After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 30

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 30

Shen Yu didn’t know when Tang Li woke up, but he was lying on the bed carefully, face-to-face with Shen Yu.

Seeing Shen Yu opened his eyes, Tang Li was suddenly stunned.

He seemed to want to hide but did not dare to.

He struggled for a while, but still chose to remain stiff in his current position.

Shen Yu was both very incensed and amused when he saw the heart of guilty thief in Tang Li’s eyes.

“Are you feeling better?” Shen Yu reached out and pinched Tang Li’s nose.

When he got up, he found that he had slept in his chair for a long time.

His hands were numb and could hardly move.

However, he was covered with a thin quilt, so that he did not feel too uncomfortable.

Then he looked at the bare bed, and the little villain sitting solemnly.

Even if Shen Yu thought with his feet [1], he could still figure out that the thin quilt was laid on him by Tang Li.

“Much better.

” Tang Li nodded, as if remembering what happened last night.

His expression became tense in an instant, and he swallowed his saliva before he began to speak uneasily.

“I apologized to Lei Yumeng.

” With a sigh, Shen Yu reached out and grasped Tang Li’s tightly clenched fist from his leg.

“I know.

” Tang Li seemed stunned that Shen Yu’s reaction would be so calm.

He was a little surprised.

He stayed motionless for a while and just looked down at their joined hands.

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COM The hand holding his was beautiful, with distinct fingers and rounded fingertips.

Even the nails were well-groomed and fair-skinned, which reminded the Tang Li of the snowflakes falling last night.

On the contrary, his own hand—— Filled with fine knife marks, and there was a layer of calluses on his palm, which was neither thin nor thick.

It was left over by the year of miscellaneous work under the “care” of his relatives.

Compared to Shen Yu’s hand, his own hand is too ugly.

In the past, Tang Li never felt that any part of his body or appearance was inferior to others.

However, at this moment, he suddenly had an impulse to pull his hand out of Shen Yu’s hand and hide them behind him.

It’s just that he’s not willing to do it.

He didn’t want to miss a single chance to touch Shen Yu… Shen Yu noticed Tang Li’s eyes and covered the little villain’s other hand in the same manner.

His fingers were long, and he could easily wrap Tang Li’s small fist in his palm.

“Chestnut, I’m sorry.

I shouldn’t have lost my temper with you the afternoon before yesterday.

” Shen Yu paused for a moment and then whispered, “But I also hope that in the future you will not hide anything from me.

You are still young and you’re not doing things properly.

It is easy to cause bad and long-lasting consequences.

” Tang Li hung his head gloomily and said nothing.

Shen Yu licked his lips and patted the back of Tang Li’s hand gently.

“Why don’t you talk?” Tang Li: “Sorry, there will be no next time.

” Shen Yu: “Look at me and say that again.

” Tang Li raised his head.

His hair grew very fast.

Uncle Zhang had just taken him to cut it, but now it covered his eyes again.

It looked like a dog that had its fur ravaged.

But the little puppy’s eyes were red, and there was a layer of mist covering his beautiful obsidian eyes.

Tang Li’s voice choked, but as if nothing had happened, he forced himself to repeat what he had just said: “Sorry, Shen Yu, there will be no next time.

” As the words fell, the tears in his eyes also fell.

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COM The water droplets hit Shen Yu on the back of his hand like heavy rain drops.

Shen Yu was stunned, but that soon turned to confusion.

He quickly loosened his grip from Tang Li’s hand and quickly wiped the tears from the corners of the little villain’s eyes with his fingertips.

But those tears were like a continuous stream of spring water, which could not be wiped clean.

This is the second time Tang Li had cried in front of Shen Yu.

The first time was when Tang Li was covered with cake the afternoon before yesterday.

Although the stains on his face and clothes were wiped clean by Shen Yu with a towel, the degree of impact on Shen Yu this time was no less than the last time.

Shen Yu was overwhelmed by Tang Li’s sudden tears.

It felt like he had accidentally provoked his girlfriend to cry.

“Stop crying, Chestnut…” Shen Yu put the thin quilt back on the bed, took Tang Li’s face in both hands, and gently stroked the tear marks with his thumbs.

“I don’t mean to blame you with those words.

I just want you to know what I think.

Since we are a family, I will accept your past and your character as much as I can, but there are some bad habits that we need to correct it together.

” Tang Li cried, his face as red as a tomato, but he gritted his teeth hard and refused to make any noise.

Shen Yu also said, “In fact, Lei Yumeng has entangled you in this matter.

If you can’t solve it by yourself, you can tell me, and I will solve it in another way.

” Speaking of this, Shen Yu also blames himself.

This is his first time as a child’s parent, inevitably there are many unknown issues that are bound to pop up.

Before, he naturally saw Lei Yumeng’s entanglement with Tang Li, but he did not want to interfere too much in Tang Li’s campus life, afraid that it would let Tang Li develop the habit of relying too much on his parent… But it was unexpected that things would move in the direction of bullying.

Shen Yu sighed and tidied up Tang Li’s hair.

He said in a warm voice, “Don’t hide anything in the future, or I’m useless as a parent.

” Tang Li looked down and covered his tear-soaked eyes with his eyelids.

He flushed and nodded.

Shen Yu laughed and touched the soft hair of Tang Li: “My Chestnut is so sweet.

” Tang Li subconsciously rubbed Shen Yu’s hand with his face.

As a result, Shen Yu’s heart was filled with tears.

———– After Shen Yu washed up in the bathroom, he saw Tang Li sitting on the bed with a table and delicious food in front of him.

When he saw Shen Yu approaching, Tang Li immediately stopped swallowing.

