FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 111

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 111

Chapter 111Episode 111 [9th round] Do you call yourself a warrior?!I remember seeing the race “Chaos Elf.

” I met a woman, K, when I was lucky to go down to the underground with the energy of the universe at the Dragon Festival.

The two races were like the elf bandit in front of me.

▷ Type: Tribe ▷ Name: Chaos Elf ▷ Grade: Ancient ▷ Ancient 1: Can learn all properties.

▷ Ancient 2: Life is limitless.

▷ Characteristic 1: Confusion effect increases.

▷ Characteristic 2: The destruction effect increases.

▷ Characteristic 3: The forgetting effect increases.

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COM ▷ Race 1: Vitality is excellent.

▷ Race 2: Applies the corrected probability.

The race characteristics were superior to an ordinary elf and royalty; the biggest difference was learning all the attributes.

I checked my belongings.


When I shook my purse, the sound of gold coins was heavy.

The profits from buying two slaves that were begging like sick chickens at a reasonable price and selling violent elves were significant.

Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong! The bidding competition was very fierce.

The guests had no idea of the thief elf’s value.

However, they judged that she was worth the money just because she was a “rare elf” who owned a charming body like a human being.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand.

Just as a beautiful woman was born and shook the country, a full-busted elf was like a mutant! A nobleman with strong desires was drooling in the background.

I sat back in my seat, then I rang the golden bell on the table.

Ding dong! “Warrior, Didn’t you say you were leaving? Lanouvelle heard it clearly.

” “Lanouvelle.

That’s mean, it’s not like you.

” “I’m a bad thief.

” You’re a bad thief, so you don’t mind being sold as a slave? I stared into Lanouvelle’s eyes.

This was because I didn’t know such a word would come out of Lanouvelle’s mouth.

When the Elf Princess Sylvia raided the black market and massacred humans, Lanouvelle insisted on helping the elves.

Was a killing elf justifiable? It was contradictory.

“Why, why?” “I thought you would claim that all the elves are nice.

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COM If it were the Lanouvelle whom I knew, she would have defended the elf unconditionally, saying, “There must be a reason for them stealing!” Or she would try the brazen logic of the “warriors’ companion” that you could steal things from the black market as they were illegal in the first place.

She did it in the forest.

Sylvia and her followers attacked me first.

What was my response back then? I tried to introduce myself kindly to the fierce elves who pointed arrows at me and somehow solved it in a friendly way.

That wasn’t all.

I even gave them grace by not killing the elves who attacked me.

Nevertheless, Lanouvelle was full of complaints.

On the other hand, did that elf bandit hurt me? I didn’t know why she discriminated.

Was it…? “Warrior! Lanouvelle isn’t a fool! I know that elf did something bad! Stealing is a felony in any country except the mercenary kingdoms of the East and the dark empires of the West.

A thief caught has their hand cut off or is branded as a slave, depending on the crime.

” “…Let’s leave it like that.

” For now, the priority was to buy that Chaos Elf.

Ding dong! The overheated auction showed no sign of ending easily.

This was why the nobles were so problematic.

When they find a rare collectible, they rushed in without thinking.

For a similar reason, the works of poor artists could be recognized after starving to death, just in time to paint their tombs with golds.

The thoughts of the nobles bidding with keen eyes were obvious.

The driving force behind opening their wallets wasn’t the poor desire to rub that rare elf’s breasts.

It was to boast at a party.

As if to boast lavish expensive academy fees, “My child entered a certain university,” at a meeting of parents or relatives.

Oh! It’s a secret to my mother that I said this.

She wouldn’t forgive me.

▶ Suggestion: I fully understand why Kang Han-soo is interested in that chaos elf but isn’t the winning bid too high? This might make the travel funds tight.

Why don’t you use that offensive skill and solve it in 9 seconds? That opinion made sense.

Five years with the warrior Zich didn’t seem to be as bad for the student-teacher.

Unlike an upright ethics teacher who valued the principle of strange standards, she was quite flexible.

▶Depressed: Still, it failed, though… Hey, teacher! Cheer up! Find me if you’re really having a hard time.

I’ll buy you drinks and food and be a friend who listens to your stressful story.

This S-class secret friend will help you! ▶Appreciation: Thank you for your empty words without sincerity.

You’ve improved your wit! I made this sound because I knew clearly that I wouldn’t be able to find it because of the closed rules of the secretive faculty members.

Words could even buy a universe.

By the way… Ding dong! Ding Dong! I still hadn’t won the elf bandit.

Of course, I would eventually be able to buy them.

Unlike me, who didn’t know it was precious because it was easy money, there was a limit to how much money nobles could spend on entertainment.

“Oh, my God!” “That’s a shame.

” “Damn.

” As I expected, the nobles gave up one by one, but it was really amazing.

That elf bandit’s ransom was more than three times the cost of winning Sylvia in the first round.

That was the price of the most expensive land of the capital of the Kingdom of Dumplings.

If a plastic surgeon came to the Fantasia continent, he would soon be rich.

Ding dong! “The Golden Mask guest sweeps away all the rare flowers! Is there anyone else who wants to challenge? If we don’t have one, I’ll count.

Three! Two! One…congratulations! Golden Mask, sir! This beautiful thief cat is now your property! Its teeth are very sharp, so be careful not to get bitten at night!” “Congratulations.

” “You’re very rich.

” “I can’t beat you.

” Clap clap clap! I paid the winning bid for the elf bandit as I was congratulated by the guests.

My purse, bulging like a salmon full of eggs, suddenly shrank to the size of an anchovy.

The elf bandit was dragged over despite her violent resistance.

An auction house official chimed in.

“Golden Mask, sir.

