FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 107

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 107

Chapter 107 [9th Round] What Happens If The Main Character Dies? “Mr Hero.

Shall we bury Sieg like this?” The First Spirit asked me with a smile on her face .

Sieg wasn’t dead yet.

But it wouldn’t have been a problem if I killed him, similar to when alumnus A provoked Ice Princess and ended up being frozen in the past.

The world kept going on, just as it was before.

Hero and the Demon King.

To check if the world of Fantasia would keep on going even though this structure was broken, even ‘Hero Kang Han Soo’ should disappear neatly.

It was also hard to check in the past.

Whether the world where I’m dead keeps existing or gets destroyed, what’s the point? But now? There was a way to check without dying.

I activated Blackbox.

Hero → Demon King (Hero→ level↓) Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM Ever since the time I became the Demon King on earth, it was set so that my job changed from Hero to Demon King if I turned on Blackbox.

And it changed back to Hero if I turned off Blackbox.

This way I could experiment without having to die.

Except, Pajijijijik-! Divinity Z and Demonic Energy Z, the two transcendental skills couldn’t help but collide.

Friction happened as I was no longer the species ‘Chaos Human’, which helped me master all elements.

My body would be damaged if I allowed this to go on.

“Then I have to take action.

” I received ‘nature’s protection’ as a species characteristic.

So I could use the law of nature as much as I wanted.

Divinity and Demonic Energy.

After thinking that I was condensing the two conflicting powers like a pair of round balls in an imaginary space, I put a central axis, which was ‘me’, between them.

The two conflicting powers had tried to tug me towards them, that was why they kept butting heads.

But it was different this time as Divinity and Demonic Energy were in equilibrium since they offset each other, just like how stars and planets in the universe maintained a constant distance with the balance of centrifugal force and gravity.

But it wasn’t enough with just this.

Because by balancing each other it meant that they got weakened by the resulting power neutralization, so I added another variable.

Wasn’t it too empty now with only two planets around ‘me’, acting as the sun? Elements, assemble! Land, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart! They were smaller than the two transcendental powers, but these things played a role in intervening with the collision of light (Divinity) and darkness (Demonic Energy), like a sponge or spring absorbing the impacts.

“This looks kinda cool.

” A microcosm was formed in my body.

Land, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Light, Darkness.

The 7 elements were in harmony and balance.

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COM I didn’t know how I would grow or evolve in the future, but it would progress slowly like a real universe if nothing major happened.

Anyways, I’ve taken care of the most urgent problem.

The real experiment started now.

“Let’s find out the connection between species and job~” This would be an important guideline for my future activities.

There were 3 hypotheses I thought of after seeing the amount of EXP that I got as I fully absorbed Sylvia’s EXP and knocked down Sieg’s elite unit.

Hypothesis 1) 5+95=100 Addition operation.

The hypothesis was that if we assumed the common EXP obtaining rate was 1% of total available exp, the Hero’s privilege was getting 5% of the total exp, and the natural human characteristic preserved and absorbed the rest 95% to make up 100% in total.

Then I wouldn’t have to stick to being a hero.

On the other side, Hypothesis 2) 5*20=100 What if it was a multiplication operation? Hero’s privilege boosted ordinary EXP to be 5 times higher.

This was a calculation method where the natural human species characteristic boosted the absorbed exp by 20 times to result in getting 100 times higher exp than a normal job.

If that was the case, I couldn’t give up being a hero.

The last one, Hypothesis 3) (100 exp out of 100 exp) ∪ (5 exp out of 100 exp)=100 exp A union.

The total amount of EXP the target had couldn’t exceed 100%.

Therefore, this was a hypothesis that the hero privilege wouldn’t be able to have an effect at all because of the natural human species characteristic which absorbed all of the 100%.

If this was the case, then the job Hero was just trash for me.

Except when fighting against the Demon King.

“I just wish it’s not a multiplication operation.

” There wasn’t any big difference between 95% in hypothesis 1 and 100% in hypothesis 3.

If any of the two hypotheses was right I could boldly throw away Hero.

And there was a way to check this right away.

By receiving EXP.

“Sieg! I’ll invite you to a great experiment!” Because my level went up, the small amount of exp from low level creatures was unnoticeable.

So I decided to get the friend from my home planet who was sprawled out on the ground to join me.

Friends should live while helping each other! “Koorghk-?! Ka, Kang Han Soo -!! N-NOO-…” The Holy Sword Nucleon slipped out of my hand accidentally and got coincidentally stuck into Hero Sieg’s heart.

Sieg stopped breathing with an expression as if a great injustice had been done to him.

