Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 162

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 162

Soon after, the remaining members of the Mercenary Team of Reapers also arrived from different directions as they had searched the forest separately.

To search for one person in this vast forest was similar to searching for a needle in the ocean.

They were really lucky.

Besides the mercenaries, a white-haired magician followed, behind whom was a troop of soldiers led by a middle-aged man.

Upon seeing Yalina, the white-haired magician’s lips quivered.

He wanted to say something but suddenly stopped.

“Lord Scott,” Yalina greeted politely.

Han Jin was puzzled.

Why was Yalina’s tone filled with estrangement? Hadn’t she had implied that they were friends? But actually, this was how she treated everyone before this, including Han Jin.

“Miss Yalina.

How… are you?” asked Scott in a trembling voice.

“As you can see, I am fine,” replied Yalina coldly.

“Nothing… happened?” “Nothing, thanks to my luck.

” .



“Oh, that’s good!” Scott nodded immediately.

Han Jin and the others looked at each other as they were all confused.

It seemed like this old man already knew about the assassination attempt and Yalina was also hiding the fact that she was saved by Han Jin.

“There’s nothing left for you to do for now.

” Scott waved his hand.

“You can leave now.

” The middle-aged soldier took out a piece of paper, drew some strokes on it then passed it to one of the mercenaries.

He took a look at it and let out a clear whistle before turning his head to Moxinke.

“Moxinke, we owe you.

Don’t forget what you promised after going back to Isolated Cliff City.

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COM “I’ll wait for you! Don’t break your words, otherwise, I will consider you a coward,” shouted Saxon.


See you in Isolated Cliff City.

I won’t forget my ale!” laughed Moxinke loudly.

The leader of the mercenaries nodded to Han Jin and the others before walking off into the woods with the other members.

“And you.

” The middle-aged soldier looked at Moxinke.

“Whatever your mission was, you have completed it.

Now leave!” the middle-aged soldier said to Moxinke.

Reg and Moxinke paused after hearing such impolite words.

They both looked at Han Jin, whom they considered as their irreplaceable leader.

Their actions were mainly based on his attitude.

But Han Jin kept quiet and continued watching his own palm as if there were flowers growing on it.

“Be polite, Harry.

These are my friends!” Yalina reproached.

The middle-aged soldier was embarrassed.

As a man of a high position who would seldomly be snapped at, he usually reproached without considering what others felt.

“Harry, apologize.

” Scott pulled a long face.

Harry’s face flushed due to anger.

But a moment later, he stooped down and said in a muffled voice, “My apologies to you for my rudeness.

” But no one seemed to hear him.

They were either enjoying the vast sky, yawning or watching some invisible flowers.

A sharp light flashed across Harry’s eyes.

However, he controlled his rage and moved back with his head lowered.

“Excuse me,” Scott said politely.

“But I would like to have a talk with Miss Yalina.

Could you please leave us alone?” Seeing Han Jin remain motionless, Cessacioun understood his thoughts and smiled.

“Sorry, but this is our camp.

If you want to talk and don’t want us to hear, you can leave.

” Scott was shocked.

He could hardly believe his own ears.

How inconceivable it was that as a headmaster of the famous God’s Language Magic Academy, he was refused by some insignificant mercenaries! As for whether Cessacioun’s words made sense or not, Scott didn’t care! However, the relationships among Han Jin’s group had changed greatly.

They went from strangers to close friends and from caring to respect and admiration.

They gradually grew into the mindset that Han Jin, the only one who made vigorous efforts to overturn the situation and had killed both the assassins along with the Hydra, was their core .

Though no one, except Sunier, knew Han Jin’s secret.

They more or less had gotten some information from Sunier about Han Jin’s current ability.

Even in the past, Han Jin could astonish them, not to mention now.

Thus, Cessacioun was very confident.

He was not afraid of any challenges as long as Han Jin was there to help him.

The Mercenary Team of Reapers, who had reached the edge of the woods, stopped and observed quietly.

“Lord Scott, if you have something you want to tell me, you can do it here,” said Yalina slowly.

“These are all my friends.

I trust them.

” Scott cast a glance at Han Jin, Reg and the rest of them as if he wanted to remember all their faces before finally fixing his eyes on Yalina.

