Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 98

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 98

Over forty more men appeared behind Gerald and dispersed as soon as they showed themselves.

Judging by their equipment and speed, they were far more powerful than the battlers who had been slaughtered.

Meanwhile, a row of archers appeared atop the roof of a building on the right side of the street.

The sharp arrowheads glimmered under the sunshine, emitting rays of daunting cold light.

The originally busy street became empty and spacious all of a sudden after all the pedestrians fled as fast as they could.

It was now covered in deathly silence, as even the sound of weapon collisions vanished.

The two parties simply stood in the street.

Hazel tensed her whole body.

“You can still speak? Congratulations!” she held down her nervousness and mocked.

Gerald was covered in armor from head to feet, except for his eyes, which were glimmering with a murderous and horrendous light between the gap of the face mask.

“You made a big mistake failing to kill me last time! My dear Hazel, are you prepared to die?” Gerald said in a very slow tone.

His words were uttered one by one, and his voice was strange like screaming metals, giving others a weird feeling beyond description.

Sunier was also shocked.

“Hazel is always careful when completing her missions.

How is it possible that Gerald is still alive…” “Is this guy powerful?” Han Jin looked at the man covered with metal.

“Very powerful.

” Sunier bitterly smiled.

She seldom judged a person like this.

Han Jin couldn’t help but cast a glance at her in astonishment.




“It is said that Gerald is the number one general under Dismark.

He wears his heavy armor all day long and is known as the Bloody Knight.

Is he really that Gerald?” Cessacioun said.

“Gerald may not be good at commanding an army in a war, but in terms of individual strength, none other under Dismark could match him,” Sunier explained.

Hearing this, Han Jin gasped a cold breath.

“He is a bloodthirsty man.

The name ‘Bloody Knight’ is a title.

No one can count how many lives have fallen in his hands.

His cruelty… is comparable to that demon, the King of the Vampires Caroline!” said Sunier worriedly.

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COM Han Jin frowned.

It was impossible for them to retreat now, because all the city gates around had been blocked.

If they chose to stay, they would be captured sooner or later, but if they wanted to get out of here, Gerald was an enemy far beyond any of their strengths.

They were put in an impossible situation again.

Han Jin immediately fell into his thoughts.

“Do you think I can’t kill you because you hide in a metal shell?” Hazel sneered, even though her palms were sweating.

She knew Gerald’s strength.

Even if he were alone, they could not defeat him.

“Ha…” Gerald burst out into a shrill laughter again.

“I like your personality, your determination, your persistence, and your courage.

If you really kneeled down and begged me for mercy, it would make this much less interesting.

” Gerald stood motionless, while the dark elves beside Hazel moved back at an extremely slow pace with their arrowheads pointing at him, as if they were a group of frightened hedgehogs.

Countless ideas appeared in Hazel’s head, but she dared not draw her long bow; it would be unwise to test the Bloody Knight.

If he used his full strength, Hazel could maybe shoot out two arrows before Gerald charged in front of her.

“Don’t be so nervous.

” Gerald seemed more pleased when he saw the nervous expressions on the dark elves’ faces.

“Take it easy.


You are a real fighter.

To show my respect, I will let you die in happiness.

Real happiness.

Trust me.

” Hazel’s hands, which were always as steady as stone, started slightly shaking.

Falling into Gerald’s hands would absolutely be worse than death, because when that really happened, even death would become an extravagant hope.

Suddenly, Gerald started to move.

He went forward step by step, carrying his war pike, while Hazel and the other dark elves retreated backward in unison.

This was the unbridgeable gap between the strong and the weak.

Those dark elves had slaughtered the battlers as easily as killing ants before Gerald had appeared, but acted like ants themselves when Gerald showed in front of them with only a war pike in hand.

They kept stepping back, but a large number of battlers appeared at the end of the street all of a sudden.

Hazel was not the only one to feel a chill in her heart; so did Han Jin and his companions.

It was too late for them to flee.

Gerald cast a glance at them, especially at Han Jin and Moxinke, with his sharp eyes.

Obviously, he had recognized them.

“Come shoot me, Hazel.

Aren’t you a courageous archer?” Gerald laughed.

He was sure that victory was at hand and didn’t mind taunting his prey with words.

“Are those little guys over there your friends? Come, you can all come at once…” Gerald’s guards also came and coldly stared at the enemies opposite.

They had followed Gerald through desperate battles countless times.

Such a minor encounter did not faze them at all.

Hazel inhaled a deep breath, but still couldn’t let go of her drawn bow.

From the corner of her eyes, she could see the terrified expressions of her companions.