So what if you also don’t like happy endings? “It’s too bad that Sieg died.

I was thinking of locking him under the ground and making him pay for ruining nature.

I wanted to engrave it on his soul; how humans are nothing in front of the great and magnificent nature.

” The First Spirit smacked her lips.

The other spirits also nodded as if they were agreeing.

But they didn’t blame me for killing Sieg peacefully.

Why? Because I was loved by the spirits.

It would be ‘viciously violent’ when somebody else hit the spirits, but if I did it, it would become an ‘expression of love’.

1052 level → 1778 level Sieg’s exp had been absorbed by me.

I couldn’t measure exactly if I absorbed it fully since he was above 999 level, but it was way over the amount of EXP that I could get as a pure ‘Hero’.

I was confident that this was a growth that could never be achieved with five times higher EXP from hypothesis 2.

I could be confident about the exp required as I had lived in this world for 8 times so far.

From now on, wouldn’t levels be like a numbers play of addition and subtraction for me? The Hero job became meaningless.

▶ Tired: it’s really been a long time! Student Kang Han Soo! Ooh? Miss Trainee Teacher.

Where were you hiding before showing up now? ▶ Depressed: I had been following Student Sieg, whom my senior handed over to me.

I appeased and soothed him well until he somehow succeeded in knocking down the 5 Disasters, but all the colleagues that you provided died…haha… It seemed as if with Sieg died, the class that the morals teacher passed on was also over.


She must’ve had a hard time.

▶ Positive: Don’t even mention it! There was nothing but mating in Student Sieg’s head.

He didn’t do any training—saying he’s already powerful, and only flirted with girls… then when he was fighting the 5 Disasters, he moved slowly while getting help from his colleagues.

I think I had drunk herbal tonics at least 10 times because of the stress.

… Miss Trainee Teacher really worked hard.

▶ Gloomy: I’m not exaggerating, I really worked hard.

Sorry for saying this, but I worked 100 times more diligently than I did when I assisted you.

Pre-surveys and researches are the basic things to do, I also used the trick of getting into his dream as an angel to calm his sex drive a few times.

But the result was the exact opposite.

So I kept wondering if my interfering had ruined Student Sieg.

Am I ineligible to be a teacher…? Sobs! It seemed as if Miss Trainee Teacher had totally lost her confidence.

I thought she was really stupid.

When the morals teacher passed Sieg on Miss Trainee Teacher, the world was already on the verge of getting screwed up.

It was impossible to lead it in the right direction.

It was the other way around, I wanted to compliment Miss Trainee Teacher.

Because Sieg, who used to be stuck in the elf kingdom, only interested in mating without going on an adventure even once, knocked down the 5 Disasters while traveling 3 continents when Miss Trainee Teacher was in charge.

Of course, the colleagues’ sacrifices were great.

So Miss Trainee Teacher.

Have some confidence! ▶ Gratitude: Thank you so much, Student Kang Han Soo.

It comforted me a bit.

Though I didn’t come to find you for this… Hmm? Then why did you come? ▶ Answer: This world, where the Hero who would rival the Demon King has died, will disappear soon.

Although you’re decently alive like this, it seems like the system doesn’t recognize you as a Hero.

No way…? My current job after activating Blackbox was ‘Demon King’.

And the ‘Hero’, Sieg died in my hands.

▶ Explain: Usually students get a temporary heart attack in the middle of a battle, some pathetic ones sometimes also stop breathing after seeing an absolute beauty.

So they give the students a grace period for around 10 seconds to revive.

But if the students don’t come back alive even until then, the system would conclude that they’re dead and it moves on to the re-examination.

Miss Trainee Teacher.

Is it okay for you to tell me that? ▶ Deny: Of course it’s not.

We can’t stop students from guessing by themselves, but it’s important information that faculty members can never tell the students directly.

But… you’re my secret friend.

If you didn’t comfort me just a little while ago, I might really have given up my dream to be a teacher.

I see.

But Miss Trainee Teacher.

Thank you for telling me while taking the risk, but it’s too late.

The system was already in the middle of notifying me.

Mr Hero.

Did you enjoy your adventure? ▷ A real hero’s path is very tough.

But there were countless people who were rooting for you, who didn’t lose sight of your dreams and hope.

You, who couldn’t grow together with them while learning about friendship and love, unfortunately couldn’t get rid of the vicious Demon King and died valiantly.

▷ Shall we take a look at your grades? It seemed like this kind of message popped up if the Hero died in the middle of adventure.

