Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 15

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Mingjin Retreat, Send the Great Contributor Back to His Nest Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Wuzhou No.

2 High School, in the office.

More than ten teachers were nervously staring at dozens of screens.

Each screen showed each new student participating in the training competition.

And on the top scoreboard, the first place had always been Ye Feng.

The only difference was that the gap between Ye Feng and the second place was gradually closing.

First place, Ye Feng, 140 points.

Second place, Chen Hao, 139 points.

Third place, Ye Buyu, 120 points.



As the training competition progressed, each person’s points also slowly caught up.

The strange thing was that other people’s points were all gradually increasing slowly.

But Ye Feng’s points were all increasing by a large chunk.

Looking at the live broadcast screen, there was nothing strange about it.

Li Ruyan’s small hands supported her gentle little face as she looked at the screen in front of her in a daze.

On the screen, it showed that Ye Feng had now encountered a relatively large ant colony.

read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! This was a very rare ant colony crossing.

But in the primeval forest, it was still relatively normal to find out about this.

Anyone with a bit of common sense would know that under non-essential circumstances, the ants would normally avoid crossing the border.

Unless they had lived long enough, only then would someone think of going to watch the show.

They definitely could not clash head-on.

Some students in the distance, seeing the dust billowing over here, did not dare to act rashly.

Many students began to move away from this place.

However, Ye Feng had always been firmly in first place.

Seeing this scene, Li Ruyan did not worry too much about Ye Feng.

However, at the same time, she also hoped that Ye Feng would be able to remain firmly in first place.

Li Ruyan knew how important this ranking was to Ye Feng.

It could even change a person’s life from then on.



“D*mn, are all the rookies this year so fierce?!” “I haven’t looked at it for a few minutes, and this number has been refreshed yet again.

” “Look at that guy in first place! He has 140 points now!” “As expected of my alma mater.

It’s only the second day, and someone has already broken through 100 points.

” “Back then, in our rookie training competition, first place only had 80 points at this time.

” The popular points rankings were now extremely lively.

However, in order to control public opinion, the public couldn’t see the live broadcast.

They could only see the updated rankings.

However, the details of some contestants would also be announced.

Through this information, they could talk about the ranks.

[Ha, you guys don’t know that the first place Ye Feng is said to have a Slime symbiote.

] [What’s? A Slime?] [If he can secure the first place, that would be heaven-defying.

In the past hundred years of our Huaxia, there has never been such an awesome existence.

] 2 [It’s not just awesome, that’s a Slime! In the wild, that’s the lowest level of the food chain, something that can be seen everywhere!] [Is it possible that the first place actually doesn’t rely on the symbiotic Slime to obtain points, but on the strength of one’s own body?] [Don’t be silly, upstairs.

That’s a primitive forest.

What are you thinking? Creatures are everywhere.

Without the symbiotic body, it means that you can only stay in the safe zone.

The score can’t be that high!] […] On the Internet, countless netizens were engaged in an intense discussion.

On the other side, in the training hall.

Ye Feng looked at the dense mass of Army Ants in front of him.

He was so calm that he didn’t seem like a high school student.

‘Come, I’m disguised like this now.

If you can still recognize me as a human, then I’m really unlucky!’ Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

At this moment, a red army ant walked out.

It was obvious that this was the leader.

Just by looking at its size, it was already bigger than the other Army Ants.

If this group of Army Ants was the vanguard unit.

Then this fiery red Army Ant was the vanguard general who brought this unit.

The leader looked at Ye Feng and felt that something was strange, but he couldn’t find any clues.

He walked over and touched Ye Feng’s antennas.

The moment he touched them, Ye Feng actually received a message in his mind.

“Hey, kid, which unit are you from? Why haven’t I seen you before?” “Uh… I’m new here.

” Ye Feng immediately reacted.

So this was the way ants communicate.

Using their tentacles to transmit what they wanted to express, this was the most basic form of communication.

In Ye Feng’s opinion, this was quite sci-fi.

“New here?” The leader looked at Ye Feng again, deep in thought.

As the ants also competed with each other, they would often send scouts from other camps to follow them.

Once they found the location of the food, they would go back and report it.

That was why the leader was so cautious.

He was leading the vanguard of the Army Ants.

They went out to search for food every day and often trekked across mountains and rivers.

They encountered countless dangers and suffered losses from time to time.

In order to protect the forces at the frontline, the headquarters would constantly replenish their forces.

1 It was not impossible to say that they were new.

Moreover, the ants actually had their own dialects.

Ye Feng directly mimicked their forms at the same time.

His own language was naturally copied along with them.

After confirming that they were on the same side, the leader let down his guard.

“You came here to scout just now.

Is there any danger in this area?” Hearing the leader’s question, Ye Feng also immediately replied, “That human who escaped has already been killed by me.

The bloody smell was emitted by him.

” “There is no danger in this area anymore.

” “We can go back.

” Saying this, Ye Feng wanted to laugh.

He did not expect that one day, he would be able to communicate with other species.

He had a different feeling.

Ye Feng planned that as long as he could get rid of these ants, he would be able to escape.

When the leader heard Ye Feng’s report, he nodded.

There was an additional recognition in his eyes.

“Not bad, kid!” “Taking the lead to chase after the escaping enemies and annihilate them all.

It’s very impressive of our vanguard unit.

” “You are the great contributor to this battle!” “When we return, I will reward you in front of the Ant Queen!” After saying that, the leader shouted, “Clean up the battlefield and gather resources!” Following that, the mighty Army Ants, like robots, after receiving the command of the leader, they began to busy clean up the battlefield.

All kinds of spoils of war.

All kinds of food on the grassland were covered by ants.

Then, they disassembled everything one by one in an orderly manner and carried them out.

1 If they encountered hard goods that were difficult to disassemble, they would carry them away.

It was like a thousand kilograms of bones and so on.

At this moment, the immense physical strength of the Army Ants was revealed.

Even if it weighed more than a thousand kilograms and was incomparably huge, it still only required two Army Ants to carry it.

One in front and one behind.

The scene was like a factory that was completely surrounded.

Each ant seemed to have its own clear division of labor.

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng sighed with emotion.

If there were not a thousand ants here, there were already ten thousand.

And the number only increased, not decreased.

If even his [Split] sequence evolution was at such a level, and it could split into hundreds of thousands of little Slimes, that scene would definitely be very spectacular! Moreover, even if he met an opponent that was very difficult to deal with, Ye Feng could still win through numbers.

But now, Ye Feng knew that he was far from being able to reach such a degree.

As he pondered, the entire battlefield was quickly cleaned up.

Everything that could be moved was moved away.

At this moment, the leader suddenly gave an order, “Withdraw our troops and send our great contributor back to his nest!” Soon, the orderly formation appeared.

Countless ants surrounded Ye Feng, ready to start a mighty retreat.