After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 31

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 31

Tang Li acted as if he did not see Lei Yumeng’s horrified expression.

He stepped forward and walked calmly, his dark eyes staring at Lei Yumeng.

He went straight to Lei Yumeng and grinned.

His voice was full of curiosity: “What do you want to say to my brother? Can I listen?” “…” Lei Yumeng was shocked.

What the fuck! She had checked several times just now to make sure that there was no one in the corridor.

Where did Tang Li come from? And in order to avoid the eavesdropping of Tang Li, she chose a relatively concealed position.

Unexpectedly, Tang Li had no intention of eavesdropping at all.

Instead, he ran directly and openly to confront her.

After a long pause, Lei Yumeng gradually regained her consciousness, and replied in a stiff tone, “Nothing important.

” “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t waste your time.

” Tang Li squinted his eyes.

The smile that filled his mouth never disappeared, but there was no laughter in his eyes.

“Your parents are still waiting for you.

” Lei Yumeng was only a short distance from Tang Li.

The longer her eyes stared at Tang Li’s smiling face, the more the discomfort in her heart intensified.

At this moment, she suddenly noticed that Tang Li seemed to have grown taller.

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COM On that snowy night a week ago, she could have looked down at Tang Li as she stood on the steps of her house.

Now, however, she needs to raise her head to get a good look at Tang Li.

She knew the real face of Tang Li.

She knew how many needles Tang Li had hidden under his smile at the moment.

Although she was so eager to tear off the mask of Tang Li, she did not dare to tell Shen Yu the truth in front of Tang Li.

She did not know what revenge Tang Li would get if she did so.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Li asked softly, with the same smile on his face.

“Sister Lei, you look ugly.

What’s wrong with you?” Lei Yumeng gritted her teeth and hesitated.

When Shen Yu saw this, he said to Tang Li, “Chestnut, get Uncle Zhang to call a doctor for her.

” Tang Li answered cleverly, “Okay.

” “Stop, don’t go!” Lei Yumeng responded in time and quickly reached out to block Tang Li’s way.

She looked at Shen Yu with some annoyance and unwillingness.

Finally, she sighed compromisingly, “I’m all right.

My parents are still waiting for me, so I’ll leave first.

” Shen Yu looked at Lei Yumeng doubtfully.

“Bye-bye, Brother Shen Yu.

” Lei Yumeng waved to Shen Yu and silently said, “I’ll never see you again”, then turned around and ran away.

Shen Yu, with a helpless face, turned his head to see Tang Li standing motionlessly near him, still wearing the hospital’s blue and white striped uniform.

His usually expressionless face seemed slightly aggrieved at the moment.

Shen Yu couldn’t help laughing, he steered his wheelchair over to Tang Li, raised his hand and stroked the little villain’s soft hair.

“Don’t worry.

” Shen Yu blinked at Tang Li.

Tang Li closed his eyes and rubbed Shen Yu’s palm with his cheek.

After a while, he opened his beautiful black eyes and said uneasily, “She must want to speak bad things about me.

” Shen Yu disapprovingly said, “I just won’t listen.

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COM Tang Li frowned slightly and looked at Shen Yu.

“What if she insists on telling you?” Shen Yu pinched Tang Li’s face and laughed, “I won’t hear what I don’t want to hear.

It’s useless for anyone to talk to me.

” Tang Li did not seem to have expected Shen Yu to give such a decisive answer.

For a long time, he was stunned.

When he finally recovered, the joy in his eyes spread quickly until it completely engulfed the obsidian orbs.

The next second, he leaned forward and hugged Shen Yu, his arms wrapped tightly around Shen Yu’s neck.

“Shen Yu.

” Tang Li buried his whole face in Shen Yu’s neck as he shouted out Shen Yu’s name word by word.

The heat from the little villain’s breath spread across Shen Yu’s skin.

“You’re so kind.

” Shen Yu smiled and put his hands on Tang Li’s back.

“I’m only kind to you.

” “No.

” Tang Li retorted and muffled, “You are still kind to that Aunt named Jenny Yang.

” Shen Yu: “…” Just how long has it been since he and Jenny Yang talked? Sensing Shen Yu’s silence, Tang Li drilled himself deeper into Shen Yu’s bosom, and breathlessly opened his mouth: “Why won’t you say anything?” “All right.

” Shen Yu patted Tang Li on the back and coaxed the small child, “I will not treat her as well in the future.

” Moreover, after Shen Yu carefully thought about it, he realized that he did not feel that he was happy with Jenny Yang in any particular respect.

Even now, Jenny Yang’s mobile phone number and Weibo are still quietly lying comfortably on his blacklist.

However, out of fear that Tang Li would be unhappy, Shen Yu did not mention Jenny Yang’s name again.

Next, Tang Li morphed into a piece of sticky taffy and remained happily glued to Shen Yu for a long time.

Finally, he reluctantly let him go under Shen Yu’s urging, his small face full of displeasure.

Shen Yu looked amused as he headed straight back to the ward in his wheelchair without taking care of Tang Li, who was still sulking behind him.

But within a few seconds, there was a clatter of footsteps behind him.

“Shen Yu, you wait for me.

” Tang Li’s legs were long, and he flew to Shen Yu’s side in a few steps.

He put his arm on Shen Yu’s wheelchair handles to stop him.

Seeing that Shen Yu did not respond, the little villain quietly grasped Shen Yu’s wrist.

