Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 60

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 60

The old man left with his helpers, throwing little Joseph in the corner.

They didn’t care the slightestabout such an indifferent role.

Sunier and the others stepped into the hotel slowly.

Han Jin brought up the rear.

At the gate, he cast a glance at the boy.

Little Joseph’s face was full of suspense and hesitation.

He was a little tak¬en aback at first when he saw the hint given in the eyes of Han Jin, and followed in silence.

“What the hell is going on?” Moxinke exclaimed.

“Blame me, I am too careless.

” Han Jin said softly.

”But… the Isolated Cliff City is not as good as you said.

” “The seal is incomplete, they…why would they say it’s authentic?” Miss Keeley asked in a shaking voice.

“There are lots of reasons.

It’s hard to predicate it, but one thing I am for sure, the old man carries no good intention.

” Han Jin gave it a thought.

”Perhaps he is related to this thing, and doesn’t want to stir up the case, at least the Elders mustn’t be involved.

Or it’s possible… he likes your seal.

” “Likes my seal? What does he want to do with it?” Miss Keeley was totally confused and felt her head was going to blow up.

Han Jin sighed.

He didn’t answer her, but changed his topic.

“Do you know the old man, little Joseph?” “Yes.

His name is Cromwell, an old mad dog!” Little Joseph gnashed.

“What’s his position in the Association of Mercenaries?” .



“A patrolling officer.

He is very powerful.

”Moxinke said in a deep voice.

“And, he is a ninth grade professional.

” “You haven’t told me what he wants to do with my seal?” Miss Keeley screamed.

She had never told anyone about the secret of the seal before.

They all thought it was just an ordinary jade pendant carried by her.

She didn’t tell them, not because she didn’t believe them, but the seal was too important.

“If he has the seal, he can find anyone to pretend as the heir to Morgan Commercial Corp, or obtain trust from the Elders.

” “Is the seal really that important?” Cessacioun said.

“Do you forget that when we were in the Eleventh Town, the members of Morgan Commercial Corp even didn’t believe Miss Keeley herself, what use of a mere seal?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “At least, he had a justified excuse for his slaughter and plunder.

News in the Holy Crown City…must have been spread.

” Han Jin said, smiling.

“Who do you think killed those people?” “You mean…” Cessacioun was startled.

Just then, the door was wrenched open from outside, knocking downlittle Joseph, who was standing right in front of the door unprepared.

He fell down onto the ground with a scream.

The door hit him in his wound precisely, making him curled into a ball due to pain.

The next moment, ananxiousfigure dashed in.

”Get ready, everybody…Eh! Are you okay, little thing?” “I’m all right…” The boy climbed up with difficulty.

Sylner soon forgot this little accident.

She shouted excitedly and gesticulated with hands and feet.

“Be quick, get yourselves ready, I will take you to great wealth!” “What wealth?” “I’ve just taken a task…” “You’re going to kill holy animals, aren’t you?” Moxinke changed his expression dramatically and interrupted her.

“Do you think I am a fool like you?” Sylner gave a supercilious look to Moxinke and said complacently.

“I’ve just taken a task to escort a trade caravan, which will carry fifteen carriages with armors and weapons to the Holy Crown City.

Ha ha… three hundred golden coins, just bysome travel.

It’s three hundred golden coins!!” Hearing this,all of the them changed expression.

Moxinke pounded the table and jumped to his feet.

“Are youout of mind?! You don’t know there is a war in the Holy Crown City? You still want to send the carriages with armors and weapons there??” “A… war?” “You don’t know??” “How can I know that?” Sylner nearly burst into cry.

“Crap! It has been lasted for half a year!” Sylner rushed out in haste again.

Moxinke threw himself into the chair, making countless deep sighs.

He felt headache for her.

“If someone is spying us, can you find him out with your magic, Cessacioun?” Han Jin asked lightly.

“Yes, with my Perspective Vision, but it can not be lasted for a long time.

” “You mean… somebody’s watching us?” Sunier asked.

“I am not sure.

But if that old guy called Cromwell really wants the seal, he will undoubtedly send someone here to spy on us.

” Hanjin stood up and walked over to little Joseph.

Hepatted him on the shoulder, took him aside and whispered a few words.

The boy raised his head with a jerk and looked dully at Han Jin.

Han Jin said a few more words.

Little Joseph hesitated for a long time, and nodded heavily.

Then Han Jin gave him ten more pieces of golden coins.

He went out from the hotel in a hurry.

“What is the kid going to do?” Cessacioun asked.

“To make some preparations in advance.

If anything happens, we can leave as soon as possible.

” Han Jin made a wry smile.

“I am fooled by you to consider this city as a paradise.

Otherwise, we won’t be in a passive situation like this.

” “I am fooled too.

” Sunier laughed.

“You grew up here, Moxinke.

” Cessacioun passed the buck to him.

“Don’t you know this city well?” “I have never said it’s a paradise.

” Moxinke replied sulkily.

”Otherwise, why would I run to somewhere else?” “Of course, as long as there is Sylner, it won’t be a paradise for you.

” Cessacioun burst into laughter.

The heavy atmosphere eased.

They started chatting and laughing in a low voice.

Some time later, Sylner returned frustratedly with her head lowering down.

She looked at Moxike with glazed eyes.

“What shall we do…They refused to cancel the contract.

I have mortgaged our house to the Association of Mercenaries.

What shall we do??” “Your house, not ours.

” Moxinke snorted coldly.

“Fifteen carriages full of weapons and armors, is that enough to mortgage only a house? Have you mortgaged anything else?” “You…” Sylner was pissed off when she heard the words of Moxinke, but she became depressed again immediately.

“The… Wand of Flame, I also mortgaged it to the Association.

” “Eh…” Moxinke made a hollow laugh and turned his head around.

“What’s the departing date on the contract?” Han Jin suddenly asked.


” “We will help you.

” Han Jin said with smile.

“Rest assured! I’ve got a method to deliver the goods.

” “Really?” Sylner yelled with both surprise and delight.

The others all stood there, dumbstruck.

It was not an easy task that can be finished by some artifices.

Three territory owners were fighting with each other, countless armies were killing each other on the vast ground.

It equals to suicide if the trade caravan went there.

Not to mention that the Holy Crown City was in a disadvantaged position surrounded by troops of the Black Raven City and the Depew City.

There was no way to avoid them.

“Of course.

You’d better go back and make some preparations.

” Han Jin smiled.

“We will meet you this evening.

” “Yes.

” Sylner’s mood changed quickly, and she believed Han Jin easily.

Before leaving the hotel, she didn’t forget to give Moxinke a complacent stare.

“You don’t mean it, do you?” Moxinke exclaimed.


” Han Jin said softly.

“Sunier, have a walk around the hotel to see if anyone is spying on us.

You too, Cessacioun, use your Perspective Vision to have a look.