FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 106

FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Elf King’s Counterattack [8th Round] Elf King’s Counterattack Spirits hated fights.

It was hard to pick one reason why it was so because there were too many, but they had a strong tendency of avoiding large-scale battles since it would ultimately end up destroying nature.

But, there was an exception.

The spirits fought for a long time for the elves that imprisoned the First Spirit.

As years passed by, young spirits who were born later looked at their seniors and thought ‘we need to fight even though we hate it.

’ and they had been enduring it like that without knowing why it was so.

Since then, elementalists and sorcerers started to play an active role on the battlefield.

But it also ended as of today.

Following the liberation of the First Spirit from the elves’ evil hands, the spirits were also freed completely from the battles they hated.

They didn’t need to fight back anymore, unless it was an environment destroyer trying to destroy nature—that they hated more than a fight in which somebody would get hurt.

“Sieg must be out of his mind!” The First Spirit, who mistook my head for an Empress’s carriage, was outraged.

Currently, Sieg was destroying a jungle randomly.

If Earth’s environmental organization, Greenpeace, knew this, they would’ve crushed his head.

Sieg’s behaviors could definitely be termed as ‘evil’.

Black companies on earth destroyed nature for pure profit.

Though it was to take care of the company CEO’s own self-interest, the employees’ might get a measly rise in their salaries or more jobs might be created.

But Sieg’s behavior was lacking even this kind of professional excuse.

It was simply a revenge against his past wife.

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COM If that was all he did I would’ve just accepted it.

Since in Germany in the past if a married couple got divorced they’d also fight in a life-and-death battle.

The husband’s lower body would get buried in the ground as a penalty and he had to fight against his wife like that.

Until one of them died.

I believed it might also happen in the barbarous fantasy world.

But I couldn’t bring myself to approve Sieg’s way of thinking; it wasn’t enough for him to just kill his wife, he also wanted to slaughter her entire species.

Even in many countries on earth, where they would even kill the cousins forty times removed of someone who was caught in a plot of treason, wouldn’t do this.


I don’t understand Sieg’s behavior.

This place is already like a land of spirits anyway.

Why’s he taking out his anger towards us?” Did Sieg even start to mistake spirits for elves because he went crazy? The war was in full swing.

The elves attacked with bows, the spirits used the 5 elements to block the human army.

It seemed as if the humans were slowed down due to the spirits’ overwhelming strength, but the tables were turned with Sieg’s order to burn the forest and pollute the river.

It was harder to protect than to destroy.

The spirits had to split their military force into two, one to fight the humans and one to protect nature.

People might argue that they just needed to deal with the human who was the ringleader first, but the spirits couldn’t ignore the damage that occurred in the meantime.

They couldn’t use tactics that asked them to sacrifice the smaller things for a bigger one.

Their beloved families were dying in front of them, did it look like they would run after the culprit? Of course, the spirits’ anger level was at its highest.

“Don’t worry! Because there’s a troubleshooter for all your problems right here.

” This A-class Mr Hero would solve the problem fair and square.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Violence for violence! I used my EXP.

647 level → 646 level → 645 level → 644 level The level was declining rapidly in real time.

But in return, an unheard-of power started to flow through my body.

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COM The principle was similar to the skill ‘Congestion’ that an elf hero used on Earth right before he self-destructed in the past.

But this one had an overwhelmingly better efficiency.

It’s level wasn’t on the same level as a skill.

“Hooong…” But I couldn’t stay still like this.

Because it would be a waste if I didn’t use it when my level was in the middle of declining.

Ppyong! I summoned the Holy Sword Nucleon.

I was poor in skills as I sacrificed them all for breaking the limit, but this Holy Sword’s attack power had always been at its maximum.

There was nothing in the partitioned fantasy world that it couldn’t cut.

With this, even that coward bitch wouldn’t be able to bounce off with her breasts! “We’ll help too, Mr Hero.

Kids!” The First Spirit shouted above my head.

Her way of speaking was light as if she was calling them “kids who want to play together, gather up!”, instead of calling them to go to war.

But the result was totally different.

