Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 10

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Hand in Hand and Plum WineTranslated by Slowpoke Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations After he finished the delicious tofu, Su Nuo’s positive rating of Ouyang Long immediately went up to a new level.

This guy knows braised tofu must be eaten with crushed peanuts and not crunchy soybeans.

He knows the way! Seeing him completely devouring the tofu in just three bites, Ouyang Long couldn’t help but pity the hardship of being a model nowadays.

Look how fast he ate! That time when they first met, he must have been hungry for so many days.

No wonder he had such a ferocious appetize! “Thank you.

” Su Nuo wasn’t completely satisfied as he kept licking his lips while thinking of eating another stick.

Unfortunately, the elevator had arrived to their floor, so he had to quit his thought in deep regret.

“…Do you like Sichuan food?” Ouyang Long asked as he walked.

Dafuq, of course I love it! Silken tofu in crab roe sauce, poached beef tenderloin, clear noodles in chili sauce, pickled pepper, stir fried chicken giblets and pork ribs ehehe! Su Nuo almost blurted out all the dishes’ name, but luckily a single trace of reason managed to survive and instantly remind him that he was an elegant flower, not the comedic performer Su DeGang.

So he quickly swallowed back his words.

What a thrilling situation! “If you have time to visit, there is a newly opened snack bar on Qingtong Road.

” Ouyang Long recommended, “Their stir fried pork belly with green pepper is very good.

” Pork! Belly! Su Nuo silently clenched his fists, these two words sounded so seductive! I better go there tonight.

What a great idea I am having! I must definitely add a ton of hot sauce to fully enjoy the pleasure! The girls of the photography group were waiting for their food when they suddenly saw Ouyang Long and Su Nuo come together talking and smiling.

Within a blink, they were completely blown away to the sky, because the two dimensional characters of their novel suddenly crossed over to the third dimension… What a mind-blowing scene! .



Since the setting for today was afternoon tea, the dining hall had specially prepared lots of lovely mini cakes.

The delicious aroma of freshly baked goods couldn’t stop seducing the foodie Su.

One should know that he only ate small portions of the company lunch box at noon.

There was no way he could withstand this cruel temptation.

“NuoNuo, your expression shouldn’t be that sad-looking.

” The photographer adjusted the focal length, “Act happier, imagine you are having tea with your friends.

” On the inside, the model Su was thinking, After work I must ask Dai An to pack me ten boxes of cakes to go home with.

Not only the strawberry cake, but there must also include caramel banana tart! And then I will go home and brew myself a pot of scented tea to go with the cakes… Life is just too good! “Nuo Nuo, your smile is way too vulgar.

” The photographer was very puzzled, normally he would have grasped the idea immediately, yet why was today’s expression a bit too exaggerated? Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Ehm…is it maybe because doing this scene alone is more difficult?” The manager tried to help this rascal foodie.

Sometimes he really made one worry.


” Su Nuo obediently nodded.

Although his acting skills were actually very good, in order to not expose his foodie nature, he had to sacrifice a bit of his acting skill.

“Who volunteers to sit opposite of him to give Nuo Nuo a focus point?” The photographer turned around and asked the girls behind him, “You won’t be included in the shot.

” “Me!” The girls quickly raised their hand.

Even though their photos wouldn’t be included, to be able to work together with Su Nuo, everyone still had high hopes.

The photographer made the orchid hand gesture and said, “One is fine.

” “Me me me!” The sisters were even more excited and continuously expressed that they have been Su Nuo’s fan for years.

They really wanted to sit opposite of him and hold his small hand while looking at each other affectionately! Ahhhh screaming out loud! Su Nuo was caught by surprise by their fighting spirit, more precisely, he was super moved.

Su Nuo really wanted to open his arms and gave them a tearful hug, but since his image as a melancholic man was too heavy, he could only give them a shy smile.

Without fail, his smile accurately sent a bullseye to those girls’ heart.

The girls screamed at the top of their lungs, strongly expressing that they must get this opportunity! The photographer was afraid to get caught in their fight, so he quickly cut them off and suggested rock paper scissors.