Undoubtedly, the moment she shot her arrow, it would be the horn that starts the fight.

The only difference from the past was that this horn was the horn which harbingered death.

They would all be torn into pieces as soon as their opponents launched a full on attack.

However, this was not a bad ending for them, for all of them had gone through countless battles, and all of their hands were stained in blood.

Hazel burst into laughter.

Even if she must die, she should die with dignity.

Since the result was doomed, why not made the process more splendid? Just when she had made the decision to shoot the arrow that would decide her fate, something changed in the battlefield.

Two tall wooden giants appeared on the roof out of nowhere and stretched out their arms to rush toward the row of archers.

Those archers were caught off guard and were pushed aside and into a large ball by the wooden giants, falling down along the sloping roof and onto the ground.

Seeing Han Jin lend a helping hand, Hazel immediately perked up.

She aimed at Gerald and shot several arrows through the air, all of which flew toward his vital organs.

The arrows were so fast that they were invisible to the naked eyes.

Gerald quickly moved his body aside, so fast that he left an after image in the air.

The arrows pierced through the shadow, and instead shot down two of the guards behind him.

“Puppet manipulator? Interesting…” Gerald showed no concern for the death of his subordinates at all.

He held his knight shield in front of his chest and moved again, rushing directly towards Hazel.

“Crawl back to where you came from!” Moxinke let out a roar and jumped out to meet Gerald’s charge.

He released all of his strength of fighting and slammed his sword down on the knight’s shield.

After a loud sound of collision, the one who crawled back turned out to be Moxinke.

His body rolled in midair several times and flew over twenty meters away before he finally thudded down, nearly hitting Cessacioun.

Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

As a seventh-grade fighter, Moxinke was just like a little lamb in front of Gerald, while Gerald himself was a real tiger.

The dark elves bent their longbows again.

At the same time, Reg abruptly appeared behind Gerald and stabbed a dagger into Gerald’s subcostal.

Gerald roared and tried to hit Reg with the handle of his war pike, but agilely Reg dodged it with a roll on the ground.

Though he looked a little desperate, he did manage to avoid the attack.

The arrows shot out by the dark elves had also arrived.

Gerald wiped away one that was streaking towards his throat with his war pike, and blocked those coming toward his chest with his knight shield.

But another two arrows could not be dodged: one shot his shoulder, and the other hit his shin.

“Go berserk!” Moxinke shouted.

Han Jin hesitated when he saw the blood in Moxinke’s mouth, but still cast Spirit Possession Art.

Moxinke burst out a howl.

Even Han Jin could exert great physical strength after using Spirit Possession Art, let alone Moxinke.

Each swing of his sword made a shrill sound in the air.

The next moment, Moxinke had approached Gerald with his greatsword chopping down.

After another loud sound, the Moxinke’s greatsword collided against Gerald’s war pike.

This time, Moxinke was only knocked one step backward.

Under his roar, he swung the greatsword again and cut toward Gerald’s left waist.

Seeing that Moxinke could somehow match Gerald’s strength, Hazel’s spirit greatly lifted.

Together with the other dark elves, she crazily pulled at her longbow.

One after another, arrows magically passed aside Moxinke and accurately struck Gerald.

Within a short amount of time, ten-odd arrows were stuck in Gerald’s body.

However, his armor was so thick that even so many arrows caused no serious harm to him.

Cessacioun had finished his incantation.

A wall of fire emerged behind Gerald and blocked the guards outside.

Then, Cessacioun casted Quicksand inside the wall.

Now, even if the guards could break through the fire wall, they would be engulfed by shifting sands.

Suddenly, a dazzling ray of light exploded.

With a harsh sound of collision, Moxinke moved back ten-odd steps and barely steadied himself.

Gerald seemed to have changed into another person.

The wildness and arrogance about him were gone.

Now he was like a dark boulder, that, although silent, exerted a suffocating pressure all around him.

“Hazel, why not use your Touch of Darkness?” Gerald said as he waved his wrist at an extremely fast speed.

With a thud on his knight shield, a figure appeared out of nowhere and staggered several steps, thudding down onto the ground.

The figure was Reg.

With Reg’s power, he could have dodged the attack.

However, he had never thought that Gerald would be able to discover him, let alone launch a counter attack as he was about to strike Hazel felt a bitterness in her mouth.

She finally understood why Gerald appeared be in disadvantage just then! “Where is your Touch of Darkness, Hazel? You have really disappointed me.

” This said, Gerald picked up his war pike.

Though his face was covered by metal, they could still feel a grinning and monster-like face behind the mask.

Everyone felt a chilliness gushing about from the depths of their bones.