Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 242

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 242

“I don’t know.

” Yalina shook her head and leaned over to take a look at the arrow.

“So this person called Lola is the one who killed him?”  “The arrow was placed after.

” Han Jin looked hesitant and continued, “Obviously, it was framed.

But… this method is a little naive.

Who would purposely leave their name on their weapons? Plus, if this was framed, why didn’t they take the body away?”  “Master!” Harley moved closer to the body.

“This guy is a priest.

”  “No shit, stay aside,” Han Jin impatiently said.

 “No, no.


Master, don’t you feel the fluctuations of the light element?”  “How come I can’t feel it?” Yalina looked around suspiciously.

 “I am very sensitive to the light element,” Harley said with confidence.

 “Maybe it’s the residual fluctuations from the curse before this.

”  Harley opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but swallowed back all the words that he wanted to say.

He thought that the idea that he was having was too unimaginable.

Then, he started floating around the surrounding area and observed the body closely from all angles.

After a while, he finally couldn’t help it and said, “Master… I feel… I feel…”  “What?” Han Jin raised his head.




 “I feel like this guy is dead, but…”  Han Jin raised his eyebrow, raised his hand, and the Soul Devouring Bead lit up.

The next moment, Harley was sucked back into the bead, but he seemed very unwilling as he was pouncing on the walls of the bead.

However, Han Jin had already placed the Soul Devouring Bead back into the space ring; all of his appeals had been blocked.

 At the same time, Gibran and the rest arrived.

They were still chatting initially, but once they saw that Han Jin was not bothered about it, all of them started jumping into the pit.

Winston looked around for a moment and said with a heartfelt sigh, “Such a horrifying curse! If we were the ones who had been attacked…”  “Raphael and Yalina would be fine.

As for us? We just have to keep our eyes shut,” Gibran bitterly said.

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com  “Raphael, let Harley out.

I feel like he had something important to say,” Yalina suddenly said.

Han Jin had been too concentrated on observing the corpse, trying to look for something valuable, and had not paid any attention to Harley, but Yalina had.

 “That fella has been dead for too long, and his brains aren’t working properly.

What important things could he have to say?” Han Jin took out a long whip as he was talking to Yalina.

The whip pierced into the wound like a snake and slowly propped up the wound.

 “Just release him! If he says something nonsensical, then it’s not too late to put him back in the bead,” Yalina replied.

 Han Jin helplessly shook his head and took out the Soul Devouring Bead from his space ring.

This time, Harley had learnt from his mistake, and without Han Jin’s command, he immediately screamed, “He is dead! But he’s not dead!”  “What?” Han Jin froze.

 “What are you saying?” Yalina and the rest did not understand either.

 Harley took a deep breath and started explaining himself.

“From his appearance, he may look like he’s already dead, but he’s not completely dead.

Just like… Just like…” Harley looked for an example but couldn’t find a suitable one, and started anxiously scratching his skull.

 “Like what?”  “Just like me!” Harley finally managed to find an answer but then continued, “But not exactly like me.

”  All of them became even more confused.

Yalina frowned.

“Just like you? How did you become like this?”  Harley froze and hurriedly said, “You don’t get what I’m trying to say.

What I’m saying is that this guy is not completely dead; it’s as if he’s waiting for something.

Plus…”  “I’m asking, how did you become like this?” Yalina kept pursuing Harley’s answer.

 Harley paused for a moment and said with difficulty, “I long for eternity! What’s wrong with that; who doesn’t want to live forever? Those who say they can’t are people who don’t have the chance and ability to try.

They are just miserable people! Ever since I was young, I…”  “Shut up! Just answer my question.

” Yalina gritted her teeth.

 Harley looked at Han Jin and noticed that he was indifferent about the situation.

Harley paused for a while and said, “Blasphemy.

”  “Human sacrifice??” Yalina said in shock.

 “You…” Harley didn’t think that Yalina would be able to understand.

He paused for a while and suddenly shouted in a surprise tone, “Ha, I never thought that you would also long for eternity like me.

I think we can be great friends! If there’s anything that you don’t understand, you can always ask me!”  “Fuck!” Yalina couldn’t help it and said word by word, “You are such a vicious creature! You’re so cruel!!”  Harley didn’t think that an alliance formed just a minute ago would be destroyed in the blink of an eye and immediately became frustrated.

Among all of them, he was only afraid of Han Jin.

Although he didn’t have any decent attacking skills, it was also difficult for others to cause him any substantial damage.

