FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 110

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 110

Chapter 110 [9th Round] Hidden-route ▶ Baffled: Like the proverb “one shouldn’t commit an easily avoidable mistake”, it’s clear what you should do.

Student Kang Han Soo, wouldn’t the problem get bigger later if you sell elves as slaves? Human trafficking would affect your Personality credits no matter how I look at it… Then shall I kill them? Elf corpses are used as good magic ingredients.

▶ Freaked out: Absolutely not! Come to think of it, it’s a good punishment! I think you’re generous enough by not killing the elves who had attacked the innocent and kind Mr Hero.

It should give you bonus points in Personality! Is that so? Then it must be, if Miss Trainee Teacher says so! ▶ Anxious: Don’t believe in me too much… I decided to attend the auction since I’ve come all the way here.

“It’s okay, right?” Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM The black market, that considered security as important because of some people who are absorbed in playing the role of heroes, had strict standards to pick their guests.

But there are exceptions everywhere.

“Of course! You’re a great being! You came at a perfect time.

The auction is starting soon! I’ll take you to the special seats!” The black market official gladly agreed to my request.

Was he being flexible because I sold him a bunch of elves? Even though my schedule was almost ruined because the violent elves started attacking me, I was relieved it didn’t stray too far from how the 2nd round unfolded.

In fact, it was even better than the 2nd round.

I didn’t kill Sylvia and her group and handled it peacefully, like a true Hero! Now, it would be perfect if I got ‘labourer’ at the auction.

“Mr Hero.

Lanuvel doesn’t like this.

I can’t believe the chosen Hero gets involved in human trafficking… you must be the first one in history.

” Lanuvel pouted as if she was still dissatisfied.

“Don’t get in the way and get lost if you don’t like it.

” “I hate getting lost even more!” We went underground to where the black market would open.

* The auction wasn’t much different from how it was in the 2nd round.

I did sell Sylvia and a bunch of other elves, but they didn’t get displayed immediately.

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COM They were marking them as slaves and preparing all related documents.

The black market needed to go through several procedures to make the elves look like legal slaves, and it also needed ‘a bit’ of the slaves’ cooperation.

It was to kill their hopes and dreams by telling them a realistic cruel story—that trying to resist would only put them at a disadvantage- and turn them into obedient slaves as soon as possible.

From living beings into products.

Just binding them with shackles and handcuffs didn’t make them slaves.

All the slaves displayed here had undergone this special training to an extent.

Of course, not all of them were successful.

“I was active as a mercenary at the north part of the kingdom.

I look like this because I’ve been refusing to eat for a long time, but I have outstanding spearmanship! I would be able to use it splendidly as soon as I get well!” If they refused to become a slave until the end like this young man did, the auction house also wouldn’t have any choice but to give up trying and sell them quickly, as their value would drop once they became corpses.

The auctioneer introduced ‘labourer’ exactly like how he did in the 2nd round, without any difference.

Of course the stats were also the same.

▷ Species: Human ▷ Level: 286 ▷ Job: Mercenary(Wealth→ Survival↑) ▷ Skill: Spearmanship C Tenacity D Survival D Camping E Cooking E… ▷ Status: Empty stomach, Weak He had extremely poor skills to be my colleague.

But his mental condition was qualified.

That was enough.

Because I could raise his stats as much as I wanted.

Ding dong! I made a bid without hesitation.

And I could win the bid at a very low price.

“Three, two, one… congratulations! Sir with a golden mask.

You bought a good product at a very low price!” Claps claps claps! The auctioneer and participants gave me applause.

As if they were congratulating me after adopting a cute pet, they gave me words of blessing to use the slave I bought well until I got my money’s worth, and a blessing ritual.

Right next to me, Lanuvel was staring at me.

“What?” “I realized the reason Mr Hero treats Lanuvel coldly.

” “Say it.

” I was really curious.

“You like tough-looking men more than cute beaut- ouch?!” “If weird rumors are going around about me, I’ll take it as your fault and punish you accordingly.


Do you understand?” “Auu….

” Lanuvel nodded while holding onto her head, which I flicked spitefully, with both of her hands.


Here is the key and contract.

” The guards dragged the handcuffed and shackled labourer here.

I paid immediately and said, “Put it on the table.

And I’d like you to bring proper food for this slave to eat.

I don’t need a lot.

Just enough to give him strength to walk on his feet.

