Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 254

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 254

The edge of the sword was as sharp as lightning and immediately pierced through Han Jin’s chest.

An insidious smile grew over the child’s face, but at the next moment, his smile turned stiff.

 Han Jin’s body exploded and turned into countless stones that flew everywhere.

The child immediately released his Defense Strength of Fighting but was still flipped inside down due to the explosion as he was still too young.

The sword was much taller than him, and he had held the sword in a very peculiar posture.

However, he had a very serious look on his face.

Neither of his eyes was completely opened, and he was relying on his other senses to figure out the changes in his surroundings.

 Han Jin quietly came out of the ground about ten meters away from the child.

He was in a desolated state.

When he had encountered dangers in the past, at least he had known what he was doing and who was the one who had injured him, but this time, he hadn’t even noticed that there was danger until the Faked Earth Corpse had been activated.

In other words, he wouldn’t have even known how he was killed!  The child’s skills were definitely taught by a high-grade superior.

Although Han Jin hadn’t made a single sound as he had come out from the ground, as soon as Han Jin’s gaze had fallen on his back, the child immediately sensed it and turned around, staring at Han Jin.

 “Your magic… is amazing!” The child said with a smile, “Hey, why don’t you follow me? I like you.

”  Han Jin replied to him with his actions.

He raised his hands and released a Fire Rune at the child.

 The child took out a magic scroll and cast it upwards.

A wave of violent magic fluctuations that could have ripped the air apart started spreading in all directions.

Then, a hemisphere appeared out of nowhere which completely enveloped the child.

 The Fire Rune hit the hemisphere and ended up in an explosion that turned into countless bursts of flames.

 “The Absolute Barrier, ever heard of it?” The child was still smiling.

“No magic skills or weapons can break through the Absolute Barrier.

”  Han Jin silently stared at the child.

He had a strange feeling.

What kind of parents would be able to bring up such a peculiar child? .



 “Archbishop Jeddes, you know him right? He used almost four months to help me create Absolute Barrier magic scrolls.

” The child stretched his back.

“Hehe… they should be able to sense the magic fluctuations by now.

Hey, let me ask you again; are you willing to be loyal to me? Don’t worry, I won’t mind about what happened before this.

”  “Obviously you wouldn’t, because the one who got attacked was me,” Han Jin coldly said.

The child’s mentality gave people chills.

If he was able to have Absolute Barrier magic scrolls, he must be from a powerful family.

However, he didn’t mention his parents nor his identity; instead, he had only mentioned Jeddes.

This was mainly because of Jeddes’s personality.

In other words, Jeddes is a believer in good affinity and has helped many people.

If you were looking for someone to give you comfort and relief, Jeddes would be the best choice.

 “Well, you’re still alive, right? You killed my people too.

” The child was carefully observing Han Jin and saw Han Jin’s intentions.

He shrugged his shoulders and continued, “Fine, no point talking to you anyways.

Bring it on….

” As he finished his sentence, he held out his left hand and challenged Han Jin to a fight.

His face was so filled with provocations that even an adult could not be as arrogant as this child.

 Han Jin snorted and suddenly disappeared.

He then came out of the group again from inside of the hemisphere and grabbed the child’s arm.

Divine Barriers were one of the defensive magics of the light element.

Well, every defense magic skill has its own flaw.

Jeddes had used the same skill to protect himself before but was still unable to escape Nicholas’s attack.

If he had known that it would be so easily cracked, it would have been a shock to him.

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COM  Han Jin was burning with rage and had intentions to kill the child, but he hesitated when he grabbed onto the child’s skinny, thin arm.

 The child was shocked, but his reaction was extremely fast.

He lifted his right hand, and another magic scroll appeared.

 Upon seeing the countless magic scrolls that the child had, Han Jin finally made the decision to kill the child.

He clenched his fist and forcefully removed the space ring from the child’s finger, which immediately caused blood to splash everywhere.

At the same time, a green-ray that was shot at the child’s head came out of Han Jin’s mouth.

 However, the child had already released the magic scroll.

The green ray was immediately shot to the ground, which destroyed the magic scroll.

 Han Jin’s eyes flickered for a moment.

He sighed as he realized that he wasn’t someone fit for success! Whenever he had to be cruel, he would always have some other reason to be against it, which would always cost him a good opportunity to attack.

 To be honest, no one could be blamed for this.

Han Jin had been born in a normal family.

During that peaceful era, all parents wanted was for their children to grow up healthy and happily; no one would teach their child how to be a hero in the future.

Before he had met his master, he had only been a peasant.

Han Jin had the emotions of a peasant, a social life of a normal person, and even feared like a normal person.

