Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 209

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 209

Han Jin laid sideways on his bed, unconsciously tossing the blood-red crystal ball in the air.

His eyes had no focus, as if he were thinking about something.

Sunnier sat near his bed and was trying hard to sew a sky blue robe.

Han Jin was actually a difficult person to serve.

Take his attire for example: he doesn’t like wearing a swordsman suit.

Instead, he thinks that a magic robe would better highlight his composure, but he is also somewhat dissatisfied with magic robes, as he thinks that the sleeves of the long robes are too wide and will hinder his movements.

Because his battle mode was not releasing ‘magic’, under certain circumstances, he still has to fight at close combat like a swordsman.

 These kinds of errands naturally went to Sunier.

She had just finished sewing Han Jin a new robe yesterday, but it had been ruined during the battle.

Although there were only scratches on the sleeve and it could still be worn after a few stitches, Han Jin’s name was far-famed now, which meant he would be getting a lot of attention.

Sunier felt that she had to ensure his dignity, and that he should never be a laughing stock for others.

Therefore, she threw away the old robe, and the one in her hands now was one that she had just bought.

 Opening up the sleeves, trimming them, and resewing them would be a simple job for any tailor, but it wasn’t that easy for Sunnier.

There were already droplets of sweat on the tip of her nose after sewing for only an hour.

 “Why don’t we… just bring it to the tailor shop?” Han Jin suddenly said.

He felt that Sunier shouldn’t be wasting her efforts on this.

Instead, she should use the time to practice archery.

 “It’s fine, practice makes perfect.

I’ll be faster in the future.

” Sunier shook her head.

” Plus, we won’t be staying in Isolated Cliff City all the time.

What if we had to go to the Forest of Holy Animals to carry out a mission? Where would you find a tailor shop?”  Han Jin silently sighed and sat up, carefully cleaning the sweat off on the tip of her nose.

Sunier smiled, pressing her face toward HanJin’s palms.

Then, she realised that her movements were too intimate, and she wasn’t used to taking the initiative.

Sunier immediately rolled her eyes at Han Jin and said, “Go away.

Can’t you see that I’m busy?!”  HanJin laughed, laid down on the bed, and picked up his Soul-Devouring Bead.

The small skeleton was exquisitely playing games.

The Soul-Devouring Bead was actually empty and there was nothing entertaining about it.

As for the games, they were all made up to scare Cromwell’s soul.

 Of course, it wouldn’t be able to hurt Cromwell.

Still, the game itself was harmful, and Cromwell’s soul was terrified of it.

Every time it came close, Cromwell’s soul would scream and escape to the other side.

Plus, this game had been going on for some time.

Accurately speaking, ever since it had swallowed up the ten souls in one breath, its spirit had soared, and it had already been playing for an entire day.

 Han Jin looked at it for a while and again took out a charm.

The next moment, there were five more souls in the Soul-Devouring Bead.

 Sunier suddenly turned around, her eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and after a moment of hesitation, she said, ” Raphael, next time… try not to use dark magic again.

” .




” Han Jin responded, but his tone was obviously absent-minded.

 “Dark magic has always been resisted by the Magic Guild.

If someone misunderstands you as a dark magician, it will be really troublesome!”   “Actually, this guy is really interesting.

” Han Jin started changing the topic.

  “Interesting?” Sunier looked at the monster who swallowed souls with its wide mouth, but couldn’t see what he meant no matter how she tried.

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COM  Han Jin smiled and gently patted the Soul-Devouring Bead.

A grey smoke spurted out, followed by the appearance of a skeleton with a height similar to a real person.

It was busy eating and suddenly realized that it had left the crystal ball.

It hurriedly stuffed the remaining bodies of the souls into its mouth and swallowed really hard.

It continued to wipe its mouth and paused for a moment, as if brewing emotions.

It then slowly said, “I, the great…”  Han Jin snapped his fingers, and the skeleton suddenly vigorously trembled, especially its two rows of teeth.

They rapidly twitched, and were making a series of weird noises.

  “You better think before you talk!”  The skeleton returned to normal.

The skull was slightly drooping his head, and the red light in its eyes flickered.

Sunier suddenly had a feeling that the monster seemed to be secretly observing Han Jin’s expression.

  “Your most loyal servant, Harley, ready to serve you.

” The skeleton bent down.

Although its expression wasn’t being shown, it had a very flattering voice.

  “I already have one of the most loyal servants.

You can only be second at best.

” Han Jin lazily stared at the skeleton.

He hadn’t completely refined this ghost.

This was considered as an attempt, because this ghost has its own ability.

When combined with Taoism, it should be able to greatly enhance the power of the Soul-Devouring Bead.

  “Who is it? Let me kill him!” The skeleton raged, apparently unhappy with the fact that the first position had been filled.

 “You want to say that again?” Han Jin said with a sharp smile.

  Although the response speed of the skeleton was a little slow, it could still understand the meaning behind Han Jin’s words.

It felt Han Jin’s unfriendly tone, and both of its red lights landed on Sunier.

It paused for a moment and intentionally shifted the topic, “Master, such a gem!”  “Is it?” Han Jin smiled.