After a moment of hesitation, he lowered his voice and said, “Please go back with us, Miss Yalina.

” “Go back?” Yalina snorted.

“Don’t you think that you still owe me an explanation for this?” “Miss Yalina, the Duke is very worried about you and can’t even fall asleep at night…” “I need an explanation for the situation, not about anyone’s feelings,” Yalina interrupted him coldly.

“Please go back with me first.

We can discuss the rest of it later,” Scott pleaded.

Perhaps Yalina had never seen Scott like this, because she was somewhat startled.

After a long while she asked, “How is Eddison?” “You know how irritable Eddison is.

The Duke has imprisoned him to avoid any bloodshed,” Scott replied with a bitter smile.

“Irritable? He is just upright! Humph! Ridiculous…” Yalina burst into laughter.

“The murderer is left unpunished while Eddison is imprisoned just because of his uprightness! Such a great and humane Duke!” Upon hearing her words, the young magicians were all shocked.

They were inexperienced but they were not fools.

Although Yalina had not mentioned an exact name, they all knew whom and what she was talking about.

“Please, go back with us first,” Scott implored again.

“If you are still afraid… Rest assured, I won’t allow anyone…” “I can protect myself,” Yalina interrupted him again.

“Lord Scott, would you please send a message for me.

Tell him that I have known his mercy that he has learned from our great Duke.

If he thinks that he can do this just because of the good relationship between Eddison and me, then please convey my congratulations to him.

” “Miss…” Scott’s face changed dramatically.

Yalina’s words had exposed all of their hidden motives.

“Do you think that I don’t know who wants me dead?” Yalina laughed.

“Forsa from Fatto City! He can endure humiliation and even collude with our enemies just to complete his own dream.

I can’t even find the appropriate words to describe him, but I am sure that he will become a powerful territory owner.

Am I right? Do you still remember my puppy, Lord Scott?” Cold sweat was dripping down from Scott’s forehead.

He smiled immediately when Yalina changed the topic.

“Yes, of course I remember.

It was lovely, but…” “But it was hit by a wagon.

” A trace of sadness flashed across Yalina’s eyes.

“Why do you think it was lovely? Because it amused you and would never hurt you.

So you liked it and you wanted to play with it.

But, would you like a mad dog? A mad dog is a threat, same goes for a mad person.

Do you understand? He will become a powerful territory owner, won’t he?” Scott’s expression changed again and again.

He was not supposed to hear this, nor were the students.

He had no idea what would happen if the “he” Yalina had mentioned knew about this.

“You… should talk about this with the Duke.

” Scott smiled bitterly.


I won’t go back.

” Yalina shook her head.

“Why?” Scott was puzzled.

“Because being there makes me feel sick,” Yalina replied expressionlessly.

“If anyone wants to go back, go along with Lord Scott now.

” The young magicians looked at each other and all shook their heads.

Fatal might befall them if they got involved into such disputes.

But the problem was, how could they get rid of this now? “Miss…” “I already told you that I won’t go back!” said Yalina firmly.

Scott sighed.

“Actually, the Duke had already predicted this situation.

He asked me to give you a letter,” after saying this, Scott took out an envelope and handed it to the middle-aged soldier.

Holding the envelope, Harry walked to Yalina respectfully.

Yalina took the letter, hesitated a little but tore the envelope open slowly.

Suddenly, a thin cloud of yellow smoke wafted out.

Yalina was startled but immediately held her breath.

However, it was clear that she still inhaled some of the smoke as her figure started to wobble.

“Bastards!” Moxinke let out a roar and swung his giant sword down towards Harry’s back.

Without changing his expression, Harry turned around, unsheathed his longsword and warded off the coming strike.

His strength of fighting was much greater than Moxinke’s.

Moxinke’s giant sword was rebounded and his hands flew along with the sword, leaving a chance for Harry to attack.

It was easy to predict the result when two people of different strengths fought each other.

Without a defensive weapon, Moxinke was hit on the chest while Harry had reached out his left hand and grabbed Yalina’s waist.

With Moxinke’s strength, he should not have been defeated so badly.

However, he had made the strike in a hurry and he was comparatively weaker while Harry had enough preparations and was stronger.

