Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 170

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 170

Accurately speaking, it was not a ray of light, but a dazzling flying rainbow that emerged between the sky and earth, which had attracted everyone’s attention the moment it appeared! The strange thing about this phenomenon was that such formidable magic had no magical fluctuation at all.

As long as one closed their eyes, they would not be able to feel anything.

It was a bizarre situation! The flying sword rushed straight toward the soldier in the middle with an invincible sharpness at a speed that was even faster than lightning.

The soldier being targeted was not an ordinary fellow.

He had the ability to be friends with or to be considered as mere acquaintances to Gibran who was the leader of the Red Vanguards.

This showed that his personal strength had been acknowledged by Gibran.

The soldier was shocked and drew out his long sword, timely released all his strength of fighting, and struck back at the flying sword.

Han Jin pinched his fingers, and the flying sword suddenly disappeared, though it reappeared the next moment behind the soldier, cutting against his neck.

If it were just a fight between two men, this strike was definitely insidious enough, but the soldier had companions around him.

The one on his left sensed the incoming danger and abruptly leaped forward about seven to eight meters, waving his long sword to ward off the flying sword.

On the other hand, the soldier on his right side had also raised his mogo and pounced forward.

Compared to both his companions, he was slower, but he was physically stronger.

However, tragedy appeared at the next moment! As experienced mercenaries, they all kept in mind the important rule of living in a forest – always guard against the harm that others might do to you! One could only survive in this forest with sufficient vigilance.

Though the three soldiers had allied, they were just temporary allies, instead of a team with long-term cooperation.

This was also why they always kept a distance of seven meters between each other.

Distrust existed all the time.

Who would willingly share the three dragon crystals with another person? Humans liked to judge others with their own thoughts.

After seeing his companions simultaneously attacking him, the soldier in the middle let out a roar without giving it a thought and warded off the coming long sword first.

Then, his figure swirled and dodged the mogo with his back, but it was only at this moment that he noticed the flying sword.

However, it was too late.

His allies could have saved him, but he warded off the help himself! The mogo was not fast enough to stop the flying sword.

Thus, a tragedy was bound to happen.

Lights dazzled and blood splashed.

Without the armor’s protection, the soldier’s neck was neatly cut off, with his head soaring up high into the sky.

Without any delay, the flying sword dodged the mogo by moving aside and reached the head, piercing through it.

The next moment, dazzling lights emitted from the flying sword again.

It bypassed the attack from the other two soldiers and flew back to Han Jin at an unimaginably high speed.

Han Jin stretched out his hand, took off the head, and gently put it on a rock beside him.

A hint of a sneer crept up on the corner of his lips.

He looked at the head, of which both the eyes were still wide open, and said, “Still want to fight?” .



It was deathly silent on both sides of the river.

Even the members of the Red Vanguards were dumbstruck with astonishment.

None of them had expected such a ruthless role among these unknown mercenaries! It was incredible that this young man had killed one of the famous leaders from a famous mercenary team with only one strike while keeping a leisurely and supercilious expression on his face.

Though a battle among mercenaries was always dangerous and would cause bleeding, and anyone in a battle, such as the members from the Reapers or the Dragon Singers Mercenary Team, might be threatened, no one would be as calm and casual as Han Jin.

To overwhelm the opponent with momentum, one must show vigilance and aggression to demonstrate his strength.

Han Jin was exactly the opposite.

He looked so free and easy as if he was just a beautiful young man who was taking a sightseeing tour.

He definitely did not look like a killer who had just taken away a life! “Now, there’s only two of you.

How are you going to share the three dragon crystals? It’s unfair if anyone obtains two.

” This said, Han Jin fixed his eyes on the remaining two soldiers.

“How about letting me help you? I’ll kill another one and you won’t need to share.

” Han Jin didn’t like talking crap.

He had planned to sneak into the woods with a charm of Earthmeld and start the slaughter, but the soldiers’ reactions had revealed some subtle relationships among them.

Han Jin wanted to undermine their weak alliance first before the fight completely broke out.

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COM The two soldiers looked into each other’s eyes and suddenly stood together, side by side.

“Kill him!” the one holding a mogo roared.

Fireballs and lightning shot out from the woods, along with rains of arrows, but none was targeted on Han Jin.

All of them were aimed at Yalina, who appeared to be without any fortification.

Yalina sneered.

As she raised her magic wand towards the sky, an extremely pure magic shield was formed and quickly spread around, shrouding all her companions inside it.

The next moment, over ten magic detection light rings exploded, covering the whole area around the river in light.

