Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 90

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 90

Life was quiet once again.

They were already used to such uncertainty between relaxation and tension, and could adjust their mental status accordingly as soon as they had settled down.

The hardships they had gone through a few days ago had all been thrown to the back of their minds.

Now, they were just busy with what they should do and leisurely lived an easy life.

In West City, there were also branches of Morgan Commercial Corp.

Logically speaking, Han Jin would discuss with Sunier, Cessacioun, and the others beforehand on how to make contact with the members from the corp, but this time, he just locked himself in his room and asked Steelberg to tell them that he needed some time himself to meditate and did not want to be disturbed.

It was already three days later when Han Jin came out from his room for the first time.

His reappearance meant the end of Moxinke’s good days, who had been practicing his sword art all this time while messing around with Sylner.

Inside the room, Cessacioun had just finished his meditation and was going to light the firewood in the fireplace.

Suddenly, a blast of cold wind came.

He shrunk his neck and immediately looked back.

It was Moxinke who had turned the doorknob and popped his head in while looking around.

“Are you going to come in or not?” Cessacioun frowned.

Although it was already early spring, it was still surprisingly cold today.

Plus, he still needed to meditate; the temperature inside the room would affect him.

“Hush!” Moxinke slipped into the room, closed the door with his hand, and cautiously cast a glance around.

“Thank God, Raphael is not here.

” He let out a long sigh of relief.

Cessacioun looked at Moxinke in amusement.

“Is Raphael that horrifying?” Moxinke gave him a glance.

He threw the wooden shield onto ground and sneered, “No, not horrible at all.

You can try it yourself.

I will recommend you to him.

” “Forget about it.

” Cessacioun turned his head and released a small fireball.

A wisp of blue smoke rose from the firewood and turned into a burning fire after a little while.

“Humph!” Moxinke made a heavy snort and sat down by the fireplace, deliberately squeezing Cessacioun aside.




“You…” Cessacioun was nearly pushed to the ground.

He stood up and was going to shout at Moxinke, but couldn’t help laughing when he saw the blue-black lumps on Moxinke’s face.

After three days of meditation, Han Jin had declared that he had found the weakness of the Wild Magic, and had made slight adjustments to it.

Moxinke undoubtedly became the target again because his skin was the toughest among all of them.

If they allowed Han Jin to try the magic on Keeley, a single punch would have ended her life.

However, the result was disappointing – at least for Moxinke.

As for the others, they were indifferent about it.

Whatever the result, they just watched it for fun.

Han Jin lost control again.

Though he had permitted Moxinke to dodge and counterattack, Moxinke released his defensive strength to protect himself and only occasionally dodged Han Jin’s punches; he never attacked back.

From Moxinke’s point of view, Han Jin was fine-boned – a single finger could poke a hole through his body.

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COM The pathetic thing was that Han Jin was much younger and more handsome, while Moxinke was tall and sturdy with whiskers.

If Han Jin had pounded on Moxinke, the spectators would only laugh and none of them would take it seriously, but if Moxinke counterattacked and beat Han Jin, they would undoubtedly condemn him.

It was so unfair! However, Moxinke knew his role in regards to the situation.

What was more pathetic was that Han Jin’s speed was getting faster, and his punches were fiercer after the transition.

His momentum was like a ferocious beast regaining freedom after hundreds of years of captivity.

Moxinke had made up his mind not to strike back, and his result was easily imagined.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open.

Han Jin came in and was surprised when he saw the two of them inside the room.

“Oh, Moxinke, you are here,” he said.

Before Moxinke could lament his bad luck of being caught by this bane again, Han Jin continued to ask, “What makes you so amused, Cessacioun? Tell me.

” “Nothing…” Cessacioun laughed.

“Are you looking for Moxinke to experiment?” “Yes.

” Han Jin nodded.

Moxinke looked at Han Jin with a piteous expression.

“Can’t you just wait until my wounds heal? Look, here and here…” While speaking, Moxinke pointed at his own face with his thick index finger.

Han Jin smiled.

“I promise, this time there would absolutely be no problem.

” “Absolutely?” Moxinke’s eyes widened.

“You said the same last time, didn’t you? And the time before! Can’t you do the experiment on Sunier since you have such a good relationship with her?” “Creak!” The door squeaked open again.

Moxinke’s heart jumped without reason as if he had sensed something bad was going to happen.

Facts have proved that, sometimes, even the intuition of a man was also accurate.

Moxinke was the best example.

Sunier came in while half smiling at Moxinke.

“What did you just say?” “I said…” Moxinke immediately got an idea, “I said, the experiment can’t be done without you here.

What if Raphael gets out of control again?” “Not this time.

” Sunier smiled.

“Are you sure?” Moxinke looked at them suspiciously.

