Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 55

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 55

Moxinke didn’t show up again after breakfast.

No one knew what he was doing with his sister.

Han Jindid farewell to Sunier and went out with Cessacioun, Miss Keeley and little Joseph.

“Here it is, my Lord.

” Little Joseph said with his index finger pointing at a courtyard.

He was not at easeafter he saw the space ring of Han Jin, which not only provided another space for storage, but also represented the status of a person.

Han Jin had told him to get into the carriage with them several times along the way, but all were refused.

Han Jin looked around for a moment.

It was a remote courtyard which covered a huge area with its walls over two meters in height.

Through the walls, they could see a row of buildings made of bricks and stones.

Like Radon Town, civilians here could only afford wooden houses for that wood was cheap due to the geographical advantage of near the forest.

Those with some money and a high position would build houses by bricks and stones, while the richer would even pay some alchemists to produce magic bricks and stones, houses made of which were not only fireproofing and mothproofing, but also helped to defense attacks to some certain extent like fortresses.

Han Jinshoot little Joseph a glance of hint.

The boy knocked on the gate: “Is anyone there? Is anyone there?” He repeated.

But no response.

Han Jin walked forward and pushed the gate tentatively.

It was locked from inside.

“They must have been out, my Lord.

Let’s come here in the afternoon.

” Little Joseph said.

But the expression on Han Jin’s face was stony.

He looked up at the signboard of the commercial corp hung on the gate and walked aside.

With a jump by his hand holding the wall, he climbed over and landed inside the gate safely.

“My Lord…” Little Joseph screamed in astonishment.

He looked around nervously.

The gate was pulled open from inside with a sound of clatter.

Two broken iron chains were still shaking and slamming at the gate.

“Come on in.

” Han Jin said slowly.




“We can’t, my Lord.

If the members of the commercial corp come back, they will take us as thieves!” Little Joseph cried.

“They will not, because they won’t come back again.

” This said, Han Jin sheathed his sword and strode inside.

Cessacioun fell into silence for a while and looked at the back of Han Jin with a heavy heart.

He had sensed the meaning beyond the lines.

Inside the courtyard there were nearly ten buildings, all empty.

They searched around separately before they gathered in the main hall, nothing was found.

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COM When Cessacioun and Miss Keeley came in, Han Jin was squating down in front of a pile of ashes and searching for something.

“What have you found?” Cessacioun asked.

“They’ve gone away from this city.

” Han Jin said slowly: “These must be their account books.

” “All gone away? What shall we do next?” “Nothing, we are not powerful enough.

” Han Jin forced a smile: “Take Miss Keeley back to the hotel first, little Joseph.

” Miss Keeley was full of disappointment.

She followed little Joseph and went outside.

Suddenly,she stopped at the door and turned around: “You…you have found something, haven’t you?” She asked.

Cessacioun caught a glimpse of Han Jin and stood silently.

He didn’t know how to answer her.

“If you really have found anything, tell me, I have the right to know!” She ground her teeth and said word by word.

Han Jin hesitated for a moment, then waved his hand: “Wait for us outside, little Joseph.

Don’t let anyone else in.

” “Yes, my Lord.

” The boy walked out confusedly.

“I have smelt a smell of death.

”Han Jin stared at Miss Keeley.

His sudden and devastating words shocked her into pale: “What…do you mean?” Han Jin turned his eyesight to the west of the hall.

He used to be a private detective, no smell of death, somethinggloomy, hostile, unwilling and desperate, could escape his nose.

He had perceived this when they were still outside the courtyard.

And those people made it sloppily and left too many clues.

The ants in and out, the flies trying to squeeze into the crevices, all reveled enough information.

“A massacre occurred here.

” Han Jin glanced around and said: “Are you sure you want to take a look at them?” “Yes.

” Miss Keeley bit her lips.

Han Jin didn’t say anything more.

He walked over to a slightly sunken brick and trampled on it heavily.

But nothing happened.

He was shocked for a while and understood it immediately.

The gear underneath must have been damaged.

“Can we release magic here, Cessacioun?” “It depends on what kind of magic you want to release.

” Cessacioun replied.

The ants on the ground also attracted his attention.

He went to Han Jin and stamped on the brick: “I can’t open this.

” He shook his head.

Just then, a loud colliding sound came from underneath.

Cessacioun wastaken aback and jumped a few steps back: “What’s this…” Bang… Bang…The sound was getting more and more rushing.

He dashed to the front of Miss Keeley and started chanting incantations.

A Magic Shield was released.

It was a sixth grade magic, and it’s the first time Cessacioun using it in a coming fight after he was upgraded into a high grade warlock.

He was not confident, so he released another magic for Miss Keeley and himself, the Shield of Earth.

Han Jin’s finger moved in the air and a flickering paper charm was made, floating still.

Boom! The stone slab was burst open.

Several bloody monsters climbed up.

“Go!” Han Jin shouted with his hands waving.

The floating charm turned into a ray of white light which illuminated the whole hall and fell down into the hole.

The monsters screamed harshly and turned into pieces of ash.

“Zombies! Why are therezombies here!?”Cessacioun exclaimed.

Loud sound came from underground, and rays of white lights were shot out from the hole.

A moment later, all turned still.

Han Jin looked down from the hole cautiously.

The Charm of Pure Light was very useful when dealing with creatures like this, even the ghosts summoned by him couldn’t withstand it, let alone the zombies.

However, the charm could only wipe out the monsters, but not the odor.

A strong stinking and disgusting smell wafted out from underground.

Miss Keeley walked over step by step with her teeth gnashed.

But when she was near the hole, Han Jin stopped her with an arm: “You’d better not look at this.

” He sighed.

He didn’t mean to prevent her.

After all, disaster and grief were, in most cases, the only factors that make people mature.

But the scene under the ground was too miserable with dismembered corpses lying everywhere.

He was not sure Miss Keeley could endure this.