Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 19

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Spider Web Binding Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation ‘I didn’t expect to encounter such a pleasant surprise when I went out to explore.

’ ‘If I can swallow all of them, then I can improve further!’ Ye Feng was happy, so he made his next move.

‘Since it can form such a big spider web, the spiders here must be quite big.

’ Ye Feng looked around and thought to himself.

According to his previous knowledge in class, he could easily tell that this was the Demonized Spider King’s territory.

Ye Feng had yet to discover the exact location of this Demonized Spider King through his senses.

But through his senses, more than ten densely packed little spiders appeared.

‘These are its descendants, right?’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

He withdrew his senses and began to gradually release the spiritual energy in his body, ready to fight at any time.

In the territory of the Demonized Spider King, there were usually many children.

They were all small spiders that the Demonized Spider King used to protect itself.

They were very similar to the Ant Queen of the ant colony.

Through continuous production, they produced countless ants.

These ants constantly went out to search for food, and then carried the food back to the Ant Queen.

But the difference was that the Demonized Spider King was not a creature that didn’t move.

Generally speaking, the Demonized Spider King’s level was not weak, and its attack power was also frightening.

Ye Feng released a few small Slimes to scout ahead.

Then, Ye Feng began to slowly crawl under a shrub tree, hiding himself.

read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! 1 In order to obtain the spoils of war hanging on the webs, Ye Feng had to go around this swamp.

Then he climbed up the crooked tree at the end.

Only then could he come to the side of the spider web.

But there was a problem.

If Ye Feng walked straight through the swamp… Then his aura would definitely be exposed.

Although his strength was not weak, Ye Feng did not want to take this risk.

“If I can’t avoid the battle with the Demonized Spider King, then I have to expose the other party first, so that I can gain the upper hand.

” Ye Feng thought for a moment.

Those little Slimes had already arrived at the swamp.

Due to their high resistance to poison, they weren’t affected by the miasma of the swamp at all.

But at the same time, the little Slimes’ figures were also discovered by the little spiders in the swamp.

“Ji ji–!!” After seeing the little Slimes, the four or five little spiders let out a few angry roars and immediately charged forward.

Due to the extremely large miasma, they did not have a field of vision.

Only when the little spiders were within a short distance did Ye Feng see their faces clearly from the shared field of vision of the little Slimes.

He only saw a few extremely ugly spiders.

On their bodies, there was still a dark green, stinky liquid flowing continuously.

The fur on their bodies was also very dense.

It was so dirty that even Ye Feng’s hair stood on end when he saw it.

After catching the little Slimes, the group of little spiders stretched out their front claws and were about to bite down viciously.

“So ugly!” Ye Feng said in disgust.

Fortunately, his vision was not clear.

Apart from feeling disgusted, Ye Feng also felt the ferocity of those little spiders.

‘Merge!’ Ye Feng thought in his heart.

Just as those little Slimes were about to be bitten, they immediately merged into a big Slime.

Their bodies suddenly grew bigger.

With the poison’s characteristics, the black spines that grew out directly pushed the few spiders a few meters away.

1 “Devour!” Just as the few little spiders flew out and landed on the ground.

A few more little Slimes suddenly appeared.

“Chi!!” With a few whooshing sounds, the few little spiders were successfully devoured.

[Ding! Devouring Demonized Little Spiders.

[Mimicry] sequence has evolved!] [You have obtained the [Spider Web Binding] ability!] As the little spiders were devoured, the system’s voice sounded in Ye Feng’s mind in the next moment.

“It actually evolved again!” Ye Feng smiled and felt the changes in his body.

“I seem to be able to use the [Spider Web Binding] ability on the mucus.

” “Then I’ll turn it into a medium for the spider web to attack!” 1 Ye Feng was pleasantly surprised to find that with the [Spider Web Binding] ability, his attack style had a new upgrade.

Of course, this was just a guess.

With this thought, Ye Feng immediately activated his spiritual energy to test it out.

Then, a lot of mucus appeared in the palm of his right hand.

With just a slight flick, it could adhere to the ground.

Furthermore, under the [Spider Web Binding] ability, this slime could actually become incomparably tough and sticky.

In addition, the Slime’s mucus itself was extremely sticky.

Along with the ability.

The Slime’s mucus that Ye Feng released was simply an indestructible existence.

“What a fellow! This time, the mucus seems to have a few additional characteristics.

It can be tough or sticky!” “Moreover, it can also be used as a spider web to bind.

” “As long as it hits successfully, the opponent will have many restrictions.

As an offensive method, it’s also not bad!” For Ye Feng, the [Spider Web Binding] ability was simply an excellent offensive method.

2 The biggest advantage of the mucus as a spider web medium was that the Slime’s mucus was almost endless and the spider web was instantaneous.

It was very similar to a hidden weapon.

But the attack range of the spider web was much larger than a normal hidden weapon.

And it was almost impossible to dodge.

Under the effect of the ability, the spider web that was shot out was not only sticky, but also very tough.

Most importantly, Ye Feng’s spider web also had the characteristics of his Slime! Poison! This was a nerve-wrecking poison, and poison was the biggest killer weapon of this spider web.

2 As long as it hit, the opponent would have varying degrees of paralysis, numbness, poison, and so on.

Of course, the specific situation still depended on the opponent’s level.

If the opponent’s level was very high, even though his spider web could cause quite a powerful attack, in the opponent’s eyes, it was still not enough.

Therefore, Ye Feng also knew that he had to grasp the way to attack, as well as the time.

This was also his biggest trump card at the moment.

It could even be said to be the only way to attack.

Not long after, a few small spiders came from the distance.

The miasma was extremely large.

Ye Feng could not see the opponent’s position clearly with just his vision, but Ye Feng’s perception was very clear about the opponent’s position.

‘Come on! Let’s try my new ability!’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

With a wave of his hand, countless mucus was released.

With the support of the [Spider Web Binding], the mucus turned into a spider web in the air and quickly enveloped the few small spiders.

“Ji! Ji!!” The small spiders were suddenly bound by a spider web.

When they realized that something was wrong, they immediately began to struggle.

However, the tenacity of the spider web was not something that these little guys could break free from.

Before long, those little spiders were all killed by the intense poison! ‘Go over and devour them!’ Ye Feng thought to himself and released a few more little Slimes.

The little Slimes were also very fast and directly went over to devour them.

[Devouring… Agility +1!] [Devouring… Vitality +1!] […] “Not bad, there’s still some small income!” Ye Feng smiled.

Right now, he wanted to get those cicada pupae hanging on the tree more.

“This ability is too useful.

Even if I fight the Demonized Spider King on the spot, I still have the confidence.

” “The aura is very close.

The distance between the Demonized Spider King and me shouldn’t be too far!” Ye Feng released his perception and once again concealed himself.

The Demonized Spider King’s aura was very powerful and was instantly captured by Ye Feng.

Therefore, Ye Feng deduced that the fellow should be on a nearby tree.

This was because the trees here were covered with the spider webs released by the Demonized Spider King.

Its range of movement was very wide.

Moreover, because it was a hunting-type monster, it had very strong offensive capabilities.

Therefore, hiding its aura was basically a compulsory course.

Ye Feng could not easily find it.