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Moon Blind Duology

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Scientist, loner...werewolf?

Fourteen years ago, I bit through the lip of the first boy brave enough to kiss me. Since then, I've acquired a Ph.D. in archaeology, a new teaching gig at a prestigious university, and research interests out the wazoo.

Unfortunately, my social life is still as bleak as a raided Egyptian tomb.

Until, that is, a stranger interrupts my class bearing the same ancient cat fang I see in my dreams. He's rough around the edges and entirely riveting. No wonder my inner monster wakes up and seizes the reins.

Soon, wolf tracks appear on campus, the monster begins holding conversations without my permission, and a shadowy figure breaks into my office in search of the cat fang. Can I afford to reopen old wounds and display my darker half to the world just when I'm finally finding my feet?

This box set includes the complete series: Wolf Dreams and Moon Dancer.

USA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling pens urban fantasy novels that flirt with paranormal romance. Oh, and werewolves. Lots of werewolves.

She firmly believes that every reader deserves the unbreakable bonds of a pack, the joy of a fated mate, and the thrill of swashbuckling adventures. Be sure to check out her free box sets, Shifter Origins and Shifter Origins II, for an introduction to sword-wielding fox shifters, a cupcake-baking werewolf, and several other spunky heroines.