Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 41

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 41

Han Jinfound a concealed place with some magic crystals containing fire elements.

He was used to practicing cultivation in such acovert place for that he didn’t want himself to be disturbed or his secret to be discovered.

After hesitation for a moment, he put two second grade magic crystals into his mouth and thethird grade magic crystal into his pocket.

He’d had a bloody lesson some time ago, and he’d learned from this lesson and would never fall down in the same place twice.

Han Jin jumped on one of the branches and found a place to sit down.

Then he closed his eyes.

The energy contained in the magic crystals was released and absorbed at an extremely fast speed thanks to his more and more skilled mental cultivation methods.

After the intermediate stage of basis construction, his energy storage location had been transferred from the lower elixir field to the middle elixir field, while those pure elements of fire had all been transmitted to the tripod of his lower elixir field.

The elements of darkness made himfeel fretful, while the elements of fire brought him a sense of warmness like showering under sunset glow.

Unfortunately, he had hundreds of magic crystals of darkness, but only few with fire elements.

Suddenly, HanJin felt the trunk he was in was shaking fiercely.

Earthquake? He immediately cleaned his mind and threw away all his distractions, and lead all of his energy to his middle elixir field before he opened his eyes again.

A giant animal jumped into his eyes.

It was a giant bear with a pothole in its left eye, apparently it was half blind.

Ferocious red light was emitted from its right eye, making Han Jin shuddered with horror.

If Sunier was here, she would immediately recognize that it was exactly the bear of Earth they had attacked that day.

The bear ran ferociously like a rampaging tank, but it was dwarfed when compared with the group of holy animals following behind.

Seven or eight bull-like holy animals were chasing behind the giant bear closely.

They galloped like thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers with overwhelming momentum, leaving the trees and rocks along their way being smashed into smithereens.

A road covered by sticks and gravels were formed in this thick woods.

Just when Han Jin was still in a trance, a wild ox rushed from the side of the woods and caught up with the giant bear.

Its hornswhich were nearly two feet in length stabbed into the belly of the giant bear and hooked up fiercely.

The running bear lost its balance suddenly and rolled forward more than twenty meters under the force of inertia.

The calf in its mouth also rolled far away and happened tocollide with the tree in which Han Jin hid himself.

He was taken aback.

The giant bear burst into great rage after this attack.

It stood up with its two posterior limbs like a man and let out an ear-splitting roar, which made the leaves within one hundred meters tremble and rustle.

Han Jin covered his ears with his hands at once.




However, that wild ox was not affected at all.

It rushed towards the giant bear without pausing with its head slightly lowering down and its horns stretching out like two sharp swords.

Another deafeningroar was heard.

The giant bear held out its palm as large as a cattail leaf fan and struck down on the head of the wild ox.

With a loud boom, the wild ox’s head was pressed deep into the earth, its body flied forwardly and drew a semicircle in the air before its back thudded down onto the ground heavily.

What strong power! HanJin thought to himself with astonishment.

If this strike was targeted on him, he would have become a puddle of flesh and blood in a flash.

But what happened the next moment made him thoroughly dumbstruck.

The wild ox stood up again like a drunkard by staggering steps.

It should still be alive after such a smack?! Han Jin couldn’t even believe his own eyes.

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COM The other wild oxen were also rushing toward the bear.

Under their violent clashes, the bear was knocked back involuntarily with its abdomen and side waist being wounded seriously.

Han Jin had no mood to watch this intensive fight anymore.

All he thought of at this time was how to escape from here.

He looked around and tried to find a route for escaping.

The center of the combat was less than twenty meters from his location and would likely be shifted to him at any time.

The saying ‘A fire on the city gate brings disaster to the fish in the moat’ could best describe his plight! What’s worse, the old tree he chose was very ‘eccentric’ with wide vision.

It was too difficult for him to hide into another tree under panic, unless he jumped down first.

But the problem was, did he dare to get down? The fight between the holy animals turned increasingly fierce and the giant bear had been surrounded by the wild oxen.

Even it had the great strength that could crack boulders, or each strike of it could slap a wild ox to turn somersault or fall down, it was useless because the wild oxen were too tenaciousand strong that they could climb up and join the battle again as though nothing had happened to them.

Suddenly, a wild ox launched its attack from the back of the giant bear.

Its sharp horns stabbed into the place under the tail of the bear, making the bear’s hair stand like needles due to extreme pain.

It turned around with a rush and slapped at the ox,striking itto fall flat on its back.

The bear’s hatred hadn’t been vented completely.

Its palm slapped on the belly of the ox again.

With a loud sound, the body of the ox curled from middle and its forefeet and hindfeet collided.

When the ox stretched its body again, blood was gushed out from its mouth like a fountain.

It trembled its limbs for a while before it’s finally motionless.

Holy animals were not as clever as human beings.

If a human being was injuredby a sharp weapon, he would move along the direction of his wound.

But the giant bear turned around as soon as it was attacked.

Although it had successfully killed one of its enemies, its wound was torn apart by itself.

Blood and some part of its gut flowed out.

After a roar, the bear stood up again with both of its palms patting on the ground.

But all of a sudden, rows of large thorns bubbled up from underground, some were even ten meters high, and the short ones were five or six meters high.

All of the wild oxen, including the dead one, were stabbed by the thorns into midair.

The red glimmer in the eyes of the bear dimmed a lot.

It turned around and ran to the direction of Han Jin.

No! Han Jincried in his mind.

He didn’t want to be involved into the battle at all.

Seeing the coming bear, the first idea occurred to him was to jump down and run.

But when he saw the gut out of the bear’s body, a flash of wit came into his mind and he drew out his knife backhandedly.

A cold lightstreaked across the sky.

The knife had shot through the gut of the bear and pinned it firmly on the ground.

But that bear didn’t notice this and kept running.

In a minute, the gut had been dragged straight for more than ten meters long and with a sound of bang, it flied into the sky like a snake.

The grass behind the bear was dyed red by blood in the twinkling of an eye.

The bear almost turned mad due to piercing pain.

It jerked forward suddenly and was going to hit the ‘eccentric’ old tree.

Han Jin had already prepared for this.

He jumped down with his toes dabbing on the branchand threw out a wooden army calling charm before landing.