Harley shouted, “Miss Yalina! You are such a hypocrite! Are you going to deny that you have never had thoughts about being immortal? Or else, how would you know about blasphemy and human sacrifices?! I have seen lots of hypocrites like you!”  “Nonsense! Rubbish!” Yalina was trembling with rage and immediately took out her magic wand.

However, Han Jin reached his hand out, dragged Yalina aside, and said, “That wasn’t the topic, right? Harley, what do you mean when you say that the dead man here and you are alike?”  “What I’m saying is that the man here is about the same as when I first died.

Just like…” Harley suddenly shut his mouth and looked around.

“Eh?”  The sun had already set and the sky was turning dark.

It was only at this moment where they would vaguely see that the whole pit was covered with countless tiny sparks.

They were flashing at their feet and floating around the air, but they did not give out any magic fluctuations.

 “Uh oh!” Harley screamed and hurriedly returned into the Soul Devouring Bead.

The sparks around them started gathering together as a bunch and floating toward the air.

 At the same time, they could finally feel the magic fluctuations and could sense that the fluctuations were increasing at an incredible speed.

The sparks continued to move upwards, and after a moment, a figure that was about a hundred meters tall and in the shape of an angel appeared in front of them.

 Gibran and the rest screamed and rushed out of the pit while Yalina was infatuated.

She stared at the gigantic angel figure while her body trembled, and muttered, “That’s impossible… Impossible…”  Han Jin grabbed Yalina and flew out of the pit while shouting : ” All of you leave immediately! Hurry! Bring Yalina along!” As soon as he gave his command, he even threw the mind-blown Yalina towards them.

 Julia took a step forward and caught Yalina.

At the same time, Kale said, “This is… the Salvation of the Angel of Light! It’s not a threat to us.

”  There was a gush of wind and a weeping sound in the air.

The giant angel that was in the air slowly knelt down while holding onto its sword.

The pair of widespread wings slowly closed in around the angel.

It was a magnificent scene; just like a knight who was praying to God.

 The forehead, chest, and finally the legs of the corpse suddenly started moving as if it were affected by an inexplicable force.

The force slowly withdrew itself from the body and it landed back on the floor, but it was still motionless.

 The glow from the giant angel slowly became dimmer while its forehead gradually became brighter.

The first to disappear were the pair of wings, followed by the sword, and then the body; all of it became concentrated at the forehead.

At that point, everything in the forest seemed to be in slow-motion as the light slowly flew from the sky and landed on the corpse.

 “Oh my… that’s a stacked magic skill!” Yalina was finally able to react.

She trembled in excitement and shouted, “That’s impossible!”  However, all of them were so focused on the corpse that no one paid attention to Yalina.

She rushed forward and grabbed Han Jin while saying, “This is impossible! Impossible!”  Kale was the only one who had the same reaction as Yalina.

He also trembled excitedly and shouted, “This is impossible!”  “There is also someone who’s better than us.

There’s nothing that’s impossible,” Han Jin bluntly replied.

 “You don’t even know what this means.

” Yalina shouted, “This person was able to stack up two forbidden curses together! And… did you notice the timing? They already ended the fight long ago, but the derivative magic just got released; do you even know what this means?”  “His control on the elements is out of our imaginations.

It’s… simply indescribable,” Kale said in an unbelievable tone.

 “Even… my father would not be able to do this!” Yalina firmly said.

 “You’re saying that he’s stronger than Grand Duke Solomon?” Han Jin was surprised.

 “No, that’s two different matters!” Yalina shook her head.

 “This means that… when he released the first curse before this, he already knew that he was going to die today?” Gibran softly said.

“Yalina, if Grand Duke Solomon and him were fighting, how long do you think he would be able to last?”  “I’m not sure.

” Yalina was stunned.

 “He only attacked once during the battle in the afternoon,” Gibran slowly said.

“Now I’m curious, who’s the one who killed him?”  All of them were shocked as they understood what Gibran was saying.

This is a deadly matter to be involved with! Grand Duke Solomon from the City of Elements has already been a twelve-grade superior for a long time.

Along with Lord Forsa of Fatto City and Chesam from Cold Shadow City, even including Guevara, they were all high-grade superiors.

Now, they are saying that the murderer could be someone that is as powerful as Grand Duke Solomon.

These were all people that they could not afford to offend.

Although they may not be able to do much harm to Han Jin, it was a piece of cake for these people to kill them.

Well, of course, if they really were to find trouble with them, they would put up a fight; they had Han Jin and Yalina on their side anyways.

 “Should we leave?” Red asked.

 “You guys go ahead.

Let me see if there’s anything that I can help him with,” Han Jin softly said.

 “You… you want to help him?” Gibran said in shock.

 “Of course.

” Han Jin smiled.