Han Jin no longer kept silent.

His fingers briskly shifted twice.

Moxinke stepped back several paces before he steadied himself.

The soft armor on his chest had been split open, exposing his mangled muscles.

Fortunately, the wound was not very deep because Han Jin had released a Spirit Possession Operation for him just in time to turn his skin much tougher than the soft armor.

In addition, he had released his strength of fighting to protect himself while Harry didn’t use all of his strength due to his disdain.

The magic wand in Yalina’s hand suddenly lit up.

An invisible wave of magic fluctuations spread out around her.

It was Magic resistance! Harry’s hand was thrown off, then along with his body.

His expression changed dramatically.

Before he could react, a violent light had surrounded him.

Then he retreated more than twenty meters away like a bullet and nearly hit Scott after stepping back.

“You…” Yalina said while gnashing her teeth.

Her face turned pale and her hand, which was holding the magic wand, was also trembling.

“We mean no harm, Miss Yalina,” Scott explained with his face full of bitterness.

He had not expected his plan to fail, nor could he figure out why.

“The Duke has given a clear order to take you back.

” “Get out of my sight!” Yalina screamed.

“Miss…” Yalina raised her magic wand slowly.

Scott sighed.

“Let’s go, Harry,” he said helplessly.

Harry’s face turned ashen.

He had both failed the task and offended Yalina.

This might be the worst day of his life.

To take Yalina back by force was nearly beyond their imagination.

She was a genius and her strength was only inferior to the Chief President of God’s Language.

This was also why Forsa from Fatto City wanted to kill her.

Everyone knew that she would become a great Magus sooner or later, a supreme existence in the universe which could contend against any strong being.

Even if they teamed up, they would still be defeated by her.

Even worse, they had been ordered to take her back without injuring her.

This made the task even more difficult.

“Get out of my sight!” Yalina shouted again.

Scott cast a glance at Harry and retreated despondently.

They knew that they had completely failed.


” Han Jin stood up slowly, neatened his robe and fixed his eyes on Scott and Harry.

Unlike magicians, Han Jin’s arts generated no power fluctuations.

Except for Moxinke and Yalina, who were standing beside him, no one knew what he had done.

Scott and Harry didn’t even pay any attention to Han Jin.

“What?” replied Harry icily.

“You’re trying to just leave after hurting my friend?” Han Jin showed a warm smile but spoke with an unfriendly tone.

“That’s not right.

” “What do you want?” Harry looked Han Jin up and down defiantly.

Being irritated already, he was waiting for Han Jin’s provocation as an excuse to vent his anger.

“I don’t like suffering losses.

For example, if someone hurts my hand, I will cut off their finger.

If someone cuts off my finger, I will do the same to their hand,” Han Jin said this expressionlessly.

“Understand?” “Here is my hand.

” Harry raised his hand and waved, his face filled with undisguised scorn.

“Raphael, they…” Yalina was worried.

“I wasn’t talking to you.

” She was stunned but shut her mouth with a bitter smile.

Both Scott and Harry were shocked.

Yalina was a self-conceited person who would always snap at people around her but would never allow anyone else to scold her! This was unimaginable! “Damn it! Who do you think you are? A mere ninth-grade swordmaster!? Do you think that you’re marvelous?” Moxinke sneered.

Although he was already beaten by his opponent, he still would not admit it and even more unlikely since he was sure that Han Jin would help him.

“Sir, please accept my apology for my partner’s misbehavior.

” Scott’s face turned solemn.

He thought that this young man must have unfathomable strength as even Yalina was about to plead for them and the wounded soldier was so arrogant.

“It’s too late.

” Han Jin flashed a smile; then his fingers moved.

Still without any magic fluctuations, a small fireball appeared in his hand and he immediately threw it towards Harry.

Both Scott and Harry stared at the fireball.

They had never seen such magic.

The fireball flew slowly across the air.

How could such magic hit its target in a fight? However, they dared not look down upon Han Jin.

They waited patiently while staring at the fireball.

However slow it was, it still reached its destination.

Harry was now covered in a dazzling white light.

He released his strength of fighting and then waved his long sword, chopping towards the fireball.

