Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 87

Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start - Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Energy Cannon Can’t Help Theories of the energy cannon were proposed eighteen years ago.

Back then, it had created quite a global sensation.

All countries in the world signed a petition boycotting the weapon.

It was too powerful, and once it was built, the end of the world would be inevitable.

No country should be allowed to possess the weapon because the consequence would be too severe.

The ban had never been lifted.

As it turned out, Neige had been doing research on it in secret.

All coins had two sides.

The energy cannon was formidable, but a single launch would also require an unimaginable amount of resources.

It was equivalent to twenty times the national income of a country.

Even Neige could only afford to fire it once.

A second launch would destroy the Neigerian economy.

It was as if the cannonballs were made of money.

Ninety-three types of raw materials were needed to build an energy cannon, and each of them was more expensive than the next.

Take the least expensive one as an example.

It had to be refined and processed after it was purchased.

It would then be melted and combined with another substance.

It would only be effective if the combining process were successful.

However, with the current technology, there was a 97% rate of failure.

Out of a hundred trials, only three would succeed.

Each trial would cost 300 million, a hundred times meaning 30 billion in total.




One launch would need ten portions of this material, and those 30 billion could only produce ten portions.

Therefore, the total cost of this material was 100 billion.

And it was only the least expensive one.

There were 93 materials in total.

The most expensive ones would cost trillions.

Some of the materials were very rare on Earth, and a tiny amount would cost a fortune.

That was why even Neige could only afford to fire the weapon once.

The energy cannon seemed to be the only solution.

It was the last hope of Earth.

“As soon as we received that information, we started the simulation.

Based on our calculations, we need to fire the energy cannon at least three times to destroy the super meteorite.

To be on the safe side, we need to prepare the materials for five launches.

Neige only has enough money and resources to build one, and we’ll need other countries’ help for the remaining four.

Please send the materials over to us as soon as possible!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Neige was all about profits, and one could only trust half of what Maruse said.

When he said Neige could build one, they actually could build two.

Neige was determined to turn this project into a lucrative deal.

If the other countries were to donate ten thousand trillion, Neige was going to embezzle at least 60% of it.

The presidents and prime ministers looked at one another in resignation.

They didn’t want to make that donation, but to save Earth, they didn’t have any other choice.

“I guess that’s what we’re going to do.

” “Leibia isn’t rich, but we promise to give all we have.

Neige is our savior.

Please save us from this catastrophe!” “I agree! We’re putting all our hope on Neige.

Please don’t disappoint us!” Maruse chuckled.

“Don’t worry.

You should all have faith in the power of the energy cannon.

It’ll destroy the meteorite!” “Even ten energy cannons put together won’t destroy it!” A few people entered the conference room in Moon.

They were led by none other than Himmel Soan himself.

Behind him were Viclan, William, and other top scientists.


President!” Himmel Soan extended his hand.

The president had heard about Himmel Soan from Henry and Gordon.

Naturally, the head of state should be informed of such things.

The president asked, “Mr.

Soan, how are you doing now?” “Thank you for your concern.

I feel fine.

” “I’m glad to hear that.

What did you say just then?” Himmel Soan said, “Even ten energy cannons together won’t destroy that meteorite.

” Over seventy heads of states were watching him from the other side of the screen.

“Who are you?” Himmel Soan had a crash course on languages these days and had already mastered over thirty languages.

“I’m Himmel Soan, and I’m a… scientist! Sorry for interrupting the meeting, but I had to.

For the safety of humanity, I have to tell you all I know about this meteorite.

” “A Moonian scientist?” Officials of Neige, Winland, and Flamia weren’t too pleased to see Viclan, William, and Branco.

“What’s your name? How old are you? You’re too young to be considered a scientist,” said one of the presidents.

Henry immediately said, “This is Himmel Soan, the greatest scientist in my country.

He might seem young, but he’s more knowledgeable than any scientist in human history!” “What? Is this a joke?! Can you hear yourself?” “More knowledgeable than any scientist in history? Are you suggesting he’s better than Nobel or Einstein?” “Einstein is the greatest scientist in history! He’s the only scientist I worship! No one can make more achievements than he did!” Henry said, “Yes, Einstein is a great man, but Mr.

Soan here is equally impressive.

” “Bullshit! I’ve had enough of this! You’re insulting Einstein now! What does he want to tell us? Speak!” The Moonian president didn’t like the tone of the Leibian president.

“Show some respect.

You’re the head of a state, and you should choose your words more carefully! Ordinary people can say such things, but not you! You’re insulting my country!” The Leibian president glanced at Maruse and Oraman before he summoned up his courage.

“I didn’t mean that, but if you insist I did, I can’t change your mind.

” Himmel Soan said, “You’re from Leibia, aren’t you? I’ll remember this.


President, don’t waste your time on him.

If we don’t share this information with them, they’ll blame us again later.

” The president nodded.

Himmel Soan turned to face the screen.

“Everybody, please hear me out.

As for whether you believe me or not, it’s not my business.

” “Just cut to the chase! You’re wasting our time! What’s a scientist doing here, anyway?” “A scientist? I’ve never heard his name before.

This is ridiculous.

Is Moon calling everyone a scientist now?”