Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 136

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 136

Seeing the two sirens standing still, Han Jin’s face was clouded.

If he couldn’t figure out a way to remove the curse, the whole army would go through a huge chaos in the near future.

Just as prisoners under death sentence must be strictly guarded to prevent them from doing something out of desperation since they already knew their fate, the situation was similar.

What would the soldiers do, since so many of them had sexual relationships with the Abyssal Sirens? Would military disciplines still have any constraints on them? The sirens, who were closely watching the expression on Han Jin’s face, were also trembling.

Who knows whether they would be given the scary tickle torture again if Han Jin was really annoyed.

“Hasn’t the magician of darkness told you anything else?” Han Jin didn’t give up.

“Prader was only interested in our bodies,” answered one of the sirens who had perceived a hint of coldness in Han Jin’s eyes.

“You’ve disappointed me!” Han Jin’s tone was slow.

Upon hearing this, all the sirens panicked, knowing that this human would probably kill them all.

The knights simultaneously took a step forward with pounding steps which reflected the awful atmosphere.

The Abyssal Sirens immediately became quiet.

Suddenly, one of the two who stood at the forefront stepped forward, pointed to a little siren hidden amongst the crowd, and jabbered something.

“What did you say?” Han Jin frowned.

He disliked the feeling of being unable to understand their language.

“Prader liked her very much.

I was asking whether Prader had said anything special to her,” the siren quickly replied.




Hearing this, a trace of hope again arose in Han Jin’s heart.

A knight immediately brought the little siren to him.

“Did Prader like you very much?” Seeing as the little siren was still trembling, Han Jin tried his best to keep his tone soft.

“Not… not very much,” she stammeringly replied.

“What did he say to you?” Han Jin asked.

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COM “He… he said a lot, My Lord, but what do you want to know?” The little siren looked quite puzzled.

Han Jin paused, realizing that he was too impatient and had asked too obstructively.

“Has Prader mentioned anything about the curse to you?” “No.

” The siren quickly shook her head.

“Did he have anything special?” Han Jin kept asking, while the other sirens all perked up their ears, realizing that this human would not spare their lives if he could not find a solution to the curse.

The little siren gave it a thought and replied, “He told me that his magic wand was made of the spine of the Rotting Viper of Abyss and had some special functions.

” Han Jin cast a glance at Guevara, hoping this old man would know something about this, since Han Jin himself knew nothing about the creatures of the abyss.

However, Guevara just shook his head.

“A magic wand made of the spine of the Rotting Viper can only increase the power of the magic of darkness; it has nothing to do with the curse.

” “Anything else? Think about it,” Han Jin said, pointing to the other sirens.

“Their lives depend on you.

If you can’t think of anything useful, you know the result.

” The little siren turned her head.

Her clansmen were all depending on her, which made her more nervous.

She frowned and thought hard.

Time passed by.

The site was in such a complete silence that they could even hear a pin drop.

In fact, the soldiers were just as nervous as the sirens.

For both, death was waiting for them if they failed to find out a solution, only that the soldiers had a few days more.

Han Jin didn’t urge her but quietly looked at her.

He knew that this little siren might be their last hope.

“He, he had a huge crystal in his room.

” After a long time, the little siren finally opened her mouth.

Crystal? Han Jin was a little bit disappointed.

What was the use of a crystal? Can the crystal remove the curse? However, he still showed no signs of impatience.

“Anything else?” he softly asked.

But Guevara’s expression slightly changed, as if he had been reminded of something.

“What kind of crystal?” he asked.

“It’s the size like this.

” The little siren gestured.

“And it was very strange.

It’s white all over, except in the middle, which is pink like flowing liquid.

” Hearing this, Guevara turned a little nervous.

“Has he told you the name of it?” The little siren thought hard and replied with uncertainty, “Pure… pure… Sorry, I can’t remember.

” “Purifying Crystal?” “Yes, yes, that’s the name.

” She quickly nodded.

Guevara exhaled a long breath.

“He is not someone simple to have this.

” “What is the crystal used for?” Han Jin asked curiously upon seeing Guevara’s relieved expression.

“It has many uses.

But for us right now, the most important use is to remove the curse,” Guevara replied smilingly.

“Really?” No matter how calm Han Jin was at ordinary times, he still couldn’t help but stand up in excitement.

“Sure! We must make the best use of our time to make preparations.

God knows when this damn curse will come into effect.

” Han Jin beckoned to the siren leaders, and asked something in a low voice, to which they replied after thinking for a while.

Han Jin’s face turned paler.

“What happened?” Reg walked over and asked lowly.

“Repeat what you just said,” Han Jin ordered with a wry smile.

“Nearly… thousands of soldiers,” one timidly said.

“Thousands of soldiers? What?” Reg did not understand.

“Since we occupied Nuremberg, there have been thousands of soldiers who have had sex with them, especially when we were in Nuremberg.

They said they could hardly have any rest during those days.

” Reg froze and roared angrily after a while.

“Are those in the military criminal team all idiots? Where was Ronning? I entrusted him with the whole regiment; what has he done?” All of the knights had a change of expression.

Any conflict between the two top leaders would cause a fatal effect on the whole regiment.

“You should not blame Ronning for this.

He has so many responsibilities that he can hardly spare any energy to manage this.

Additionally, if the soldiers provide cover for each other, how could Ronning know? The soldier outside the tent wanted to send a secret message to the others when we came, didn’t he?” Reg kept silent, but his chest was heavily heaving up and down.

“But only dozens had been killed by the curse so far.

Why is that?” Suddenly, Guevara’s voice came.

“If thousands of soldiers were cursed, then why are the others still in good health after passing the area of Titans of Amorphophallus.

” “Might be that some had sex with the sirens more than once?” Han Jin slowly said.

“General Paul was famous among them.

” Guevara fixed his eyes on one of the sirens.

She murmured, “General Paul came to us every day.

Without his protection, we wouldn’t be able to have delicious food.

We were all grateful to him.

” Guevara sighed.

An evil brought by God could be defeated, but an evil brought by oneself is hard to bear! “Reg, I think we should change our plan,” Han Jin slowly suggested.

“What shall we do?” “We no longer have time to attack Rhine City, but we can cut a corner and directly attack Black Raven City!” Han Jin paused.

“The Touch of Corrosion curse will show its effects at any time.

We must occupy Black Raven City as soon as possible and get that Purifying Crystal!” Han Jin’s words turned louder as he spoke, and some of the soldiers heard as well.

One of them boldly stood up and yelled, “Are we going to attack Black Raven City, Young Marshal?” “Let us attack!” “Damn it! Anyhow, I am already cursed.

I must kill those sons of bitches!” One of the knights also knelt down.

“Young Marshal, please give me the chance to make amends!” The morale which had been low a moment ago, was now rising like a flooding tide that could not be restrained.

After all, the soldiers who had been cursed were to die sooner or later.

However, if they could occupy Black Raven City and get that crystal, they might have a chance to get rid of the curse and survive.

This was their last chance, so they must strive for it regardless of any risk.

“Young Marshal!” “Young Marshal…” Their roars became louder and louder.

Neither Han Jin nor Reg had expected this.

They both paused for a moment before finally coming to their senses.

Han Jin felt relaxed.

This misfortune was really a blessing in disguise.

Reg raised his arm, indicating for the soldiers to quiet down, and said to a knight beside him, “Ask all the commanders and leaders to come to my tent.

” “Yes, Young Marshal!” The knight saluted and mounted his battle steed.