He opened his eyes wide and turned to Shen Yu.

The little villain was clutching a bowl of chicken and yam porridge in his hand.

Like a hamster found stealing food.

Those round phoenix eyes really look like a small animal’s.

Shen Yu couldn’t help laughing as the corners of his mouth lifted in joy.

He came to the bed in his wheelchair and raised his chin slightly.

“Eat well.

Don’t go hungry.

” Tang Li’s cheeks turned red again after they had only recently returned to normal.

He was stiff and did not move.

After a while, he said, “You eat with me.

” Uncle Zhang, who was next to him, was busy handing over the brunch he had bought for Shen Yu: “Sir, this is yours.

” “Thank you.

” Shen Yu laughed.

As early as when Shen Yu washed, Uncle Zhang called for a doctor to examine Tang Li.

The fever was gone.

Unfortunately, Tang Li’s body was too weak to eat or drink anything heavy for two days.

The doctor also suggested that he stay in hospital for a period of observation.

Shen Yu had no objection.

Anyway, they had already asked the school for leave just to avoid the storm of Lei Yumeng’s suicide and dropping out of school.

It’s okay to ask for a few more days.

So for the next week, Shen Yu stayed in the hospital with Tang Li.

He asked Uncle Zhang to add a simple bed to the single room and move all his work over.

Kang Lin, who used to run to the Shen house to work, had to run to the hospital four or five times a day, but Kang Lin was happy and comfortable.

After all, running to the hospital was much more convenient than that running to the suburbs.

After a few days’ rest, Tang Li’s condition gradually recovered, and Shen Yu’s anxious heart slowly calmed down.

On the day Tang Li was discharged from hospital, Shen Yu suddenly received a call from Lei Yumeng’s father, saying that he had heard that Tang Li was in hospital and wanted to bring his family to visit.

Shen Yu hesitated a little before agreeing.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the three members of Lei Yumeng’s family appeared outside the room with various fruit baskets.

The Lei couple were more haggard than the last time they met.

They kept apologizing to Shen Yu in a low voice.

“Two days ago, it was snowing so heavily, and my wife and I were busy with the lawsuit.

I really didn’t know that Tang Li had come.

” Mr.

Lei said.

Had it not been for the security guards in the district to tell them that the housekeeper of the Shen family had come to visit them, they would not have known about it at all, nor did they know that Lei Yumeng intentionally drove Tang Li away before they returned home.

For the first time, Mr.

Lei had taken a hanger, and scolded Lei Yumeng fiercely.

Shen Yu looked at Lei Yumeng standing in the corner with a calm face and felt tired at once.

He was too lazy to interrupt the apologies of the Lei couple.

After they had finished speaking quietly, Shen Yu quickly ordered Uncle Zhang to accept the fruit and send Lei Yumeng and her family out on the pretext that Tang Li still had to go through the discharge formalities.

How could he know that just when they had left, the door would be knocked again? Uncle Zhang went to open the door and saw Lei Yumeng standing outside.

“Brother Shen Yu, I have something to tell you.

” Lei Yumeng looked straight at Shen Yu and waved to him, “Can you come out for a while?” Shen Yu remained motionless and said with a smile, “Just talk about it here.

” “That’s not going to work.

” Lei Yumeng refused decisively and waved her hand without stopping.

“Brother Shen Yu, please come out.

It will only take one minute.

It’s really a very important thing.

” Shen Yu helplessly turned to look at Tang Li unconsciously, only to see Tang Li’s face staring blankly at Lei Yumeng outside the door, a dark light surging from the bottom of his dark eyes, but Shen Yu could not distinguish what mood they were mixed with.

“I’ll go out and be back soon.

” Shen Yu shook Tang Li’s hand.

Tang Li bit her lip and said nothing.

Shen Yu pushed his wheelchair and followed Lei Yumeng to the stairway.

He watched Lei Yumeng look eastward and westward for fear that someone else might pass by.

He also remembered the way the little girl used to do that with Tang Li and felt even more irritated for a while.

There was compassion and heartache before, but now there is only boredom.

All hearts are fleshy.

After his anger cooled, he’s bound to lean a little bit towards the little villain.

“Say it.

” Shen Yu interrupted the action of Lei Yumeng with his voice and opened his mouth coldly.

“What’s the matter?” Lei Yumeng heard the words and turned to Shen Yu.

She watched Shen Yu’s almost indifferent expression, and with little effort she could guess what attitude Shen Yu had towards her at the moment.

She remembered the painful picture of her father holding a hanger a few days ago, and the pain of lying in bed for the past few days without moving, and she was instantly overwhelmed.

Sure enough, she underestimated Tang Li.

She had also thought that after Tang Li let her go home on that snowy night, that they had really put aside their old grievances.

Unexpectedly, Tang Li called her.

At the security booth in the neighborhood, the security guard told her parents about his coming with Uncle Zhang, and she was almost knocked unconscious.

Even now, Lei Yumeng felt her beaten arms and buttocks are still hurting.

She took a deep breath and said to Shen Yu, “Brother Shen Yu, Tang Li, he’s not as good as you think…” The word “simple” has not yet come out of the mouth of Lei Yumeng, when they heard a cold voice from behind her.

“Lei Yumeng, what are you saying about me again?” A cold and indifferent sentence, but it made Lei Yumeng jump like she was struck lightning, her voice also abruptly stopped.

She quickly turned her head and looked behind her.

When she looked at Tang Li’s quiet face, Lei Yumeng wished she could faint on the spot.

[1] The original said “think with his toes”, but I thought that would be too close to the English phrase “think on your toes”, which ironically has the opposite meaning.