Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 65

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 65

Under the hundreds of murderous eyes, Han Jin’s body suddenly sunk into the ground like a wretch fell into a swamp.

The coming long sword passed over his head at very fast speed and flied away straightly to a long distance.

Ho… Han Jin made a sneer.

It was the last gift he left to the knights, which made the hair of them stand on end.

They all knew that things were not over yet, and won’t be over.

“What magic is it?” A Knight exclaimed.

“What’s the hell are you doing! Get up! Don’t stand still like fools!” The middle-aged knight sprang to his feet and roared, “Catch him! Quick!!” “My Lord, shall we send someone to report to General?” “If you are tired of being alive, then go ahead!” The middle-aged knight said with his teeth gnashed, and then he stumbled to the ‘hostage’.

The knife was stabbed deep into the eye of the ‘hostage’, resulting in an irretrievable wound.

“Ah…” The middle-aged knight let out a mournful howl, everything was ruined, his future, his family, everything! Night wind swept across the gloomy mountain forest, faint light of stars poured down, dressing the earth with a layer of chilly coat.

All seemed to remind this world that winter was coming.

A cloud of withered and yellow wormwood swung feebly, as if it was unable to bear the desolation of late autumn.

From the wormwood, a figure emerged abruptly.

Properly speaking, he climbed up from underground.

Han Jin had always been a very gentle and refined young man, but now,he was like an unsheathed edge.

Though his face was still wearing a harmless smile, his eyes were extraordinary dark, reflecting a faintly discernible cold light like two jewels from hell.

Han Jin looked around.

Then he leaped forward to the main road which was full of ruts and hoof tracks.

After momentary observation, he ran northward.




While he was running, Han Jin stroked in the midair a few times rapidly.

“Speed up!” He said in a muffled voice.

His rushing force suddenly changed.

Each time his tiptoes slightly touched the ground, his body would be shot seven or eight meters away like an arrow, and then, it slowed down before his toes touched the groundagain.

Homicidal intention filled in his heart.

Now that this world had tried unscrupulously to prevent him, to hurt him, or even to kill him, he didn’t have to show mercy anymore.

A tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye! That would be his code of conduct from now on.

Han Jin was not an impulsive person.

Whatever he was going to do, he would give it a second thought.

The earth energy he had absorbed during the past month had been consumed in making four charms of Earthmeld, one of which had been used just now.

These charms were his treasured tricks to escape in danger.

He still had three chances to flee for his life.

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COM Han Jin’s body leaped like a kite in rapid movement.

Though each leap ended in a slowing fall, his overall speed still nearly reached that of a freely galloping horse.

The trade caravan carried lots of armors and weapons, thus, they mustleave very deep ruts along the way.

As a former private detective good at looking for clues, Han Jin could find them even with his eyes closed.

Time was passing.

A winding black line popped into his eyes.

He steadied his body abruptly and watched around.

When safety was assured, he dashed towards them straightly across the field.

The guards of the trade caravan didn’t realize the danger at all and was still chatting in low voice and laughing.

Some were talking about their remuneration for this task, some felt pity for their missed chance of playing the two women.

Han Jin lay prone in the high grass, waiting for the trade caravan to pass.

He knew who they were talking about, Keeley and Slyner.

Their obscene and teasing tone intensified his intention of killing them all.

The first wagon approached.

Han Jin took out a wooden Army Calling Charm quietly and was going to release it.

But he stopped all of a sudden and lay on the ground totally, a slight shaking of the ground was felt.

Were there knights coming? Over twenty wagons passed in front of him in single file.

Han Jin tightened his sleeves, trouser ends and lappets, and darted out like a fish.

He approached the last wagon sneakily and dived for the bottom of it with both his hands and feet holding the shafts.

His body was clinging to the bottom.

The effect from Art of Vertical Lift hadn’t disappeared yet, thus his body was now as light and agile as a swift and didn’t need any of his own strength at all.

Soon, the louder and louder clip-clop sound could be heard clearly.

The caravan stopped at the roadside.

Then came the voice of Leopold.

“General Quincy, what brings you here personally?” “Where is Mario? Hasn’t he come with you?” A deep voice asked.


He must be dealing with those mercenaries now.

” Leopold laughed.

“What happened? Is that troublesome?”The deep voice seemed very shocked.

“No, it’s not.

They have only one fighter.

” Leopold replied, the smile on his face was wicked.

“And they have two women, ho ho… Lord Mario won’t let them go easily.

” “Womanizer…” the deep voice paused for a moment.

“But, I am still worried.

” “Don’t worry, General.

Lord Mario has hundreds of knights with him.

I think they have completed it by now.

” “If anything happened to him, we will all be screwed.

I’d better to have a look at him.

” The deep voice said.

“It’s safe here, I will leave you alone.

But, you’d better to pick up your speed.

The Lord has urged me several times.

Battle thereis very fierce and supplies are urgently needed! By the way, how many magic crystals have you bought this time?” “Over three hundred pieces of sixth grade magic crystals with fire element, and fifty with water element at the same grade.

” “Why so few?” “General, you have no idea that the middle grade magic crystals in the Isolated Cliff City were almost bought up.

I guess… merchants from Black Raven and Depew are also purchasing them in large amount.

I have tried my best but only got these.

” “Humph!” That deep voice made a cold hum.

“Money is the key to a war.

Zaganide, the Lord of the Black Raven City, is a harsh and cruel man.

Almost all the civilians in his territory have been slaughtered.

Wish to compete with us in wealth? He’s dreaming!” “Yes, how can Zaganide compete with our wise Lord…” Leopold kept sucking up.

He didn’t forget to flatterGeneral Quincy while lavishing praises on Lord Dismark.

“Well, you’d better to go now.

” The deep voice interrupted Leopold impatiently.

“Don’t stop at night, make sure you can arrive in Holy Crown City before noon the day after tomorrow.

” “Yes, General.

” Leopold laughed.

The caravan moved on and the knights galloped away in the opposite direction.

Han Jin let out a light sigh.

He had planned to attack the caravan beyond their range of expectation after the knights left.

But now he changed his plan.

The caravan marched at such low speed, how could Leopold be so sure that they could arrive in time? What if they encountered any attack? They must be hiding something.