Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 6

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Super Mario and Doing What’s Right Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations The tiny underwear that the photographing side had prepared was sexy enough to cause nosebleeds at a glance! Su Nuo looked at himself in the mirror after he had changed, feeling that it was slightly over the top.

Then he angrily denied it? Impossible! In truth, he was really happy, because the model Su had always wanted to endorse underwear like those macho and masculine models out there, but he had never gotten the chance.

Now that his wish was finally about to be granted, he couldn’t wait! Su Nuo turned left and right to see the result of it on him, and damn, it really did look bewitching! The only lacking point was that his thing wasn’t big enough.

Its contour was neither impressive nor shocking! This was really too bad… Su Nuo sighed deeply as he had just thought of Qiu ZiYan’s endorsement picture from last month.

What was so great about being big anyway?! I’m not jealous at all! Su Nuo hmph-ed proudly, making a classic Schwarzenegger pose in front of the window.

Hahahahaha as expected it was hilarious… Crap, what was he doing laughing at himself? He already knew that he was very manly! The bewitching Su wrapped a towel around himself and walked out of the bathroom with an even cooler façade than usual.

“The model’s too skinny, how can he look good in this type of photo?” Ouyang Long frowned, he commented this to the cameraman beside him as he took in Su Nuo’s flimsy body.




Even though he had spoken in a tiny voice, the Model Su’s ears still picked the words up! His heart immediately began to rage.

 If you can’t put up with the fact that I’m skinny, then don’t sign the contract! You think you’re so great! Ah! Then why don’t you take off your clothes and do it yourself! Ah damn it! The people gossiping quietly behind others backs are the most detestable of all! There are so many professional stylists and photographers and they all think I’m suitable for the underwear photo.

So what the hell would a half-filled bucket like you know?! Even if I don’t have muscles, my heart is as macho as the most masculine man alright! Then he heard the photographer answering, “Relax, director, we won’t be taking any photos of his front.

” Nani?! Su Nuo’s eyes widened.

 Your sister, I wasted a lot of time in the bathroom fixing up my little JJ.

I almost stuffed some cotton down there to make it seem more impressive.

How can you just suddenly decide not to take the photo? This doesn’t make sense! And what is so great about the back? There’s only a butt there! The photographer continued, “Nuo Nuo’s butt sticks out a lot and has a beautiful shape, it will definitely come out well in the photos.

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COM Damn it! You’re the one with the beautiful butt.

Your whole family has beautiful butts! Su Nuo was conflicted, why was it that when Que ZiYan was in the photos, the emphasis was put on his bulging abs and his thing but when it got to himself, he could only lie on his stomach as his bottom became the subject of the pictures? This was unfair! These people were just too terrible! This was discrimination! As he put up the middle finger furiously in his heart, he sprawled himself out on the bed with a melancholic expression.

He was so dedicated.


To this Su Nuo was grateful.

He definitely beat Qiu ZiYan in this aspect.


” The photographer seemed to be very happy with his pose, pulling the towel down a little to show a glimpse of his round buttocks.

Ouyang Long touched his chin in contemplation, from this angle it was indeed… seducing.

“Not bad, lift your hand a bit.

Good job.

Don’t turn your body around…” The photographer looked serious as he snapped picture after picture on his camera.

“Pull your leg in a bit, very good.

Don’t turn your body over.

Tilt your chin a bit more, that’s right.

Don’t turn your body over.

Bite your lower lip, make your eyes look more distant… Good Nuo Nuo,.

Don’t turn your body over.

” … After hearing it a few times, Su Nuo went into a bit of a mood as he said, “Why won’t you let me turn over?” I want to do a front shot! “Because our focal point is the back, you just need to keep your head turned around.

” The photographer revealed a hand in the orchid finger pose* in a strangely feminine way, saying, “When Nuo Nuo’s beautiful face is added to such a perfect waistline and butt, even I can’t help wanting to fall in love with you.

” T/N: an ok sign but with middle finger instead of index and all other fingers straight.

“Please don’t.

” Su Nuo felt a chill but he went back to lying on the bed, feeling disappointed.

Once the shots for the few different sets of underwear had been taken, the time was already noon.

The workers ordered hamburgers and French fries  for everyone as lunch, but of course, to take care of Su Nuo, his lunch was separately ordered.

“We’re really sorry, we really couldn’t find the Vatican White flowers that Mr.

Su likes to eat, so we could only get this, it is also very light.

” The worker was very sincere, passing him a luxury lunchbox.

“Actually I’m fine even if I don’t eat.

” Su Nuo showed a reserved and graceful smile.

Ouyang Long wasn’t here anyway, he could still continue to pretend! Even is the box looked luxurious, as soon as Su Nuo heard the two words ‘very light’ he lost his appetite completely, the manager helped him to open the box and his eyes immediately filled with pity.

Su Nuo tilted his head and took a look, there wasn’t even a drop of oil, damn it, it was so stingy! The main food of the meal was mushrooms, he wasn’t Super Mario! “This was specially ordered at a star hotel, we promise that there’s no oil at all and very little salt.

” The worker was still introducing the meal.

Su Nuo was roaring in his heart that pig oil mixed with rice was stronger than this! “We thank you very much, but Nuo Nuo’s digestion isn’t that good lately so what he’s consuming is being monitored very strictly.

” His manager helped him make excuses.

“He can only eat specially designed meals.

” “Is that so?” Ouyang Long pushed the door open and walked in, his eyes playful as he looked at Su Nuo.

This person was indeed very detestable! The model Su pinched his lips, pretending not to have seen it.

“Everyone please enjoy your meals, Nuo Nuo and I are going out for a while, we’ll be back in an hour.

