Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 5

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Nemesis and Sexy Underwear Translated by Undead Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Although Su Nuo rarely returned home, his bedroom was still as tidy as before.

Clearly the room was being cleaned everyday.

Home is still the best! The model Su lay flat on the bed, feeling all comfy and warm.

Not only was there sister-in-law’s signature soup filled with love, a cute little niece and an older brother with an overbearing aura overload, there was also a very comfortable big bed! So his plan to go back after dinner was changed into spending a night at home.

He only left the next morning, reluctantly calling a cab to go back to his place.

“Nuo Nuo.

” He suddenly received a call the his manager.

“Where are you now?” “I’m on my way back, what’s up?” Su Nuo asked.

“Can you come to the company right now? I need to tell you something.

” The manager spoke obscurely, his tone was slightly urgent.

Su Nuo hummed in agreement and asked the driver to drive him to the model company.

“What’s wrong?” Su Nuo walked into Dai An’s office.


” The manager helped him sweep of dirt on the sofa, said in a flattering tone, “Come here, sit.

” “…What happened?” Seeing his dog leg manner, an ominous premonition rose inside Su Nuo’s heart.

“Come come come.

Have a sip of this freshly brewed chrysanthemum tea first.

It can calm you down.

” The manager said to him while averting his eyes.

They hadn’t talked about the subject and he already wanted him to calm down? What is really going on here?! Su Nuo was a bit nervous.

Was it because his fake account that he used to smear Qiu ZiYan was exposed, so the company wanted to end his contract? .



Can it be anymore miserable?! “Drink the tea first.

” The manager appeased him.

“Listen to me slowly.

” Su Nuo gulped down the entire cup of tea and nearly burned his tongue.

 Are you sure this cup of tea can calm me down when it’s this hot? “So, like…” The manager put on a brave front, “You must really calm down.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Su Nuo nodded solemnly and nervously hugged the cushion.

“It relates to Qiu ZiYan.

” The manager started with the small step.

Su Nuo imediataly cried upon hearing it, so it was really about it! It must be because he smeared Qiu ZiYan too much, so Qiu ZiYan’s fans who were fueled with anger went all their way to find a mad skill hacker to crack the IP of the [Bald and Evil Nemesis] account, and eventually led back to him.

And then they sent the evidence to the company and entertainment reporters, asking them to cruelly punish him in order to avenge that absman Qiu! Doom! Tomorrow’s front cover of the gossip magazine shall be, , and so on.

 This is really, really shameful! “You don’t have to drag this out for me.

” Su Nuo mourned.

“I am right now a living dead.

” “You must really calm yourself down.

” The manager quickly comforted him, “It’s not a big deal… but how do you know?” Su Nuo was still devastating.

He held the manager’s hand tightly, earnestly said, “If you don’t want people to know, just don’t do it.

” The manager was confused, “What’s up with that out of blue?” Su Nuo’s eyes were filled with hot tears, “You can’t walk near the river bank without getting your feet wet.

” The manager panicked.

“Did you get possessed?” Su Nuo’s face was dead serious.

“I really appreciate your care toward me during all those times.

I wish you the best on your future job.

From now on, we will never cross paths again.

” “Su-ye, don’t scare me.

” The manager was nearly crying from fear.

“Boss just wants to sign a contract with Qiu ZiYan, it isn’t that serious for you to quit the entertainment circle, though?” “I really like this… Hey, what did you just say?” Su Nuo’s eyes widened, why did it sound a bit different from his own interpretation? “I said, you don’t have to quit the circle.

You and him walk on a very different route.

” The manager quickly persuaded him, “Don’t act impulsive.

You must consider this carefully!” “Did you just say that boss wants to sign a contract with Qiu Ziyan?” Su Nuo was shocked.

“Yeah, that’s why I wanted to see you.

” The manager nodded.

“Why would he want to sign a contract with that brainless big breast abs man?” Su Nuo aggressively stood on the sofa, put his hand on his hip and angrily rebuked.

“…Big breast?” The manager’s face darken, “Those are his chest muscles.

” “Who cares?!” Su Nuo jumped off the sofa.

“Do you understand that if he signs the contract, I won’t be able to keep my leading name plate on the front any longer? The country shall forever be fallen!” The manager didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“You just have to use that title on yourself.

” Don’t use such word like ‘leading name plate’ so carelessly ah! T/n: leading name plate(头牌): brothel would put their most popular girl’s name plate on the front of the store.

“In short, I am very unhappy.

” Su Nuo slapped the table in anger, “I want to eat ten rmb worth of deep fried stinky tofu today.

” “Okay, okay.

I will accompany you.

” The manager comforted him, “The company will open a press conference for him this afternoon, and afterward you don’t have to see him again.

So remember, you must pay attention to your emotions.

Don’t conflict with him, okay?” “Am I that kind of person?” Su Nuo elegantly snorted, he then sat down in front of the computer and opened Qiu Ziyan’s webpage, then *clack clack* typed on the keyboard.

Bald and evil nemesis: That absman is the worst! I sincerely wish you a successful endorsement of “One steamy invigorating night”, and stay away from premature ejaculation! Qiu ZiYan opened the notification and felt completely speechless, and for the first time in his life, he replied – Do you really hate me that much? The fuck, he replied?! – Su Nuo was shocked, petrified with half of the sugar coated gummy strips in his mouth- Isn’t that guy always put on a cool dude front, why did he start to care about this rotten antifan? Wait a minute…No way I’m gonna admit myself a rotten antifan! Heng! – Su Nuo then opened the reply, slightly nervous.

