Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 13

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 13

Chapter 13: A Good Knife, Brother Dachui’s Wail 1 Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation He watched as his underlings were all crushed and covered by a dense mass of ants.

Under countless concentrated bites, blood gushed out.

The blood of the creatures that were originally hunted had already solidified.

Now, this area was once again dyed red by the blood of these people.

Countless ants rumbled over.

This formation… Made BBrother Dachui’s scalp go numb.

He might as well be faster.

With some safety measures, it would be open to the students.

But outside the safe zone, the school couldn’t do anything about it.

And the easiest way to get points in the training matches was outside the safe zone because there were more resources and more creatures.

Facing these thugs, if he didn’t do anything and the other students that didn’t know encountered them, it would be a disaster.

Looking at the bracelet in his hand, his score had already risen to 110 points.

This was a pretty good score.

After dealing with Brother Dachui, he could go down and devour these corpses.

1 In this way, his score would rise again.

His ability would also increase as a result.

Ye Feng recollected his thoughts and focused his gaze in the direction of Brother Dachui again.

He saw Brother Dachui take out a crystal-smooth sharp blue blade.

He waved it non-stop, trying to scare away the Army Ants.

That sharp blade was a short blade.

There were some inscriptions that Ye Feng could not understand engraved on it.

The cold blade made people feel numb at first glance.

1 This was a good thing! Ye Feng was moved.

This blade was held in Brother Dachui’s hand felt like a mountain cannon entering the city.

“Don’t come over!” “Be careful, I’ll chop and swallow all of you!” Brother Dachui roared.

It could be seen that he was a little afraid now.

So many ants had easily killed his four underlings.

If he was not careful, he might die here.

With a roar, a few Army Ants flew over.

Brother Dachui separated to block.

The Army Ants were extremely fast, and Brother Dachui’s body was bloated.

First of all, not to mention that his reaction speed was not fast, the most important thing was that he had already given up.

The enemy’s numbers were too large.

In an instant, he was bitten until his face was bruised and swollen.

A few bites of his fat had also been bitten off, and for a moment, he wailed incessantly.

He managed to kill one or two Army Ants with great difficulty.

He could no longer care about anything else.

He fled the scene in a flustered manner.

After running for a distance, he turned around and saw that there were still dozens of Army Ants chasing after him relentlessly.

Their bodies were even bigger than fists.

Just a glance was enough to make one shudder, let alone confront them.

Brother Dachui panted heavily.

He had no choice but to continue running forward.

“Huh? Why is he coming this way!” Ye Feng looked at the fat man running toward him and immediately hid his aura.

He did not want to get involved in this battle.

Wouldn’t it be better to just sit back and reap the benefits? Soon, Brother Dachui, who was already exhausted, arrived under the tree where Ye Feng was hiding with great difficulty.

Running for such a long distance already made it impossible for him to breathe normally.

In addition, the injuries on his body were very serious, so he could not run anymore.

He found a nearby bush and plunged into it fiercely.

Because the wounds on his body kept bleeding, Brother Dachui’s position was soon exposed.

He was discovered by the fast-moving Army Ants.

Brother Dachui was forced to come out and fight back, fighting endlessly.

In the end, he fell into a disadvantageous position amidst a series of howls.

He was severely injured, so he couldn’t use his ability.

He could only pick up the short knife and wave it in the air.

The Army Ants jumped up.

The huge impact made Brother Dachui lose.

“Ah!!” With a ‘pfft’, another hole was opened in his big belly, and fat slowly poured out.

3 The Army Ants were stimulated by the smell.

1 They were about to pounce forward.

In the panic, Brother Dachui suddenly looked up and saw Ye Feng hiding on the tree trunk.

He immediately begged, “Save me!” “Please, as long as you save me, I will promise you anything!” “I don’t want to die!” “Save me!” Seeing this, Ye Feng did not pay attention to it.

Instead, he had a headache and his position was exposed.

He had to move quickly.

Otherwise, those ants would climb up and kill him sooner or later.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng prepared to move.

Seeing that Ye Feng was going to leave, Brother Dachui immediately panicked.

“Please, don’t go.

Save me!” “I can give you this knife in my hand!” “As long as you pull me up the tree and drive away these ants, I’ll give it to you immediately!” Seeing that Ye Feng was unmoved, Brother Dachui hurriedly said, “This knife is passed down from my ancestors.

It’s a rare divine artifact!” “Do you know how many people want to get it and are willing to fight to the death for it!?” 1 “I’m giving you a chance because I think highly of you…” “So what if you are?” Ye Feng mercilessly interrupted him.

“I’m not interested!” Ye Feng coldly threw down these words, got up, and was about to leave.

“Good! You Motherf*cking don’t want to save me!” “You’re dead!” Brother Dachui screamed hysterically and went into a state of madness.

He fought off the few Army Ants with all his might.

Then, he tore his old wounds apart and let more blood splatter out.

The purpose of his actions was to release more blood and attract the ants behind him.

He wanted to expose Ye Feng’s hiding place.

“If you don’t save me, we’ll all die together!” “Ants swarm.

If you’re attracted, there’ll be tens of millions of them.

Let’s see how you escape!” “If you don’t want to save me, I’ll drag you down with me!” “It’s up to you!” Before the ants could get close, he had already retreated ten meters away.

But because of his large size, just this distance made him pant for breath.

The ants crossed the border.

Originally, they were only here to gnaw on the corpses, but Brother Dachui’s ability had disturbed them, so they now regarded him as an enemy.

The ant colony was very united, locking onto Brother Dachui’s body.

At the front of the ant colony was the Army Ant.

The Army Ant was extremely fast.

read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! Moreover, it was much bigger than the Sawtooth Ant, and its level was higher as well.

It was an F grade ant.

Although Brother Dachui was F+ grade, he was not a match for thousands of ants at the same time.

A battle of attrition would exhaust him to death.

Not to mention a fight, a single ant could stomp him to death.

Furthermore, each of them was bigger than a fist.

If these were ordinary ants, it would be fine.

However, these were mutated ants.

In addition, all kinds of ants were gathered together.

A venomous bite would be able to kill him.

Originally, he wanted to devour the brains of the corpses here.

This was enough for him to smoothly break through F+ and reach a higher level.

However, this plan was broken by reality.

He could not understand why such a large group of ants would suddenly come.

They would not come sooner or later, but had to come at this time! At this time, Ye Feng was observing everything from the tree.

His goal had been achieved and he was very satisfied.

Coming here to train meant that he was simulating a 100% battle environment.

These people had provoked him and deserved to die.

5 Moreover, these people did not look like students at first glance.

It was very likely that they had sneaked into the training hall and carried out some low-class operations.

2 They stole, fought for resources, searched for treasures, picked herbs, and even came here to forcefully take in underlings.

These smugglers were common in the training competitions every year.

2 In addition, the training hall was fully open.

The school had only cleared the open area once to confirm that there were no problems.