Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 9

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: A Photoshoot Collaboration and Marinated Dried Bean Curd Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations To Su Nuo, meetings were the worst hardship in the world to sit through! Since one couldn’t eat snacks in this sort of environment, couldn’t speak and even had to maintain an elegant and noble sitting posture, death was a welcoming prospect! What made it even more grueling was that the topic of the meeting was to welcome Qiu ZiYan! Who said I was welcoming him?! I’m not welcoming him at all! The model Su roared in his heart, muscle men are the most detestable! An hour later, the man at the podium was still talking his head off.

Su Nuo’s eyes looked distant as they were lost in thought, seriously considering whether he should eat red braised pork belly or croquettes.

Teppanyaki sounded good too! “Nuonuo, what do you think about this suggestion?” The boss suddenly asked.

Su Nuo rubbed his chin as he thought hard.

Was red braised pork belly better with kidney beans or kelp knots? This was an extremely difficult decision! Dai An took a look at his expression and knew immediately what his charge was thinking about, and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he patted him, “NuoNuo.

” “Ah?” Su Nuo was reeled back to reality, and found that everyone’s eyes were on him! So his little body gave a start.

 Damn it, what just happened? “How do you feel about it?” Boss asked again.

Under the eye of the crowd, the model Su didn’t have any other options apart from saying sincerely, “I think that it’s not bad at all.

” “Then it’s decided.

”Boss seemed very satisfied, “Our meeting will end here today, thank you everyone!” .



The crowd gave a round of applause.

Thank god it was finally over, he’d been sitting for so long that his butt had started aching! “I look forward to working with you.

” Qiu ZiYan stood in front of Su Nuo and gave his hand a shake.

Huh, huh, what did he mean by looking forward to working together?! Su Nuo’s eyes widened, did you eat the wrong medicine, who’d want to work with you!? “I have something on so I’ll be leaving first.

See you next time.

” Qiu ZiYan smiled before turning and leaving the conference room.

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COM Su Nuo was confused beyond measure.

He turned to his manager, “What does he mean?” “Before, Boss said that next month is ‘Fashion’ magazine’s anniversary ceremony, and that he wanted you and Qiu ZiYan to go and take a few celebratory photos together.

” The manager’s eyes were full of sympathy, “Then you agreed.

” Damn it, this couldn’t be real, Su Nuo could only freeze and widen his eyes as his mouth formed an ‘O’! It was like thunder on a sunny day, a disaster caused by a bowl of red braised pork belly, to have to take promotional photos with ab man, he just wanted to sob his eyes out! “But luckily it’s only to show your friendship by turning up, so they won’t take too many.

” The manager comforted him, “It’s just a bit over ten photos, it’ll be over before you know it.

” “Why is it me and him?” Su Nuo couldn’t figure the mystery out for the life of him.

Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t it be a man and a woman?! Only then would it be more balanced! “Because you and Qiu ZiYan are currently the most popular.

” The manager reminded him, “Be good, you can’t go back on your word.

” Especially since you just agreed in front of a whole crowd of witnesses! “Of course I know that.

” Su Nuo pitifully sighed, then asked desperately, “What do you think the chances are of Qiu ZiYan refusing?” “About zero.

” The manager didn’t leave him a shred of hope, ruthlessly saying, “His answer just then was even faster than yours.

” Detestable indeed! Su Nuo furiously clenched his fist.

“Then tonight I want to eat ten slices of roasted beef tenderloin!” To comfort my injured heart! “Done, I’ll get you tofu and chicken gizzards as well!” There was no one else in the conference room anyway, so the manager readily agreed.

“But before eating, you still have a set of promotional pictures for Ren Rui that you need to finish taking.

” Even though his back and waist ached and he was tired as hell from sitting all morning, as a professional model, Su Nuo merely nodded his head obediently and rushed to finish a meal from the company before going to the location of the photoshoot.

This time it was at an English styled restaurant, the topic of the photoshoot was afternoon tea.

Since there was a lot of road work lately, the traffic was terrible.

Su Nuo sat in the front passenger seat, bored to death.

