After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 23

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain - Chapter 23

Shortly after Shen Yu spoke, he heard a girl shouting Lei Yumeng’s name and then swearing and shouting a lot of words.

Although Shen Yu could not hear all of them clearly, he could still feel that… This little girl is clearly being bullied! Shen Yu frowned and looked up at Uncle Zhang.

Obviously, Uncle Zhang thought of this too, and his expression was slightly dignified, waiting for Shen Yu to speak.

“Let’s go and have a look.

” Shen Yu said.

“Right away.

” Uncle Zhang nodded and pushed Shen Yu’s wheelchair to go find the source of the sound.

Shortly afterwards, they saw the figures of several girls in front of a bungalow stacked with debris near the playground.

One of the girls was laying half on the ground, in a disgraceful posture, holding her head in pain.

Shen Yu narrowed his eyes and recognized the girl at first glance.

Lei Yumeng.

Sure enough, it was bullying.

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COM The other girls surrounded Lei Yumeng and looked down at her.

One girl kicked Lei Yumeng fiercely, then reached out and pulled her hair.

Lei Yumeng gave a painful cry and was forced to look up at the girls.

“Just how old are you? I’m too shy to fall in love with him at this age, yet you want to be this shameless?” The girl in front of Lei Yumeng sneered, she had obviously taken the lead in the bullying.

“If she had any pride, she wouldn’t be following him around all day and night like a little lap dog.

” Another girl on the sidelines laughed happily and sneered, “This kind of attitude, we should teach her some manners.

” Then they kicked Lei Yumeng harshly.

Lei Yumeng cried out bitterly.

She was pale, and a cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

Her eyes were tightly closed, and she could hardly speak from the pain.

“Now…” The leading girl bent down and smiled to Lei Yumeng.

“How many times have I told you that he’s mine and you can’t have him?” Hearing this, the other girls immediately echoed similar words.

“That’s right, he belongs to Manman.

You dare chase him.

Don’t you know that Manman has been waiting for him to get to middle school?” “I advise you to quit chasing him.

Don’t bother yourself.

It’d be a shame if we had to beat you a second time today.

” While the girls kept chirping, Lei Yumeng had her eyes tightly closed and her body rigidly held as she was being pulled by her hair.

She did not respond at all.

When the leading bully saw the situation, she suddenly became angry and raised her palm to slap Lei Yumeng’s face.

But before her hand could fall, it was snatched by a middle-aged man who appeared behind her.

The girl was frightened and turned her head in panic.

Her eyes were level with the shoulders of the middle-aged man, so she quickly raised her chin and looked up.

In the next second, an expressionless face suddenly burst into sight.

“Little girl.

” Uncle Zhang stoically murmured, “Is your group bulling this child? Does the teacher allow you to do this?” Although Uncle Zhang is over 40 years old, he is tall and strong, and always kept a gentlemanly grinning expression.

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COM At first glance, it was frightening.

The girls were completely frightened.

For a short time, their faces were pale from terror, and they ran away in the blink of an eye.

The girl who was still being grabbed by Uncle Zhang wanted to run away with her group, but seeing her wrist still held in a tight grip, she became anxious.

With only a little pressure, she instantly became a paper tiger [1] .

Shen Yu saw Lei Yumeng sitting on the ground trembling, he shook his head and said to Uncle Zhang, “Let her go.

” Uncle Zhang immediately let the girl go and she instantly jumped out of their sight, like a frightened rabbit.

Shen Yu asked Uncle Zhang to help Lei Yumeng stand up.

He saw that Lei Yumeng’s cheeks were very red and swollen.

He could even see two obvious palm marks.

But Lei Yumeng, as if she could not feel any pain, only fixed her disorderly hair with a slightly blank expression.

She looked at Shen Yu with gratitude.

“Thank you, big brother Shen Yu.

” Lei Yumeng said in a hoarse voice, “If you hadn’t come, maybe I wouldn’t be able to go home today.

[2] “ This sentence made Shen Yu frown.

He said, “If you want, I can pass a few words to your head teacher.

” “No need.

Thank you big brother Shen Yu.

” Lei Yumeng immediately shook her head like a little rattle drum.

Her face was full of rejection and fear.

“I can solve this problem myself.

” Seeing this, Shen Yu decided to stop talking about it.

Just now, he had heard the girls’ words intermittently, talking about breaking up and getting beaten up, Shen Yu could easily link these keywords together.

Nine chances out of ten this should be a problem caused by love.

For this kind of thing… As an outsider, Shen Yu really can’t say much.

In the end, he and Uncle Zhang took Lei Yumeng to the clinic and asked the school doctor to clean up her wound.

The school doctor lifted Lei Yumeng’s sleeve and saw that her arms were blue and purple.

