Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 267

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 267

Chapter 267: The Temptation In the Abyss, deep in the vampire’s nest, Alquete’s appearance shocked all of the vampires.

Who would have thought that Tim really could awake the ancestors? The enormous cave was filled with silence.

It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

For the vampires of lower ranks, Alquete’s presence was like a god to them.

Thousands of bats were hanging on the walls of the cave, and none of them dared to say anything.

Alquete looked at the exhausted Tim who was lying next to the magic matrix.

Blood was no longer spurting from the wound on Tim’s wrist.

Although he was unconscious, the blood race’s recovery ability was still faithfully repairing his body.


” Alquete’s hoarse voice echoed at the bottom of the cave.

“Who wants to tell me what’s wrong?” The vampires immediately pushed Kamen forwards.

He was the first one who had contacted Tim and was definitely a smart person who thought on his feet.

Plus, the most important fact was that Betty’s death was tragic news after all.

What if the ancestor became mad upon hearing the news? This could mean that they might lose their life.

No one was willing to sacrifice themselves to endure the ancestor’s anger, therefore, unfortunately, Kamen was forced to take on this task.

This showed that he really wasn’t popular among his race.

‘These idiots!’ Kamen was secretly cursing the other vampires.

However, since he had already been put in this position, there was no going back.

Otherwise, the consequences may be even worse.

Kamen mustered up some courage and flew to the bottom of the cave while turning into human form.

He then kneeled in front of Alquete.

“His mother was killed on land, and that’s why he returned to the abyss to wake you up.

” “Why didn’t you stop him? Don’t you know that he’s not of pure blood?” Alquete said in an unfavorable tone.

If it wasn’t because Victor had made a scene, he wouldn’t have even appeared.

He would have let this bastard bleed to death since he wasn’t of pure blood anyways.

He didn’t even care that the boy was one of his descendants.

“Um…” Upon noticing that the tone of the ancestor was not very happy, beads of sweat formed on Kamen’s forehead.

In his heart, he was silently hating Tim who was unconsciously lying to the side.

It was all because of him that Kamen had been forced into this position.

“His mother… was someone of high status in the race.

Plus, we… had no reason to stop him.

” Kamen started stuttering out of fear.

“What is his mother’s name?” Alquete touched his chin.

His eyes had a vicious look.

He was thinking to himself that if Tim was a child of any of his useless descendants, he would definitely get him to pay the price for summoning him.

But, would he wake up the boy and kill him or just make him disappear? Just as Alquete was still making up his mind, he heard Kamen say, “His mother was called Betty.

” .



“Betty?” Alquete’s hand paused.

“Betty, the one with the foresight talent?” “Yes Sir,” Kamen replied softly as he was very nervous deep inside.

If the ancestors knew Betty’s name, that certainly meant that they were related.

“How did she get involved with humans?” Alquetes questioned.

Kamen told Alquete everything from the very beginning; from when Zaganide had come into the abyss, to how he had brought Betty and all of her subordinates out of the abyss.

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COM Alquete carefully listened to Kamen’s explanation.

After a while, he asked, “Didn’t you say that the person who had taken Betty was a lord? Doesn’t he have the power to avenge for Betty?” “I’m… not sure about this.

Maybe humans are just unreliable.

” “Well, if what you’re saying is true, this boy is still considered useful.

” Alquete was thinking about it by himself.

‘How long has it been since I went to the surface? Humans, Elves, and the bustling world.

It’s so exciting even just thinking about it.

Maybe, it’s time for me to return to the surface.

’ Alquete looked over at Tim who was still unconscious and decided not to kill this impure descendant of his.

Kamen couldn’t figure out what the ancestor was thinking about.

He didn’t dare say anything and quietly remained kneeling on the ground.

At this moment, a group of bats flew into the cave from above.

As they approached the ground, all of them turned into their human forms and knelt in front of Alquete.

Alquete looked at them and smiled.

“Little ones, you guys came pretty quickly.

” The middle-aged man who led the group was a little embarrassed by being called a ‘little one,’ but he didn’t dare to say anything because the man standing in front of him had the qualification to call him that.

The beautiful lady kneeling behind the middle-aged man smiled while replying, “You have awakened, Sir.

There’s nothing more important than welcoming you.

” “What’s there to welcome.

” Alquete waved his hand.

” Just continue with what you were doing.

I am not like Victor who loves to make a scene.

” The middle-aged man who led the group became even more embarrassed.

As Victor’s descendant, he had to defend Victor’s dignity at all costs, but in front of Alquete, who was the longest living one among the blood leaders, he didn’t dare do anything.

Otherwise, even if Victor were standing right here, Victor still couldn’t keep the middle-aged man alive.

Alquete suddenly noticed the middle-aged man who was kneeling in front of him.

He then walked toward him and started patting him on his back.

“Alec, I can’t believe that you are already an elder.

Seems like Victor has finally brought up a useful descendant; it definitely wasn’t easy.

” Alec frowned, but there wasn’t anything he could do.

“Let’s go.

If all of you have nothing to do, accompany me to the chambers.

” It looked like Alquete was in a good mood as he didn’t continue to embarrass the middle-aged man.

Alec couldn’t help but secretly breathe out a sigh of relief, because he was clear that this leader had a thing for pranking others.