Thud! Hiss! Whoosh! Splash! Squish! Land, fire, wind, water, heart.

The 5 kinds of power that the enraged spirits poured into the Holy Sword Nucleon became one and a huge amount of ‘EXP’ was condensed.

642 level → 644 level → 646 level The level also stopped declining and went back up.

It was the result of how the amount of EXP I absorbed from the spirits was larger than the amount of EXP that was decreasing as I made my body more powerful.

I thought I kind of knew how to use my new species ‘natural human’.

Let’s take the lead in protecting nature in the future! “Kang Han Soo…!” Sieg who felt my unusual aura shouted from afar.

There was a cheering squad of beautiful women that was called the elite unit around him.

It reminded me of the old Prince’s harem.

That time, what did I do again? “Sieg.


I’ll cut you beautifully.

” There was no need for conversation between us.

It was none of my business whether Sieg felt sorry for his wife or whatever.

What was important was the fact that he attacked even though he knew that I was here in this place.

No compromise or excuse would work for that.

But, it was really troublesome to go to Sieg that far away.

Because it was another work to break through the crowded human army.

So I changed the method.

648 level → 48 level I amplified the destructive force of the condensed power by using EXP boldly.

Chwaaaaa-! The brilliance of green that symbolizes life kept spreading out from the Holy Sword Nucleon that I held upright and penetrated the clouds.

I could intuitively feel that the preparation was over.

“Ah…!” “Huk!” “What the -!” Fantasia natives who saw the overwhelming scene were shuddering and were frightened out of their wits.

Then they instinctively felt the danger and stepped back.

But it was too late after they realized.

I drew a vertical line in the direction where Sieg and his elite unit were at with the Holy Sword Nucleon.

There was no such thing as swordsmanship or techniques.

Only the overwhelming pressure of pure violence! Koogoogoogoo~ The green brilliance, which skyrocketed high to the sky like the Tower of Babel, dropped like dominoes in the direction of the human army.

To be exact, on Sieg’s head.

I could say that the knights, nobles and beautiful women standing in front of and behind him were unlucky.

Of course, they didn’t just let me off.

“Haaaap!” Sieg swung Holy Sword 1 with a roar like a beast.

“Way to go! Sieg oppa!” “Sieg kun! I believe in your victory!” “Allow me to reinforce you, Sieg sama.

” “Sieg oppa.

Fighto! ON!!” The beautiful women, who wore protective gear that I couldn’t expect would protect them at all because they were designed to show off their elegant bodies, cheered on Hero Sieg.

They would be swept away like dust if they didn’t escape to the right and left now like the terrified soldiers and knights did, but Sieg’s elite unit didn’t avoid it.

And they assisted Holy Sword 1 with their powers.

“Kang Han Soo! This is the real power of love and friendship!” The additional function of Holy Sword 1 was how its killer move got more powerful after it responded to love and friendship.

A pink flash of light, that was blazing like a hot flame, confronted me.

Love…? First of all, mine was love too.


Receive the power of your divorced wife.

” “What…?” Thud-! Green and pink.

The powers of the two loves collided against each other.

It was brought to an end in an instant.

Sylvia’s ‘power of love’, that she had invested more than 600 levels into to fight back her divorced husband Sieg’s revenge, was way more powerful.

There was no chance of winning for bitches that peacefully thought it would work out anyways with only cheering spirit, without going through sacrifice and loss.

As a result, Sieg’s elite unit was massacred.

It wasn’t like I felt sorry for the women.

They just ridiculously got caught up in the midst of cheering comfortably while being sure that Sieg would win.

It wasn’t my fault because it was accidental.

How was I supposed to fight while taking care of ants, that didn’t run away even after seeing my performance of gathering power, so they didn’t get hurt? It was their fault.

“But still, what a bummer.

” Currently it was my 15th year of being a hero.

I used to take pride in knowing every beautiful woman in the Fantasia Continent, but it was only until my 10th year of being a hero.

I wasn’t interested in the little kids that made me think “this girl would grow up into an amazingly beautiful woman 5 years later.