” The manager understood that his charge couldn’t be left hungry, otherwise the consequences would be grave! Everyone felt sympathy in their hearts.

The bewitching pixie with a bad stomach.

It really brought people’s motherly sides out! “Where are we going to eat?” Once they got on the lift, the model Su perked up as he asked the question excitedly! “Not far from here there’s a small restaurant that has deep fried wontons and roasted pig trotters.

” Probably because he had been hanging around this foodie for too long, Dai An also began to feel a desire for food.

He opened an app to view the directions to get there.

“They also have good cranberry juice.

” Su Nuo was ecstatic, even the sound of it was delicious! So the two got in the car and went straight to the little old shop.

Since Su Nuo’s image today was too high profile and couldn’t possibly blend into the crowd and eat pig trotters along them, the manager parked the car at a distance and went to get the food himself.

Su Nuo sat waiting eagerly in the car by himself, deciding to go onto Qiu ZiYan’s webpage since he had the time.

He felt like he was going mad, criticizing the Qiu abs whenever he got the chance! He was already at the point of no return! But contrary to his expectations, this time Qiu ZiYan hadn’t uploaded a picture that showed off his physique but had chosen to go down the path of feelings.

First, he wished his old driver happy birthday, then he thanked him for taking care of him all this time, saying things along the lines of hoping he could enjoy retirement at home with his children and grandchildren.

The macho manly celebrity had revealed a caring side, naturally, the fans were moved to tears.

All of them hurriedly commented at the bottom, trying to sell themselves through commenting on how enchanting ZiYan-ge was; how gentlemanly; how nice; how gentle; we can’t take it anymore aaa; begging for kisses; begging to rub faces; begging to make love.

Make love?! Su Nuo could only widen his eyes.

 The girls these days sure were forward! But why didn’t his webpage ever have girls begging to make love with him? This wasn’t fair! So the little evil pixie once again hid himself under a fake username, about to go hate on the new post.

But as he saw the topic of the message, wishing happiness to the elderly and whatnot.

It was so warm and gentle, hating on this just didn’t seem right.

Crap! Su Nuo hesitated momentarily before finally giving up.

Even though he was arch enemies with Qiu ZiYan’s abs, it didn’t concern anyone else! The time ticked by, seconds turning into minutes, but the manager still wasn’t back.

Su Nuo’s stomach was going ‘guu guu’, so he called is cell, asking, “Where’s Ai Fei? I’m really hungry.

” The manager comforted him, “It’s rush hour right now, there’s too many people so I’m still queueing, the car has biscuits.

” How could biscuits be compared with pig trotters?! Su Nuo ended the call before pulling open the storage drawer and taking out the small biscuits, looking at the news at the same time.

This title really showed the hard work of the author, the reporter was so brave to share his ideas with the world! As Su Nuo read the gossip, he giggled evilly, completely ignoring the fact that last week the same reporter had written the article He hadn’t even finished swiping through half of the entertainment news when a person hurriedly ran diagonally out of a nearby alley, landing on the front of the car heavily.

Shit! Su Nuo was scared out of his wits, his first reaction being that it was a fake collision to get money? That’s just too stupid, what’s the point of crashing into it when the car wasn’t even on?! He opened the car door to get a closer look and was given a shock again, a youngster in a white shirt was half sprawled on in front of the car, all over his body and face was shoeprints, he had obviously just been in a fight.

“Are you alright?” Su Nuo was startled.

Wasn’t this Tang XiaoYu? The youngster bit his lip and tried to stand up and run but he had a leg injury.

He couldn’t possible muster up the strength.

“He went that way, go after him!” Hearing the shouts from the other side and the footsteps, Tang XiaoYu went pale, a flash of panic going through his eyes.

Su Nuo didn’t say another word, he just dragged the person and dumped him into the car.

“You…” Tang XiaoYu obviously hadn’t expected for the man to help him.

Su Nuo stepped down hard on the acceleration, leaving those people far behind.

“Thank you.

” Tang Xiao Yu was sitting in the front passenger seat, “You’re a famous star?” “You know me?” Su Nuo hadn’t expected that.


” Tang XiaoYu replied in a monosyllable.

He bent over and pulled up his pants leg.

Su Nuo glanced at it out of the corner of his eye, finding the ankle bruised and a bit green.

His phone suddenly started vibrating, after picking up, the caller was revealed to be a frustrated manager.

“I just took a little longer in queueing, do you really need to be mad enough to drive the car off?” “Whether you believe it or not, I really do have something urgent on right now.

” Su Nuo parked the car in front of a small clinic.

“You wait for me at the Starbucks around the corner, I’ll be back in ten minutes.

” The manager was even more annoyed.

Going to Starbucks with deep fried wontons and roasted pig trotters in his hands.

What if he was kicked out for disrupting business!? “I have something to do right now.

This clinic is run by a friend of mine.

You can go inside to have a look at your injury.

If that’s not enough, then go to the hospital.

” Su Nuo took out a stack of money from his wallet, “Don’t get into fights anymore.

” Tang XiaYu said with surprise and suspicion, “Why are you treating me so well?” Su Nuo thought in his heart, because you helped to catch a cheater for my brother! But he obviously couldn’t say that aloud, so Su Nuo merely smiled, stuffing the money into his hand.

“Just hurry up and go.

” “Thank you.

” Tang XiaYu’s eyes were grateful, “I’ll remember you.

” “No problem.

” Su Nuo opened the car door for him and watched as he limped into the clinic before turning the car around and drove back, his mood unclear.

Back then, his older brother was probably the same as him, going through many hardships and battles until he finally brought the Han family to success.

He sincerely hope that Tang XiaYu would walk on the right path from now on.