I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 122

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Conquered by His Culinary Skills   Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Everyone, who had been busy since early in the morning, finally had time to sit down and eat.

After the Sesame Oil Chicken and the Jade Hairpin Chicken Wing Ball were served, Zhou Huangya scooped a bowl of Thairice for everyone.

Compared to ordinary rice grains, it was much longer.

The steamed rice grains were distinct and the rice fragrance was rich.

Zhang Liang took out the “treasure” that he had soaked in the jar and said, “Usually, when people come over to buy it, I’m not willing to sell it.

1 have marinated too few of them, and it’s troublesome andtime-consuming to prepare them.

Today, I specially made it to eat with your Sesame Oil Chicken.

” “Everyone, sit down.

It’s time to eat.

”Bai Xiaoming pulled out a stool and gestured for everyone to take their seats.

When the restaurant was busy, there wasn’t much time to eat.

When they finally had a chance to sit together, Alex also stopped being stubborn and sat opposite them.

He picked up a piece of shredded Sesame Oil Chicken with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth.

Then, he stoodup in surprise.

“What is it?”Xu Le looked up at him blankly.

The moment the chicken came into contact with his tongue, the freshness and spiciness exploded in his taste buds.

Alex, who rarely ate spicy food, gulped down some water.

“It’s too spicy.

How can I eat it when it’s sospicy?” After gulping down a few mouthfuls of mineral water, he sat at the side with a dark face.

The spiciness of the Sesame Oil Chicken was still jumping around in his mouth, as if he had a jumping candy.

However, after the spiciness was gone, the tip of his tongue could not help but salivate.

Alex glanced at the Sesame Oil chicken a few times.




“It’s probably because you haven’t eaten spicy food for too long and are not used to it.

” Xu Le said, “Also, this chicken wing ball will taste even more spicy.

There’s crucian carp soup in the kitchen.

Shall I get youabowl?” No matter how Alex tried to make things difficult for him, Xu Le remained calm and composed.

The fact that he was still talking to Alex in such a friendly manner showed his magnanimity.

“No need.

I’m not that weak.

” Alex picked up the chopsticks and took another bite.

This time, the spiciness was much less.

The fragrance and spiciness was infused.

The chicken was moist but not dry, and the fragrance was strong.

He couldn’t stop at first.

The more he ate, the more flavorful it tasted.

Zhou Huangya nodded happily and said, “The soul of Sichuan Cuisine is that the first bite is spicy, then you can’t stop yourself.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Xu Le prepared vinegar juice to the side and said, “Dipping it in vinegar will reduce the spiciness and give it a different flavor.

” “Yes, but the original taste is more addictive.

” Bai Xiaoming was rendered speechless by the spiciness of the first bite.

The chopsticks in his hand did not stop as he nodded repeatedly.

“That’s too awesome.

The amount of pepper is huge, but it’s not bitter.

How didyou do it?” “The main thing is to stir-fry the chili over a small fire in advance to maximize the fragrance.

Secondly, the amount of pepper to add can only according to experience.

If there are too many or too few, it will affect thetaste.

” It should be spicy, fragrant, crispy, and tender.

The chicken wing ball was round and stuffed full.

On the outside, there were chili and peanuts wrapped around it.

Zhang Liang picked one up and shook off the dried chili outside.

He said, “This dish should have beendeveloped from a Cantonese dish.

I think the cooking method is a little similar to the Kung Pao Chicken.

” “That’s right.

Try it.

” After Xu Le finished speaking, Zhang Liang stuffed the chicken wing ball into his mouth.

The chicken wing was the most tender part of the chicken body.

The skin was soft and tender.

The green peppers and carrotsinside emitted the sweet fragrance of the vegetables while the outside was faintly spicy.

It was slightly burnt but not bitter.

It was the fragrance of the fire.

The several flavors combined into one, and it was so delicious that Zhang Liang’s eyes widened.

He suddenly took a bite of the rice and said while chewing, “The skin outside the chicken wings is soft and fragrant, andthe vegetables inside are just right.

After they’re cooked, they don’t lose the original sweetness of the vegetables.

” It was nice to eat with rice and fragrant and spicy, and there was even a faint smell of Kung Pao chicken.

Xu Le nodded and said, “That’s right.

The Chinese cuisine focuses on fusing all kinds of flavors together and elevating them to new heights.

” Alex had so many doubts in the beginning.

When he first started eating, his expression was filled with disdain and doubt, but in the end, he was completely conquered by the first dish.

His chopsticks never stopped, andthe more he ate, the more engrossed he became.

His mouth was even slightly swollen from the spiciness.

The chicken wing ball was also an extremely spicy dish, but between the two dishes, one was chewy and tight, while the other one was soft and fragrant.

It had a completely different texture and taste.

After the meal, Alex’s attitude changed drastically.

He stopped looking down on Xu Le and chased after him.

“Are there any other dishes? Let me try some later.


” After each dish was served, there was still some left.

Alex stood at the side and tasted it with a toothpick.

He didn’t care if he was embarrassed or not.

When he tasted the Buddha’s roll, the crispy outer shell was filledwith soft stuffing.

It was extremely fragrant.

“Wowl” His eyes were full of admiration as he said, “This is too delicious.

It was clearly fried from oil, but why is it crispy and fragrant, and not greasy at all?” He tasted the West Lake Vinegar Fish, Crucian Fish Soup, Crispy Yam Duck all at once… He had tasted all of Xu Le’s new dishes.

He was so full that he sat at the side, doubting his life.

He looked at Xu Le and said, “Little Master Chef, could it be that you’ve grasped some ultimate secret recipe and suddenly ascended? You’re so young, why are your dishes so delicious!”Alex was screaming internally, unable to believe and was filled with envy.

“Please make sure you give me the recipe.

I’m sure I’ll spend a great deal to publish it.

” “To be honest, the cooking of these dishes is not difficult at all.

The real trouble is the precise control of the heat and the ingredients used.

Like a lot of spices, I really can’t give you all the grams required.

”Xu Le told the truth.

Alex thought for a while and suddenly said, “Can I stay here today?” “Hmm?” “I want to freeload another meal.

” He sighed and said, “If only you could stay here and not return home.

How am I going to face the company’s canteen tomorrow after eating your food!” Xu Le lowered his head and smiled as he continued to process the dishes in his hands.

The Sesame Oil chicken and chicken wing ball were too spicy.

When Zhou Huangya was recommending these dishes, she would constantly remind the customers.

However, after the sauce chicken was sold out, manycustomers insisted on ordering them after learning that they were made by Xu Le.

Therefore, an hour later, the front hall was filled with noise from people who were affected by the spiciness.

Many customers had tears in their eyes.

It was so spicy that they stood up to walk around, but they wereunwilling to put down their chopsticks.

“Is it that spicy?” Zhang Liang, who was used to Sichuan cuisine, said, “They’re exaggerating too much.

Why don’t we make a beverage and send it over? Otherwise, what if they give a bad review?” Xu Le had the same idea.

He rummaged through the fridge and only found two lemons.

Not to mention that the lemon water could not neutralize the spiciness, they also did not have enough of it.

Just as he was fretting, Zhou Huangya came in with a large bamboo frame and said, “Look what it is!” “Hmm?” Xu Le removed the cloth covering it and saw a yellowish and soft-looking mango lying inside.

“I bought it directly from a fruit farmer.

It’s very cheap and of good quality.