Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 79

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Mr.

Director and cute pet.

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations Stuff like accompanying Mr.

Knife Scar into the mountains was too scary, and so during the last day of the shooting, Dai An would rather die than guard the door again.

He carried Su Nuo’s modeling clothes around and followed Su XiaoNuo wherever he went! He was worried that he would be dragged into the wild again! As it turned out, he was overthinking this time because Luo Li did not appear for the whole day.

According to the employees, it was because some issues came up at the company, and so he had returned to the company early in the morning.

He actually left! Dai An immediately felt so much excitement until he cried, “Last night I prayed even in my dream to god that he would suddenly have to go back due to some emergency!” Clearly, his prayers were answered by this incident.

“These three days were really too long!” Su Nuo followed suit, filled with emotion.

He was not scared of being robbed, but he was scared of the thief remembering him! Being targeted by a pervert was really scary, and he needed to quickly leave! “Why don’t we have a feast tonight?” Dai An felt that there was really a need to celebrate.

But Su XiaoNuo rejected it! Food lover rejecting a feast, this was not scientific! Dai An was shocked, “Why?” “I have a date tonight.

” Su Nuo really couldn’t wait! Leaving for a long-time trump over newly wedded.

“… ok.

” Dai An had a sad feeling of being abandoned.




But Su XiaoNuo obviously was not in the mood to comfort his dear wife.

This was because all his brain now contained was the handsome Mr.

Director! “Nuo Nuo,” Ouyang Long called his phone, “is your work finished?” That definitely had finished! Su Nuo sat at the side of the bed, “Which restaurant have you booked?” Even though dating was very important, knowing what type of food one was going to eat was equally important! “A newly opened one, will bring you there,” Ouyang Long answered.

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COM Su XiaoNuo was shocked and excited, “You are picking me up?” “I have arrived; once you leave the villa and walk to the left for about 300 meters, I will be waiting for you there.

” Mr.

Director was always so awesome.

Su Nuo immediately felt that springtime had come; he hugged Dai An as he crazily laughed for half a minute, then he patted Dai An’s shoulder with a serious face, “I wish you a happy lonely meal!” Dai An felt like crying but unfortunately no tears came out, “You don’t have to specially point it out!” “I’ll entrust you with the mission of packing our luggage.

” Su Nuo went to the restroom to put on some makeup; then he happily ran out.

“Wait a minute!” Dai An stopped him, as he felt something was not right, “Are you in a relationship or not?” “Nonsense!” Su Nuo pulled Dai An’s finger away from his hand one by one.

“This emperor’s only true love is just you, my dear queen.

” Dai An held him with both of his hand as he anxiously said, “You need to let me know these sort of things! Who is it?” Su Nuo held onto his hand as he said seriously, “Romantic and loving relationships are just a layer of dust in this world.

Even if this emperor had seen all the beauties in the world, it was still nothing compared to the charm of my lovely queen’s slightly lowered eyebrows in the rain-shrouded Jiang Nan.

” Dai An’s face began to pale, “I want to vomit.

” “Then rest well.

” Su Nuo let go of him.

“Just take good care of the child in your belly, vomiting too often during pregnancy is not good for the baby.

” Dai An: … Su XiaoNuo happily ran out of the room.

ZhongLi FengBai’s bloody story plots were really nice to use! Next time he needed to recite a bit more! After he left the house, the sky began to darken, and after walking the small street for a few hundred metres, he saw a familiar black car.

No need to hold back at such a time! Su Nuo quickly ran over to the car! Ouyang Long opened the passenger’s door for him.

Su Nuo sat in the car, and as he looked at the other, lots of words were stuck in his heart, like the story of a romance novel with plot ups and downs.

My man seems to be even more handsome! This is really awesome! “Dear.

” Ouyang Long kissed his forehead, then pulled him close.

Su Nuo smelled the scent of Ouyang Long’s body, feeling very blissful! “Was work tiring?” Ouyang Long asked.

“I’m okay.

” Su Nuo was hanging on his neck; actually, stuff like shooting and such was really not tiring.

What was tiring is that I had to be alert and prevent my ass from being seen by a pervert.

This was really tiring for the body and mind! “Let’s go and eat at the newly opened Japanese restaurant,” Ouyang Long pinched his nose.

First, let’s do a French kiss! Su Nuo tried to seduce him with his eyes! “If you continue to look like this, we probably won’t be able to eat on time.

