Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 28

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Selling Goods, Making a Fortune Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “Second place, Chen Hao.

The symbiotic body should be a mythical type of flood dragon.

His points almost broke through 1,000 points, reaching 999 points!” 1 “This result is also a record that broke the past record.

” “Third place, Lin Ruyu.

I can’t see the symbiotic body, but from the various indicators, I can tell that it should be a non-combat type, but the points can still break through 900 points.

” 1 “And this fourth place…” Ye Feng, who had come to the school dormitory, was lying on his bed, looking back at the top few players on the points list.

Because after the training competition, many students would experience different levels of changes, and entering the primeval forest also carried a certain level of danger.

Therefore, for safety reasons, after the training competition ended, they would all be arranged to stay and be observed for a period of time until the award ceremony ended.

Only then could they move freely.

“I have to say, the number of genius-type contestants this year is ridiculous!” “Only after reaching the position of almost 20th can the first place of the previous year be marked!” “According to the information on the internet, there are as many as seven people in our current batch with mythical-level symbiotes!” Ye Feng looked at the data on the internet and could not help but exclaim.

The live broadcast of these contestants was fascinating.

Ye Feng also clicked in to watch it.

It had to be said that in terms of combat ability alone, Ye Feng could not even be compared to the top ten on the list.

read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! Second place, Chen Hao, the Dragon Demon symbiote.

After awakening, his attack power was extremely terrifying.

In the training competition, he had killed thousands of monsters! With such terrifying combat ability, Ye Feng could not help but be a little envious.

If a single combat ability was powerful, it would be useless.

Chen Hao had extremely strong combat ability, but his defensive ability was far from being able to keep up.

During the battle process, he was extremely vulnerable to injuries.

But it was also because of his high explosive power that allowed him to finish the battle quickly.

During the battle process, he also constantly recovered his health.

Otherwise, even if Chen Hao had a mythical-level symbiote body, after a few battles, the injuries he received would be enough to make him feel cold.

“So, it’s better to just lie low for now.

” “Let’s not talk about the internal factors first.

If you advance too quickly, you’ll be easily targeted.

If you keep a low profile, you’ll get fewer resources.

” 2 “So, everything has to be done slowly.

The most important thing is to improve yourself quickly.

” 2 As a transmigrator, Ye Feng often had a premonition that he did not have much time left.

Maybe in one or two years, the world would change greatly.

1 Or maybe in five or six years.

Or even in ten years.

But no matter when.

What had to come, had to come! So Ye Feng had to use all means to arm himself.

Even if he could still have the ability to protect himself during the cataclysm, his family were all ordinary people.

Only he could protect them.

“The things in the storage bag are no longer of any use to me.

Even if there are, the improvement is slight.

” “Why don’t I sell them? I can still earn some money.

” Ye Feng muttered as he opened the storage bag.

He counted the resources.

Then he opened the online store exclusive to symbiotes.

Other than the Flame Fruit, Ye Feng packed up all the other things in the storage bag and hung up the link.

Since it wasn’t very useful to him… He might as well sell them all! The storage space in the storage bag was also limited.

In addition, his family was very poor, and his parents had spent all their savings to buy a Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture for him.

[Ding! You have an unread message.

Please check it as soon as possible.

] Less than a minute after it was hung up in the mall, the message for the transaction was immediately sent.

“So fast!” Ye Feng clicked on the message in surprise.

Then, a message appeared.

The profile picture was of a beautiful girl with a big white rabbit… 1 [Hello, I’m very interested in the medicinal herbs you’re selling!] [However, I need to know the source of your items…] Looking at Ye Feng’s blank transaction record and the lack of any guarantee, the other party fell into deep thought.

In today’s era of advanced information technology, no matter what it was, online shopping had become almost everyone’s normal demand.

However, seeing that a person suddenly did not have any online shopping records, one could not help but wonder if he was a peddler… [Huh? You’re suspecting that my things came from an unclean source?] [This is what I took from outside.

] [If you don’t believe me, you can apply for an inspection.

I’ll show you.

] Ye Feng replied.

In short, as long as it could be sold, it was fine.

It didn’t matter if the period was a little longer.

[Okay!] The other party also replied in a second.

Ye Feng then rummaged through the storage bag and took out the lowest grade Xuanwu Turtle Shell inside.

The lowest grade here was also F grade.

In this world, all cultivation methods, secret manuals, medicinal herbs, artifacts, and so on were also sorted through a perfect grade system.

