Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 226

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 226

Tim was frustrated.

The burning anger in him couldn’t be extinguished even though the cold wind that was blowing in his face like sharp blades.

He had already been flying for quite some time, but exhaustion couldn’t stop him.

Instead, his blood was boiling with fury from the greed for revenge.

 Tim had never found out who his parents were, but it was Madame Betty who had adopted him.

She had taught him everything that he knew today, and he had even developed feelings towards her, even though he knew it was a sort of Oedipus complex mixed with motherly love.

Although he wasn’t supposed to, he couldn’t help himself.

It had been more than once that he wanted to kill Zaganide to take over his place.

However, Tim was still clear-headed enough to know that there was a huge difference between their strengths and could only keep these desires to himself.

 Madame had always told him that his hot temper would hinder him from achieving things in life.

He had promised her that he could change, but when he had heard the news that Madame had been killed, he had immediately lost control.

Zaganide was a coward; he used to tease that Dismark was a tortoise, but he was just the same.

A useless fellow who didn’t even dare seek to avenge for his own wife! Fuck all the crocodile tears and his so-called heartwarming speech for his wife!  The fire in his chest raged as he thought about that useless man.

Zaganide’s trick would never work on him.

As soon as Madame had gone, Zaganide had immediately got together with that slut, Lindsay.

He even sent Madame’s child to deliver the letter back to the Abyss.

Such rubbish! He had gotten rid of his own biological son so that his son wouldn’t be a hindrance for him to take over the entire army! He was a mean and cruel man!  Just as Tim was becoming angrier by the second, he suddenly heard a loud scream from the front.

That was a warning signal.

He immediately moved his wings and flew to the forefront of his troops.

There were two black figures in front of him, and they were getting bigger.

With his perfect vision, Tim was able to quickly recognize that these were gargoyles.

 The gargoyles saw the huge group of vampires that were gathered together like a large dark cloud, and hurriedly rose to a higher altitude.

Tim let out a loud scream, and about a group of bats left the troops.

They went after the gargoyles, but the gargoyles seemed to be afraid of them.

The two of them continued rising upwards and headed North.

 The group of bats continued to follow the gargoyles until their figures had completely disappeared before returning to the troop.

 Tim let out a sigh of relief after getting the reports from his subordinates.

He had only managed to bring along his direct troops.

If Isolated Cliff City was prepared for a fight, this strength that he had would have no effect at all; it had to be a sudden attack in order to defeat his enemies! Since it was just a casual encounter, it wasn’t something to worry about.

 They flew across numerous mountains.

This was one of the advantages that the blood race had.

No matter where or when, they could travel using the shortest distance and with the fastest speed, while the lower-class race could only run.

 They could finally see the outlines of Isolated Cliff City.

Tim let out another loud scream and flew even faster.




 At this moment, the forest beneath them began to suddenly shake, and numerous gargoyles started flying out of the forest like a violent storm.

There were about three or four thousand of them gathered together like a huge mirror that covered the entire snowfield.

 For others, they would have retreated upon realizing that they had fallen into the enemies’ trap, but Tim wouldn’t.

He was from a noble race that should never be afraid of any challenge!  In the moment of danger, Tim had already decided to forfeit his plans as there was only one thing he had to do: fight!  Without any hesitation, Tim moved his wings and flew to the side.

The blood race was not diligent with long-range attacks and was the weakest while in transfiguration.

As soon as they were able to reach the ground, his troops would be able to completely trash these good for nothing creatures! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM  The gargoyles’ formation suddenly changed and formed a huge net.

They weren’t in a hurry for a battle and only concentrated on chasing after the vampires.

 Tim was shocked.

If things continued this way, his entire troop would definitely be caught by the net.

However, he noticed a flaw in the gargoyles formation as their formation became thinner and thinner.

 Tim immediately made up his mind and, followed by a loud scream, he flew straight down toward the gargoyles.

 About a thousand vampires immediately gathered together and rushed downwards in a cone-shaped formation with Tim at the forefront of his troops.

The vampires were traveling downwards at a fast speed, trying to force their way through the gargoyles’ barricade.

Then, the gargoyles’ formation started changing as well.

Or more accurately, it looked like they were drawing in the net.

The gargoyles that were in the center gathered closer to each other, increasing the thickness of the formation while the ones on the edge continued to pierce upwards, trying to envelop the rear of the vampires.

 Boom… the vampires and the gargoyles finally collided together.

Although they were both air forces, there was a large difference between the two.

Gargoyles were just puppets made out of stones; whether they were in the air or on the ground, their strength was the same.

The vampires, on the other hand, had difficulties unleashing their specialties, but with their ranks being slightly higher than the gargoyles and their tyrannical body structures, they managed to forcefully minimize the damage.

 Numerous gargoyles were constantly being crushed into pieces while the vampires were being torn apart.

The gargoyles didn’t know the meaning of fear, and the vampires had also seemed to have forgotten it as well.

None of them thought of giving up, causing the battlefield to turn into a very bloody scene.

 Tim did not want to continue fighting the gargoyles.

The most powerful skill the blood race had was that they could draw their enemies’ blood in order to restore their strength.

However, these gargoyles were just puppets and were practically useless.