” as soon as i saw them in their childhood.

Because literally, it would be 5 years later.

But those 5 years flew by.

I wanted to check if they had become beautiful women like my prediction, but they got massacred without leaving a bone.

But the regret didn’t last long.

“Because they were women that didn’t have an eye for men and they fawned over Sieg.

There would be nothing to see on that level.

” Including Sylvia.

I lightly brushed off the lingering feeling which was as big as a handful of dust.

Moreover, they had become one with me.

Level 48 → Level 1052 They ended up losing their beautiful bodies because they chose a wrong man, but everyone in hero Sieg’s elite unit became EXP and joined my inner harem.

Also welcome to vigorous gentlemen who lost the timing to run away while appreciating the beautiful women’s attractive bodies and got swept up.

I’ll make good use of you all.

“Huh! It went up to Level 999+ with a single blow?” A Hero’s special privilege which was 500% EXP gain was like a scam, but it wasn’t to the level of exceeding Level 999 with a single blow.

Because if raising level was this easy I wouldn’t have spent 10 years for my 1st round.

I wouldn’t spend more than a year even if I was a newcomer and knew nothing about the Fantasia Continent.

That was how much this was an extreme rise of EXP.

I already knew what caused it.

My new species, natural human.

It seemed as if it absorbed EXP of the eliminated opponents very effectively.

As a bonus, I got to visibly see a level that exceeded 999 level, which I had never seen before.

My wish which meant that I got to interfere with Fantasia’s EXP system, as part of my desire that I expressed through multiple-choice answers, got reflected.

Just like this.

▶ Species : Natural Human▷ Level : 1052 ▷ Job : Hero (EXP 500%) ▷ Skill : Prodigy ZZ Spirits MAX Blessed MAX Fabrication MAX Hope SSS··· ▷ Status : Holy Sword, Saintess In the meantime I was checking the change in my EXP, the invading army made up of humans started to retreat quickly.

It seemed as if they sincerely wanted to surrender while shuddering at my overwhelming power, but the enraged spirits didn’t let them off.

Humans’ politics didn’t work on spirits.

“Run away! Euak~” “Retreat! Retreat! Aargh?!” “Huk! Withdraw!” “Hihihi! Kill them! Kill them!” Spirits of fire burnt the soldiers, spirits of water and spirits of land dug a river and a pit behind the fleeing soldiers to block their retreat route.

Spirits of wind made the flame and waves even more rough, and they pushed the soldiers who tried to avoid the pit trap with strong wind and dropped them.

The troops retreated like that and an empty spot was left.

A man had fallen over.

▷ Species : Arc Human▷ Level : 999+ ▷ Job : Hero (EXP 500%) ▷ Skill : Stamina Z Madness SS Patience SS Endurance S Troubles with Women S··· ▷ Status : Serious injury, Bleeding, Fracture, Anger, Confusion··· It seemed like I still couldn’t see others’ EXP higher than Level 999.

“Cough cough! I lost again? This is ridiculous…! I’m a HERO who’s defeated three of the 5 Disasters! I also have transcendental Z skills like you… what the FUCK?! ZZ grade?! This can’t happen! This is a scam! Cough cough!” Sieg who had become messy screamed while coughing up blood.

“Oh! Sieg.

You were alive? Quite good.

” It seemed like during the 5 years of my sleep, Sieg didn’t really waste his time too.

As the First Spirit had explained roughly and Sieg claimed while coughing up blood, he had many adventures on the three continents.

The evidence and at the same time a result was Spirit Z.

Hero Sieg also made transcendental skill.

“… hmm? It wasn’t Spirit?” It was Stamina.

The power of real men! I couldn’t even get the hang of what Z grade effect of skill Stamina was, but I was at least sure that Sieg didn’t die from my attack thanks to that effect.

Since the other skills were not so good.

Then, Sieg, whose eyes were red, stood up while staggering.

“I’m Stamina King Sieg! I never show this weak sight of me to women…!” “Hee~ is it that kind of effect.

” But those women had already… Flop Stamina King Sieg fell back down while showing a weak side of him.