The fireball was then cut into pieces, but instead of going out, the sparks attached themselves to Harry’s longsword and turned it into a burning flame sword immediately.

Harry was shocked.

He waved his sword violently, trying to shake the flames off.

Instead of coming off, the flames were tenacious and grew even stronger.

This longsword had accompanied Harry for many years.

It was of irreplaceable value and significance to him.

As such, Harry didn’t want to abandon it.

He refused to loosen his hand until the flame had surpassed the hilt.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

A single spark fell on the back of his hand.

No one, including Harry himself, paid attention to the little spark.

However, in the blink of an eye, it turned into a raging flame and wrapped around Harry’s whole hand.

Han Jin sneered.

With his current ability, the Art of Three True Fires had many irreparable defects such as poor speed and short controlling distance.

If Harry had not touched the fireball but dodged it instead, Han Jin would not have been able to cause much damage.

Luckily, Harry made the strike and the result was therefore set in stone! Harry screamed and swung his right hand desperately, but the flames just got even harder to get rid of.

Scott released a water arrow immediately but the flame’s momentum on Harry’s right hand didn’t reduce at all.

It was still burning vigorously.

Anxious, Scott raised his magic wand again.

Masses of mist gathered around Harry’s right hand and turned into solid ice, sealing the hand inside it.

The scene that happened afterward shocked them all.

Inside the ice, the flames were still burning wildly with the tongues of fire dancing like a weird demon! This subverted the common sense of magic! Was the ice just an illusion? Or was the flame illusory? “Ah…” Harry was unable to bear it anymore.

He knelt down, swung his right hand crazily and started to punch the ground.

After a loud sound, the ice smashed into many pieces.

Harry stuck his right hand deep into the ground.

No one could see what was going on underground, but they could see that Harry’s other hand was grabbing the grass around him desperately.

He knocked his head on the ground and curled up his body like a poor shrimp.

From time to time, Harry trembled like a lamb being butchered or he would jump and kick up some dust and sand like a frightened mustang.

Seeing this, a deep feeling of chill spread across the spectators.

Was the flame still there? “Ah…!” With another scream, Harry pulled his hand out which had been burned into black coal and to their surprise, the flame was still burning violently.

However strong he was in the past, he still could not bear this torture! Harry screamed with his voice full of despair and fear.

He kept punching the ground but the flame continued burning on his hand like a grub attaching to his bone.

“The Flame of the Fire God!” Scott’s pupils shrink.

“No! The Flame of the Fire God is a super-grade forbidden spell with a large attacking range.

This flame was limited by distance.

It’s just something similar to the Flame of the Fire God.

” “Chop off his hand!” Scott shouted.

“What?” The subordinates of Harry finally recovered from the horror.

“Damn it! Chop off his hand!” Scott shouted again angrily with blue veins on his forehead protruding outwards.

One of the soldiers braced himself and walked to Harry.

When Harry pulled out his hand again, the soldier slashed it off immediately.

His hand fell but the weird flames attached to the longsword soundlessly.

The soldier screamed and threw his sword without hesitation, fearing that he would suffer the same fate as Harry.

Harry sat on the ground exhaustedly.

But only a few seconds later, his despairing scream was heard again.

Some of the sparks squirted out along with blood from his broken arm and turned into a blazing fire immediately! “Your Excellency!” Scott stared at Han Jin with his grey beard shaking like waves.

“You’ve gone too far with the use of such evil magic!” This time, he addressed Han Jin respectfully.

But as Han Jin had said earlier, it was too late! If he had talked to Han Jin with respect earlier and if Harry had revealed the relationship between their Duke and Yalina instead of hurting Moxinke, Han Jin might not have gotten himself involved in this irrelevant affair.

Showing respect after showing arrogance usually brought no good endings.

Respect shown by an opponent is generally hypocritical and forced while arrogance was their true attitude.

“If I had not released any magic, my friend would have been killed by you,” Han Jin sneered.

“You didn’t give my friend a chance, so why should I give one to you?” Scott was tongue-tied.

Both Harry and him had looked down on these mercenaries at the beginning and hurt Moxinke cruelly.

Now it was too late for him to feel regretful.

