Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 269

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Success It was already dusk by the time Han Jin woke, and Sunier had already left, leaving Little Gold Bolt still in the room.

Thunderbirds are gold-star athletes in the air, but for Gold Bolt, the soft bed was a trap.

The thunderbirds have very sharp claws that can easily pierce through beds and sheets.

Their claws easily pierced through, but pulling them out was very difficult.

The end of the bed had almost been torn into shreds by Gold Bolt, and its claws were tangled with several threads.

Han Jin invented Holy Animal Sacrifices for Gold Bolt once every few days.

Therefore, he already had some sort of spirituality and knew that Han Jin was resting.

Otherwise, he would have just started struggling.

As Han Jin sat up, Little Gold Bolt let out a cry while trying to flap his wings toward Han Jin’s direction as if it had already forgotten the reason why it was stuck in the first place.

As a result, it directly hit the bed facefirst.

“Stop moving!” Han Jin reached out his hand and grabbed onto its wings.

He lifted Gold Bolt and realized that its claws were stuck on the bedding and the bed had already been completely ruined.

“No wonder Sunier said you’re a naughty little fellow.

” Han Jin chuckled as a thought came to him.

Little Gold Bolt had already destroyed the bed to this state, but yet he didn’t feel anything.

No matter how exhausted he was, he still shouldn’t lose his vigilance.

This was definitely something that he shouldn’t repeat in the future.

Han Jin removed all the threads that were tangled in Gold Bolt’s claws and left them on the floor.

He put on his boots, and since he had not changed before sleeping, he didn’t need much time to tidy up.

“Come, let’s go for a walk.

” Han Jin waved his hand.

Little Gold Bolt was overjoyed.

As soon as Han Jin opened the door, he immediately jumped out of the doorway and spread his wings.

Gold Bolt really could fly, but it just wasn’t regular.

He would be in the air for a short moment and fall back to the ground in the next.

He stumbled everywhere and fell from side to side.

“Stop it, come here,” Han Jin said while opening the gates of the yard.

He was shocked to see the slaves standing right outside and asked, “What are all of you doing here?” .



“Madame Julia told us to come,” one of the slaves anxiously replied.


” Han Jin was a little confused, but he wasn’t bothered about it and walked toward the cafeteria.

He was starving after sleeping for the entire day.

There were about seven or eight of them in the cafeteria, including Moxinke, Gibran, Kale, and Winston.

They were all happily chatting about something but immediately stopped as they saw Han Jin walk in.

“What are you guys talking about? Something happy?” Han Jin casually asked before turning his attention to one of the maids who were standing by the door.

“Tell the kitchen to prepare a bowl of wheat soup.

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COM “Yes, Sir.

” The maid bowed and left.

Wheat soup was considered something that Han Jin had invented in this world.

When comparing both worlds, there were a lot of similarities, but at the same time, there were also lots of differences.

For example, this world extremely lacked valuable herbs.

When he had gone to the Forest of Holy Animals, he had been expecting to find a few ginseng.

In the end, he couldn’t even find a single piece of the plant.

Plus, there were no paddy fields here.

Although Han Jin was a cultivator who cultivated through eating, he was already used to this diet.

It was too hard for him to eat bread and dry meat early in the morning.

Therefore, in the end, he was forced to teach some of the maids how to make Pearl Emerald Gnocchi soup, which was actually just noodle soup.

As for the taste, it was different from regular porridge, but there was nothing much that he could do… he’d just have to get used to it.

The rest of them, including Gibran and Winston, was making faces at one another as if they had something to say.

However, none of them had the guts to, so all of them looked at Moxinke.

With his identity and personality, it was easier for him to escape from being punished.

Just in case Han Jin got angry, they would be able to come up with an excuse saying that Moxinke was being nonsensical as usual and immediately be forgiven.

Han Jin would never be totally serious with Moxinke.

Moxinke pointed at himself and moved his lips without making any sound.

“Me?” The rest of them frantically nodded.

Moxinke couldn’t help but scratch his scalp; even he was a little scared.

The side door opened, and a maid walked in with a large bowl.

It was then gently placed on the table in front of Han Jin.

“So fast?” Han Jin was surprised.

“We had already prepared it in advance, Sir,” the maid respectfully replied.

Even small characters would have their own plans and schemes.

In the Reapers’ station, they had to be on top of their game while working, as everyone here was people of high status.

Although they didn’t have to purposely please anyone, they at least had to be satisfactory.

Most of the maids had already learned Han Jin’s habits and had already prepared the soup earlier in the afternoon.

Every once in a while, before the soup turned cold, they would make another new one so that they would be able to serve Han Jin as soon as he woke up.

The maid who had served him had been waiting at the door for Han Jin for the whole afternoon.

“Thank you,” Han Jin said while smiling.

Little Gold Bolt was getting bored and started pecking and tugging at Han Jin’s clothes.

Han Jin then bent down, grabbed its wings, and placed it on the table.

“Stay quiet.

Do you understand?” Han Jin said while stroking Gold Bolt’s neck.