He took out his phone and swiped his way through some forums, suddenly discovering that ‘Love in Troubled Times, the Black Bellied Royal Loves Money Boy’ had been updated! Then of course he would have to keep reading! The model Su clicked into it happily.

Because the sign had already been put up, even if Su Nuonuo* was unconscious, the pimp* still helped him change into an outfit made of red gauze and carried him into a sedan chair*! What lack of conscience, what madness! Meanwhile, in a clamorous hall, a noble was looking for entertainment when he suddenly heard the sound of a gong, he lifted his eyes to see a heavenly beauty! He saw that on that red sedan chair sat Su Nuonuo with his collar slightly opened, collarbones half visible; his buttocks were round and soft, his legs were as smooth as jade and even if he was unconscious, it didn’t hide his impossibly alluring charm! T/N: *Not our Nuonuo, same sound, different characters.

*Pimps are men in charge of prostitutes.

*Sedan chairs are like imperial carriages with poles that that carried by people used in old China.

This description seemed to be a bit problematic, Su Nuo thought.

What type of clothes did the tailor make for Su Nuonuo anyway, it seemed as though wearing it and not wearing it didn’t make a difference.

Not only could they see his collarbone, even his butt and legs were visible! Could it be that it was transparent fabric? Damn, this world really was on another level! Su Nuo was impressed and he excitedly read on.

There were beautiful people in the north, transcending the mortal realm! After seeing Su Nuonuo, the crowd began to spout poetry, sighing about how this world really did have beauties such as this one.

If he were to lie on their graves, then their lives would all have been worth it.

However, just as they prepared to bid as the auction began, from outside the door suddenly came tens of thousands of beams of light, almost blinding the crowd’s dog eyes! About thirty soldiers lined up into two different team’s formations, preparing their weapons to face a cold and evil spirited male who had come with a domineering aura! This was the current Son of Heaven’s most beloved younger brother, OuYang JinLong! This sort of hero saves beauty cliché… Su Nuo was getting even more excited reading it, this sort of rubbish was great! Next, OuYang-wangye* was definitely going to tell these beasts off for their actions before taking Su Nuonuo back to his palace and taking care of him.

The two would fall in love gradually after spending so much time with each other and one day, they won’t be able to hold themselves back as they take it to the bed.

From then on, they would hold hands as they stand next to each other and watch the world continue on its course in front of their eyes.

What could be a more beautiful prospect!? “You dirty scumbags dare to monopolize this beauty?” OuYang-wangye gave them a cold stare, his eagle-like pupils freezing the air around him.

The men at the forefront of the audience were immediately frozen into ice sculptures.

“Wangye please forgive us!” The pimp had tears and snot running down his face as he half crawled, half rolled towards the man, offering Su Nuonuo to him with both hands.

“This slave is willing to offer this beauty to Wangye!” “This prince doesn’t covet things that have been used by others.

” OuYang-wangye stood, unwilling to even look at the object of discussion.

“The honorable Wangye, this beauty is a pure and clean blossom that has not yet bloomed, please check at your leisure!” The pimp hurriedly ordered someone to rip open Su Nuonuo’s gauze dress in order for Wangye to examine the flower! OuYang-Wangye reached out a finger and thrusted it inwards, discovering that Su Nuonuo’s male virginity hymen was indeed still intact and undamaged.

He was immediately excited and picked the man up in his arms, teleporting them to the royal palace.

Su Nuo spat out a mouthful of blood.

What was this shocking plot point?! The teleporting he could tolerate, but what was this virginity… Hymen?! Then after that came to the chapter that had been deleted yesterday, after OuYang-wangye had carefully took his time examining Su Nuonuo’s anus, he ignored the cries of protest and forced himself on the beauty! This OuYang-wangye was too beastly! Su Nuo wasn’t happy at all.

Forcibly doing that didn’t show the man as a true male lead! What came after was a big section of content inappropriate to underage viewers.

The author first described OuYang-wangye’s hardness, color and size then moved onto Su Nuonuo’s anus.

How tender his nipples were and his softness.