After struggling for such a long time, Harry had finally run out of energy.

He laid on the grass like a dying man, letting out faint moans while still waving his burning arm from time to time.

“Miss…” Scott implored.

Yalina didn’t hear him.

She was staring at the burning flame with her eyes filled with enthusiasm.

Apart from being gifted since birth, her craze about magic was also one of the prerequisites that allowed her to surpass most magicians at such a young age! Now, after seeing this strange magic with her own eyes, she was even more shocked than hearing it from her students.

Finally, Harry fell unconscious with his head leaning downwards.

The burning flame dimmed and gradually extinguished.

Scott’s expression was complicated.

The elderly usually cherished life more than the young.

Scott dared not to fight as Yalina would not help him while the subordinates of Harry were not capable enough to help him.

Opposite to him, there were several mercenaries and an unfathomable magician, as well as Han Jin.

Scott cast a glance at Han Jin and said word by word, “You will regret this.

” “That is in the future.

” Han Jin snorted.

“If you dare to say one more word, I can assure you that you will regret it instantly.

” All those around Han Jin laughed, including Moxinke, who was still suffering from extreme pain.

Scott turned around abruptly.

Just when he was about to leave, the huge dragon bone hundreds of meters away appeared in his eyes.

He was shocked.

As a vice-president of a magic academy, Scott knew what this meant! A dragon slayer! He couldn’t help but start shivering.

He was too negligent to notice this when he first arrived.

Even a Great Magus, who had great enough abilities to confront a dragon, might not be able to become a dragon slayer.

The strength of super strong professionals was not the same but dragon slayers were the elites among all super strong professionals! From the dragon bone, Scott was unable to judge that it was just an underage dragon nor did he consider Yalina having the ability to slaughter a dragon.

All he could think of was Han Jin, to whom even Yalina had shown respect.

Scott felt his surroundings blur before his eyes.

How foolish was he, trying to get revenge against a dragon slayer? Even if Scott himself was bold enough, he still would not be able to find anyone else to help! The Duke from the Capital of Elements would not dare to offend a dragon slayer either! From a distance, the members of the Mercenary Team of Reapers noticed the change of expression on Scott’s face.

They followed his eyes and were all struck dumb with fear upon seeing the dragon bone.

They had seen the magic that Han Jin had released from the beginning to end and also thought that it was the Flame of the Fire God at the beginning.

But just like Scott, they had doubted this.

After all, how could such a young person release such a super-grade forbidden spell without chanting any incantations? Now, upon seeing the dragon bone, all of their doubts vanished.

Scott and the other soldiers disappeared into the woods carrying Harry.

“How is your wound? Does it hurt?” Han Jin turned to Moxinke and asked.

“No,” replied Moxinke, throwing back his shoulders.

He felt much better after seeing his enemy get punished by Han Jin like that, though Han Jin’s magic was indeed a little bit vicious.

“If so, let’s talk about it tomorrow.

” “What?” Moxinke showed a bitter look immediately.

“You idiot!” Cessacioun sneered.

“Why didn’t you admit that it hurts?” Moxinke turned around angrily and glared at Cessacioun.

At this time, Saxon, the soldier from the Mercenary Team of Reapers, walked towards them in quick steps.

His companions had all disappeared into the woods.

“How is your wound, Moxinke?” asked Saxon.

“It’s ok, just a small injury.

” Moxinke had planned to admit his injury but immediately changed his words after being asked this.

As a man who was concerned about his ego more than anything else, Moxinke would never admit defeat in front of others.

“That’s good.

” Saxon paused and showed a look of embarrassment.

He made a deep bow to Han Jin.

“May I apologize on behalf of my team for the troubles we have brought to you? We were too credulous.

In case you need any help in the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know!” “Thank you.

It’s very kind of you,” Han Jin replied in a low voice.

“You are welcome.

” Saxon showed a bitter smile and then continued with a serious look.

“So, see you later in the Isolated Cliff City,” after saying this, he turned around to catch up with his peers.

“Interesting,” Cessacioun whispered, looking at Saxon’s back.

“I am a little tired.

” Han Jin yawned.

“I’m going to rest.

” “No! Do you really not care about me?” Moxinke followed him with a sour face.