” Mr.

Director leaned over and pushed him down.

“…” I just want to have a French kiss! Su Nuo could not keep calm! Fucking in the car… what’s that.

And my stomach feels hungry! But Ouyang Long just fastened his seatbelt for him.

Why could you do like this, Su XiaoNuo was now very dissatisfied! “We can’t stay here for long, what if the reporters take a picture,” Ouyang Long kissed the corner of Su Nuo’s mouth.

“Let’s leave the rest for when we’re back home.

” Mr.

Director is really gentle and very smart! Su Nuo felt very proud about it! The dinner location was very hidden; when the waiter saw Ouyang Long’s member card, he immediately led the two of them into the farthest corner room.

“Don’t tell me you know this restaurant’s boss?” Su Nuo took off his sunglasses; he almost wanted to worship his man! Ouyang Long laughed and nodded his head.

Su Nuo eyes filled with hot tears, with such a good man, what more could a husband want! “Be good.

” Seeing his silly expression, Ouyang Long’s mood became very good.

Ever since he started going out with this little idiot, he had one more new hobby; befriending all sorts of final bosses in the F&B industry, and then enjoying the worshipping eyes of his wife.

What bad taste! Even though Dai An’s mother’s food was very nice, her vacuum-packed food had little variety, and it could not fulfil a food lover’s heart! Therefore, tonight, Su XiaoNuo would eat magnificently! “You went hungry for three days again?” Ouyang Long furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yes!” Su Nuo was eating sushi as he complained, “That estate developer was really bad, bringing me boiled mushrooms and cold salad every day!” He couldn’t say the nasty stuff like that the estate developer was also targeting his beauty, but he could still say the rest.

Ouyang Long wiped the wasabi at the side of Su Nuo’s mouth, “Eat slowly.

” “That developer was so evil!” Su Nuo could not helped but emphasise one more time.

That Knife-scarred Luo Li.

“I heard that he is always overseas and just occasionally returns.

” Ouyang Long fed him a spoonful of soup to prevent him from eating too fast and choking.

Su Nuo coughed violently.

“How do you know about him?” “It’s not something bad for me to understand the job you accepted a bit more.

” Ouyang Long was very blunt.

“…” A man’s possessiveness was really very strong! “Ok, just be good and eat.

” Ouyang Long did not continue to speak.

Actually, there was more that he found out than just this, but then he saw that the developer’s background was connected to the underground society, and this obviously meant that the work this time was related to Su Nuo’s older brother, and so he did not need to get involved any more.

“Has Candy Floss been good?” Su Nuo asked while eating.

“Candy Floss?” Ouyang Long was confused.

“The Samoyed.

” Su Nuo drank his tea, “This is the new name I gave to him.

” “What about that rabbit?” Ouyang Long asked.

“Cao Cao!” Su Nuo said.

Ouyang Long pulled a face, “Why isn’t it the same kind as Candy Floss?” “Because Cao Cao is much more awesome!” Su Nuo had missed Mr.

Rabbit a bit! “Why not call him Mochi?” Ouyang Long suggested.

Su Nuo immediately rejected that, “It is not domineering at all!” A palm-sized little furball, why must it be domineering!? Ouyang Long pulled his ear, “Each of us names one pet, that way it’s fair!” “… Ok.

” The two husband’s lives needed to be harmonious, so there must definitely not be only one of them having a say in everything, “Mochi then, Mochi.

” He is really obedient! The world’s most blissful thing is actually now! To be able to eat dinner with the person you love, to hold hands together and return home and finally look at your pets trying to act cute! “Say, will Candy Floss bite slippers and run to welcome us when we open the door?” Su Nuo asked.

“I don’t think he has already acquired such a difficult skill.

” Mr.

Director poured a cup of cold water for Su Nuo as he took out his key.

“That can’t be said like this!” Su Nuo was really expected this sort of scene, as it was really loving! After the door opened, a small white figure rushed out, then lay on Su Nuo’s leg, really cute! Ah Ah Ah! Su XiaoNuo’s heart was going to melt over these big ears drooping down! “How did he get out of the cage?” Mr.

Director was shocked.

But Su Xiao Nuo did not have the time to pay attention to him; after changing his shoes, he picked up the rabbit and happily looked for the Samoyed.