 Sunier blinked, as she still couldn’t understand the ‘gem’ that the skeleton was referring to.

 “Of course! A long time ago, I, the great…”   Han Jin snapped his fingers again.

All the memories and yearning of the skeleton turned into sounds like those from a telegraph.

Now, it finally understood what words Han Jin hated most.

  “My brilliant, wise, and incomparably powerful master, your humblest servant, Harley, did not intend to abrupt you…” The skeleton was very careful with his words.

 “Seems like you were someone of a high status in your previous life.

Had you never fawned over anyone? It sounds unnatural.

” Han Jin laughed.

  “Of course, I… the humble Harley…” The skeleton was finally able to react and manage to replace ‘great’ with ‘humble’.

 “Fine, fine.

” HanJin waved his hands.

He had never cared about formality.

“I like being straightforward, so you can just talk normally.

Um… where were we just now?”  “About your maid, Master.

” The skeleton readily followed the given instructions.

Since Han Jin liked being straightforward, it decided to say what came to his mind.

“You have such good taste.

If it had been during my time, I would have been willing to use all the women in the palace in exchange.

I would be satisfied even if it was only for one night.

”  From a man’s point of view, the skeleton wasn’t wrong.

Using a whole palace full of women in exchange for one highlighted Han Jin’s taste, but Sunier was furious.

“Bastard!!”  “Please watch your manners, Miss,” the skeleton said in a neither bright nor dark tone.

“Both of us have equal positions! What right do you have to insult me? Moreover, I am the master’s most loyal warrior.

I am able to protect the master in times of danger, and can kill all of the master’s enemies.

What can you do? All you can do is please the master in bed!”  The skeleton was indeed a superior in its previous life.

Although it had become the spirit of the Soul-Devouring Bead and its life and death were completely controlled by others, it still had a strong ambition.

Therefore, it has regarded Sunier as its rival.

Harshly tormenting, striking her ability, and at the same time highlighting its own strength were all in an attempt to influence Han Jin’s understanding.

But it was a pity that he had chosen the wrong opponent.

The ‘most loyal servant’ that Han Jin had been talking about was not Sunier, but Steelberg who was in the far away Black Raven City.

 “You… I…” Sunier was so angry that her lips had turned white.

She had no experience with cursing someone.

Plus, the skeleton’s words were too explicit, so she didn’t know how to fight back.

  “Sunier, do you still have that ability?” Han Jin said while trying to hold back his laughter.

  “What?”  “To please me in bed.

When will you show it to me…” Before Han Jin could finish his sentence, he suddenly found that Sunier’s eyes had become wet, and he knew that his joke had gone out of line.

Sunier was considered a superior amongst the Elves.

How dare anyone say such vulgar words to her?  Han Jin hurriedly sat up and hugged Sunier from the back.

Sunier struggled hard, as she felt wronged.

If it were only the monster who had humiliated her, it was still nothing, but Han Jin shouldn’t have united with the monster against her.

 “I was wrong… it’s my fault… ” Han Jin started bombarding sweet words in Sunier’s ears in a soft voice.

After coaxing for a long time, Sunier finally stopped struggling.

Han Jin’s gaze then fell on the skeleton.

Sunier must still feel uneasy deep inside, so he had to find a way to calm her down.

 “Harley, let me introduce her.

This… This ‘gem’… is my wife, Sunier.

”  The skeleton immediately became a statue.

Its mouth opened wide.

Han Jin finally understood that the saying ‘jaw fell to the ground’ was not just a description, but indeed a possible situation.

At least, at this moment, Harley’s jaw seemed to be very unstable and might fall off at any time.

 “Madam…” the skeleton suddenly yelled.

“Your eyes are more chaste than the bright moon in the sky.

You…”  “Get lost!” Sunier fumed.

 The skeleton was stunned for a while, and then started rolling across the floor.

For the skeleton, there wasn’t any difficulty with this kind of action.

Its body was made up of smoke, so all it had to do was manipulate the smoke to move forward.

 “Idiot…” Han Jin shook his head.

 The skeleton kept rolling around the house.

After a few laps, it stopped, looked at Han Jin and Sunier’s faces, then continued rolling.

  “Forget it.

What’s the point of being angry… It should have been a very powerful person in its previous life, but look at it now.

It’s already really pitiful…” Han Jin then tried to persuade Sunier in a soft and gentle manner for a long time until Sunier finally recovered.

 “Sunnier, go get Hogan.

It should have been done yesterday… It can’t be dragged on any longer.

He was forced to surrender since he had no other choice, but he will definitely cause trouble for us if we drag it on any longer!”  “I understand.

” Sunier nodded and fiercely glared at the skeleton before hurriedly leaving the room.

 “Don’t you think you’re very sorrowful?” Han Jin faintly said.

 “Master, it’s my greatest honor to be able to serve such a brilliant, wise, and powerful person!” the skeleton said it again in a flattering tone.

 “To be honest,” Han Jin chuckled.

“To be able to gain my trust and appreciation, the first thing to bear in mind is that I hate lies.

”  The skeleton suddenly went quiet…