Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 3

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Evolution, Sequence Awakening! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “According to teacher, the rejection reaction on the first day is the most difficult to endure.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to endure it tonight…” 1 Back at home.

Ye Feng felt the changes in his body.

Other than bringing a hint of coolness, he did not feel anything special.

In the courtyard, there was a hall and two side rooms.

Other than that, there was no furniture.

It was a compliment to say that the house was bare.

This kind of standard of living was already considered very backward in this era.

Ye Feng’s parents had retired and were originally at the age of enjoying life.

But during this period of time, they had found another job as a servant.

It was to prepare expensive nutrients for his weak body after symbiosis.

Among the people, the one that was most widely recommended was the [Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture] that his teacher spoke of.

It could greatly reduce the rejection reaction and increase the strength of symbiosis.

But the price was very expensive.

In the lobby.

“Feng’er, here.

” His father took out a small bottle wrapped in layers of linen from the box in his hand and handed it to Ye Feng.

read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! “This is?” Ye Feng slowly removed the linen and a small bottle of crystal clear medicine emitting a faint blue light entered his sight.

It was actually a Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture! What surprised Ye Feng was that his parents actually bought a bottle of Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture for him.

“This medicine took us a lot of effort to get it from your uncle.

” His father looked at Ye Feng and was very gratified.

His parents took out their life savings and pulled a lot of strings to buy a bottle.

After learning that his son’s symbiotic body was a Slime, he was not too disappointed.

Instead, he comforted him.

“It’s okay.

Although the symbiotic body is not very good, there are so many opportunities now.

I believe that as long as you work hard, you will definitely achieve something!” 5 What the symbiotic body was was no longer important.

At least, becoming a symbiote was already the greatest pride of the family.

Looking at his father’s loving gaze, Ye Feng felt extremely guilty.

1 His father and mother were both ordinary people.

The entire family had groomed Ye Feng as a symbiote.

In their view, Ye Feng was the pride of the entire family.

In the Symbiosis Era, the symbiote represented the future.

Ordinary people would forever be ordinary people and could only serve as logistics.

1 Only the symbiotes were truly superior.

1 As the only hope of his family, Ye Feng knew that only when he became strong would he be worthy of his hardworking parents.

“One day, I will definitely let you live a good life…” Ye Feng vowed in his heart to work hard.

5 .


Returning to his room, Ye Feng began to familiarize himself with his abilities.

According to the worldview here there was almost no cultivation method in this world.

And naturally, there weren’t any secret manuals or cultivation methods.

2 Because everyone’s symbiotic bodies were different.

In thousands of worlds and countless species, the probability of people living together with the same creature was even harder than winning the lottery.

Therefore, there was usually only one common cultivation method.

3 That was to absorb spiritual energy.

This was the most common and most fundamental cultivation method.

2 To find his own method, he could only rely on himself to adjust and try bit by bit.

Opening the Internet, logging into the browser, and looking at the information from Google, the eager Ye Feng suddenly thought of the system.

2 With a thought, he asked, “System, can you help me deduce the most suitable cultivation method for me?” [Ding, the cultivation method has begun to be deduced.

] [According to the host’s situation, the symbiotic constitution will be adjusted…] […] [The deduction is complete…] [This deduction totals 45 million times.

] 3 [The cultivation method that is most suitable for the host has been successfully deduced!] Following a series of notifications from the system, a cultivation method that was exclusive to him surged into Ye Feng’s mind.

Looking at the cultivation content on it, Ye Feng began to try to cultivate.

In just 30 seconds, he successfully absorbed the spiritual energy into his body.

In just five minutes, he skillfully refined the spiritual energy! “F*ck, this cultivation method is really awesome!” “Other people might not be able to find the most suitable cultivation method in their entire life.

For extraordinary experts, the fastest would take a few hours.

” “But I only used 10 minutes!” 1 “This speed is simply too fast!” From the deduction until now, only 10 minutes had passed.