Shen Yu glanced at Tang Li’s nervous little face and wanted to laugh.

Then he held Tang Li’s small hand with his own hand.

“Are you alright?” Tang Li was stunned.

Soon, a big smile rippled across his face.

He nodded unconsciously as a conspicuous flush climbed up his cheeks and ears.

After they had arrived back to the room, Kang Lin had already run up and down the hospital to complete the discharge procedures while Uncle Zhang had also put the things in the room back in order.

Seeing Shen Yu returning with Tang Li, Uncle Zhang, who had some worries, seemed relieved.

He went up and said, “Just now, the Lei family came back again.

It seemed like they had been separated from the little girl, so they waited here for a while until the little girl returned.

” Shen Yu asked, “Where are they now?” Uncle Zhang replied, “They’ve already left.

” Shen Yu nodded: “Good.

Let’s go too.

” —————— Despite Shen Yu’s intentional concealment, there is no completely impervious walls in this world.

The causes and consequences of Tang Li’s hospitalization still reached the ears of Elder Shen.

Not only that, but many relatives of the Shen family also heard the news.

So when Shen Yu sent Tang Li back to school two days later, he received calls from Elder Shen and some of his family.

Since last time’s phone call, Elder Shen no longer forced Shen Yu to go on blind dates.

Only this time, Elder Shen urged Shen Yu to bring Tang Li over for dinner, saying that he hadn’t seen them for a long time.

Shen Yu couldn’t help but applaud Elder Shen’s timing.

He had already planned to take Tang Li to Elder Shen’s home for the New Year, so after thinking about it, he quickly agreed.

The time was set on the thirtieth day of the New Year.

However, Shen Yu felt a little irritated when he was suddenly contacted by the Shen family.

In the original novel, after the Shen family went bankrupt, those vampire-like relatives scattered and disappeared overnight.

The original Shen Yu had to put down his pride and beg for help, but he was rejected every time.

As a reader who has a third-party perspective, Shen Yu is naturally not at all fond of the Shen family.

So after receiving three consecutive phone calls suggesting that he send Tang Li away, Shen Yu simply asked Uncle Zhang to help him put all the Shen family’s calls onto the blacklist and refused to come and go from his home for a short time.

—————— Time flies so fast that it was time for Tang Li’s winter vacation in the blink of an eye.

Shen Yu counted the days with the calendar and found that there were fifteen days to go before the thirtieth day of the New Year.

He planned to take Tang Li out for a trip and came back just in time to celebrate at Elder Shen’s house.

Unfortunately, Shen Yu had never very traveled far in a time since he came to this world.

Even within the city he had no traveled much, and his understanding of foreign countries was almost zero.

Before, Shen Yu was a tourist who has run through many countries while traveling, but now he has become a hopeless homebody.

In the face of the dense travel information on the computer website, he had no idea what reaction he can have besides a confused face.

During the winter vacation, Tang Li was still busy.

Every day, he got up early and returned late.

Remedial courses and private lessons were still being fully arranged.

Only Shen Yu sat worried in front of the computer.

Uncle Zhang watched Shen Yu make a three- or four-day travel itinerary but couldn’t think of specific destination.

He also ended up with two dark eye circles for his troubles.

After a while of thinking, Uncle Zhang found Shen Yu, who was still worrying in front of the computer, and asked, “Sir, have you chosen a destination at present?” “No.

” Shen Yu put his chin on the table and shook his head with a sigh.

“I’m at a loss.

” If he was still in the original world, he could make a good tourism plan in two hours.

Now the world is slightly different.

There are many countries and cities Shen Yu had never heard of before.

He’s not afraid to go to a strange place, but he is a little worried about how leaving their current location will trigger the original plot line.

Hey… Even now, he’s still afraid of death.

Uncle Zhang slightly paused and suggested softly, “What do you think of going to Jincheng, sir? Next spring when young master Tang Li is going to Jincheng to take part in the English Competition.

We can visit it ahead of time.

” Shen Yu had heard from the head teacher at the parents’ meeting that Tang Li was going to take part in the English contest.

He heard that the contest was not only a national competition, but also would add points in the middle school entrance examination.

In a word, it was very important.

At that time, Shen Yu thought that the competition was already over, but unexpectedly, only the preliminary contest was held in this city, while the final contest was held in Jincheng, a neighboring city, in the spring of next year.

Shen Yu did not know if the villain had gone to Jincheng to participate in the competition in the original novel, the author didn’t specifically mention it.

However, since this incident took the initiative to appear in the life of the villain, it should not trigger anything.

“Good!” Shen Yu clapped, “Let’s go to Jincheng.

” After a half-day rest, Shen Yu told Tang Li, who had returned from cram school, about the trip that and that the booking of air tickets and the packing of luggage had already been left to Uncle Zhang and Aunt Chen.

Hearing Shen Yu’s words about going out to play together, Tang Li’s eyes lit up and he nodded his head vigorously.

The next day.

Tang Li took a leave of absence from the cram school and from his physical training and prepared to fly to Jincheng at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Just when their car pulled out of the community gate, a figure suddenly appeared from the side, fortunately, Uncle Zhang saw him early and quickly pressed the brakes, just barely avoiding an accident.

Shen Yu was frightened by the unexpected accident.

He grasped the hand of Tang Li next to him unconsciously and looked forward with his head.

He felt that the man who crashed into the car was very familiar.

Isn’t that the middle-aged man who followed him several times before?!