One of the light rings even fell on Gibran.

The members of the Red Vanguards gaped at each other.

Gibran had turned invisible behind his companions, planning to sneakily participate in the fight to help Yalina’s team.

However, this magus did not seem to appreciate his help at all.

On the contrary, she was still guarding against him.

The whereabouts of ten-odd thieves were exposed under the light of magic detection.

Cessacioun let out a roar and guided the young magicians in launching attacks.

Sunier had also drawn out her longbow.

Edwina and Julia were even more aggressive than her and had shot out many arrows, none of which missed their targets.

In an instant, most of the thieves had fallen down into a pool of blood.

The two elves had nearly killed half the thieves.

The rest of them desperately escaped, as they couldn’t believe that they would meet such an abnormal magus who would release so many magic detection light rings at the same time.

Didn’t she need magic power to release them? It was ridiculous to believe that she was just a stupid rookie! They didn’t know that after nearly being killed by thieves twice, Yalina hated thieves to her bones.

For the rest of her life, she held a special preference for magic detection, and would never allow any thief to act rudely in front of her! Countless magic attacks and rain of arrows fell on the magic shield released by Yalina.

It had been decided in advance that her only task was to defend the coming attacks.

The magic shield that she released was nearly indestructible.

Even the collective attack from hundreds of enemies could only cause small ripples on it.

Yalina was indifferent to all this.

She was absolutely confident in herself.

Reg’s figure suddenly appeared beside the mogo-holding soldier, stabbing his dagger into the soldier’s neck at lightning speed.

Reg chose this opponent as his target because he knew this one was comparatively slower based on his judgment from the fight just now.

Shocked by the scene in front of him, the soldier didn’t realize the coming dagger until it had nearly reached his neck.

It was too late for him to ward it off with his mogo, nor could he dodge the coming strike.

He immediately moved his shoulder to fend off the dagger.

Blood spattered.

Reg’s dagger was stabbed deep into the soldier’s shoulder.

Instead of chasing down his target, Reg immediately retreated and vanished into the air.

Almost simultaneously, several light rings of magic detection fell down.

However, compared with the ones released by Yalina, these magic detection rings of light were slow in speed and small in range.

Moreover, as a cautious thief, Reg would always immediately retreat, no matter if he had hit his target or not.

Thus, he was not affected at all.

The flying sword lit up again.

This time, Han Jin had released Spirit Possession Operation on himself, and his figure rushed out, following the sword.

“Kill him!” roared the other soldier who fearlessly rushed towards Han Jin.

Although he was not as fast as the flying sword, he still wasn’t inferior to Han Jin in speed.

While the one who was holding a mogo quickly retreated back due to the injury that he had gotten on his right shoulder.

Han Jin curled up his lips while his body leaned aside.

After undergoing so many fights, not only had his cultivation and experience grown, but so had his fighting skill.

Any martial art was gradually evolved in bloody fights, which Han Jin had gone through enough of.

The brilliant flying sword soared upward towards the sky, bypassing the soldier who blocked its way.

While the soldier had no energy to save his companion at this moment, he knew that as long as Han Jin was killed, his magic would disappear.

Under a furious roar, a long sword which was covered by a dazzling light of fighting strength was thrust towards Han Jin’s chest with overwhelming momentum.

If this strike could hit Han Jin, a huge hole might appear in his body.

In fact, his whole body would even explode into millions of pieces.

Han Jin pounced forward, leaned down, and dodged the dazzling sword light, which passed by his back before he vanished into the ground.

As he realized the situation, the injured soldier changed hands to immediately hold his mogo and waved it over his head, trying to ward off the horrible flying sword.

Right at this moment, Han Jin soundlessly raised up from behind him like a ghost and punched his palm forward.

The punch seemed soft, but it caused a thunderous sound while hitting the soldier’s back, pushing the soldier forward by a long distance.

“Go to hell!” The other soldier who had been deceived by Han Jin’s movements threw his long sword forward, hitting the flying sword on its tail.

After being knocked, the flying sword leaned aside and passed against the soldier’s ears who was holding the mogo.

Though it didn’t hurt him, it scared him into a cold sweat.

He had narrowly escaped the strike.

The soldier waved his mogo without any hesitation and struck the flying sword, showing no trace of cowardice even at this critical moment.

After a loud sound, the flying sword was abruptly hit into the air and Han Jin’s figure quivered.

He immediately nipped his fingers, and instead of turning back, he directly rushed towards the woods, along with his flying sword.

He didn’t want to fight these two soldiers anymore.