Feeling the churning power in his body, this unprecedented feeling made Ye Feng extremely excited.

One had to say, it was still better to use cheats! 1 Ye Feng continued to cultivate.

Feeling the Slime’s weak and energetic power… “System, help me deduce what other benefits this [Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture] can bring to me besides stabilizing the symbiotic body?” Ye Feng tried to ask the system.

After all, this bottle of potion was expensive, and he could not just drink it.

If he drank something bad, the consequences would not be worth it.

Now that he had a system that no one else had, of course he had to maximize its effects.

[Ding, deduction complete.

] [Currently, the host’s symbiotic body awakening direction is divided into six sequences!] [According to the symbiotic body’s situation, the host can only choose one sequence to awaken.

] [But after taking the mixture, the host can choose two sequences to awaken!] After the spiritual energy in his body reached a certain level, a light blue panel suddenly opened.

“Sequence?” Ye Feng looked at the information displayed on the panel in surprise.

[Perception] [Devour] [Split] [Regeneration] [Mimicry] [Evolution] 7 [Perception: Your ability to sense danger and opportunities has greatly increased.

] [Devour: You can devour existences smaller than your own body size, expand your own body size, and obtain the ability of the devoured.

] 11 [Split: You can split the main body into several sub-bodies, each sub-body retaining part of the ability of the main body.

] [Regeneration: Your recovery ability of all attributes is greatly increased, and at the same time, your adaptability is rapidly increased.

] [Mimicry: You can imitate the shape, characteristics, and even strength of other species.

] 1 [Evolution: Your symbiotic body evolves faster, and every time it evolves, it is possible to awaken new abilities, and to a certain extent, feed back to the main body.

] 4 Looking at the long list of explanations displayed above, Ye Feng immediately felt his scalp go numb.

5 Although the ability of a Slime in the early stages was indeed not strong, when it developed in the later stages, all kinds of sequences were extremely powerful existences! 1 The reason why the people thought that a Slime was a useless species was very likely that they could not deduce the sequence of a Slime awakening at all.

If they were to see these six sequences, they would definitely be shocked! Looking at the various sequences, Ye Feng did not know how to choose for a while.

2 He felt that they were all quite powerful and wanted them all, but he could only choose two of them.

Ye Feng was rather hesitant when it came to the first awakening sequence.

“System, help me deduce which two sequences are suitable for me.

” 1 [Ding, begin deduction!] [In the current situation, the host is most suitable to choose [Perception] and [Split].

] 20 [Since there are no advantages in the early stages of Slimes, [Perception] and [Split] can increase one’s defensive ability more effectively.

] 1 Ye Feng nodded.

Indeed, the current him could not blindly seek strength.

He had to ensure his own safety first so that he would have more opportunities to develop.

1 Unlike other symbiotes, Slimes in the early stages did not have much offensive ability and did not have much advantage.

Therefore, Ye Feng needed more time now.

There was a total of six awakening sequences.

In the future, he would have more time to develop.

If he walked through all of the sequences, he would be a strong existence.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng did not say anything and took the mixture and gulped it down.

In the next moment, a burning sensation that came from within instantly covered his entire body.

“WTF?!” Ye Feng panicked and stood up.

Recalling the backlash that happened at school this morning, there was also a burning effect.

However, this effect did not last long.

Then, a very comfortable feeling spread out.

It was like bathing in a spring, a cool feeling blowing through his entire body.

“Is this the advantage of having high compatibility? I didn’t even have to do anything.

The mixture was naturally absorbed.

” Ye Feng sighed.

This was also the first time that he could feel the Slimes’ strength in his body being so docile.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, the [Perception] sequence has been successfully awakened!] [Your danger perception has been greatly increased!] [Ding! Congratulations, Host, the [Split] sequence has been successfully awakened!] [You have obtained the [Split] ability!] [Ding, your [Split] sequence has awoken an additional talent skill, [Goddess Scattering Flowers]!] 9