Although he had learnt a great amount of things after getting into cultivation, they were too limited.

 In fact, the things that Han Jin had encountered for the past two years were much more than the past twenty years of his life.

Although, when compared to others, two years was not a long time.

There were still a lot of things he had to learn and experiences he had to gain.

If it were Guevara here instead of him, Guevara would have made a clear-cut decision and would not have given any opportunity for his enemies.

 Han Jin used Earthmeld again to leave the hemisphere.

He took out the Soul-Devouring Bead, and as the wind blew, Harley appeared in midair.


Master, you finally thought of me!” Harley shouted in excitement.

 Han Jin was not in the mood and did not entertain Harley.

He took a step forward and started swaying his fingers in the air.

Harley’s figure flew around like a scarf.

Then, Han Jin quickly chanted, and countless charms stuck onto Harley’s body, breaking it into several pieces.

As the spirit in the Soul-Devouring Bead, he was able to clearly sense Han Jin’s thoughts.

Therefore, he didn’t panic and silently suffered it.

 After a period of time, Han Jin had already released hundreds of charms one after another, and there were already beads of sweat all over his forehead.

His energy was being exhausted at an extremely fast rate, but he had no other choice.

 Another round of charms were released, and Harley’s body was completely scattered into ashes by this point.

Han Jin narrowed his eyes and shouted, “Open!”  All of a sudden, the black mist flowing around the air started changing.

Some of it turned into stone and soil, while other parts of it turned into trees, shrubs, and bushes.

All of this covered the green dragon, all the knight’s bodies, and even the surrounding trees and horses were covered in the end.

 The magic that Han Jin had released was the Mountain Seal Matrix which was a hallucinatory matrix.

Some cultivating schools would use the same matrix to seal their gates to prevent outside disturbances.

However, the things in the hallucinations were all real; you would be able to grab a handful of soil and break a tree branch.

The Nine Grid Magic Light Array was just a child’s trick.

 Of course, the Mountain Seal Matrix was an enormous matrix and definitely could not be completed by Han Jin alone.

Even with ten Han Jins around, it still wouldn’t be possible.

However, Han Jin wanted to cover up the bodies of the dragon and the knights, so he had made use of Harley’s negative energy and even used a large amount of his own energy to forcefully complete it.

 “Don’t disturb me unless it’s necessary,” Han Jin softly said.

 At this moment, Harley was unable to speak and could only respond in his head.

 Han Jin then disappeared into the mountain.

It wasn’t long before a troop of knights rushed in his direction.

They did not hesitate and continued to rush past the small mountain.

No one would willingly rush into the mountains, and even if they had gone into it, they still wouldn’t find any anomalies.

 After another period of time, several troops rushed past the small mountain while the first group of troops returned.

The place where Murphy had first attacked was about seven to eight miles away from here.

Han Jin was unable to completely cover the tracks, and the knights were able to use it as a reference object.

 In the end, even the elegant and vigorous Golden Dragon was flying circles in the air.

However, the forest looked similar from every angle, and even the dragon knights were not able to find out the specific location of their enemy.

 As time passed by, more and more knights entered the forest.

A space scroll that was to be used during an emergency would have the coordinates set to a safe place.

The child might have come from St Petersburg, but that didn’t mean he would return to St.


 Within the ten-mile radius, there were people everywhere.

All of them looked nervous and anxious, and even the Dragon Knights were of no exception.

They were all trying to find any trace of suspicion in the bushes and trees; they didn’t want to miss anything.

Sometimes, there were even knights who would run up and down the mountain trying to look for clues, but the mystery of Daoism was even more mysterious than what normal peasants could predict.

The only thing that the knights had managed to do was scare the crap out of Harley, if he had any…  Some of the knights even suggested that they should look at the horse footprints to see if it might help them find their young master.

However, it had ended with them being scolded by their officers.

There were already countless knights running everywhere in the forest, and there are all sorts of footprints everywhere!  It was already dusk when all of them reached a consensus that since their Young Master wasn’t here, he must have been kidnapped! Countless troops started leaving in each and every direction possible with a command that said none of them could return until the Young Master was found!  The forest was finally peaceful.

After two days, Han Jin finally walked out of the mountain and looked around at the surroundings.

He grabbed a handful of soil, stones, and trees, and immediately turned it back into a cloud of black mist.

He gathered them together and recreated Harley’s body.

 Harley had been holding back for several days, but he could no longer hold it in anymore.

However, just as he was about to open his mouth, he suddenly stopped.

He noticed that Han Jin’s eyes, which were closed, had a trace of a moving golden glow, but when he tried to look closely, there was nothing there.