… Ouyang Long sighed as he locked the door; he had actually stooped so low that he had to fight for attention against a rabbit.

This is really infuriating! 10pm.

“Nuo Nuo, it’s time to sleep,” Ouyang Long called.

“Wait for a while.

” Su Nuo was sitting on the floor, looking at Mr.

Samoyed trying to bite the rabbit’s ear and running around.


“Nuo Nuo!” “En.

” “Rest.

” “You go to sleep first.

” Candy Floss actually knew how to play gun shot and act dead, this game was really a big surprise! 11.



” Ouyang Long pushed the pet room’s door open.


” Su Nuo aimed at the Samoyed.

“Woof!” The Samoyed’s four limbs raised up as it fell on the ground.

He even stuck his tongue out and trembled! Mr.

Lop-eared Rabbit lay on its side, looking down coldly on these two idiots.

Ouyang Long could not endure any further and went closer to lift him up.

“Ah!” Su Nuo was shocked.

“Go and bathe.

” Ouyang Long carried him towards the bathroom.

“Woof!” The Samoyed ran towards them because he still wanted to continue playing with Su Nuo.

But Mr.

Director actually coldly and heartlessly closed the bathroom door, this was really cruel, heartless and unreasonable! The Samoyed could only hang his head and go back.

That resulted in him seeing the lop-eared rabbit lying on his doghouse, with its black eyes filled with dominance.

This world was so unfair.

Samoyed dejectedly walked forward, opened its mouth and bit the rabbit out of its dog house, then jumped in again, lay down and put the rabbit under its belly.

Rather than letting the rabbit jump onto his face again and again, why not just put him in its place? The lop-eared rabbit was satisfied, he felt very comfortable! In the bathroom, Su Nuo was stripped completely and put into the bathtub.

“Don’t always put the duck in!” Su Nuo protested.


Director obviously would not care about all that; he went into the bathtub and pulled the little idiot to his chest! “What happened to you?!” Su Nuo saw the bruise on Ouyang Long’s shoulder.

“I went to see renovation works of a new shop and was hit by a light bulb dropping from the ceiling.

” Ouyang Long did not care too much about it, “Don’t worry, it is fine.

” “How could it be fine; it is already this swollen,” Su Nuo was worried.

“When did it happen and why didn’t you tell me about this?” “It’s nothing serious.

” Ouyang Long laughed and kissed his lips, “Don’t worry.

” How could I not worry! Su Nuo was very serious, “Your body is more important than anything!” This was really touching! But this sentence had a bit of an exaggeration, because older brother and Mr.

Director were equally important! But being a real man, Su Nuo obviously could not bother with every detail! And so, Su Nuo shamelessly neglected the next part of the sentence! “Where did this mouth learn to be this sweet?” Ouyang Long pinched his chin.

These are definitely words from my heart! Su Nuo protested internally.

“Don’t worry, this is just a minor injury,” Ouyang Long hugged him and pulled him into his lap.

“after this busy period, we’ll find an opportunity to go on a holiday on an island.

” Hahaha that is definitely good! Su Nuo was excited, “Where are we going?” “Anywhere is fine.

” Ouyang Long squeezed his waist, “The important point is that no one should recognize us, and then we can hold hands everyday and enjoy the breeze and sun.

” “And still could eat lively seafood!” Su Nuo added an important point.

“En, we could also eat seafood.

” Ouyang Long planted a kiss on his chest.

“Did you miss me?” “…” Actually, we haven’t seen each other for only three days! But he had really missed him! Su Nuo seriously nodded his head, “I missed you!” “Really?” Ouyang Long teased him.

Of course it was the truth! In order to prove his sincerity, Su Nuo took the initiative to comfort Mr.

Director’s dick.

Another advantage of having seen<> appeared—he could learn lot of techniques for fucking, and thus increase the sweetness of their husband-and-husband relationship.

“Be good, I’m going to get something.

” Ouyang Long patted his butt.

Su Nuo face flushed red, then he saw his man walk out of the bathroom.

That place is really big! He could not help but put his hand back to comfort his little asshole.

Thinking of what would happen next, he could not help blushing and even his back was red! The atmosphere was warm and romantic, but there was an evil force coming to destroy it.

“Nuo Nuo,” Ouyang Long walked in with a condom… and a phone.

“Your phone rang.

” This is a real tragedy!