Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 86

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Energy Cannon “What’s the matter with your country? Why didn’t you tell us in advance that something so serious was going to happen?” Someone started the conference by smacking the desk and accusing Moon.

Henry checked the screen and saw who it was.

The man was the vice-president of Fogia, which was more like a subordinate than an alliance to Neige.

Neige had initiated the meeting, and Fogia was only acting as the scout.

Henry, Gordon, and the Moonian president all saw through the plan.

Neige had its hidden agenda.

That country was all about earning profits.

To some extent, profitability was more important than human lives.

The Moonians decided to wait and see what the Neigerian had to say.

Henry said, “Now, that’s baseless slander.

We didn’t tell you, you say, but is that true? Did we really keep the information to ourselves? Anyone who has internet access knows that announcement.

Millions, if not tens of millions of internet users, visit our website every day.

I can show you the data.

Over 900 Fogians left comments on our website yesterday, mocking and insulting my country.

I’ve collected and translated all those comments for you.

Would you like to read them?” The Fogian vice-president said, “They might know it, but I didn’t.

Is that how the government officials in your country work? Why didn’t you notify my government that something like this was going to happen? Do you always contact the internet users first for state affairs? Did you talk to me at all? Have you set up any video conferences? You didn’t even call us!” Gordon jumped in, “I see.

You didn’t know, but why is that? I remember it now! I have a document here that’s signed by countries that sanctioned Moon together.


Vice-President, your name is on it! You put it there yourself! Do you remember that?” .



The Fogian vice-president seemed embarrassed, but he insisted, “These are two different matters.

You’re digressing!” “Different matters? How so? You were boycotting my country, so I had no way to contact you.

Did you give us any notice before you launched the sanctions? Our announcement is on our website, and it’s still there.

Can’t you read? After what you did to us, why should I try to help you at all?” The president of Oceania said, “That’s true, but this is too important a matter for such an argument.

The two issues aren’t comparable! Boycotts and sanctions are like neighbors bickering with each other.

One gets over it in time.

However, when the village is on fire, it can kill everybody.

Are you still going to keep it from your neighbors?” “Well put, Mr.


However, I can see your name on that list, too.

” “It’s like I said; they’re two different matters.

You shouldn’t mix them together.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM “Fine.

Answer me, then.

Why did you boycott Moon? Do we owe you anything?” The Oceanian president said, “Those countries have trained your scientists for years.

I felt indignant that you wouldn’t pay the compensation.

What’s wrong with that?” “I see that Mr.

President does use the internet.

You seem very well-informed.

” “Don’t use that condescending tone.

” “May I ask how you came to know about the scientists?” The Oceanian president’s face darkened.

“The entire world knew it.

Why couldn’t I?” “Well said! If that’s the case, why didn’t you learn about the meteorite when it had been made known to the world? You’re in no position to blame us.

You can check your email now and see if you received a letter six days ago.

In it, we told you that a catastrophe was going to happen in two weeks.

Did you reply to that email?” “There was an email? I think I missed it.

” “No, you didn’t.

You just didn’t want to read it because that email also came with a request, asking for help with some materials!” Despite being inferior in number, Henry and Gordon won all the arguments no matter what criticisms were thrown at them.

The first day after the announcement was made, the two of them had emailed all the countries in the world.

However, very few of them had replied.

“It just occurred to me that you probably blocked our email when you launched those sanctions.

Don’t blame us, then,” said Henry and Gordon.

Seeing that the other countries couldn’t win the argument, Neige finally stepped up.

“Let’s leave that aside for now.

We should focus on the meteorite.

If we don’t do something about it, we won’t have Earth anymore.

” “That’s right.

Isn’t that our purpose today?” “Neige, it’s time for you to tell the truth.

Do you have a space weapon or not? We can’t stop that meteorite, but I think you may have something.

” Oraman looked at Maruse, who was in charge of military affairs and knew everything about their weapon development.

Maruse said, “Well… We do…” The answer sent a sensation around the conference table.

They did have the weapon! What a sneaky bastard! They had kept it from all other countries! What the heck? On any other day, the other countries would condemn Neige, but right now, it had become humanity’s only hope.

Instead of criticizing them, the other countries felt relieved.

“It’s true, then?!” “Neige is so… Gosh! Luckily, you’ve built it, or we’d all be doomed.

” “I knew it! I knew you would have something!” Maruse said, “Slow down.

I haven’t finished yet.

We have the weapon, but we don’t have the fuel, which is extremely valuable.

We won’t make it unless we’re at war.

To activate this weapon, we need to invest a lot of resources and money.

Neige doesn’t have that kind of money.

” Someone immediately said, “Don’t worry about it.

Just tell us how much money and resources you need.

Pleubo will do everything in our power to help you.

Everybody, all our lives are on the line.

We should put aside our past grudges and help them with all we have.

” “I agree!” “So do I!” The president of Panthera asked curiously, “What weapon can destroy a meteorite 2.

5 times the size of Earth?” “It’s an energy cannon,” said Maruse.

Someone drew in their breath.

The energy cannon was a mighty weapon, and the range was supposed to cover the distance between Earth and its moon.