” One of the guards who received my instruction nodded and left.

The labourer said, “I’m not a slave.

” “But you have a childhood friend you love one-sidedly in your hometown and colleagues you want to take revenge on.

Right?” “……” “I’ll give you two options when the auction is over.

Either you believe me and come with me, or leave free.

There won’t be retaliation following your choice.

If you ask me why I’m being nice to you, I just like you~” Lanuvel’s eyes changed meaningfully again, but I decided to punish her slowly later.

“… really?” “Think objectively.

What’s the point of spending my money on an unattractive dude like you—instead of beautiful slave ladies—and lying? Are you an emperor’s love child? You’re not.

You’re just a stupid mercenary who got betrayed after believing your colleague.

Think about it while you eat until the auction is over.

” The laborer who got persuaded by what I said stopped his hunger strike and started to eat the simple dishes on the table.

▶ Content: I was a little worried when Student Kang Han Soo beat up the elves and reached out to human traffickers.

But seeing the sight of you doing a good deed like this, it seems like it was an unnecessary worry.

If Miss Trainee Teacher said so then it was! “Excuse me, Mr Hero.

” Lanuvel pulled my sleeve with her fingertips and acted cute.

“… why?” I was about to hit the despicable Lanuvel’s lower jaw like an automatic reflex but succeeded in stopping my fist.

I had a very good self-control even without the skill.

Patience F→ Patience E Clear headed F→ Clear headed E But still I wouldn’t refuse if I was given the skills.

“Is this person a new colleague?” “I’d say so.

” I was planning to start with a useless labourer first like the 2nd round.

Then the final branch of my technology tree of growth would be the king of the Dumpling Kingdom.

I realized a lot of things in the 8th round that started in a beautiful princess’ belly.

The world of Fantasia.

This world would disappear if the Hero or Demon King left.

But I also got to know the fact that the Fantasia natives who lived fiercely in this hollow world were ‘real people’.

I could do it roughly like a virtual reality game since this world was going to disappear.

But my thoughts were a little different.

▶ Question: So what do you think, Student Kang Han Soo? Miss Trainee Teacher.

That’s a good question! We raise pets in our house.

The most beloved animals are dogs and cats, we cherish and love dogs and cats who can’t live more than 10 years on average, 20 years at the longest.

The Fantasia continent is also similar.

This world would disappear in 10 years if you don’t do anything like Hero Sieg.

And it’s hard to get past 20 years no matter how well you oil it.

The lifespan of this world is similar to a pet’s.

That’s how I feel.

▶ Amazed: I’m amazed at Student Kang Han Soo’s thoughts that compare entire dimensions to pets! Huhu! You’ve gotten better at flattery since the last time we met.

▶ Gloomy: Of course.

I studied hard to coax and appease Student Sieg, whose reason and purpose of living in the world was mating, into doing things heroes should do.

… Your perception of Sieg got worse the more you heard about him.

The slave auction continued even during my conversation with Miss Trainee Teacher.

Lanuvel was hooked on the words ‘new colleague’ and she increased her intimacy quickly while acting cute to the laborer.

The laborer’s face was red as he was already swayed.

“I’ll invite you into the chosen Hero’s adventure!” “Someone worthless like me, into Mr Hero’s party…?” “New colleagues are always welcome!” “Beautiful archeologist Miss Lanuvel.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

” “I’m looking forward to working with you too!” My original goal to find a labourer from the black market was fulfilled.

But I still had something to do.

Was it time to finally get started? The auctioneer pointed at a female elf while introducing her confidently.

“She’s an elf picked up in a famous forest in the southernmost part of the continent! As you can see, she’s a little out of her mind, but her appearance and bloodline are of the highest quality.

The black market has also confirmed that she is pure, and will give you an excellent 2nd generation.

It’s a golden opportunity from the Heavens that you simply can’t miss!” “Ooh!” “Oooh!” “Aaaaah!” The atmosphere of the auction house, which was slowly cooling down as the guests’ wallets got thinner, heated up to full intensity.

▷ Species: Elf ▷ Level: 851 ▷ Job: Archer(Archery= Penetration↑) ▷ Skill: Archery A Quickshot B Vision C Tracking D… ▷ Status: Cursed, Sealed, Addicted, Exhausted, Anesthetized It was the elf whose job was to escort Elf King’s wife.

She was among the talented ones even by the elves’ standards, even though they wouldn’t be able to go against high- grade devils in droves.

