Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 141

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 141

“Boom!” The magic barrier couldn’t bear the violent attack anymore and vanished completely.

Six infantry formations roared and charged forward, followed by the rear army.

However, before the siege weapons were put to good use, Guevara, who was at the forefront, had dashed into the city gate like a ray of golden light, smashing the gate into dust.

The earthbags piled behind it were also thrown into the air.

In such a battle of attack and defense, the magic barrier was the key.

Once it disappeared, the city walls could no longer withstand attacks from magicians and magic crystal cannons unless they were all built by corundum specially produced by alchemists.

Seeing that the magic barrier was destroyed, the soldiers inside the city were all scared out of their wits, and ran away from the city walls in a panic.

A group of Minotaurs turned a corner, but were met by Han Jin, who swung down his giant axe without any hesitation.

The Minotaur raised his battleaxe by instinct before he could clearly see his opponent.

With a loud sound, he shielded the coming giant axe but was pushed back a few steps.

He fell down on his back because of the fierce force.

Han Jin followed forward, chopping down again with an overwhelming momentum.

The Minotaur uttered a heartrending cry and stopped moving.

He couldn’t even manage to get a good look at his opponent before dying.

Han Jin wasted no time dashing to another Minotaur.

A thick streak of blood flew across the air as he waved his axe.

That was the blood from his previous victims.

Among these Minotaurs, some had just fled from the city walls and would never forget Han Jin’s face.

Upon recognizing him, all of them fled with a scream.

The rest who didn’t recognize him rushed forward like a swarm of bees.

The one who had become Han Jin’s next target even horizontally slashed his axe at Han Jin’s waist instead of blocking the incoming attack.

It was a completely suicidal tactic.

Han Jin stiffened his arms, drew back the axe, and chopped down to meet his enemy’s slash.

After a clear sound of collision, the Minotaur felt both his arms sour and numb, and could not hold his weapon anymore.

Coincidently, his falling axe directly hit his foot.

He couldn’t help letting out a cry, while Han Jin’s giant axe chopped down again.

This time, the Minotaur could do nothing but watch as the axe landed on his body.

“Bang!” With a loud sound, blood spattered out from the Minotaur’s back.

The chillingly enormous axe had pierced through the Minotaur’s whole body.

The other Minotaurs who came to assist were instantly covered in blood, to the point where some couldn’t see clearly.




Han Jin raised his feet, kicked the body away, and waved his axe again.

One of the Minotaurs who was rubbing his eyes became the next victim, as half of his head was cut off and flew into the air with a streak of blood.

The only thing left on the shortened head was a row of glaring white teeth.

Spirit Possession Art had a strong hypnotic effect.

Although Han Jin could still maintain his consciousness, his usual emotions were suppressed; the pools of blood and disfigured bodies around him did not affect him at all.

He continued to move at an extremely fast rate, the giant battle axe roaring in the wind as he slammed it toward the head of his next target.

The Minotaur almost died from fright and hastily retreated while trying to ward off the coming strike.

However, he was too slow compared to Han Jin.

The axe made a shrill noise as it landed on his arm, cleanly dismembering him.

The Minotaur didn’t have time to react, and could only look in astonishment as his arm fell onto the ground.

Before he could feel the pain, Han Jin had crossed his arms and swept his giant axe again as quick as a flash of lightning.

The Minotaur, whose waist was as thick as a bucket, was cleanly cut into two pieces.

He didn’t die immediately, but wriggled, struggled, and screamed.

It was truly a bloodcurdling scene.

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COM The remaining Minotaurs lost all their courage at the sight of that and turned to flee.

Han Jin dashed forward, and solidly kicked one of the minotaurs on the back of his head.

The Minotaur staggered forward a few steps then fell down.

When he struggled to stand up, a cold voice came from above him.

“Tell me where the ritual altar is, and I will spare your life.

” “It… It’s over there…” The Minotaur pointed with a shaking finger.

“There is a statue.

Turn right, and you will see a square.

The ritual altar is under the square.

Are you… looking for Sir Prader?” Han Jin kept his words and didn’t kill the Minotaur, instead walking directly toward where the Minotaur had pointed.

The street was in complete shambles.

Soldiers of Black Raven City hastily ran out from time to time, some fleeing back as soon as they saw Han Jin and his bloody axe.

None of them dared to fight him.

Zaganide had taken away almost all the elite forces to guard his underground city, leaving only inexperienced soldiers to guard Black Raven City.