From this, a scientific conclusion could be made that the two couldn’t have been more compatible! What a miracle! At the start, Su Nuonuo still knew what was happening and put up a struggle! But later on, he probably started feeling good and all logic flew from his mind as he turned into a lewd shou, wrapping his arms around Wangye as he screamed and moaned for him to go harder like he had been neglected for a few hundred years! When the two started, they didn’t stop for three whole days and nights.

On the fourth day, Wangye finally grew hungry so he ordered his servants to bring them food.

Su Nuonuo’s body was weak and frail as he lay on the side of the bed, throwing up as he ate.

After the royal doctor did a quick check, the man immediately fell on his knees as he congratulated Wangye.

This man was pregnant! When the Wangye heard this, his eyes were filled with hot tears as he suddenly learned many life lessons in an instant.

Deciding to give Su Nuonuo the title of concubine, he built a grand palace that was rivalled by none for him.

Then ‘Love in Troubled Times, the Black Bellied Royal Loves Money Boy’ volume one ended with a bang! The author said that the second volume was still in the making and hoped for everyone’s support! Su Nuo heard a ringing sound in his head and felt dizzy! What exactly were these scary women… “NuoNuo!” The manager waved his hand in front of the man’s face.

“What are you thinking about?” “En? Nothing.

” Su Nuo’s spirit returned to his body.

“We’re here.

Time to get out of the car.

” The manager undid his seatbelt, “Once we finish shooting, rest earlier.

You seem tired.

” Su Nuo thought, this doesn’t have anything to do with sleep!! I was wrung dry by shock! If this wasn’t a coincidence, then what was.

As they got out of the car, they immediately came face to face with Ouyang Long.


” Dai An greeted.

“Hello, Director.

” Su Nuo smiled shallowly while he threw a tantrum in his heart.

 What dog shit luck did he have to meet this guy again!? So the three entered the elevator together.

Ouyang Long held a paper bag in his hand, the scent wafted out alluringly as it seduced the people who smelled it! Su Nuo immediately drooled internally.

Even though he was trying his best to be cool and elegant, his eyes couldn’t help continuously floating towards that direction! “Keke, director hasn’t eaten lunch?” In order to prevent his bewitching charge from embarrassing himself, the manager spoke to remind him.

Su Nuo touched his nose and calmly kept his eyes in the direction of the sky.

“That’s not it, a few of the girls from the photographing side kept asking me to buy them meat.

” Ouyang Long smiled, “It just so happened that I passed by this shop.

So I parked the car and bought some beef and duck neck.

” I can tell immediately that you’re not a real foodie! Su Nuo began to discriminate against him on the inside.

This shop’s duck wings and tofu are the most delicious.

Why would you buy duck neck? What’s the point of that!? After a dingdong sound, the elevator doors opened.

The manager suddenly went ‘aya’, “I forgot my phone in the car.

” “Go get it then.

” Su Nuo kept the lift doors open.

The manager jogged the whole way, but since the car was parked underground on level two, Ouyang Long gave a suggestion, “Why don’t we go up first? The photographing side has probably been waiting for a long time.

” “That works.

” Su Nuo nodded as he still had to put makeup on and change into the clothes.

It wouldn’t be good if he was too late.

The elevator went up slowly.

Ouyang Long opened the paper bag, “Want some?” Su Nuo’s feelings were conflicted, “I won’t have any, thank you.

” “This place’s braised tofu is really good.

Have a taste.

” Ouyang Long took a stick out.

Yee so you actually bought tofu! I thought there was only beef and duck neck.

Tofu sounds amazing! Su Nuo was going crazy in his heart, but continued to refuse the offer coldly and elegantly, “Thank you, I’m really not hungry.

” This was too hypocritical because he really wanted to eat it! “Your manager isn’t here.

I won’t tell anyone.

” Ouyang Long was being very sincere with his offer, holding the tofu up in front of his mouth, on it was also crushed peanuts and herbs.

Damn it, this didn’t have anything to do with his manager.

He knows what I’m really like but that’s not the point.

The point is that the man in front of him already knows how much he eats.

If he continues to pretend, he might start to seem even more contradictory! He might as well just eat it! Su Nuo opened his mouth and bit off more than half into his mouth.

Damn, it was delicious as expected! Ouyang Long couldn’t hold back his laughter and passed him the bamboo stick.