I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 121

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Jade Hairpin Chicken Wing Ball   Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Xu Le was rendered speechless by the person in front of him.

He did not get angry and said directly, “What’s there to doubt? Won’t you know once you try it?”“Hmph.

” Alex shook his head proudly and said, “You won’t blame me if I expose your image, right?” “Yes I will ” Xu Le almost laughed and said, “So stop exposing me.

”Alex wandered around the kitchen, enticed by the smell.

He opened the lid and said, “Why are you still unable to sell these vegetables after so long?” Xu Le ignored his provocation and chopped off one end of the chicken wing.

He then cut the other end and said, “Stab the knife to the bone and use the force to bend it.

You will be able to remove the bone successfully.

”During the half a minute of explaining, Xu Le had already deboned three or four chicken wings.

His movements were swift and smooth.

With every slash and squeeze, the bones were taken out.

“Then cut the green peppers into strips.

They should a little longer than the chicken bones from earlier.

Jade hairpin chicken wings balls have to be red and green so that they look like hairpins after being made.

” “Same with carrots.

They should be cut as long as the green peppers.

” .



“Add eggs, starch, and salt into the basin and stir them evenly.

Place the chicken wings that have just been processed into the basin and start to spin in one direction.

Stir it up.

” While Xu Le was doing that, Alex looked at the chicken wings section left on the chopping board and said, “Aren’t your chicken wings wasted?” “[ don’t need it for now.

I’ll just make a chicken wing soup later.

It won’t be wasted.

” After Xu Le explained, he looked at him and said, “What you discussed with the production team was to write an interview report about me.

Yet you kept picking on me and didn’t even try the dishes.

How are you going to write it later?” He was young, looked young, but spoke in a mature tone, which made Alex appear immature.

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COM Alex choked and was silenced.

He put his hands on his hips and said, “You’re so rude.

” Xu Le lowered his head and started cooking.

He could not be bothered with his unreasonable tantrum and said, “When the chicken wings are mixed evenly, use some oil to seal them.

This way, the chicken wings that will be served from the pot will be even more fresh and tender.

”“Next, insert the green pepper and carrot strips into the chicken wing that has been deboned and placed them aside.

” Xu Le continued his demonstration.

There was a huge pile of chicken wings in front of him.

Zhang Liang wiped the water stains on his hands on the apron and jumped over happily.

“I’m here to help.

The store is just opened and the dozen or so sauce chickens that you made today have already been reserved.

”‘When he said this, Alex, who was standing at the side, immediately exploded.

“Aren’t you going to treat me to a taste? Are you going to sell it just like that?” “Lgave you the gloves just now.

You were the one who didn’t come over to eat.

” Zhang Liang’s expression did not change as he said with a grin, “No choice, you can try other dishes later.

” In the kitchen, everyone was busy with their own tasks.

Xu Le was the only person who could grasp the essence of the sauce required for the Vinegar Fish and the grains required to be cut for the Buddha’s Roll.

Hence, he had to turn around to help after putting a few chicken wings on the skewer.

Alex looked at him for a while, and the doubts in his heart were gradually dispelled.

He said, “Did you really make these dishes? It wasn’t someone else who came to make them for you?” Xu Le smiled.

“What do you think?” “L…” Alex paused for a moment and said,” Aren’t you going to let me try the dishes?” “Later, I’m busy.

” Xu Le finished cutting the onions and ginger grains.

Alex stepped forward.

“Why the trouble? Don’t you have a blender?” Bai Xiaoming said, “Look carefully.

This isn’t paste.

These are grains.

” “Wow!” Alex raised his hand and covered his mouth in an exaggerated manner.

“How many years will it take to have such level of cutting skills?” Bai Xiaoming reminded him, “He’s only eight years old.

” Alex’s expression changed immediately.

He walked over to Xu Le and asked, “How many years have you been learning?” “My Dad and Mom are chefs.

So I have been influenced since I was young, so I have never really calculated it.

” Xu Le dismissed him with a casual remark and thought to himself, “As expected, to laymen, cutting skills are the most terrifying.

When an ordinary dish is made, laymen can at most tell if it’s delicious or not.

However, when they personally witness the cutting skills of a chef, they will quietly give othersthe title of a Great Chef.

” “Now, to prepare the sauce, add soy sauce, rice vinegar, yellow wine, salt to freshen up the taste.

Then cut the ginger and garlic into small slices.

”“Take out the peanuts and crush them with the side of the knife.

Then cut them into granules for later use.

” After the chicken wings were put on the skewers, he poured some oil into the pot and started the fire.

“Everyone, after pouring the chicken wings in, don’t mix them with spoons.

After the surface is heated and has melted, they won’t stick to the pot anymore.

” As Xu Le spoke, he demonstrated.

When the chicken wings slightly contracted and tumed from white to pink, he immediately poured it out.

The chicken wings were completely intact.

“The dried chili peppers need to be rinsed with water first to wash away the dust on the surface and the surface chili peppers.

Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot and pour the pepper inside to fry.

” With a ‘whoosing” sound, the pepper sizzled in the pot and emitted a fragrance.

“After the fragrance of the pepper is emitted, you must fish it out.

Otherwise, it will be bitter, dry, and too hard, which would affect the texture.

” Xu Le fished out the pepper.

At this moment, the pot was emitting white smoke and the oil was very hot.

Zhang Liang said nervously, “Turn off the fire first.

Be careful not to catch fire later.

” “You don’t have to.

” Xu Le poured the chili into the pot and said, “There’s another important reason for washing the chili just now.

It can lower the temperature of the oil in the pot, and the chili won’t be easily burnt.

” As he spoke, he fiddled with the metal spatula a few times.

Indeed, he saw that the chili inside the pot was bright red in color.

After the spicy fragrance of the fried chili was released, he poured the prepared ingredients into the pot.

The scallions and ginger slices were stir-fried slightly in the pot.

Xu Le said, “This dish is a Sichuan dish that was commonly served at national banquets.

It is particular about the fragrance, tenderness, numbness, and spiciness.

The texture is very stimulating, so we have to add chili noodles to enhancethe taste.

” Zhang Liang casually asked, “If you can’t eat the chili noodles, can you not add it?” “If you can’t eat the chili noodles… don’t try this dish so easily.

After all, there’s so many dried chillies inside.

” After adding the chili noodles, he poured the chicken wings that he had just fried into the pot.

After stir-frying it for a while, he poured a circle of fragrant vinegar into the pot.

At this moment, the ingredients in the pot were already red, spicy, and fragrant, which was very appetizing.

Xu Le poured the peanut fragments that he had prepared earlier into the pot and stir-fried them evenly.

Then, they would be ready to be served out of the pot.

“Achoo—” Bai Xiaoming choked and sneezed after the dish was poured out.

He widened his eyes and said, “It looks so spicy.

Will the customers be used to it?” “The sesame oil chicken is also spicy since it is also a Sichuan dish.

You can tell them later not to order these dishes if they cannot take spice.

” Xu Le took off his apron and said, “The Sesame Oil Chicken is ready.

Let’s have a taste.