Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 72

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 72

Moxinke looked up at the gloomy sky.

Itwas covered with dark clouds.

Sunier would soon come to replace him.

But… It was too cold today.

He was hesitating whether he should let Sunier back or notwhen she came.

It’s said that elves hated coldness mostly.

Anyway, he had already been here for the first half day, and didn’t mind to stay for another half.

Moxinke shrunk his neck again, and suddenly saw a black spot emerging from distance.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at it closely.

It was an ordinary wagon driven by two horses, with extremely low speed on this ground covered with ice and snow, and had taken nearly an hour to come to the front of Moxinke since it popped into his eyes.

Moxinke stood there quietly, wondering who would go out under such horrible weather.

During the whole morning, he had only seen two well-armed knights, and now this wagon.

The snowwhite field in front of him was like an untraversed world.

It surprised him, more or less, when he suddenly saw a wagon passing under such a freezing climateat a leisure paceand stopped right in front of him.

A man jumped out of the wagon on the other side.

Moxinke could only see his feet and the leather boots on them.

Then came the overjoyed voice of the carter, “Thank you, my Lord…” The wagon tuned a bend and galloped away to the direction where it came from.

Moxinke was stunned.

On the other side of the road stood a young man, who was looking at him with a big smile.

Moxinke had imagined many times the scene he met Han Jin again.

It could be that Han Jin was passing by at a fast speed on a horse, and he jumped out suddenly to give him a surprise,or that Han Jin was captured and put in a prisoner’s van, and he rushed out from behind, destroyed the formation of the enemies, and rescued Han Jin from jaws of death.

Of course, these were just two possibilities from the great variety of his fantasies.

He was not really an over imaginative man, it’s just so boring to wait here every day.

Otherwise, he could only practice his art of sword at the roadside.

However, these were only fantasies.

As a matter of fact, with the passing of time, Moxinke had nearly given up his hope.

But it happened all of a sudden and the scene was totally different from what he had imagined, for that neither he had the chance to surprise Han Jin, nor did Han Jin shocked him.

It was unromantic, and ordinary.

But still Moxinke nearly lost control of himself and felt his chest was going to explode.

Now, he wanted to do nothing but let out a loud roar first.

“You… You…” He said in a quavering voice, and dashed to Han Jin.

“Hey!” Han Jin was frightened by the reaction of Moxinke.

The big fellow heldHan Jin in arms firmly and revolved.

A burst of laughter full of joyfulness and excitement echoed between heaven and earth.

Sunier had also came.

She stood there, around ten meters away from them, and looked at them with a satisfied smile.

She was as excited as Moxinke, but more skilled than him to hide her emotions.




Moxinke didn’t let Han Jin down until they whirled seventeen or eighteen circles.

Han Jin gave him a disdained glance and looked to Sunier, “Come on, give me a hug…”He joked.

Compared with the excitement of Moxinke, he would rather to receive Sunier’s enthusiasm.

It’s said that elves were good-looking creatures.

Han Jin had always been very curious about this.

But she just looked at him silently, her eyes full of smiles, not that fervent, but very warm.

The distance between Han Jin and her was getting closer and closer.

She still stood there, until he stopped right in front of her.

“Alas!” Han Jin made a dry cough.

He was just kidding about the hugging thing due to happiness.

No matter how Sunier reacted, felt shy, or moved away, or just hugged him, or got angry, he woulddecide whether to continue his joke or not based on her attitude.

But she just stood there, motionless, which embarrassed him.

What she would do if he reallygave her a hug? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM At last, Han Jin put down his arms embarrassedly and was going to find some words.

But Sunier reached out her arms and held him slightly, her palms patted him on his back several times, “Welcome back.

” she whispered.

Han Jin was stunned.

When he was still considering whether to hold her back or not, Sunier had stepped backward.

He lost his chance.

It would be rude if he hugged her now.

So, he could only condemn himselfhis clumsiness.

The three of them wended side-by-side towards the big mountain against the heavy snow and chilly winds that blew.

The weather didn’t affect their emotions, on the contrary, it made them looked more heroic.

They stiffened their backs, talking and laughing in the blizzard.

Moxinke took off his leather armor to allow the wind and snow to whip on his chest.

He felt hot, and the armor impeded his vent of excitement.

Over the mountain was the small village where they lived.

Looked down from above, there were approximately ten or more householdswhose doors closed.

The snow covered their courtyards and blockedtheir ways out.

Anyway, they wouldn’tgo out under such weather.

They’ve already prepared enough food and articles they needed to get through this freezing winter, the same as animals in hibernation.

Around dozens of meters away from the village, Moxinke suddenly yelled, “Steelberg, come out, look, who is back! Damn, if you dare to blame me anymore,I will skin you!” Han Jin couldn’t help laughing out.

He understood, from those words, that Steelberg must have always run counter to Moxinke for his disappearance.

A moment later, a figure appeared in front of the courtyard gate.

It was Steelberg.

He was stunned when he saw Han Jin, and then, let out a loud cry, “Young master! Young master…” His shriek resounded in the whole village.

Han Jin was really moved whenSteelberg stumbled to him.

Compared with the others, the affection Steelberg had for him was much purer.

Even if he was a trash good-for-nothing, Steelberg would still consider him as his master.

“It’s really you…” Cessacioun also went out, followed by Michelle, Sylner, and Miss Keeley.

Now, all of them had been at the gate.

Han Jin patted Steelberg on his shoulder, and went inside with him.

Sunier stepped backward deliberately and grabbed at Moxinke’s sleeve.

“Do you think he is different from before?” She asked with a low voice.

“Is he?” Moxinke was confused.

“There is a sense of murder from him, can’t you feel it?” “Sense of murder? Ha ha! I have that too.

” This said, Moxinke cast a glance around and made an awe-inspiring expression.

Sunier knocked herself on her forehead, and said with a helpless tone, “You… forget it.

You won’t understand.

If you have joined the army and survived the wars, you would know what I mean.