Whoever won would get him! Hearing that, Su Nuo was silently dumbstruck.

You know that ‘whoever wins will get him’ sentence had several possible meanings, right?! As for the girls, they thought this method seemed fair enough, but what if they failed…It would feel very uncomfortable! Just imagining seeing their beloved NuoNuo hand in hand with another girl already broke their heart to pieces.

Worse, it may even led to a bloody broken sisterhood! After a long discussion, the girls finally decided… to let Director Ouyang take photos with Su Nuo! “Me?” Ouyang Long was very surprised, “Why?” Because you are the second male lead of “Love in Troubled Times, the Black Bellied Royal Loves Money Boy”, the official ship with Su Nuo Nuo! – thought the girls as they secretly clenched their fist.

This was the fairest choice of all because now their eyes wouldn’t have to be dyed by jealousy but would get candy instead.

This was definitely a ‘you win, I win, we all win’ situation! “I’m not a professional.

” Ouyang Long said.

“No need, you only need to sit opposite of Nuo Nuo and give him a place to focus on!” After that much pain to choose one person, the photographer didn’t want to let him go.

He even especially pulled out the seat for Ouyang Long.

Since it had come to this point, Ouyang Long didn’t excuse himself further.

Moreover, this wasn’t really a big deal, so he straightforwardly sat down.

“Thank you.

” Su Nuo smiled at him.

The girls squeaked inside their heart.

NuoNuo, you don’t have to thank him.

This is suppose to be his job! Having a person opposite of him really helped him focus his gaze and the next several shots went smoothly.

Between each break, Ouyang Long would buy refreshments and invite everyone to enjoy, including, of course, Su Nuo.

“You are too thin, you should have some sweets once in a while.

” Ouyang Long calmly said to Su Nuo as he handed him a cheese ball with a fork.

Su Nuo’s eyes brimmed with tears, thinking, the world still has faith! This is so delicious.

The afternoon photo session went by pleasantly, and by the end of the shoot, dinner time had already passed.

Everyone made a ruckus wanting to eat hotpot together, yet no one invited Su Nuo.

This wasn’t because he had a bad relationship with them, but because everyone within the circle knew model Su only ate veggies and yogurt for dinner.

He wouldn’t eat such mundane food like hotpot.

As the matter of fact, Su Nuo also didn’t want to go with them, because his mind was already occupied with that new snack bar Ouyang Long told him about during lunch.

Spicy stir fried pork belly.

He could already feel how tasty it would be just from hearing about it and it went damn well with rice! Hence, he joyfully invited Dai An to have dinner with him.

“I still have work to do tonight.

” The manager said regretfully, “You can go alone, but be careful of the paparazzi.

” “No problem.

” It may have been due to his family circumstances that Su Nuo’s scout ability had always been strong.

For the past three years, he had been to countless small restaurants and never once did he get caught by the paparazzi.

It was a miracle.

After going home to take a shower and change clothes, Su Nuo finished the routine by putting on his hat to lower his existence and then went out to eat in high spirits.

He took the cab and upon arrival to Qingtong Road, the driver asked him, “What’s the address?” “It’s ok, just stop at the side of the road.

” Su Nuo gave him a big bill.

“Keep the change.

” Since Qingtong Road wasn’t that long and only took ten minutes to go from one end to the other.

Moreover, restaurants normally would be brightly lit at this time, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to find.

After getting out of the cab and he walked his way to the end, only by then did Su Nuo realize he had underestimated this road.

The map on his phone only showed the main road, but there were like three or four side roads left and right on Qingtong Road just like a maze.

Cellphone maps are such a death trap ah… Su Nuo stood silently under the streetlights and thought to himself, he didn’t dare to ask the way in fear of getting recognized, but he also wasn’t willing to go back just like this.

What is this madness!? “Is it really you?” Parked in front of him was a black car, behind the half opened window was Ouyang Long.

Eek, why is it him again?! Even if Su Nuo’s face was thick, to be caught twice…This was really embarrassing! “Get in, I happen to be going somewhere to eat too.

” Ouyang Long helped him open the door.