Her expression suddenly became strange.

She looked at Shen Yu and Uncle Zhang with a little more suspicion.

Shen Yu had originally wanted to find Lei Yumeng to inquire about Tang Li, so instead of leaving in a hurry, he waited outside the door of the medical office.

Unexpectedly, Shen Yu met Lei Yumeng’s head teacher.

This head teacher was a teacher who followed Principal Li to welcome Shen Yu not long ago.

He thought that a student in his class had been bullied by adults who had mixed into the school.

As a result, he was confused when he saw Shen Yu outside the clinic.

“…” instantly the teacher in charge of the class, who was still fierce a second ago, lost his temper.

He instantly deflated, feeling defeated before he even went to battle.

He could only put a pleasant smile on his face.


Shen, what a coincidence, how are you here?” Shen Yu quickly guessed the man’s identity: “Are you the teacher of that little girl?” “Yes, yes…” The head teacher rubbed his hands and laughed, “The school doctor called me, so I came to see what was going on.

” Shen Yu gestured, “She’s in there.

” “Thank you.

” The head teacher raised his feet and went into the clinic.

Shen Yu watched the head teacher disappear behind the door, knowing that there was nothing he could ask Lei Yumeng today.

He debated for a moment, but ultimately decided to ask Tang Li’s classmates and teachers.

———————– Time passed until it was 2:30 p.


The parents’ meeting is held at 3:00 p.


in the second multimedia classroom on the fourth floor of the building.

Many parents can’t find their way, so they have to wait outside the classroom for their children to leave class and have them act as guides to the multimedia classroom.

When Shen Yu and Uncle Zhang finally arrived outside the classroom, it was just before the end of the class.

Students were rushing out of the classroom, and the corridor outside was quickly crowded with parents meeting there children before going to the meeting.

Shen Yu sat in a wheelchair, since he couldn’t move around the crowded area conveniently, he did not dive into the crowd with the other parents.

He and Uncle Zhang waited together at the corner of the corridor.

Despite this, many parents recognized Shen Yu.

Parents who could send their children to this school are all quite rich, and they all know each other in a roundabout way.

After all, the circle of the upper-class society is not that big.

People like Shen Yu, who are considered the pillars in the center of the circle, are naturally paid close attention to.

Shen Yu also adopted the Tang family’s child, which is well known.

But the other parents would have never dreamed that Shen Yu, who, was notoriously reclusive, would put down his noble personage and attend the parents’ meeting in person.

This shows just how much importance he attached to the child.

Even while shocked, some people still came forward to talk to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu has always disliked this kind of empty society, which was full of venomous snakes, and especially disliked wearing masks and talking to people.

He was impatient and was trying to find an excuse to leave, but he soon saw a small head suddenly run out from the crowd.

The little head looked around, and soon fixed its eyes on Shen Yu.

Then those beautiful eyes lit up.

Shen Yu chuckled and waved to the villain, “Chestnut.

” Tang Li squeezed through the crowd and rushed over to Shen Yu’s side.

His cheeks were a little ruddy.

It was only this past weekend that Uncle Zhang took him out to cut his hair, which even while shorter, became messy from the little villain’s excitement.

Those eyes are really bright.

It seemed like the most precious treasure in the world was held in those eyes.

Tang Li grinned and said childishly, “Big brother Shen Yu, you’re finally here!” “I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.

” Shen Yu smiled and rubbed the hair of the little villain.

Although it was cut short, it still felt very good.

Hearing this, Tang Li really nodded solemnly: “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time… I’ll take you to the multimedia classroom.

” Shen Yu gently laughed and said, “Then I’ll trouble you.

” Tang Li led Shen Yu and Uncle Zhang out of the crowded corridor.

The rest of the parents wanted to crowd around him but were afraid of Uncle Zhang’s gloomy face.

They hesitated for a long time.

In the end, they could only look at Shen Yu’s faraway figure and then let out a mournful hiss.

“It seems Mr.

Shen is very interested in that child.

” “Didn’t you also notice? The last time we saw Mr.

Shen he was filing a lawsuit for that child; it made a lot of noise.

“I thought he was just looking out for Elder Shen at that time… Well, fortunately, my child has a good relationship with that child.

” “My son and Tang Li are also good friends.

Every day when he gets home, he shouts about how he wants to go play with Tang Li.

It’s like he worships him.

I heard that Tang Li is popular with others because of his good academic performance.

” [1] Paper tiger, meaning something that looks scary but has no substance.

It’s like saying someone is all bark, no bite.

[2] She’s not saying they would have killed her.

But I can’t tell if she’s saying this because she wouldn’t want her parents to see her beaten up or if she’s saying she would have been beaten so bad that she physically could not make it home.