“By the way, little one, wake up that bastard and come look for me in the chambers after that,” Alquete said to Kamen.

Kamen subconsciously nodded.

It was only when Alquete and the rest of the elders had gone that he came back to his consciousness.

How was he supposed to wake Tim up? There was only one way to do it: by feeding him fresh blood! Kamen’s head was hurting just by thinking about how to wake this bastard up.

He was definitely unwilling to give Tim his blood just to wake him up, but he couldn’t disobey the ancestor.

‘What should I do?’ Kamen looked at the bats who were hanging on the walls of the cave, and an idea came to him.

Those idiots with no sense of loyalty forced me into this situation, and it’s now time for them to learn their lesson.

“You, you, and you!” Kamen proudly stood there while randomly calling out some of the vampires.

“Get your asses here.

Didn’t you hear what the ancestor said? Hurry up and wake this bastard!” “Why us?!” “The ancestor told you to do it! What does this have to do with us!” The vampires who were called out protested.

Kamen looked at the vampires as he smiled, “Since you said so, I should tell the ancestor that you guys wanted nothing to do with this.

Let’s see how he will respond after hearing this?” The vampires hesitantly flew down as none of them had the guts to take the risk.

“Kamen, you’re just gonna stand there and watch?” one of the youngsters asked.

“What do you think? When you guys pushed me out earlier, you should have thought of the consequences.

” Kamen was still smiling as he was filled with pleasure from head to toe.

‘You had the balls to prank me? Now you should pay the price!’ The vampires stared at one another, but they had no other choice.

Kamen was using the ancestor as the excuse; how could they say no? The only thing that they could do was draw their own blood for Tim.

For the blood race, fresh blood was the best healing medicine.

It wasn’t long before Tim regained consciousness.

As he opened his eyes, he curiously looked at the vampires around him, as they were giving him their blood.

It was a common thing to help another heal with their own blood, but it wasn’t something that would happen to him.

No one in the race was close to him, or else they wouldn’t have let him complete the ritual of waking the ancestors by himself.

“Our young master is finally awake.

” Kamen bent down next to Tim and said, “Aren’t you going to thank me? I was the one who gave the order.

” Tim slowly sat up.

“I don’t know why you did that, but thank you.

” “Let’s go.

You’re the star now.

The ancestor is waiting for you.

” “Ancestor?” Tim was shocked.

He suddenly remembered the bright light that he had seen before passing out.

Had he really succeeded in waking the ancestors? “That’s right.

You were lucky.

You complete the ritual by yourself without dying, and you even succeed.

You earned the credit for that.

” Kamen was a little envious of Tim.

In the past, if the ancestors were in a good mood, they would reward the ones who had awakened them.

He obviously didn’t know that the only reason why Tim wasn’t dead was solely because of Alquete’s curiosity.

When Kamen and Tim arrived at the chambers, Alquete was chatting with some of the elders.

After greeting them, Kamen and Tim carefully stood to the side.

There was no place for them to sit.

In other words, low ranking vampires like them would never have the chance to enter the chambers.

“Little one, Betty is your mother?” Alquete asked in a friendly tone.

“Yes,” Tim carefully replied.

Alquete sighed.

“I remember she was still a little girl the last time I went into a deep sleep.

I didn’t expect her son to be this big already.

” Tim froze for a moment but was immediately filled with happiness.

The ancestor knew his mother, which meant that there was hope for revenge.

After hearing Tim explain the entire situation, Alquete’s expression became a little twisted.

“You are saying that Betty and Caroline both died at the hands of that young man?” “Yes.

It is said that he is a powerful person in Isolated Cliff City,” Tim continued.

“A twenty-year-old young man with such powers? I don’t believe it.

What about the rest of you?” Alquete asked the elders around him.

The elders looked at each other and all shook their heads.

They would rather believe that both Betty and Caroline had died due to an ambush than believe such a young man could kill the two of them.

“But…” Tim tried to argue.

“Don’t worry child.

No matter who killed them, they have to pay the price!” Alquete interrupted Tim.

“I guess, it’s time for me to make a visit to the surface.

” Tim cried out of joy and fell to his knees.

“As long as you can avenge my mother, I am willing to do anything!” Alquete laughed.

“There, there child.

I can tell that you are a good child since you dared to complete the awakening ritual by yourself.

It shows your determination.

” All the elders around him stood up and Alec said, “Leader, let us go with you.

” “What a joke!” Alquete gently stroked his white hair and said, “It’s just a kid.

Why does the entire race have to be involved?” “As you wish.

” Alec smiled but there was a trace of worry in his eyes.

Alquete looked at Alec and laughed.

“What’s wrong? Are you worried that I can’t deal with the situation on the surface after sleeping for hundreds of years?” “I wouldn’t dare to.

We are very clear about your strength.

Not only those on the surface, but even those in the abyss know that once you are awake, there’s no way to escape.

” Aqeunte laughed out loud.

“There’s no need to flatter me.

I’m not stupid.

It’s impossible for me to do whatever I want on the ground all by myself.

” “But!” Alquete smiled while straightening his back.

“This time, I am avenging my child.

Let’s see who has the courage to try and stop me!”