Was Sieg looking at this too? ▷ Name: Kang Han Soo▷ Combat power: S ▷ Performance: S ▷ Reputation: S ▷ Personality: A ▷ Comment: Why did you come back again?! What do you want!? I wanted to ask that myself.

So send me back to Earth! ▷ You failed.

I felt dizzy after getting the notification about the result.

Because my grades in the 8th round, in which I lived for 8 years starting from a weak baby in the uncivilized Fantasia dimension, were really good.

Triple S grade! It was natural since I got praised as the ‘Great Emperor’ while diligently working for 3 years in the Fantasia North continent as a baby.

I even got A for Personality, which was the subject with the worst subjective biased judgement from Fantasia’s God.

I can’t believe I failed even then! The reason was only one.

▷ Reason: You have a sense of honor for others.

You deserve to be respected for that, but this world is not rational like that.

We’ll give you, who lost bitterly, one more chance.

Grow and be stronger.

So please save the world this time! ▷ The re-examination is starting now.

Fantasia’s system sorted it all out with ‘S-grade Hero died!’ If I killed Sieg when Blackbox was in a deactivated state, this kind of error wouldn’t have occurred because I was also a ‘Hero’.

But I was recognized as ‘Demon King’ because I had Blackbox activated.

“I only knew one thing.

” Hero and Demon King.

“The fact that the world would disappear without either of the two.

” It could be seen as a great harvest, but the fact that I missed the chance to graduate which had been laid out right in front of my eyes was very painful.

▷ All the faculty members are desperate for your return.

▷ Professional teacher will be sent soon….

▷ Professional teacher will be sent soon….

▷ Professional teacher will be sent soon….

▷ There’s no professional teacher to be sent.

The light of return, which indicated a re-examination, started to twirl around my body.

This wasn’t a problem of resisting or not.

Every existence was disappearing… The world was deleted—just like deleting saved game data.

It wasn’t a situation that could be solved by stubbornly staying.

Then, the First Spirit said, “I came out to the world after a really long time but it collapsed right away.

Mr Hero.

You’ll save me again, right?” “Why would I?” She wouldn’t be able to remember me once I returned.

The First Spirit of the 9th round, which was about to start soon, was just a third party.

I also had solved my curiosity about the spirits’ cloaca.

Every existence in the 8th round would cease to exist soon.

“Do you really think so?” “What-?” “I’ll be waiting, Mr Hero.

” “Auntie! Stop throwing bait and explain right away! Or with my finger I’ll-” The light engulfed me completely.

* It wasn’t on the dimensional traveling magic circle of Fantasia north continent’s Magic Kingdom, nor was it on a bed in some shabby village.

It wasn’t in a beautiful princess’ cozy belly too.

It had been a long time since then, but how could I forget? This location, where I first got abducted.

It was the central continent’s Dumpling Kingdom where I woke up.

“Welcome, Mr Hero!” Lanuvel, who was said to have blown herself up while hugging the corrupted Saintess A in the Fantasia Western continent, greeted me while acting cute.

A proof that the 9th round had started.

I didn’t know where to vent my anger.

“Damn this thing…” I couldn’t believe I tore my train ticket to Earth with my own hands.

In the 8th round, if only I had paid a little more heed to the warning, I would’ve knocked down Demon King Pedonar and graduated with excellent grades.

Why did I assume my 8th round grades would be bad and give up easily? This was all Sieg’s fault.

It became like this because that dude pleaded for me to kill him.

▶ Question: Did Student Sieg really say so? Miss Trainee Teacher.

I heard it clearly! Hero Sieg, who lost his beautiful cheering squad, said in his mind.

“Mr Hero, come back to your senses! It must be very confusing since you got summoned suddenly without notice, right? This place is Fantasia.

It’s a different dimension from the world you were born and grew up in.

I guess it would be too much to hope that you understood right away.

From now on I’ll explain in detail-” “Give me clothes first.

You voyeur bitch.

” I covered my lower part by putting my righteous wings around it like a skirt.

I didn’t start as a ’17 year old boy in uniform’ because I wasn’t summoned normally in the 8th round.

So I was naked.

Should I be relieved that I didn’t return as a sperm? “Sorry.

I’ll prepare them…” “If you are giving, then at least give me this Kingdom instead of just some clothes.

” “… pardon?” I should receive compensation for my mental damage after having my naked body seen by such things as Lanuvel and the barbarous royal knights.

What if they didn’t give me any compensation? ▶ Species: Natural Human▷ Level: 1860 ▷ Job: Hero(EXP 500%) ▷ Skill: Interpretation A ■■A ▷ Status: Annoyed This Mr Hero of 8 years wouldn’t forgive them!