Within a few minutes, his comment was completely smashed to pieces by other comments, but that wasn’t the main point! The main point was, should he continue to reply to that abs man? As if! After some careful thought, Su Nuo decisively turned off the page.

 A man with dignity as myself, a highland flower won’t defile itself by some mere mortal – Su Nuo raised his head in a tsundere-like manner.

“That’s right, before you came, I received a call from Director Ouyang, saying that Renrui has decided on you for the next season shopping catalogues.

” The manager held his shoulder and cheered.

“So you see, even if you have to face off Qiu Ziyan, you can still beat him like usual!” “Really?” Su Nuo felt quite unexpected – Dafuq, they actually said okay? His shitty luck actually worked way better than he had expected! “Really.

Your image fit to their criteria, and your performance on the day of the meeting was also very good, of course there will be no problem!” The manager was very confident in him.

The bewitching Su felt a bit guilty, that black history of gulping down the whole bowl of beef noodles… No need to mention it again! “We are going to take some sample shots tomorrow.

By the way, director Ouyang will also be there.

” The manager said, “Go to bed early tonight, and remember to apply the facial mask.

” “He wants to go too?” Su Nuo was in agony in an instant.

What happened last time didn’t count because he couldn’t see anything, but he really didn’t know how to face him this time arghhhh! What a stressful situation! So that night, Su Nuo went into a frenzy on internet searching for ‘How to stop time?’ ‘How to travel back in time a week ago?’ ‘Where to buy time machine?’ And other toptopics ch at that.

But there was no results.

So he had no choice but to change his search tag to ‘How to erase people’s memories?’ ‘Vampire’s hypnotize skill’, etc…, but obviously his effort was also in vain.

Thus, he held onto his blanket, tossed and turned on bed restlessly for the whole night until sunrise.

“My god, how did you get those terrible dark circles?!” The manager was shocked upon arrival in the early morning, “When did you sleep last night?” “Trust me, I really went to bed at 10pm last night.

” Su Nuo was still in his pajamas, completely washed out, “But I couldn’t sleep.

” “Why?” The manager was very puzzled, he had always been able to eat and sleep easily! “…Because I feel like I have seriously let the company down for not putting in my best effort lately.

” Su Nuo put on a stern face.

The manager’s face was full of contempt, “Do you think I will believe that?” Su Nuo nodded.

“Aifei has gotten significantly smarter recently.

As your emperor, I am very proud.

” The manager didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he slapped him towards the bathroom, “Hurry and go wash your face!” Su Nuo stood in front of the mirror with the toothbrush in his mouth as he silently firmed up his resolution.

If, by chance, he stumbled upon Ouyang Long at the photoshoot, he must pretend to be innocent.

As long as he doesn’t mention it, I will never ever bring it up! But, what if he mentions… Su Nuo clenched his fist.

 Then I will still bury the secret down to my grave! After all, the contract has already been signed.

He can’t fire me without reason! Even if this is a scam, the fact is that I still beat that abs man Qiu for once! Correct, in Su Nuo’s mind, his greatest sense of accomplishment came from defeating Qiu ZiYan.

 Such a low standard! As the city’s largest urban complex, Renrui was very generous on choosing a location for the photo session.

Almost all the shooting took place in high-end restaurants and star-rated hotels, with the theme focused on highlighting the livelihood of the ‘city flower boy’.

“Where do we go first?” Sitting in the car, Su Nuo asked.

“We will go to the hotel first for a glamor photo session.

” The manager flipped the schedule.


” Su Nuo nodded, didn’t object at all.

As a professional model, erotic photoshoots were nothing to the bewitching Su, because he already did a nude photoshoot before! Of course, his private parts had been covered up by foam and bubbles, but it was still so erotic one couldn’t bear to look straight.

When the photo was first released, everywhere was raining blood and tears.

The discussion forum’s activity was in full swing and the moment his portrait photo was released, it was immediately sought all over.

It was a super glorious moment! When Su Nuo entered the room and saw the rest of the staff had arrived at the hotel early, he was relieved because he didn’t see Ouyang Long anywhere.

“Let’s get you changed first before putting on makeup.

” The stylist aunty had a good relationship with Su Nuo since they had been working together for over two years.

In a way, she had already begun to see him as her son, “The first shot will be in a bathrobe.

” Naturally, a bathrobe shot was a piece of cake for the model Su.

So after they finished styling him, Su Nuo smoothly got his set of photos taken.

Everyone gathered around the computer gave him praise, Su Nuo really lived up to his bewitching reputation! “Not bad.

” The manager handed him a glass of water, “Take some break, Director Ouyang will pay a visit soon.

” “Cough cough.

” Su Nuo choked on water, and screamed inside his heart.

 Dafuq, why must he come here?! It’s not like he is a specialist in the field, and there is no big boobs sister in a bikini here! “Hello everyone.

” Before he got to complain, the door was pushed open.

Everyone quickly came out one after another to greet director Ouyang.

Su Nuo felt his scalp go numb.

Since hiding was most definitely impossible, he stood up as elegantly as possible, “Hello.

” Ouyang Long glanced at him and nodded.

“Very good styling.

” Su Nuo sighed in relief.

It seemed like he had no intention to mention that dark history.

Awesome! “Let’s continue, what is the next set?” asked Ouyang Long.

“I want to try a men’s underwear photo set.

” The designer said, “The shopping center has just introduced a number of high-end underwear brands, so I want to build a new selling point by promoting the image of an urban man’s inner and outer beauty.

” Underwear what… Su Nuo laughed loudly inside his mind – I may not have muscle, but I can still pose in underwear ahaha! Seems like abs something is a totally useless item! What a joyful moment!