1 Apart from the symbiotic body being able to cultivate to a large or small realm, that was F+ grade, F- grade, this kind of subdivision realm, generally speaking, for objects, there was also such a detailed division.

And this Xuanwu Turtle Shell’s grade was F grade.

This grade was basically not considered low.

[Ding, the goods have been confirmed to be uploaded.

Do you confirm the transaction?] The phone emitted a faint light and scanned the Xuanwu Turtle Shell that Ye Feng was holding.

[Yes!] Ye Feng replied.

The next moment.

A faint light gradually covered the Xuanwu Turtle Shell.

In the blink of an eye, the Xuanwu Turtle Shell that was only the size of a plate slowly disappeared into the air.

[Ding, the goods have been successfully uploaded.

They are waiting for the buyer to inspect the goods.

] 1 A moment later, the sound came again.

[Ding, the buyer has finished inspecting the product and is in the process of paying…] [Payment completed.

Your account has reached 50,000 yuan!] The phone reminded him.

Ye Feng did not have much time after transmigrating, but he was familiar with all kinds of information in the current world.

He only heard that this super online shopping mall made by China was very powerful, but he did not know why.

2 After making a transaction today, he finally felt how powerful it was.

In this world, there was almost no express delivery business.

Things bought online, as long as both the buyer and seller were online, were transmitted in real-time.

2 There was also an unmanned shop set up, and things paid for were transmitted in real-time.

This was much more awesome than the internet in his previous life! While Ye Feng was sighing, he immediately received the latest news from the big white rabbit.

[Very good! Although this quality is not very rare, it has been around for a long time, and its medicinal properties are quite good!] [How many more of this kind of goods do you have?] [I also took a fancy to the Mountain Ginseng in your shop.

I want all of it.

Don’t sell it to others!] [The price is easy to negotiate!] Although Ye Feng couldn’t see the other party’s expression, Ye Feng could completely imagine the other party’s elated appearance.

Moreover, she even proposed a price and everything was easy to negotiate.

‘Is my item really that good?’ Ye Feng smiled and replied, [I only have this piece of Xuanwu Turtle Shell.

I don’t have that many.

] [Also, the things put up are all packaged for sale.

] [Not only for sale!] [The quality of my things is all legitimate.

I have two Mountain Ginseng.

They are both rare E grade!] [There are also the remaining items.

The lower ones are F grade while the higher ones are F+.

] [Most importantly, mine are all hard goods.

I won’t cheat people.

Give me a reasonable price and you can take them all!] After Ye Feng sent the message, the white rabbit lady was stunned for a moment.

After thinking for a moment, she said, [No problem.

As for the price, how about 500,000…] Hearing this price, Ye Feng was stunned.

What kind of godly price was this! 500,000! A bottle of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture was only a little over 200,000.

This was already the savings of Ye Feng’s family for their entire life… And he had just casually plundered something from the primeval forest.

It could be sold at this price! Seeing Ye Feng’s reaction, the white rabbit lady immediately said, “Is the price too low? How about this? How about adding another 200,000 yuan?” This… Ye Feng rubbed his eyes.

He could not believe that the price could actually go up.

These medicinal herbs were actually so valuable! On the other side, the white rabbit lady could not wait any longer and directly threw out an even higher price.

1 million! [This price is the highest price I can accept!] Lady White Rabbit had just finished speaking.

The next second, she received a reply from Ye Feng.

[No problem, deal!] Ye Feng had just finished sending the message when a message immediately popped up on his phone.

[Deal successful.

Deducting 10% service fee, the account has been received.

900,000!] Seeing the money that went straight to the account, Ye Feng thought for a moment and immediately put the bag of only 3 Flame Fruits, putting up the link.

But the price had doubled.

One fruit, 500,000! These Flame Fruits, on the mall’s rating, are actually E- rated.

1 At this price, it was still too subtle.

Ye Feng was still hesitating whether to change the price.

The white rabbit lady: “…” Just as the product was linked, the white rabbit lady couldn’t help but send a message.

[Didn’t you say that you don’t have anything else!] [This is the last of my assets, but I found that the price seems to be marked down…] [Wait!] Lady White Rabbit hurriedly sent three similar messages.

[What?] Before Ye Feng could type this word, in the next second, three messages in a row were sent.

At the same time, Ye Feng’s card received another 1.

35 million.

“Good guy, this hand speed…”