That might have sufficed if they were fighting with an advantage, but none of them would have enough courage to fight to the end now that the city had been breached.

Han Jin saw the statue and turned right, only to find a group of Minotaurs coming toward him.

They were all in heavy armor, which was different from those he had seen before.

They looked much stronger than humans, as no human soldier could bear the weight of the armor they wore.

As they ran, they looked like an army of raging tanks.

“A human!” The leader saw Han Jin and shouted.

“Kill him!!” A giant axe which moved as fast as lightning slammed down as it left a shrill whistle in the wind.

However, it wasn’t the Minotaur who had launched the first attack.

Han Jin had stolen that particular job from his enemy.

The Minotaur was dumbfounded.

Usually, humans would immediately run away after they heard his shout, at which point he would then pursue them.

Han Jin’s unusual course of action completely confused him.

Regardless of what he thought, Han Jin’s axe arrived in front of him.

The Minotaur had no choice but to raise his axe, which was as big as Han Jin’s.

Minotaurs were famous for their ferociousness, but as they fought Han Jin, they rarely had the chance to go on offense and were often forced to ward off one after another of Han Jin’s attacks.

This was simply because Han Jin’s strikes were too fast and powerful! “Boom!” Sparks flew as the two axes met.

The Minotaur’s legs stiffened and his face instantly turned pale.

On the other hand, the giant axe in Han Jin’s hand bounced high into the air, along with Han Jin himself.

He somersaulted several times in the air before finally dropping down.


Han Jin coughed and suppressed the boiling blood inside his chest, staring at the Minotaur with icy eyes.

His white face turned blue and red.

“Good!” The Minotaur roared.

“Come again!” Han Jin relied on actions more than words, and was never one to back down from a challenge.

He had been careless to think that all Minotaurs in the city were nothing more than those he had confronted, who could not even survive a single strike.

But the Minotaur in front of him fared no better after trying to block Han Jin’s attack with raw strength.

In such a simple clash of strength, the side on defense was often already at a disadvantage.

The next moment, Han Jin had floated into the midair like a wisp of smoke, while the giant axe in his hand once again chopped down with a terrifying force.

The Minotaur still raised his axe to ward off the coming chop.

After a loud sound, the Minotaur’s body shook, while Han Jin successively staggered back several steps before finally steadying himself.

The onlookers all covered their ears, unable to bear the noise created by the collision of weapons, which was like needles that pricked their ears.

Han Jin immediately recovered.

He had several hundred Jia worth of energy to serve as his back up, while the Minotaur had nothing but his stamina.

“Go to hell!” Han Jin roared, dashing forward several meters with each stride.

The giant axe in his hand slammed down again.

Again, the Minotaur took the strike, his body as steady as a mountain, while Han Jin stepped back seven or eight meters.

“Again!” The Minotaur roared.

Han Jin sneered.

He had not been forced to step back, but had done this to ensure he had enough distance for his attack! Han Jin inhaled a deep breath, and his body seemingly bulged to twice its normal size.

As his cloth turned tight, he narrowed his eyes, from which two rays of cold light reflected out.

Any cultivator who used Spirit Possession Art must have a firm will; he must believe himself to be truly invincible.

Otherwise, if the user lost confidence in himself, the Spirit Possession Art would immediately lose its effects.

The next moment, Han Jin’s figure drifted forward soundlessly.

His axe again slammed down, but this time silently, as if there was no power behind the strike.

Despite that, the Minotaur’s face dramatically paled.

He raised his axe with a roar.

Regardless of the intelligence of the other Minotaurs, this one was obviously not very smart judging by the fact that he had chosen to try to block the attack in place.

He was still unwilling to admit the fact that a human was stronger than him without even releasing his strength of fighting! “Boom!” Even more sparks spattered out in all directions.

This time, Han Jin directly retreated ten-odd steps, and noticed that a fist-sized notch had appeared on his axe blade.

The Minotaur shivered, still standing in place.

However, the stone floor under his feet had been smashed, and half of his feet sunk into the ground.

Han Jin roared in a slightly hoarse voice and raised his axe again.

This time, a trace of fear appeared in the Minotaur’s eyes.

He turned around abruptly and ran backward.

But strangely, his arms were still lifted up.

He must have been too scared, but this posture was really not helpful for running.

The Minotaur staggered away like a woman with bound feet.