Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 50

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 50

Usually, men look rude and brutal with thick beards, and young, at least younger than before, when beards being shaven off.

But Moxinke was different.

He had a square face and fierce eyes.

Without his beards, the stiff lines on his face were all clearly shown as if being carved by knife, and the fierce-looking musclesalso turned obvious.

All of these made him look more murderous and ferocious, enough to frighten kids into cry at nights… It’s perhaps a bad idea.

Han Jin thought to himself.

But what’s done was done.

The shaved bear couldn’t grow right away.

They shall enter the city first.

The field of wheat outside the Isolated Cliff City had been reaped clean.

It was near dusk and few pedestrians coming into and out of the city.

No guards at the gate.

Theywent into the city easily.

The scenes on both sides of the street reminded Han Jin something told by Cessacioun.

The whole land was a unified empire hundreds of years ago, but it was torn apart after a sudden civil war and since then, the land was governed separately by leaders of each territories.

The styles of architectures in Radon Town, the Eleventh Town of Beitman, and this city in front of them were similar to a great extent, which verified the words of Cessacioun.

Radon Town was just a small town, far behind the Eleventh Town of Beitman, an important town of an acropolis.

Now, in front of them was a big city incomparable to the Eleventh Town.

The street under their feet was more than two times the width of that in the Eleventh Town, wide enough to allow eight or nine carriages to gallop in parallel.

And it stretched out to long distance with its end out of sight.

What a magnificent scene.

Han Jin was attracted.

But he had never been to other cities before, thus, he didn’t know how big this city was if compared with the others.

Moxinke was quite familiar with this city.

He led his friends through the lanes and came to a remote corner, where there was a shabby hotel, just as Han Jin had said to find a small and quiet hotel to stay.

The furniture in it was even poorer than that of Michelle’s hotel.

The owner was an old man aged sixty or more.

He narrowed his eyes and was yawning all the time as if he’d never had enough sleep.

Of course, the price of the rooms was also acceptable, thirty silver coins each day, including the fees for meals, for booking the whole hotel.

It was cheap in Han Jin’s eyes, but a big business for the owner.

The old man wore a big smile in his face and hurried to prepare food and hot water for his guests.

They all felt tired and threw themselves into chairs lazily.

Just then, the door of the hotel was pushed open.

Two big fellows came in one after another.

“We want two rooms!” They shouted.




“I’m sorry, but thehotel has already been booked by us.

” Han Jin said smilingly.

“Booked? You mean no rooms for us?” One of the big fellows shouted with his eyes staring at Han Jin.

“There are no spare rooms available for you.

But I remember there is another hotel not far from here.

You can go northward andstay there tonight.

” “Cut the bullshit.

Get out of here!” The big fellow pounded the table and yelled, a smell of alcohol emitted from his mouth.

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COM Hearing this, Moxinkewas irritated.

He was inbad mood today andnow his mood was getting worse.

He pounded on the table and jumped to his feet.

“Are you deaf? This hotel has been booked by us! Can’t you hear us? You get out!!” He shouted.

The big fellow was also pissed off.

He rolled up his sleeves and was going to rush to Moxinke, but he was dragged by the man beside him, who whispered something to his ear.

The big fellow cast a glance at Moxinke and left the hotel despondently without saying anything more.

“Ugly is an advantage in this times.

” Han Jin sighed.

His smile to the two big fellows didn’t work at all, it only encouraged their arrogance.

On the contrary, Moxinke’s shouting was much more effective.

“Ugly? You said I’m ugly?” Moxinke cried with his finger pointing to his nose.

“I just told the truth.

Ask them.

” Han Jin snickered.

“Not ugly to be exact, but nor good looking.

” Cessacioun said in a euphemistic way.

“Am I ugly, Steelberg?” Moxinke asked.

“No… no.

” Steelberg was startled.

He rolled his eyeballs left and right and equivocated: “You look quite awe-inspiring.

” Moxinke gave Han Jin an angry stare.

He didn’t expect to persuade allof them.

It would be enough for him as long as any of them supporting him.

“You said it’s safe in this Isolated Cliff City.

” Han Jin frowned: “But…what about the two guys?” “Here are mercenaries everywhere.

It’s normal to have fights.

” Moxinke said in a muffled voice: “I grew up in fighting.

Just avoid killings.

” “Are you sure there won’t be another George?” Han Jin asked slowly.

They were in a better condition now.

Four months’ hard working had brought them a great harvest.

They’d got four eighth grade magic crystals, hundreds of magic crystals with lower grades.

If they were cheated again, the loss would be disastrous.


If there is, we can file a lawsuit to the Chamber of Commerce.

Or we can resort to the Association of Mercenaries.

Anyway, we will find a way for justice.

” Moxinke shook his head: “I’ve lived here for a long time andnever heard of such things.

” “I hope so.

”Han Jin said hesitantly.

But since they’d already come, it’s no use to question more.

He changed the subject: “How much can we get if we sell one eighth grade magic crystal, Cessacioun?” “It depends.

The price of magic crystals is not only related to its grade and quality, but also the element it contains.

” Cessacioun said slowly: “An eighth grade magic crystal with fire element can be sold for over ten thousand golden coins.

If you wanna sell it, there will be someone wanna buy.

” “How much? Over ten thousand golden coins?” HanJin was shocked.

He finally understood why theywereso happy when they got the eighth grade magic crystals.


It’s only the lowest price.

” Cessacioun laughed: “It’s also expensive for magic crystals with lightning element.

But those with water, air or earth elements are not that money worth.

” “How much are they?” “If you can find the buyer, you may sell it for one or two thousand golden coins each, or maybe more.

” “The gap is so wide!” “Indeed.

Think about it, what’s the greatest use of magic crystals? To increase the power of magic!” Cessacioun sighed: “Now there are wars everywhere.

The most powerful magics in a war isthat of fire or lightning series.

So magic crystals with fire or lightning elements are always over-demanded.

Ho ho… Although the power of Forbidden Spell of the earth series is very powerful, it can only be released by few magicians.

” Han Jin fell into silence.

A moment later, he laughed: “Any way, it’s hard to believe…” “Is this so surprising?”Cessacioun was puzzled.

“If I want to exchange seven or eight magic crystals with earth element by one with fire element, of course the same grade of them, will there be anyone exchange them with me?” Han Jin asked.

“Sure there will.

” Smile crept on Han Jin’s face again.

For him, this world was as miraculous as heaven! What he need was just energy.

The fire-element magic crystals or those with earth element were not very different for him as long as they contain the same amount of energy.

With such advantages in this world, if he still couldn’t cultivate himself into an immortal body, then he can die as well.