Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 247

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 247

Suddenly, Louise’s body bent straight backwards.

Moments later, a figure appeared in front of her body.

The figure instantly swung a dagger towards Louise, missing her by a few inches.

 Louise’s attacks were fearless.

She threw away her longbow and pulled out a dagger, then leaped towards the enemy.

However, the thief she was facing off against also displayed similar tenacity, and the two quickly engaged in a melee brawl.

 Close combat was especially risky; the two fighters were attacking each other fiercely with their daggers, and the scene was alarmingly dangerous.

Their attack styles were very similar – stab, pick, thrust, and slash; their actions were fierce, swift, and smooth, both people using all their might to harm their opponents.

In order to avoid attacks, they had to move quickly to their right, and in order to harm the opponent, they had to approach up close.

As a result, the pair exchanged positions several times in mere seconds, as if they were dancing in circles.

 “It’s Tang!” Panven exclaimed.

 The woman hurriedly raised her longbow and aimed at the thief, but she did not have enough strength to pull the bowstring, instead, she dropped her arrow on the ground.

 Han Jin walked towards the woman as the guard’s eyes immediately locked on him.

Han Jin smiled, bent down to pick up the arrow, then handed it to the woman.

 The woman hesitated for a moment then reached for the arrow, but before she touched it, Han Jin suddenly took the arrow back, and whispered, “What is your relationship with Lola?”  “I… I am Lola.

” The woman responded timidly while glancing at the others around her.


” Han Jin smiled, then handed the arrow to the woman once again.

 This time, the woman grabbed the arrow as fast as she could, she was afraid that Han Jin would trick her again.




 Panven had been trying to find a chance to release his magic to aid Louise in battle, but the two opposing fighters shifted positions too quickly.

He was afraid of hurting Louise and could not find a suitable chance to attack.

Suddenly, he heard a conversation behind his back, and his attention instantly shifted to Han Jin.

 “Be careful, they are about to release magic.

” Han Jin reminded calmly.

 Panven was caught off guard by Han Jin’s words.

While he was distracted, a discernible wave of magic approached from the distance.

While the color drained from Panven’s face, he quickly raised his magic wand and chanted a spell.

 As the wave of magic became increasingly vigorous, three fiery meteorites suddenly appeared in the sky, forming the shape of a ‘V’ shape and plunging straight down.

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COM  With a loud bang, the three meteorites exploded on impact as they crashed into the magic shield.

The magic shield could barely block the attack, and the impact of the collision was so great that the guards within the shield had to stoop over to regain their balance.

The woman also toppled backwards onto the ground, and the appallingly huge bow was also thrown far away.

The magic shield shook violently for another couple of seconds, before it finally stabilized.

 Louise’s battle had also come to an end.

Thieves were different from warriors; fights that required them to maintain high speed and high intensity were destined to end quickly.

Louise was unscathed, but the thief was wounded on his shoulder.

He quickly stepped out of the battle to release the Art of Invisibility.

At the same time, Louise did a backflip, picked up her longbow, and also cast the Art of Invisibility.

 By this point in the battle, Panven had finished chanting his spell.

He raised his magic wand into the air, and an even larger magic shield appeared, enveloping the previous magic shield.

Moments later, Panven pointed his wand outward, and with a current of air, he accentuated the figures of those who had just cast invisibility spells.

After a brief moment of shock, as if in agreement, they rushed towards each other at the same time, and once again began to fight.

 Although Panven did not seem to have a higher status than Louise, he did not seem to care about Louise’s safety.

Was it because he had faith in Louise? Or was it for other reasons? Han Jin was curious.

 Panven let out a sigh of relief as his eyes turned towards Han Jin once again, “Mr.

Raphael, how do you know about Lola…” Before Panven could finish his words, a huge ball of fire suddenly exploded in the sky.

Just seconds later, a fire dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws came slamming down to the ground.

Before Panven responded, the dragon had already smashed into the magic shield.

 The magic shield that Panven had created was definitely stronger than the previous one, but under the impact of the fire dragon, the magic shield only lasted for a few seconds before it completely collapsed.

Under the deafening boom, the guards could no longer keep their balance, and they fell to the ground one by one.

Even the strong and gallant unicorns hissed in fright, and the weak woman became even more distressed.

The woman began covering her ears tightly with her hands, her mouth wide open, as blood dripped from the corners of her mouth.

 In the magic shield, only two people remained normal, one was Han Jin, and the other was Panven.

 Panven’s face had turned ghastly pale as the situation worsened.

He took a step forward as he wanted to escape from the magic shield, but when his eyes swept over the guards and the unicorns, he hesitated and stopped again.

Moments later, he raised his wand and began to chant another spell.

 Within seconds, another magic shield expanded out from his wand.

Panven then called out to Louise, “Young Mistress, come back!”  Louise did not respond as she continued her brawl with the thief.

Although she seemed to have a slight advantage, the difference was not obvious.

Once she started speaking, the situation reversed immediately.

 Panven stomped his feet anxiously.

He then remembered of Han Jin’s existence, but when he turned around, he became instantly stunned; Han Jin had disappeared!  More than two hundred meters away, a magician in his forties was concentrating on chanting a spell.

