Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 183

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 183

The pleasant days had come inexplicably.

Since The Abyss Mercenary Team had been almost completely wiped out, there was no one left to bother them.

These kinds of changes were really confusing and difficult to become accustomed to.

No one knew what had happened to Isolated Cliff City, including Gibran.

During the time when they had been preparing for the battle, the situation in Isolated Cliff City had a major turnover.

Manteco had only brought Eva along as he escaped back to Isolated Cliff City, and had later gone to visit Dwightsteel of the Dragon Singer Mercenary Corps.

Both had discussed till late in the night, and the next morning, Dwightsteel had gathered all of the first-class mercenary groups, along with their leaders and the heads of the Mercenary Association, saying that there were issues to be discussed.

Dwinghtsteel was a man of good reputation and his Dragon Singer Mercenary Corps was one of the largest and most powerful corps in Isolated Cliff City.

Below him were a group of fellow brothers who had gone through life-threatening situations with him.

Therefore, most of the mercenaries were willing to listen to him.

During the meeting, Dwightsteel reported some unfortunate news.

The Abyss Mercenary Team and the Mercenary Team of Red Vanguard had joined forces to accept the black mission.

However, during the brutal battle, the enemies’ magus had unleashed combat powers which were extremely scary.

Only Mantaco and Eva from The Abyss Mercenary Team had survived and were able to escape, but the Red Vanguards had been completely annihilated.

Mantaco had seen with his own eyes how they had used malicious ways to torture the mercenaries to their death.

Even Julia and Edwina had been inhumanely insulted.

The magus of the opposing party had even said that she wanted to completely wipe out all the mercenaries of Isolated Cliff City.

She had even proclaimed that she would use the prohibited curse to destroy the city.

All of them realized that the intelligence they had previously obtained had been seriously hampered.

But at this point, it was pointless being regretful; all they could do was to redeem themselves.

This was a world conquered by strength.

Almost all of the leaders, whether big or small, were superiors, and some were even superiors of the twelfth-order.

When clueless about wars, those who know how to fight will be there for others to depend on.

When lacking money, merchants will give one a helping hand.

When unable to deal with political affairs, those who can, will naturally show up to support others.

Whether it be being irresolute and hesitant, having a lack of cruelty, or even being oblivious to worldly wisdom, it wasn’t a problem, because someone smart would simply be there to assist others.

As long as you have the strength, you can easily have everything else.

For example, although Dismark and Zaganide were rivals, they had similar past experiences.

Dismark had actually been born out of wedlock and had never been taken seriously.

However, as he became a superior, the men, who had originally belonged to his brothers, slowly shifted to his side.

In the end, it was an effortless victory as he conquered.

On the other hand, Zaganide is an orphan who knows nothing about his birth parents.

Since he was also a dark druid, everyone around was hostile with him.

He was in absolute destitute even in a world so big.

Therefore,he was forced to wander in the world of the Abyss alone.

About a year later, he led soldiers back to the mainland and established his own country.

The soldiers of the world of Abyss were willing to follow him because in that one year, he was able to breakthrough and became a superior.

There is a huge difference between a tenth-order and an eleventh-order.

The former still maintained a conventional battle mode, while the latter would have already mastered high-grade combat powers.




Facing the raging fire of magic crystals, ignoring thousands of attacks from conventional magic and long range attacks, and bravely moving forward and sweeping everything before them.

A single person with a single spell could easily destroy the defence system of an entire fortress; they can even roar and fight with a dragon whose breath could melt steel.

A small flick of his fingers would cause soldiers from thousands of miles away to silently fall on their knees in agony.

Even a sigh of sorrow would be enough to bring life back to a dying person.

These were things that could only be achieved by superiors.

In battle where the future of countless people are involved, there would always be a superior amongst them.

They would send out the most crucial attacks during those critical moments, and all those stories would become legendary.

Many a times, a tenth-order can only be a bystander, and is only fit to be a bystander.

The reason why strength was given such importance was because of the awe it brought about due to the high-grade combat powers.

Since ‘fear’ rules over ‘respect,’ it would be more secure for the people to rely on someone powerful.

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COM The reason why the mercenaries had dared to accept the black mission, despite knowing that their opponent was a magus, was on the one hand, because of their greed for the dragon crystals, and on the other, due to the great job which had been done by the special envoy of Leader Fossa.

He had concealed information which may possibly change the attitudes of the mercenaries, and had highlighted that the magus was childish and gullible.

Furthermore, the man behind the team was a veritable twelfth-order superior.

Although the two lands were far apart and the mercenaries may not understand the situation in the city, they would still have heard of the great Fossa.

All of them had thought that the magus had provoked Fossa and would soon be dead; they were just there to help a villain do evil, and at the same time, make some fortune for themselves.

Mercenaries were just civil society groups.

They are only concerned about fluctuations in the prices of magic crystals, their missions, and the movements of the other mercenary corps.

They would never target any specific leaders, and therefore, wouldn’t have been able to collect any related information.

At the meeting, the leaders of the Mercenary Association clamoured for the special envoy of Leader Fossa to come forward with an explanation.

However, after a few words from Dwightsteel, all of them were left without words.

