Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 67

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 67

“Is it funny?” Han Jin grinned, “There is something funnier.

” This said, two pieces of paper charms appeared in his hands and turned into two wisps of thin smoke.

Then ten ghosts emerged on the battlefield, cooperating with the wooden giants who were on the defensive to launch counterattacks.

“Jesus… Ghosts!” “That guy is a wizard! A wizard!!” The guards were in a mess.

Though they had no experience in fighting with a wizard, they knew how terrible he was.

Before the ten ghosts gave full play to their combat effectiveness, the group of the guards had already started to collapse.

And Leopold simply lay in a stupor.

For this group of low grade professionals, a combination of wooden giants and ghosts was exceptionally horrible.

As long as the ghosts closed up and attached their bodies, they would lose their sights and could only waving weapons at random.

But the wooden giants were not affected.

Each punch of them was still beaten accurately.

“Go to hell…”The leader of the guards cuthis sword straightly down tothe head of one of the wooden giants while it was chasing his teammates and forced it back a few steps.

Then he waved his sword and dashed to Han Jin.

In shooting a rider it is better to shoot his horse first, in capturing rebels it is necessary to capture their leader.

The tactic was right, but his speed was poor.

The leader was soonsurrounded by two ghosts.

He was a man indeed and showed bold and intrepid momentum.

He kept rushing to Han Jin, despitethe fact that the two ghosts were striking on his body wildly and he couldn’t see anything due to blindness.

The sword in his hand was wielded vigorously like a fierce tiger.

Han Jin reached out his hand and pulled out the dagger at Leopold’s waist.

The dagger was beautiful with exquisite workmanship.

Its hilt was made from the teeth or bones of some kind of holy animal with a smooth and silky touch, and decorated by a row of small rubies.

It was more like a piece of art work than a weapon.

Han Jin weighed it on his palm and darted out towards aside.

His tiptoes touched the wall of the tunnel slightly, making his body changethe direction all of a sudden.

All were finished in gentle and agile movements.

He landed down behind the leader without making any sound, and stabbed the dagger into his neck.

“Plop!” The point of the dagger pierced the neck of the leader.

The body of the leader suddenly turned stiff.

His hands struggled for a while unconsciously and the long sword fell down heavily onto the ground.

Then the body softened, hanging on the dagger wobbly.




The defensive momentum of the guards crumbled in an instant.

They all fled away in desperation.

A glint appeared in Han Jin’s eyes, then he recovered calmness.

He didn’t hunt down the guards for that it was meaningless in doing so.

The Holy Crown City could hire another dozens or hundreds of guards.

If he really wanted to bring his enemy a great loss as revenge, nothing would be more helpful than robbing the goods.

Under the command of Han Jin, the two wooden giants worked as his slaves and tidied up the topsy-turvy wagons.

And the ghosts served as his carters, driving the wagons towardthe fork.

Soon,they went into darkness in which one couldn’t even see his own fingers.

But ghosts didn’t need light, and Han Jin didn’t have destination except for moving forward.

So, he just let the ghosts proceedat will.

The breath of Leopold became heavier and heavier.

Han Jin waited for a moment, but the guy still lay motionless, playing dead.

“Are you awake?” Han Jin smiled to him.

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COM “Please, don’t blame me, my Lord!” Leopold suddenly cried, “The knights forced me to do that, my Lord…” His voice transmitted far away through the pitch-dark tunnel and produced some echo.

It might be that his cry was too shrill and made the horses neigh nervously.

“Keep your voice down.

” Han Jin said lightly.

“It’s really not my fault, my Lord.

I didn’t want to do that either.

They forced me.

I had no choice.

” Leopold whimpered.

“Well, I know.

Ho ho…” Han Jin said, the smile on his face was as warm as spring wind.

“I’m not gonna kill you, if I really wanted to kill you, you would be dead now.

” Leopold fell into silence, as if he was pondering the credibility of Han Jin’s words.

“By the way, are these tunnels dug by you?” Han Jin changed the subject.

“No, I’ve heard these tunnels have been there for a very long time.

It’s said that they were dug by the Cryptmen.

”Leopold replied cautiously.

“The Cryptmen? ” “You don’t know?” “Yes,I’ve heard of them.

”Han Jin said in a low voice, “When did the knights from the Holy Crown City find the tunnels?” “I don’t know this either.

They won’t tell me.

If not for the purchase of military supplies, I have no right to get into here at all.

” Leopold hesitated for a long time and asked at last, “Where are we going, my Lord?” “I don’t know.

Anywhere the ghosts take us to.

” “You… don’t know?” Leopold couldn’t believe his own ears.

Han Jin beingamiable to him all the time, Leopold said boldly.

“We can’t walk randomly here, or we will get lost, my Lord!” “Better lost than be caught, what do you think?” Han Jin said with smile.

How would he be afraid of getting lost? A charm of Earthmeld could help him leave here easily unless the vertical distance between this tunnel and the ground had exceeded ten kilometers.

“This is not the right way, my Lord… I… I have a suggestion, may I tell you?” Leopold said falteringly.


” “In fact… All of this is just a misunderstanding, my Lord.

I can guarantee for you!” Leopold said in a hasty way, fearing that if he slowed his words, he would lose his courage to speak it out.

“I have dealt with people from Holy Crown City for many times, and General Quincy is my good friend.

By this relationship, as long as I guarantee for you…” “Answer me a question.

” Han Jin interrupted him.

“If you saw a cliff in front of you when you were walking, would you jump down?” “Of course not.

” “Me neither.

” Han Jin softened his words.

“Oh…” “You don’t know, that guy named Mario has been killed by me.

” Han Jin laughed.

Leopold was totally dumbfounded.

Since this mercenary even dared to kill Mario, he was sure not afraid of Leopold himself, a nobody except merchant.

But why this guy showed friendliness to him all the way like they were old friends? No matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t figure it out.

Clop! Clop! The sound of hooves resounded in the tunnel, making Leopold more nervous and uneasy.

Find a chance to run away? But the moment this idea flashed across his mind, he denied it himself.

God knows where this place was.

Could he find the way home?