother, he’s not a Mahjong seller,” Su Nuo was careful.

“I know,” Ouyang Long smiled and massaged his shoulders.

“You know?” Su Nuo stared at him.

“I know.

You said he manufactured Mahjong,” Mr.

Director was also very mean occasionally.

Su Nuo’s face was black.

He dug a hole for himself.

“What’s the matter?” Ouyang Long asked.

“In fact, manufacturing transparent Mahjong was just a side job of my brother’s,” Su Nuo said seriously, “He, well, he also does something else.

” Ah, ah, how scary! This should be recorded in history! “Such as?” Ouyang Long had a soft voice.

“… He runs some family Casinos on the outskirts of town,” Su Nuo looked at Mr.

Director’s face as he said it, and continued to talk after he was sure that there was nothing abnormal.

From the accident of his parents when he was a child to everything else, he told him every detail.

Ouyang Long didn’t interrupt, and didn’t feel particularly surprised.

In fact, since Han Wei took out his gun in Italy last time, he had already guessed all of it, but this little fool still thought all of it was a secret.

“Are you angry that I lied to you?” Su Nuo finally asked uneasily.

“What do you think?” Ouyang Long hugged him in his arms and just before he said ‘how can I be angry with you’, he heard Su Nuo said with a guilty tone, “Then I’ll let you hit me, don’t be angry after you finished!” “Hit where?” Ouyang Long chuckled in his ear.

Su Nuo’s face was red and his ears were also red, and his head was heading into his own chest.

This kind of question was very difficult to answer! “How could I have the heart to hit here?” Mr.

Director moved his hand down Su Nuo’s waist and on his back, then he seperated the soft buttcheeks apart, “I love it too much.

” Su Xiao Nuo’s back began to turn red after being caressed.

It was a sensitive mess! “I’m not angry,” Ouyang Long hugged him tighter.

“Thank you for being willing to confess.

” Don’t say such sensual words! Su Nuo’s face and ears were red.

He noticed that his little hole was being teased tentatively! Shouldn’t he take care of Xiao Xiao Nuo first? The order is not right.

It’s very urgent! “Baby, relax.

” This pose was a little difficult; Ouyang Long patted his back, “Or you will get hurt.

” “… You go gentler!” Su Nuo said.

Although ‘beep’ is awesome, sometimes it hurts a lot! “Um,” Ouyang Long lick Su Nuo’s ears.

This was Su Nuo’s sensitive spot.

It had basically a hundred hit points! As expected, Su Xiao Nuo immediately groaned in ecstasy, and then his waist and legs were soft and he curled up in his arms.

Water waves, everything was sweet and beautiful, the Great Harmony of life was an amazing thing! “So warm,” Ouyang Long chuckled in his ear.

Su Xiao Nuo sat on him with his legs wide apart, even his breathing became short.

The cowgirl position is very tiring! As they say, meeting after being separated for a long time was even better than being newlyweds, they would ‘beep’ here and ‘beep’ there – from the bathroom to the bedroom to the study.

Chotto matte, they could even fuck in the study?! Mr.

Director had such heavy taste! Su Nuo lay on the table panting.

It was so comfortable! By the way, an entertainment magazine dropped on the ground and Su Nuo stepped on it – because Qi ZiYan was on the cover! So awesome!!!!!!! As a crystal-like little man, he must be delicate to such things! So Su Nuo was so dizzy that he didn’t even know when to return to bed! “No more,” Su Nuo closed his eyes and turned his mouth away.

“Um,” Ouyang Long helped him to pull his blanket up.

“Sleep well.

” “Wake me up at eight tomorrow morning,” Su Nuo said in his arms.

“Why are you getting up so early?” Ouyang Long tapped his hand on his back.

“To find my brother.

” Although I really want to sleep until I wake up naturally, my brother is also very important! “I see.

Good night,” Ouyang Long turned off the bedside lamp.

As Su Nuo slept, he reached for Ouyang Long’s hand and put it on his own ass.

Ouyang Long had a wide smile.

This was comfortable! Warm and safe! Su Xiao Nuo was satisfied and finally slept without thinking about anything! In the dark streets of the night, Qiu ZiYan was soaking wet as he squatted on the street and laughed.

“What’s so funny,” Tang XiaoYu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He reached for his hand and pulled him up.

“Go home, and be careful or you might be photographed by the paparazzi.

” Since Qiu ZiYan was about to release a new single and had a lot of miscellaneous work, they stayed late in the company until early in the morning, then they went to eat a midnight snack together and walked home slowly under the sun.

There was no one on the streets.

So, he had to take advantage of it and grope Tang XiaoYu.

Tang XiaoYu felt smoke rising from his ears, he smashed him with his fist, and then ran away.

It’s very interesting to chase and play! “I caught you,” Qi ZiYan hugged him from behind.

“You’re crazy!” Tang XiaoYu struggled, “you will die if this is seen by the paparazzi.

” “I’m not letting go,”Qi ZiYan rubbed against Tang XiaoYu.

In a hurry, Tang XiaoYu bent up his elbow and gave him a jab, but Mr.

Qiu had his guard up already and dodged easily.

“Little violent boy, have you ever been taught that you you shouldn’t resort to violence, eh?” There was some banter in Qi ZiYan’s voice, his fingers rubbed Tang XiaoYu’s stomach teasingly through his shirt.

This kind of people was really… Tang XiaoYu ground his teeth together and stepped backward to stomp on his feet mercilessly! And then Mr.

Qiu fell to the ground screaming? Of course not! In fact, Tang XiaoYu didn’t stomp on the right place at all.

He just stepped on the switch for watering the lawn, and the gardener also happened to not lock it.

Water columns rose from all directions and ended up pouring all over the two! … The whole world was quiet! Three seconds later, Tang XiaoYu hurriedly pushed him away, squatted on the ground and looked for the switch, then he finally turned it off.

Sitting on the lawn, Qi ZiYan was super inconsiderate and he laughed like a crazy person.

Tang XiaoYu wanted to cry but no tears came out.

Why does weird things always happen when he was with him? “Hmn, let’s go home,” Qi ZiYan reached out his head, “pull me up.

” “…Get up on your own!” If he gave him a hand, he might pull him into his arms like last time, and then get him into a long kiss! It’s OK at home, but they were on the streets now! “Give me a hand.

I have a stomachache,” Qi ZiYan was very stubborn.

“Then you can just sit here,” Tang XiaoYu turned around and left.

“Hey!” Qi ZiYan chased up, “As my wife, how can you be so mean?” Tang XiaoYu gave him a silent stare.

“What’s the reaction?” Qi ZiYan frowned and complained, “Even if you don’t blush, you should act at least a little embarrassed.

” “…” Why should I be embarrassed?! Tang XiaoYu quickened his pace and decided to leave the pervert behind.

But that was clearly impossible.

“Baby, I’m cold,” Qi ZiYan stuck to him.

If it’s cold, then go home earlier.

Why fight in the streets! Tang XiaoYu was absolutely speechless.

“It’s all your fault, so you should take responsibility,” Qi ZiYan was serious.

Tang XiaoYu still ignored him.

“For compensation, we should take a bath together when we go back?” Qi ZiYan was very enthusiastic as he suggested.

“Keep dreaming,” Tang XiaoYu’s shield was fully up.

“My wife…” Qi Yan grabbed his hand.

Tang XiaoYu had no words when he looked at the big screen at the end of the square, which was playing Mr.

Qiu’s advertising picture for an outdoor equipment brand.

He looked decisive, brave, aggressive and capable.

Then he turned around to look at the clingy thing on him.

They must be two different person!