It seemed to enjoy it and obediently lay there.

“Raphael, didn’t you say… that you had something to do yesterday night?” Moxinke finally opened his mouth while his whole face filled with excitement.

“Hehe… it was successful right?” “You guys know about it already?” Han Jin was shocked.

“Yes… yes, yes…” Moxinke said while nodding and exchanging glances with the rest of them.

“Since you guys already know it, then I have nothing to say.

I wanted to make it a surprise,” Han Jin smiled while saying.

He had never meant to hide the existence of the giant ship from them.

Plus, he had only wanted to make it a surprise for them since they were his brothers and friends.

“A surprise?!” Moxinke started loudly laughing while making weird noises.

“Oh… oh…” The whole atmosphere went crazy as soon as Han Jin admitted it.

Saxon had always been an active one, and he started screaming side by side with Moxinke.

Even Gibran was laughing out loud while slamming the table.

Finally, Winston and Kale also joined the ‘party’.

Han Jin almost spat out his wheat soup.

He realized that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what.

Even Little Gold Bolt was frightened and was looking everywhere around him.

It definitely had no idea… “What are you guys screaming about?” At this moment, Julia walked in with Sunier walking behind her.

All of their eyes turned bright and their voices raised by another tone as soon as they saw Sunier walk in.

The scene before had just been a prelude; this was the true ‘crazy party’.

All of the screaming was about to tear the place down! Saxon’s voice was the loudest and the craziest.

In the end, Winston even stood up, opened his arms, and screamed hand in hand with Moxinke and Saxon.

The pain of losing a companion could now be forgotten! This was how life was.

It was full of life and death, and people came and went.

Losing Paul and the rest of them had been painful but wasn’t it also a good thing that he had made friends with Han Jin and the rest?! Sunier had already found out about the misunderstanding from Julia, and it had already been very difficult for her to gather her courage to meet Han Jin.

As soon as she saw everyone getting out of control, she flushed and immediately turned around.

“Guys… it’s not what you think!” Julia was frustrated, but she also wanted to laugh at the same time.

However, her voice was too soft and no one could hear her.

She then stomped her feet and chased after Sunier.

“Quiet! Keep it down!” Han Jin had to come forward to maintain order.

He even had to slam the table a few times before their screams became softer.

“Stop it! Stop!” Gibran said while laughing.

The screaming stopped and everyone returned to their seats as if nothing had happened.

“What’s wrong?” Han Jin asked with a frown.

No one answered him, but they were exchanging ambiguous looks with one another.

‘You already admitted it, and now you’re asking what’s wrong? Such a hypocrite.

’ Since no one replied to him, Han Jin turned his attention to the wheat soup.

He should quickly finish the soup and ask Sunier what was going on! “Raphael, have you ever thought of going somewhere else, like going for a spin some place else?” Gibran asked with a stern tone.

Among all of them, Julia and him were the ones who really wanted Han Jin and Suneir to end up together.

This was because they were facing the same situation.

If Han Jin succeeded, it would mean that Gibran’s problem would also be solved, and even if there were any obstacles, Han Jin would help him overcome it.

Well, of course, no one was able to change Julia’s mind.

Even if she didn’t receive blessings from the elders of Wild Willow City, she would still be together with Gibran.

However, Wild Willow City was her home.

If there was a possibility of reconciliation, it wouldn’t be necessary for her to break ties with her home.

Gibran was doing it out of good intentions, but he also admired Han Jin’s decisiveness.

When Julia and him had decided to be together, they would hug and kiss, but nothing more than that.

“Travel somewhere else?” Han Jin shook his head.

“I don’t have the time!” “Oh…” Gibran was a little disappointed.

He had thought that Han Jin would visit Wild Willow City and prepare for a wedding after what had happened the night before, which was also a good thing for him and Julia.

However, Han Jin didn’t have the same plan as him “Why? You’re planning to go somewhere?” Han Jin asked in return.

“No, no.

I’m fine here.

” Gibran laughed.

“Is it just me… or are all of you acting really weird today? Can you be a little more serious?” Their faces had the smiles of a thief, and it was making him uncomfortable.

Winston cleared his throat and straightened his face.

Although his smile was gone, his eyes were still full of smiles, which made it look even worse than before.

At this moment, Han Jin had no prestige left.

Since he was doing something that wasn’t serious as well, what fault did they have for trying to make some fun out of it? “Let’s talk about how to defeat Nicholas,” Moxinke said in a serious tone.

Han Jin almost threw the bowl in Moxinke’s face but resisted.

Instead, he just lifted one finger and pointed in Moxinke’s direction.

All of a sudden, Little Gold Bolt opened his beak, and a thunderbolt was shot at Moxinke.

Moxinke was caught off guard and didn’t even have time to release his Strength of Body Defense.

The thunderbolt immediately hit his body.

Although his body could take the impact, the chair could not.

The two legs of the chair broke, and Moxinke couldn’t help but fall backward.

“Shit… Raphael!”