Currently she didn’t have any strength because she was cursed.

But she would be useful somehow if I cured her.

Ding dong! I also jumped into the auction.

Just like it was the 2nd round, the result was already decided.

“You won the bid again, Sir with a golden mask! You have a very strong wallet! Is there anyone who wants to challenge this gentleman? Three! Two! One! Congratulations!” Claps claps claps! It became a mess around this time in the 2nd round.

But since I had beat down the ringleader and the violent elves in advance, the auction ended quietly without any attack or disturbance.

Shall we go back now? “Labourer.

” “… Mr Hero.

Are you talking about me?” “Then is there any other labourer here? I promised to give you 2 options when we go, but seeing how you keep glancing at Lanuvel’s ass, it’s ruined.

” “M, Mr Hero?! That’s…!” “Shut up.

You’re a labourer from today on.

I’ll give you your first task.

Carry this elf on your back and follow me.

” I pointed at the archer elf whose hands and legs were tied prettily.

But then the laborer said something weird.

“Shouldn’t Mr Hero be carrying the elf?” “… why would I?” I was shocked at what he said just now.

Because the labourer in the 2nd round was obedient to repay my kindness, but the 9th round labourer was quite rebellious.

“How could I receive this honor of carrying such a beauty on my back…” “Ha! Stop talking nonsense.

” I snorted, but I liked his mindset.

Didn’t that mean he gave up to me what he thought to be good? But his way of thinking needed to be improved.

If a man that would be promoted from a low slave to a great king was this weak for beauties… The labourer carried the archer elf on his back politely as if he was carrying a queen.

He would surely be loved by his wife in the future.

The next schedule for me and these things? The village where the great being, Master Mollang lived.

(PR Note: Praise be to the great wiggle!) Then, “Ladies and gentlemen! I will be introducing a surprise product that wasn’t on our schedule! It’s a stray cat who fearlessly invaded this place! By our rules we should cut both her hands, put a slave mark on her forehead and present her, but we decided to just sell her as is because we don’t want to waste her beauty.

Now! Take a look!” The auctioneer introduced a new slave.

I stopped walking away from the black market and turned around.

“Ooh… it’s Hidden-route.

” It seemed as if there was a thief hiding in the black market warehouse who got away amidst the violent rampage of Sylvia’s group.

But the thief’s plan was ruined as the black market auction progressed smoothly without any attack due to my interference.

And as a result, she got captured alive by the black market mercenaries.

The black market sold everything that would make money.

Failed thieves were also no exception.

Anyways, it was a hidden story development that even the great and mighty SSS-grade Hero with 25 years of experience didn’t know about.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t interesting.

“Uuph…!” The thief who was muzzled so she couldn’t talk was dragged in by the black market mercenaries.

There was nothing she could do after having her hands and legs tied up.

She wore a stereotypical black catsuit like a thief from a movie.

It was a design that stuck to her body, revealing her slim figure.

The clothes that were ripped here and there in the process of getting overpowered were strangely suggestive.

If she was aiming for the black market warehouse then she must know something special, right? “Ooh!” “Oooh!” “Oooooooooh!!!!” “Woooooh!!!” The guests’ reaction was even hotter than when it was the archer elf’s turn.

“Our losses were incredible in the process of catching this stray cat.

But we’re sure she was worth it! If you succeed in taming this aggressive stray cat, she would be able to steal anything.

Of course, your ‘that thing’ too.

” “Haha!” “Hahaha!” After heating up the auction house’s atmosphere with dirty jokes, the auctioneer took off the thief hood that he had placed back on the thief’s head for the showcase, and shouted “We’ll start today’s last auction!” The thief’s beautiful face, that the black market guaranteed, was revealed.

And her long pointed ears that were as pointy as the elf royal blood Sylvia’s were, came into view.

“Oh my!” “Oh! Oh my God!” “I need to bid for this!” “Take all my money!” The thief, who everyone assumed “must be a human for sure” after looking at her curved chest, was surprisingly an elf.

Among the admiring guests, I got stars in my eyes.

Because of the thief’s species.

▷ Species: Chaos Elf ▷ Level: 137 ▷ Job: Thief(Underdog→ Luck↑) ▷ Skill: Devil A Stealth B Tracking C Divinity D Demonic Energy E… ▷ Status: Magic Sword, Restricted, Humiliated, Anesthetized, Weakened