 A fierce wave of magic swept over, followed by a cold current that could be seen by the naked eyes abruptly appearing before them.

Not only was the gargoyles’ formation destroyed, but even the vampires had become a mess.

The gargoyles which were trying to encircle their enemies and the vampires that were breaking through the net were immediately muddled together.

There was no way to separate them, turning it into a bitter struggle.

 Tim felt his body becoming stiffer and the cold current in the air from before suddenly condensed into countless glaciers.

Each breath was followed by a sharp pain in the throat; it also became difficult to even open their eyes.

However, the gargoyles were not affected by the cold current.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain; the cold current had disrupted the vampire’s attack.

 Tim finally understood his enemies’ evil intentions.

He immediately let out a loud scream that travelled across the battlefield.

His troops immediately left their fights and gathered around him.

 It wasn’t long before Tim penetrated through his enemies’ formation and headed toward the ground with his troops following behind him.

Although some of their companions were still occupied with fighting the gargoyles, this wasn’t their major concern.

They knew that if they were to continue the battle in the air, it wouldn’t be long before they would be completely wiped out.

 “It’s getting a little cold, isn’t it?” Kale, who was standing on top of a mountain, said to himself while raising his magic wand.

 Tim had already found out his enemy’s position while he was still in the air.

As soon as he returned to his original form, he rushed toward the top of the mountain.

It would definitely be faster if they flew toward the mountain, but his subordinates would make the frontline longer, which meant that they would be entangled with the gargoyles once again.

In order to prevent any further damage to his troops, it would be better for him to choose the closest route to the ground and continue the battle on the ground.

 A sharp dazzling spark appeared in the snowfield and was followed by an explosion.

Then, it turned into a huge bubble and slowly expanded to its surroundings.

 In the beginning, the sparkling bubble was only about a few meters in size, and in the vast snowfield, it looked extremely small.

However, it slowly expanded to at least a dozen meters in diameter.

As the bubble got bigger, the speed at which it expanded also quickened.

The gargoyles around it immediately stopped fighting and flew upwards instead.

 The bubble continued to expand to fifty meters… a hundred meters… until it finally became a giant shield that was a few hundred meters wide.

Everything it enclosed immediately started burning; the snow melted, while the trees, bushes, and shrubs around it caught on fire.

Many of the vampires also became burning torches that were screaming, struggling, and trying to escape the bubble.

 The bubble continued to expand at a speed that exceeded the vampires’ speed of escaping, and in the end, most of the vampires were enclosed in the bubble.

Then, a huge deafening blast occurred, causing the whole bubble to be destroyed, followed by several suffocating heat waves that swept around the area.

 Radiation Enchantment! This was a fire element magic skill that could form a barrier across a large area that could exceed the attack range of a small meteor storm.

However, its flaws were also very obvious.

Its magic powers were limited.

When a vampire turns into a burning torch or an ancient tree starts to burn, its power becomes slightly weaker.

Therefore, those that were first encased in the bubble had already burned into ashes while the rest were just slightly injured.

Still, it was a rare record at which only one magic skill was used to kill dozens of vampires.

 “Guess it’s my turn.

” Yalina spoke in a soft tone, but just as she was about to step out, she was stopped by Han Jin who grabbed her by the arm.

 “Why?”  “Your Nine Grid Thunder Call will scare them away, and it’s such a hassle to go after them one by one.

” Han Jin smiled.

Hogan and Kale had already successively attacked them one after another and had already given their enemies a considerable amount of pressure.

The appearance of another eleventh-grade magus would be too much for them.

 “So it’s our turn now?” Moxinke grinned.

 “Sir, could you lend me your Dragon spear?” Han Jin asked Guevara.

 “You know how to use a spear? But you have no fighting spirit!” Guevara stunned for a moment but still handed over the spear to Han Jin.

 This spear was recently completed.

Yalina was the chief engineer of the spear with a dozen newly-recruited dwarfs in the lab as the deputy engineers, Cessacioun and Kale as the assistants.

Even Guevara also served as one of the staff.

With all of their efforts combined, they took at least six days to complete the spear.

 The entire body of the spear was made out of the dragon horn; it was a nice and simple shape with no flashy edges.

This was all Guevara’s idea.

While they were in the alchemy lab, Guevara had continued to degrade the elves for their flashy weapons.

He thought that weapons were meant for killing, and their outer appearances did not matter.

However, the pale-green spear still sparkled like lighting due to the magic engravings on it.

Yalina was different from Sunier; there was no history between them.

In fact, after learning about his past, Yalina thought of Guevara as a tragic hero.

She thought that the spear could only be worthy of Guevara’s identity if it were to be completed with effort, so the spear was entirely finished by the dwarfs within two days while the rest of the time was given to Yalina to complete the engravings.

  “This is too light.

” Han Jin looked around, trying to look for another weapon.

He really wanted the giant sword that Moxinke was holding, but by doing that… Moxinke would be very unhappy.

 “Light? Are you a barbarian?”  “Forget it, it’ll do for now.

” Han Jin took a few steps forward and looked down.

The vampires were already halfway up the mountain and he could clearly see his enemies’ vicious expressions.