After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 24

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 24

Shen Yu, who was already far ahead, did not know what the other parents were discussing behind him.

Shen Yu had two reasons why he came to school today.

One was to inquire about the relationship between Tang Li and Lei Yumeng, the other was to see what attitude the teachers and classmates in this school had towards Tang Li.

If it’s as Tang Li said… Thinking of this, Shen Yu’s heart slightly sunk, even with the original indifferent look he had on his face gradually became cold.

He sent Tang Li to this school and he wouldn’t allow others to bully the little villain.

Soon, however, Shen Yu found that something was wrong.

When he and Uncle Zhang were led into the multimedia classroom by Tang Li, there were already quite a few students and parents in the classroom.

Instead of rejecting Tang Li as Shen Yu had imagined, the students seemed enthusiastic about Tang Li’s arrival.

Even before they were seated, they were surrounded by a group of lively students.

“Tang Li, is he your big brother Shen Yu? He actually looks better than you!” “Wow, this is the first time I saw him in person, I only saw the appearance of brother Shen in the reports from my father’s company.

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COM “Brother Shen, you were so cool when you took on that reporter! My parents wouldn’t even dare to fart in front of the paparazzi for fear of something being scribbled about them.

” “Brother Shen…” Everyone chattered and talked over each other, and worship was shining in their bright eyes.

Shen Yu was starting to develop a little headache from the noise, but he couldn’t even squeeze a single word into the conversation.

He could only nod his head and add a small murmur helplessly from time to time.

Suddenly, there was a sudden loud bang from the side.

All the people, including Shen Yu, were frightened and looked around.

Tang Li stood calmly in front of a kicked chair, and his gloomy eyes slowly swept over the students who surrounded Shen Yu.

“Who allowed you to be here?” Tang Li opened his mouth gloomily.

The students turned pale and scattered immediately.

In the blink of an eye, they ran away, leaving only a slightly stunned Shen Yu and Uncle Zhang behind with a bewildered expression in their eyes.

Shen Yu was really shocked by Tang Li’s reaction just now.

When he thought of Tang Li’s villain-like behavior, he felt a little fear in his heart.

But when he blinked and looked at Tang Li again, the villain had returned to his original brilliant smile, and those beautiful phoenix eyes had curved into a crescent moon shape.

Really… Such a cute kid.

Shen Yu could almost convince himself that Tang Li’s cruel appearance just now was simply an illusion.

Shen Yu opened his mouth subconsciously, and before he could speak, Tang Li came forward and pushed his wheelchair.

“My seat is in the front.

I’ll take you there.

” The voice of the little villain was clear and pure, in sharp contrast to the depressed atmosphere just now.

Shen Yu stared at Tang Li’s smiling little face and was reluctant to blame him in any way.

He nodded and asked Tang Li to push his wheelchair to the front of the classroom.

Soon after, the rest of the parents entered the multimedia classroom and found their seats.

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COM At three o’clock, the bell rang.

The head teacher took the prepared report cards and other information to the stage and took a deep breath.

After looking at all the important men and women sitting in front of her, she suddenly became more nervous.

Shen Yu was also worried.

This is the first time that he attended the parents’ meeting of his child.

He didn’t really expect to hear the head teacher praising Tang Li and was even afraid that the head teacher would criticize Tang Li in front of everyone.

After all, the little villain’s temper is not very good, and he has been out of school for more than a year… So, Shen Yu was shocked when the parents’ meeting began.

The first-place student in the middle school entrance exam last week was Tang Li?! The student who will be sent by the school to participate in the national elementary school mathematics competition is Tang Li?! The student who won the district elementary school piano competition two days ago was Tang Li?! The fuck… How could he not have known that the little villain was so fierce! In the end this so called “parents’ meeting” was turned into a flattery conference for Tang Li.

Four-fifths of the content was to listen to the head teacher’s fanciful praise of Tang Li, and one-fifth of the time was left to read the report card.

What’s more amazing is that the other parents have no complaints about this, and their applause is continuous.

They even praise Shen Yu for teaching such a talented child.

Shen Yu: “…” After the meeting, Shen Yu and Uncle Zhang, who had no time to evacuate, were surrounded by wolf-like parents.

The other parents seemingly seek advice from Shen Yu on how to educate their children, but in fact they want to get close to him, trying to get personal contact information.

However, Shen Yu is not foolish.

Naturally, he knows the other parents’ minds.

He handled them with quick indifference, then he let Uncle Zhang push him out of the multimedia classroom quickly.

At this time, the students who had been outside, returned to the classroom, packed their schoolbags and prepared to leave school with their parents.

Shen Yu and Uncle Zhang were waiting outside the classroom.

Through the window, they could see Tang Li sitting at the desk.

His slender legs were spread apart in a comfortable position, his head was lowered, and his face was expressionless.

He was looking for something in the desk box.

Two little girls stood beside Tang Li’s table, hand-in-hand, cheeks reddened, and said something to Tang Li.

Unfortunately, Tang Li didn’t even lift his eyes, as if he hadn’t seen the two little girls.

Shen Yu sighed heavily when he saw this scene.

At the same time, the big stone pressing on his heart also dropped a little.

It seems that the little villain really does not intend to start a puppy love act, perhaps he’s thinking too much.

In the original text, the villain often used women’s feelings towards him to hurt innocent people, so Shen Yu is very afraid of the small villain in this respect.

But caution is always good.

At this time, two boys came out of the classroom laughing and talking.

Shen Yu hesitated for a moment, but still ordered Uncle Zhang to invite the two boys over to a more private corner to talk.

The two boys seemed very nervous.

They could not help gripping their backpacks and looking at Shen Yu carefully.

“Don’t worry, I just want to ask you one thing about Tang Li,” Shen Yu said soothingly.

As soon as the words came out, the two boys suddenly changed from nervous to panicked, they turned their heads to looked at each other, and swallowed their saliva at the same time.

Shen Yu couldn’t understand the message that was just exchanged through their eye contact.

After they calmed down a little, he asked politely, “I just want to know if Tang Li has been getting close to any girls in particular recently…” Before his voice completely fell, the short boy shook his head and said, “No!” The tall boy responded quickly after his partner as he also shook his head and said, “No, not at all, not at all!” Shen Yu squinted suspiciously.

Knowing that Shen Yu did not believe them, the short boy stuttered and added, “But there are many girls who like Tang Li.

There are only two in the middle school that we know of.

But you can rest assured that Tang Li has been concentrating on his studies and ignoring the flies.

” The tall boy then echoed, “That’s the truth.

Absolutely the truth!” Shen Yu was amused by their serious expressions, thanked them and let them go.

Then Shen Yu was pushed back to the corridor by Uncle Zhang.

Looking up, he saw Tang Li standing outside the classroom door with his schoolbag, looking around.

After looking up at Shen Yu, Tang Li flew over like a happy little bird.

“Where have you been?” Tang Li took Shen Yu’s hand and complained coquettishly, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.

” “Just browsing around casually.

” Shen Yu touched the little villain’s head with a smile and changed the topic.

“Have you packed up yet? Let’s go home then.

” “Good.

” Tang Li said wholeheartedly, rubbing against Shen Yu’s palm in a gesture of dependence.

The little villain’s eyes glimmered as if the man in front of him was his whole world.

Shen Yu was distracted by Tang Li’s attentive gaze.

He felt guilty when he remembered the question he had just asked the two boys.

Since the little villain has long denied that he was dating, then he should have no hesitation in believing the little villain’s words.

After all, parents should believe in their children.