If you want, we’ll escort you to the city’s residential areas free of charge.

You’ll be safely moved to the teleport magic square because there may be situations you might not know.

Of course, there won’t be a problem to a strong person like you, though.

” “Thanks, but I just want you to bring me a horse carriage.

” The elf bandit was just as noticeable as Lanouvelle’s shaking hips as if to seduce the vigorous men.

An official at the auction house nodded with a look like he was reading my thoughts.

“Yes, I’ll have a carriage waiting at the entrance.

Then, sir.

Please follow me up here.

I’ll take you to the main streets of the kingdom capital.

” * Although I entered the black market through a hidden entrance in the western forest of the Dumpling Kingdom capital, I used teleport magic like the other guests.

The spirits who had been chasing me persistently didn’t seem to follow me to the city.

But if you looked closely, it wasn’t like that either.

This was because the spirits, which reduced their bodies to the size of human fingers, were clinging to my skin like leeches.

Wait! No matter how much you like me, you can’t go there! I’m a very sensitive man.

“Please come again.

Golden Mask, sir.

” “Oh, I will.

” I left the house where the teleport magic was hidden, being treated with the utmost hospitality by a black market executive.

At the entrance to the house was the carriage that I had asked for.

“Where shall I take you, sir?” “To the back of the palace.

” I will never be noticed because I traveled in a carriage with a covered interior.

Thanks to that, I was able to return to the palace without any collisions.

The guards guarding the royal palace were embarrassed by the increased number of people and tried to identify the miscellaneous things.

Still, the thief voluntarily came forward and solved it, being happy because they had a new colleague.

“Lanouvelle guarantees!” The miscellaneous things and I gathered in a luxurious room.

It was a bedroom given only to VIPs who were comparable to royalty in other countries, and it was a favorite place in the third round when I obeyed the queen, a devil worshiper.

The greatest advantage was the soundproofing.

No matter how loud the groans and screams were, they didn’t leak out, and the interior was very spacious.

Me, Lanouvelle, the porter, the elf archer, and the elf bandit.

Even though five of us came in, there was a lot of empty space.

But not everyone needed to be here.

I instructed Lanouvelle.

“Lanouvelle, you take the porter and feed him.

” “Huh? Warrior, weren’t we supposed to start planning an adventure of overwhelming dreams and hopes?” “Come, you wanna be beaten overwhelmingly?” “I’ll be back, warrior!” Lanouvelle and the porter walked out quickly.

Now, the remaining number was three.

It was a class S warrior and two little elves who were drugged.

The two elves, still hands and feet tied, were looking at me with nervous faces.

They didn’t mean to run away.

It was impossible to escape from the palace where 200 level palace knights and 50 level guards were nearby.

However, their expressions were quite the opposite.

The elf archer, who was properly educated on the black market and submitted to the auction house, looked like she had accepted reality, but the elf thief, who wasn’t even branded as a slave, aggressively stared at me.

It was nothing but absurd to me.

“Hipria, heal them.

” “Yes, master.

” As soon as the angel with three pairs of wings was summoned, she recovered the various abnormal conditions of the two elves.

Vwooom! The sacred light enveloped the two elves.

The elf bandit had a low level, so she couldn’t free herself after the anesthesia was cured, but it wasn’t the case for the level 851 elf archer.


She broke the handcuffs with force built by repeatedly pulling a bow.

But the elf archer left the stuff on her ankle untouched.

There were no movements to escape.

“You’re not running away.

” “Because the moment I show signs of running away, I know you’re going to kill me unilaterally.

Also, I’m not a shameless elf enough to leave without repaying the grace for resolving the curse of the devil that was on me.

” Not all the elves in the world were as violent as Sylvia.

I turned my eyes sideways.

“How do you know Boss K?” “Boss K…?” The ungagged elf bandit frowned and asked back.

“Oh! There was not enough explanation.

What’s your relationship with Elvheim, the third elf king who loves breast?” “The sorry king is my forefather.

” “Hey, Bandit lady.

The fact that you are a royal can be seen by your ears that are longer than average.

What I want to know is your race, chaos.

” “How, how did you…?” “Because he’s a warrior.

” A more detailed explanation was omitted.

“Warrior? Then, it was you who tricked me?” “What do you mean, trick?” I was summoned today.

Although I summoned 25 years ago as well, less than a day has passed in this 9th session.

Even though I’m an S-class warrior, I didn’t have time to trick anyone.

▶Negative: You’ve caught a demon in a day.

Don’t call it a trick to the warrior who brought peace to the world upon his summons! “Isn’t it because of you that the stupid princess who was lured by the information I leaked didn’t raid the auction house?” “What are you trying to steal by using Sylvia?” “I asked the question first.

” “I’m the owner.

” “I’m not a slave! I’m the true heir of Elvheim, without the dirty, incompetent blood of a traitor.

” “That’s what you think.

” The conversation didn’t go well, but that was okay.

If I take all her clothes off and hang her at the entrance for one day, anyone would become obedient.

I didn’t use savage methods like hanging only a head.

This wasn’t just a threat.

“Let’s talk calmly tomorrow.

” “Let me go! Or else you’ll regret it!” The elf bandit took a backward step like refusing my hand, but it was too much to even take a step with her feet tied.

Crack! I took off her black top, revealing her white flesh below.

“This is….

” Tap, tap.

A protective gear that looked like a bra fell off with the clothes.

“You barbarian! Do you call yourself a warrior! Sob, sob! The elf thief, who covered her chest pitifully with her hands tied up, criticized me with tears in her eyes.

But I had something to say, too.

“That’s what I want to say! Are you a royal family that still lives off of pride? Bra pads?!” The S-class warrior was scammed.