They have now thoroughly offended a magus; is it necessary to offend both parties? Dwightsteel was firm on his grounds.

The magus has become a great threat to them.

Even if they didn’t want to enact revenge for their fellow comrades, they have to consider the future of Isolated Cliff City.

They have to join forces! Dwightsteel’s words were very convincing.

However, just before the vote, the leader of the Reapers Mercenary Team, Winston, suddenly stood up and announced his withdrawal; his reason for doing so, being that he didn’t want to die muddleheaded, and definitely did not want to attack his own friend.

Those who were attending the meeting were surprised and requested Winston to explain himself.

Winston unwillingly explained in a few words, but everything he said were shocking news.

Winston said that to attack a team dominated by a dragon slayer and a magus was no different than committing suicide.

Plus, the dragon slayer is a friend of his.

He even went on to say that the magus is Leader Fossa’s old time enemy, and the daughter of the Duke of Solomon from the Capital.

Winston even confessed that the Duke of Solomon is already extremely angry after being told about the situation of Isolated Cliff City.

Now, Soloman’s second son, Edison, along with his troops, are on their way to Isolated Cliff City.

Because before this, the mission which had been given by the Dean of God’s Language Magic Academy, Scott, had been received by the Reaper Mercenary Team.

Both had been left with good impressions.

Therefore, as they had entered the city, they had found the Reaper Mercenary Team, and was now at the Reaper Mercenary Team’s base.

Winston’s attitude was more determined than Dwightsteel’s.

The mission that he had received, was to protect these people, so no matter what the situation was to become, he would complete his mission and would not hesitate to start a war.

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com Winston’s words immediately triggered the situation.

The pale-faced Manteco kept his silence.

In fact, he believed more than anyone else that there was a dragon slayer amongst them.

A few intelligent mercenaries immediately started calculating their losses from these past few days.

Taking into account everything they knew, the heads of the Mercenary Association then announced some sensational news.

Because of the black mission, Isolated Cliff City itself had lost up to thousands of mercenaries; these included a large amount of high-ranking mercenaries.

And these were only those which they knew of.

Those who had gone with no return after receiving the black mission, along with some who had wanted to benefit from the situation, or even those who had sneakily rushed over, were unable to be added up, and no one knew how many of them there were in total.

Dwightsteel was completely dumbfounded and immediately halted the meeting for it to be reconvened in the afternoon.

Then, he persuaded Winston to stay and even retained several other powerful mercenary leaders.

They then walked into the darkroom together.

No one knew what they had discussed, but the said meeting which was to be held in the afternoon, did not happen, and Manteco was escorted out of the Dragon Singer Mercenary Corps’ station.

It is said that the attitude of Dwightsteel’s men were ill-mannered.

The news quickly traveled around Isolated Cliff City.

The black mission which was supposedly the most popular mission, had suddenly become the most unwanted.

Although the dragon crystals were precious, you would need to stay alive to be able to enjoy the results.

Instead of having to fight a dragon slayer and a magus, it would be better to directly fight a giant dragon! The Abyss Mercenary Team, The Mercenary Team of Red Vanguard, and the tigers in the jungle, were cruel examples right in front of them.

Back at Hilna’s original home, it would always be surrounded by hundreds of mercenaries every day, stalking and hoping to see if either Hilna or Moxinke would suddenly appear.

 But one afternoon, all the flocks scattered.

If Hilna were to strut into the city at this moment, she would be the subject for countless mercenaries to fawn upon.

The Mercenary Association also started studying the agreement that Hilna had signed.

According to the rules, since Hilna had not appeared to cancel the mission, it would mean that the mission had already failed.

This also meant that they should have retained Hilna’s property, and handed it over to the merchant who had suffered the loss.

However, rules are dead, while people are the ones alive! Even if the unlucky merchants were to come back to life and return to Isolated Cliff City, they may not be able to get back anything.

On the one hand, it is the inconspicuous merchant team from the Holy City, and on the other hand, it is the powerful dragon slayer.

Regardless of if it were one or a group of intellectuals, they would know that there wasn’t any difficulty in making a choice between the two.

However, Han Jin was not aware of what was happening in Isolated Cliff City.

On this day, Han Jin was leaning against an old tree and staring at his palm.

There were three earthen magic crystals, and these were his last savings.

Since Edwina had been captured, all of her belongings had been thoroughly searched.

Even her weapons had been taken away by Manteco, not to mention all the magic crystals that she had before.

Sunier stood to the side and looked at Han Jin sympathetically.

She had been with Han Jin for a very long time, and she had seen with her own eyes the numerous times Han Jin wanted to put the magic crystals into his mouth but would end up reluctantly putting his hands down.

Everyone now knew that Han Jin urgently needed more magic crystals.

Since they had nothing else to do, Yalina, Gibran, and the others, would go hunting every day.

When they were out of luck, even cold water would get stuck to their teeth.

In fact, they had some really good catches.

They had even managed to kill an extremely rare, ninth-order holy animal, a Thunderbird which can cast Lightning Strike, but they just couldn’t find any holy animals of the fifth or fourth-order.

“What should we do tomorrow…?” Han Jin asked with a helpless face.

“Should we go back?”