He did not trust Han Jin’s promise at all, because he had been fooled several times by him, but this was the first time Sunier had made such promises.

Hers were much more convincing.

Moxinke hesitated for a long time.

“Are you… hooking up with each other to set me up?” “You…” Sunier was enraged by the words ‘hooking up’.

Moxinke realized what he had said was not appropriate.

He quickly grabbed the wooden shield, strode outside, and said, “I’m ready.

Let’s go outside right now.

” “In fact… that thing is useless now.

” Han Jin pointed at the wooden shield in Moxinke’s hand.

“What?” Moxinke was astonished.

“Do you really want me to be the target?” He didn’t get a reply to his question.

Han Jin had become a totally different person, with his eyes as sharp as two unsheathed blades.

Moxinke could even feel his own face being scraped off when the two eyes moved.

It was visible through his clothing that Han Jin’s body was expanding, and the bulging muscles contained a terrifying force of explosion.

“No…” Moxinke lamented to himself.

“We aren’t even outside yet.

Why did you start so hastily? It’s not a big deal if you hit me, since I can protect myself, but what if you break the furniture inside this room? You need to pay for them.

Even if they were not broken, it still isn’t good to damage the plants and flowers.

” He didn’t notice that Han Jin’s eyes were very clear, as such clearness was obscured by their sharpness.

“Plop!” Han Jin stamped heavily on ground.

His body shot out like an arrow, leaving a streak of a shadow in midair.

The stone that he had stomped on instantly smashed into debris.

Moxinke let out a low growl.

He immediately released his protective strength of fighting and held the wooden shield without delay.

Han Jin’s palm slapped the wooden shield.

Before his palm touched the shield, the suppression generated between them had already pushed Moxinke away.

The next moment, when his palm touched the shield, the wooden shield crashed into countless fragments and splashed in all directions, but Moxinke did not feel any force of collision.

The wooden shield was too fragile, and his speed was too fast.

Moxinke did not have time to think too much and yelled, “Sunier! Quick! He is out of control again!” But the white light from his memory did not flash across, nor did the following punch come onto him.

It turned into an eerie quietness inside the room.

“You…” Moxinke pointed at Han Jin with his mouth wide open and a face filled with amazement.

“As you see, Sunier didn’t stop me this time.

I stopped it myself,” Han Jin said lightly.

“You… made it?” Moxinke still couldn’t believe it.

He was stunned for a long time, and then burst into laughter.

The experiment finally succeeded.

The happiest one was not Han Jin, but Moxinke, who had finally gotten rid of that troublesome life.

“Are you still worried now?” Sunier sneered.

It was too early for Moxinke to feel so happy.

“How did you keep your mind clean, Raphael?” Moxinke exclaimed.

“That’s easy.

I was inspired by Steelberg.

” “That kid? What inspiration could he give you?” “It’s hard to explain,” Han Jin said with embarrassment.

He didn’t know how to explain, because what he used was, in fact, the Art of Taoism, rather than the Wild Magic they called it.

“But…” Moxinke reacted.

“Now that you have succeeded, why are you still looking for me?” “Fight me with your sword and all of your strength.

I need to know how strong I am after using the Wild Magic.

” “You’re joking, aren’t you?” Moxinke suddenly said in a serious tone.

“Joking?” Han Jin frowned.

This time, he was the one who was confused.

“If you have come to me for an experiment, I can still help you.

It’s nothing to be hit by you.

” A serious expression appeared in Moxinke’s eyes.

“But if you want me to draw my sword against you, I will not agree.

You’d better turn to someone else.

I grew up with Sylner, but we have never had any fights, do you know why?” “Why?” “Because my teacher told us that the sword is used to kill, and not to play around with.

Each time you draw out your sword, you must have the determination and courage to kill your opponent.

Otherwise, do not draw it.

” “But you fought Steelberg before, didn’t you?” “That was different.

I was just joking with him.

” Moxinke shook his head.

“Based on your current speed and strength, do you think I have the ability to joke around with you?” “Then use all of your strength.

Rest assured, I will be fine.

” Han Jin had already made a charm of Faked Earth Corpse before he had come.

Thus, even if Moxinke accidentally hit his vital points, he would still be able to escape the fatal injury.

“You’re crazy… but I am not going to play along with you!” Moxinke said firmly and seriously.

“So, I refuse.

” Han Jin showed a wry smile.

Though Moxinke was usually easy-going, he was stubborn when he got serious.

Han Jin was helpless.

He looked around and fixed his eyes on Sunier.

“Do you think I will be able to control an arrow that has been shot out?” She rolled her eyes at him.

“I also refuse.

” “Don’t look at me… Even a Great Magus can’t take back released magic,” Cessacioun replied before Han Jin even asked.

Han Jin let out a long sigh; the loneliest thing in the world was when you had no opponents.