Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 26

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Expanding One’s Influence.

Final Instruction Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “There are actually so many Flame Fruits!” Ye Feng’s eyes lit up when he saw a few scattered Flame Fruits on the ground.

A few scattered rare supplements and very good items were collected by Ye Feng.

With so many items, Ye Feng was still hesitating whether he could take them away when he suddenly saw a small item that looked like a brocade pouch.

“This must be a storage bag!” Ye Feng smiled.

It was simply like sending charcoal in the snow.

Since this thing appeared in this kind of godforsaken place, it must mean that his kind had fallen here, and then this artifact would fall and be carried back by the ants to be placed here.

But it was still a thing of the past.

Ye Feng’s consciousness seeped in and found that one of the new worlds was empty, without a single thing.

“Looks like it’s quite new!” Ye Feng thought as he put in all the things that he had taken a fancy to just now.

In this way, he did not need to take so many things out.

He only needed to bring a small brocade bag and it would be like bringing a storage room with him.

He could take whatever he wanted inside.

The only drawback was that this world was still relatively small.

The number of things that could be contained was also very small, but for Ye Feng who picked it up for free, no matter how small it was, it was still a profit.

After putting away these high-grade medicinal herbs, Ye Feng felt very satisfied.

The rest was all left for these ants to enjoy.

After all, he was the King now, so it was only right for him to take care of his underlings.

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com , pls! 1 Although he had experienced many things this time entering the ant nest, the harvest was also very huge.

This trip had brought Ye Feng a lot more benefits than wandering in the forest! With a thought, the attribute panel appeared.

[Ye Feng] [Symbiotic Body: Magic Slime] [Body Size: 20%] [Subsidiary Bodies: 30] [Attributes: Strength 100, Agility 170, Vitality 180, Spirit 200] [Special Attributes: Poison Immunity, Poison, Swift Walk, Sticky, Sharpness] [Sequence: Perception, Split, Devour, Regeneration, Mimicry, Evolution, Magic Conductor] [Skills: Goddess Scattering Flowers, Ultimate Possession, Severed Tail, Stench, Leader’s Oppression, Sharp Blade, Web Transformation] [Evolution Progress: 1%] “Compared to when I first came in, my transformation is simply earth-shattering!” “My skills have increased quite a bit, and at the same time, my attributes have also increased by quite a few types.

” “Most importantly, I’ve already unlocked seven of my sequences! Just by relying on my seven great sequences, I can continuously increase my attributes.

” Looking at his attributes that were constantly increasing… Ye Feng also felt that he was becoming stronger bit by bit.

According to the characteristics that he had evolved, the level of Ye Feng’s symbiote was not lower than that of the mythical type.

In fact, in some aspects, it could even be compared.

Just looking at the battle strength alone, that was still too weak.

But the space for development in the future was also very large.

Now that he had chosen the path of a mage, the path of development in the future would definitely become more diverse than now.

He would encounter more opportunities, but at the same time, he would also encounter unprecedented resistance.

Of course, all of this had to be resolved step by step by himself.

Others might be able to rely on their families, but Ye Feng only had his own resources.

After tidying up everything, Ye Feng looked around.

He then released his perception.

After confirming that there was no place worth exploring in the vicinity, Ye Feng said in a low voice, “Since all the resources in this nest have been collected, the next step is to prepare to leave!” Ye Feng walked out.

With a wave of his hand, he withdrew all the little Slimes.

All the vision in the vicinity had disappeared.

But he did not need them anymore.

Glancing at the ants who were busy restoring their homes, Ye Feng directly released all the food in the storage room.

Let them eat it.

Before Ye Feng became the new King, everything the ant nest did was for the Queen.

First of all, the opening of the storage room shocked countless ants.

Ye Feng took away all the valuable things.

The remaining things were food for them.

And it was food for the Ant Queen.

As low-level ants, they couldn’t enjoy it even if they spent their whole lives.

But Ye Feng completely broke the restriction that was rooted in their genes.

He was waiting for them to finish all their food.

Ye Feng began to mobilize his troops on a large scale.

The ant tribe had a total of 50,000 people.

However, after the recent war… The Soldier Ants only made up less than one-fifth of the total.

They only had about 10,000 soldiers.

The rest were all Worker Ants.

More than 10,000 soldiers were enough for Ye Feng.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t bring these ants away, Ye Feng would have planned to bring them all away.

Just the number of 10,000 Soldier Ants was powerful enough.

Although he couldn’t bring them away, Ye Feng still wanted to give them a glimmer of hope for survival.

1 After gathering all the soldiers, Ye Feng didn’t stop.

In the center of the ant nest, within a radius of 10 kilometers, everything was destroyed by Ye Feng’s heavy soldiers and he seized control.

Ye Feng divided the area that was large enough into ten zones.

Each zone was guarded by 1,000 soldiers.

Don’t underestimate 1,000 Soldier Ants.

These Soldier Ants added up to 1,000 F grade creatures, which was quite a terrifying power.

And the areas within the zones were soon covered by the Worker Ants that Ye Feng dispatched.

Under Ye Feng’s unified control, one nest after another rose up from the ground.

The Army Ants were large in size, and their physical strength was especially good.

The seemingly large project was also completed very quickly.

And between these 10 bases, all of them were connected.

With this, a map of a large ant colony base was established.

After that, they would receive more resources.

Then, Ye Feng set up a commander for each base.

These 10 commanders would form a large authority, and the authority they exercised was equivalent to the authority of a King.

After that, Ye Feng gave a few large development strategies.

He let these 10 commanders lead the development of the ant tribe together.

According to Ye Feng’s strategy, in a few months, the entire forest would be under the control of the ant tribe.

After considering that there would be new people coming here every year to carry out a new round of training, Ye Feng even gave a death order.

If they encountered humans, they should first avoid them and absolutely not attack.

3 Of course, these were all things to be discussed later.

After everything was arranged.

Ye Feng left this place.



Ye Feng took back his [Mimicry] and returned to his normal appearance.

At this moment, he felt extremely comfortable in his heart! This trip, his harvest was truly incomparably bountiful! He took a look at the ranking board.

After clearing the ant nest, his points actually broke through the terrifying 1000 points barrier.

A total of 1011 points! One had to know that in previous years, the most powerful and talented rookie had only broken through the 900 point barrier.

And this time, Ye Feng had really refreshed the understanding of countless people.

Of course, second and third place were also very strong.

They had been tightly holding onto their ranks.

Ye Feng was also very curious about them, but the specific situation could only be understood after he went out.

Other than himself, there were also many outstanding rookies this year.

Although his improvement was huge, he couldn’t be proud of it.

‘If I can get enough attention, only then will I have a chance to enter a higher education institution to further my studies, and the resources will also increase.

’ 1 Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

He knew that his only way out was to enter a higher education institution.

Otherwise, no matter how big his promotion was, if he didn’t have more resources to support him, he would only end up as a nobody.

3 Moreover, he had been mimicking ants during this period of time, controlling thousands of troops to kill the enemy, so much so that he almost forgot that he was just an ordinary person in the human world! Now, it was about time to go out! After settling everything, Ye Feng was on a towering tree in the distance and activated the teleportation button on his wristband.

He took one last look at the direction of the ant tribe and disappeared into the vast forest as a beam of strong light descended.