Another huge fire dragon appeared in the sky, brandishing its claws as it fell towards the ground.

The magician beamed with excitement; fire element magic had always been known for being the most powerful type of magic.

If the opponent continued defending himself with magic shields, all his magic powers would be wasted away sooner or later.

 Out of nowhere, Han Jin’s figure rose like a ghost, around ten meters behind the magician.

With a twist of his wrist, a dazzling green radiance appeared and shot directly towards the magician’s back.

 Instantly, the green radiance arrived behind the magician’s back, but the magician’s reaction speed was not slow; he cast a magic shield just in time.

With a bang, the magic shield that had not completely formed was shattered by the green radiance, but the green radiance also bounced back on impact.

 Han Jin suddenly moved, rushing towards the magician at the speed of lightning.

With the point of his finger, the green radiance twirled in the air, speeding towards the magician once again.

 The magician then raised his hand to release a huge fireball, hitting the green radiance.

Similar to before, the fireball exploded into a rain of fire, while the green radiance was deflected back.

 Han Jin frowned slightly, as he released a fire charm.

 At that moment, the distance between the two fighters was less than ten meters.

Magicians were usually weak in close combat as they avoided entanglement with the enemy at all costs; however, the magician did not panic at all.

He looked at the pitifully tiny fireball, and the corners of his mouth instantly stretched back with a mocking smile.

With a sneer, he raised his hand and released an even larger fireball.

 The contest between fire element attacks was extremely straightforward.

Whoever had the greater power would have the upper hand.

There were no bells and whistles.

Thus, the magician did not take the ‘tiny fireball’ released by Han Jin seriously at all.

 Surprisingly, the two fireballs did not explode when they collided.

The huge fireball released by the magician continued to shoot towards Han Jin, and the fire charm released by Han Jin passed through the center of the huge fireball, hitting the magician in the face.

 After all, it was Han Jin who made the first move.

The green radiance and fire charm he released were only fended off by the magician when they were merely three meters away.

Although the magician responded fast, the distance between him and Han Jin was too short.

He did not have enough time to protect himself.

In addition, he did not take Han Jin seriously.

When he realized that something was wrong, it was already too late.

 The magician howled crazily and desperately as he attempted to extinguish the flames with his hands, but the Three True Flame was a fire that could burn down anything in the world; no matter what it touched, it would only set more things ablaze, making the fire even larger.

 In an instant, the magician had already collapsed to the ground, his burning head had visibly shrunk in size, but the Three True Flame had not shown any signs of stopping.

 Han Jin narrowed his eyes and glanced at the battle behind him.

The anguished wails of the magician affected the thief greatly.

Of course, Louise would not miss such an opportunity as she entangled herself with the thief, her gleaming dagger jumped up and down, drawing one light curtain after another, not giving the thief any chance to release the Art of Invisibility.

 Han Jin leaned to the ground, carefully rummaging for the magician’s loot.

Of course, he had to keep the magician’s wand, and the space ring too.

Yalina was a magus, and she was extremely skillful in alchemy.

For her, erasing the spiritual imprint on a space ring was a piece of cake.

 Confirming that he did not leave anything behind, Han Jin quickly ran up to the dead archer around 30 meters away.

The archer was the weakest in the group, as he died gripping tightly to an ordinary longbow.

Han Jin forcibly removed the bow from the archer’s cold hands, observed for a little while, then curled his lips and threw it aside.

He then started rummaging through his body once again.

He was only looking to get ahold of magical objects, letters, and maps, or any items that could provide information about the area.

  Just as Han Jin started searching, he suddenly paused, then rushed diagonally forward.

At the same time, dozens of arrows converged at his original position, while Han Jin’s figure had already disappeared from sight.

 In the next instant, Han Jin reappeared hundreds of meters away.

He then quickly dazed at the trees above where a dozen archers were distributed among the branches, still carefully waiting for his appearance.

 Han Jin had already noticed that Nicolas’s followers placed great emphasis on Louise’s group, as they had a large group dedicated to the mission.

The archers had arrived after the battle had already started, meaning, the group must’ve had some method for quick communication.

No matter where the battle occurred, the rest of the group would quickly move to the center of the battle.

However, this also meant that the longer they fought, the more enemies they would encounter.

 Han Jin held out his hand, as the green radiance dimmed and flung upward slowly.

Han Jin stood behind the archers, while none were aware of his existence.

Even Han Jin’s selected target was only gazing forwards from his spot between the branches and leaves, completely oblivious to his back end.

It was only until the green radiance had risen behind his head, that he noticed the reflection on the leaves and realized something wrong.

Before he had a chance to react, the green radiance had already penetrated his shoulder.

The archer cried out in pain as he fell from the tree.

 Han Jin called back his green radiance, then sunk back into the ground.

The archers were widely distributed, thus killing them was a troublesome task.

However, he did not want to waste his vital energy in order to release large scale spells, as a new batch of enemies would arrive quickly before the next.

It was drastically easier to take down one at a time.

Since the enemy was nowhere to be found, the remaining archers would not dare to move around and would only hide in place.

As a result, they would naturally split up from the group.