… Since my facade has already been blown, might as well surrender – thought Su Nuo as he sat on the seat next to him with a ‘chipped jar isn’t afraid to break’ spirit and then “carelessly” asked, “Are you going to eat the pork belly at the newly opened snack bar?” “Yes.

” Ouyang Long tried to hold in his laughter.

Hahahaha super! Su Nuo laughed wildly inside his head, then indifferently continued, “Why didn’t you go eat hot pot with everyone?” “I’m sure everyone will feel awkward if I go with them.

” Ouyang Long pointed to the back seat, “And my friend just sent me two bottles of wine, so I wanted to bring home some food.

” “Is it plum wine?” Su Nuo was curious.

“You can smell this too?” Ouyang Long was shocked, his nose is too good ah! Su Nuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I saw it on the bottle.

” Although I am a foodie, I’m still far from that god-defying realm to be able to sniff plum wine from a sealed package! You are really hurting my ego! Ouyang Long laughed and drove the car into a small alley.

“Wait for me in the car, I will bring the food back.

” “Sorry for troubling you.

” Su Nuo tried to be polite, and then said in serious tone, “Remember to buy pork belly.

” Ouyang Long teased him, “You don’t want the Vatican flowers?” Su Nuo ear went red.

There was no need to bring up that dark history again ah! Blowing someone’s cover is such a hateful gesture! Even though it was distance away, Su Nuo could still see how crowded the snack bar was.

He was originally prepared to wait at least half an hour, but he didn’t expect Ouyang Long to came back after five minutes with a bunch of meal boxes.

“So fast?” Su Nuo was surprised.

“I know the store’s owner.

” Ouyang Long handed the meal boxes to him and started the car.

Knowing the restaurant’s owner was the ultimate dream of every foodie, Su Nuo was extremely envious.

He then took a sniff, “It smells so good.

” “Does your manager usually forbid you to eat?” Ouyang Long was really curious, otherwise how could he always look so hungry for food every time he met him.

Su Nuo silently made a 囧 face and then replied, “I’m fine, really.

” Dai An not only never forbids me, he also joins me ah! “Do you want this plum wine bottle instead?” Ouyang Long drove the car out of the alley, “It has strong fruit smell, tasty sour and sweet.

” Su Nuo first thought was to politely refuse, but… Hmm plum wine, I haven’t had one for years! So tempting just from imagination alone! Thus, he answered seriously, “Then I will give you a jar of homemade kimchi.

” Courtesy calls for reciprocity.

“You made it?”Ouyang Long was surprised.

“…My sister in law made it.

” Su Nuo lied without flinching.

In fact, he really made it! Ouyang Long accepted it with pleasure and drove him back home.

“Thank you.

” Su Nuo said goodbye to him while carrying the meal boxes.

“You’re welcome.

” Ouyang Long smiled at him.

“Remember to reheat it.

” Duh, of course I know cold pork belly needs to be reheated but this is not the main point! Su Nuo was a little agitated.

You said earlier that you will give me the plum wine, so why don’t you do anything? Do you want me to thicken my face and turn around to ask?! But I really want it ah! So the foodie had to use the timid look on him – Hurry up and remember! But director Ouyang was obviously mistook his meaning, “Your manager is inside?” Eh, what this got to do with my manager? Su Nuo was very puzzled.

Seeing his stumped expression, Ouyang Long was even more convinced, “Are you afraid that he won’t allow you to eat?” Su Nuo was dumbstruck.

Of course not! I’m just waiting for you to give me the plum wine! “How about going to my house?” Ouyang Long suggested, “It’s not far from here, I can send you back after dinner.

” Although his suggestion kinda derailed from the original goal, but…Su Nuo began to quickly calculate, If I go to his home, I can “unintentionally” remind him not to leave the plum wine inside the car in order to avoid being seen by thief and got the window smashed… And then after the meal, I can smoothly take one bottle home! What a great idea, I am so smart so clever! Su Nuo felt pretty pleased, so he nodded happily, “Okay.

” Ra: Poor Dai An, didn’t even do anything and still got the bullet straight to the face.